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Слова на букву de k-enol (15990)

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/doy"tid, -tit/, adj. Scot. childish or feeble-minded, esp. because of advanced age; senile. [1375-1425; late ME (Scots), appar. a form of ME doted, ptp. of doten to DOTE] * * *
See Department of Justice. * * *
/doh"joh/, n., pl. dojos. a school or practice hall where karate, judo, or other martial arts are taught. [1940-45; < Japn dojo Buddhist seminary, drill hall < MChin ...
Doko Toshio
▪ Japanese businessman born Sept. 5, 1896, Okayama prefecture, Japan died Aug. 4, 1988, Tokyo       Japanese businessman who was instrumental in revitalizing Japanese ...
Dokuchayev, Vasily Vasilyevich
▪ Russian ecologist born Feb. 17 [March 1, New Style], 1846, Milyukovo, Russia died Oct. 26 [Nov. 8], 1903, St. Petersburg, Russia       Russian geomorphologist and ...
▪ Japanese Buddhist priest died 772, Shimotsuke province [modern Tochigi prefecture], Japan       Japanese Buddhist priest who attempted to usurp the Japanese imperial ...
/dohl/, n. a unit for measuring the intensity of pain. Cf. dolorimetry. [1945-50; < L dol(or) pain] * * *
See Department of Labor. * * *
1. Music. dolce. 2. dollar. * * *
/doh lab"reuh fawrm'/, adj. Bot., Zool. shaped like an ax or a cleaver. [1745-55; < L dolabr(a) mattock, pickax + -I- + -FORM] * * *
/dohl"bee, dawl"-/, Trademark. a brand of system for reducing high-frequency noise in audiotape using various electronic devices during recording and playback. * * *
n [U] an electronic system that reduces noise to improve the sound of tape recordings, films, etc. It was invented in London by Ray Dolby (1933– ), a recording engineer born in ...
/dohl"chay/; It. /dawl"che/, Music. adj. 1. sweet; soft. n. 2. an instruction to the performer that the music is to be executed softly and sweetly. 3. a soft-toned organ ...
dolce far niente
/dawl"che fahrdd nyen"te/ Italian. pleasing inactivity. [lit., (it is) sweet to do nothing] * * *
dolce stil nuovo
▪ Italian literature (Italian: “sweet new style”), nuovo also spelled  Novo,         the style of a group of 13th–14th-century Italian poets, mostly ...
dolce vita
/dawl"che vee"tah/; Eng. /dohl"chay vee"teuh/, Italian. sweet life; the good life perceived as one of physical pleasure and self-indulgence (usually prec. by la). * * *
dolce vi·ta (vēʹtə, -tä) n. A luxurious, self-indulgent way of life.   [Italian : dolce, sweet + vita, life.] * * *
Dolci, Carlo
▪ Italian painter byname  Carlino   born May 25, 1616, Florence [Italy] died Jan. 17, 1687, Florence  Italian painter, one of the last representatives of the Florentine ...
/dohl"dreuhmz, dol"-, dawl"-/, n. (used with a pl. v.) 1. a state of inactivity or stagnation, as in business or art: August is a time of doldrums for many enterprises. 2. the ...
dole1 /dohl/, n., v., doled, doling. n. 1. a portion or allotment of money, food, etc., esp. as given at regular intervals by a charity or for maintenance. 2. a dealing out or ...
/dohl/, n. 1. Robert J(oseph), born 1923, U.S. politician: senator 1969-96. 2. Sanford Ballard, 1844-1926, U.S. politician and jurist in Hawaii: president of Republic of Hawaii ...
dole bludger
Australian Slang. a person who collects unemployment benefits but makes no serious effort to get work. [see BLUDGE] * * *
dole cupboard
a livery cupboard formerly used in churches for holding bread to be distributed to the poor. [1905-10] * * *
Dole, Bob
in full Robert Joseph Dole born July 22, 1923, Russell, Kan., U.S. U.S. politician. Seriously wounded while fighting in World War II, he recovered from near-total paralysis but ...
Dole, Robert Joseph
▪ 1997       In the election on Nov. 5, 1996, Bob Dole, a longtime leader in the U.S. Senate, lost his bid for the presidency. The Republican candidate was not able to ...
Dole, Sanford Ballard
born April 23, 1844, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands died June 9, 1926, Honolulu Hawaiian politician. The son of U.S. missionaries, he served in Hawaii's legislature (1884–87) and ...
Dole, Vincent Paul
▪ 2007       American physician (b. May 18, 1913, Chicago, Ill.—d. Aug. 1, 2006, New York, N.Y.), conducted important studies in nephrology (the effect of salt in the ...
Dole,Robert Joseph
Dole (dōl), Robert Joseph. Known as “Bob.” Born 1923. American politician who served as a U.S. representative (1961-1969) and senator (1969-1996) from Kansas. He ran as ...
—dolefully, adv. —dolefulness, n. /dohl"feuhl/, adj. sorrowful; mournful; melancholy: a doleful look on her face. [1225-75; ME dol-ful. See DOLE2, -FUL] * * *
See doleful. * * *
See dolefully. * * *
—doleritic /dol'euh rit"ik/, adj. /dol"euh ruyt'/, n. Petrol. 1. a coarse-grained variety of basalt. 2. any of various other igneous rocks, as diabase. 3. any basaltlike ...
See dolerite. * * *
/dohl"seuhm/, adj. Literary. doleful. [1525-35; DOLE2 + -SOME1] * * *
Dolet, Étienne
▪ French scholar and printer born Aug. 3, 1509, Orléans, France died Aug. 3, 1546, Paris  French humanist, scholar, and printer whose Commentarii linguae Latinae ...
▪ people       Turkic-speaking people constituting the basic population of the Taymyr autonomous okrug, which is far above the Arctic Circle in north-central Russia. ...
▪ Russia also spelled  Dolgoprundnyj,         city, Moscow oblast (province), western Russia. It is situated north of Moscow, where the Savyolovo railway crosses ...
Dolgoruky family
▪ Russian family Dolgoruky also spelled  Dolgorukov        Russian princely family who claimed descent from Rurik, the semilegendary founder of the first Russian ...
Dolgoruky, Vasily Lukich, Knyaz
▪ Russian prince (Prince) born c. 1670 died Nov. 8 [Nov. 19, New Style], 1739, Novgorod, Russia       Russian diplomat and statesman who acquired political power for ...
Dolgoruky, Vasily Vladimirovich, Knyaz
▪ Russian military officer (Prince) born January 1667, Russia died Feb. 11 [Feb. 22, New Style], 1746, St. Petersburg       military officer who played a prominent ...
a combining form meaning "long" or "narrow": dolichocephalic. [ < Gk, comb. form of dolichós] * * *
—dolichocephalism /dol'i koh sef"euh liz'euhm/, dolichocephaly, n. /dol'i koh seuh fal"ik/, adj. Cephalom. long-headed; having a cephalic index of 75 and under. Also, ...
See dolichocephalic. * * *
See dolichocephalism. * * *
dol·i·cho·cra·ni·al (dŏl'ə-kō-krāʹnē-əl) also dol·i·cho·cra·nic (-nĭk) adj. Having a relatively long skull with a cranial index of 74.9 or less.   [Greek ...
/dol'i koh kray"nik/, adj. Craniom. dolichocephalic. [DOLICHO- + CRAN(IO-) + -IC] * * *
See dolichocranial. * * *
/doh"lin/, n. Sir Anton /an"ton/, (Patrick Healey-Kay), 1904-83, English ballet dancer. * * *
Dolin, Sir Anton
orig. Sydney F.P.C. Healey-Kay born July 27, 1904, Slinfold, Sussex, Eng. died Nov. 25, 1983, Paris, Fr. British dancer and choreographer. In 1921 he joined the Ballets ...
Dolittle, Doctor
      hero of 10 children's books by the British-American author Hugh Lofting (Lofting, Hugh) (q.v.). * * *
/doh"lee euhm/, n., pl. dolia /-lee euh/. a large earthenware jar used by the ancient Romans. [1475-85; < L dolium] * * *
▪ county, Romania       județ (county), southwestern Romania, bounded on the south by Bulgaria. The Jiu and Teslui rivers drain the county southward through lowlands ...
—dollish, doll-like, adj. —dollishly, adv. —dollishness, n. /dol/, n. 1. a small figure representing a baby or other human being, esp. for use as a child's toy. 2. ...
/dol/, n. a female given name, form of Dorothy. * * * Small-scale figure of a human being or animal, used especially as a child's plaything. The doll is perhaps humankind's ...
Doll's House, A
a play (1879) by Henrik Ibsen. * * *
Doll, Sir Richard Shaboe
▪ 2006       British epidemiologist (b. Oct. 28, 1912, Hampton, Middlesex, Eng.—d. July 24, 2005, Oxford, Eng.), with his colleague Austin (later Sir Austin) Bradford ...
/dol"euhr/, n. 1. a paper money, silver or cupronickel coin, and monetary unit of the United States, equal to 100 cents. Symbol: $ 2. a silver or nickel coin and monetary unit of ...
dollar (cost) averaging
dollar (cost) averaging n. see AVERAGE (vi. 3) * * *
dollar area
those countries among which trade is conducted in U.S. dollars or in freely convertible currencies. [1945-50] * * *
dollar averaging
a system of buying securities at regular intervals, using the same amount of cash for each purchase, over a considerable period of time regardless of the prevailing prices of the ...
dollar day
a sale day on which retail merchandise is reduced to a dollar or very low price. [1945-50] * * *
dollar diplomacy
1. a government policy of promoting the business interests of its citizens in other countries. 2. diplomacy or foreign relations strengthened by the power of a nation's financial ...
dollar gap
the difference, measured in U.S. dollars, between the earnings of a foreign country through sales and investments in the U.S. and the payments made by that country to the U.S. ...
dollar sign
the symbol $ before a number indicating that the number represents dollars. [1855-60, Amer.] * * *
Dollar, William
▪ American dancer in full  William Henry Dollar   born April 20, 1907, St. Louis, Mo., U.S. died Feb. 28, 1986, Flourtown, Pa.  American ballet dancer, choreographer, and ...
dol·lar-a-year (dŏlʹər-ə-yîrʹ) adj. Of, relating to, or being an official, employee, or consultant who receives token payment for services rendered: a dollar-a-year ...
dollar-a-year man
/dol"euhr euh year"/ a federal appointee serving for a token annual salary, usually of one dollar. [1915-20, Amer.] * * *
/dol"euhr av'euhr ij, -av'rij/, v.i., dollar-averaged, dollar-averaging. to engage in dollar averaging. * * *
/dol"euhr berrd'/, n. a common roller, Eurystomus orientalis, of Asia and Australia, having on its wings a silvery spot the size of a dollar. [1840-50; DOLLAR + BIRD] * * *
dollarcost averaging
dollar cost averaging n. Periodic investment of a fixed dollar amount, as in a particular stock or fund or in the market as a whole, on the belief that the average value of the ...
Fr. /daw lannrdd day zawrdd moh"/, n. a town in S Quebec, in E Canada: suburb of Montreal. 39,940. * * *
dollar day n. A day on which a store offers its merchandise on sale for one dollar or at greatly reduced prices. * * *
Dollarddes Ormeaux
Dol·lard des Or·meaux or Dol·lard-des-Or·meaux (dō-yär'dā-zôr-mōʹ) A town of southern Quebec, Canada, a residential suburb of Montreal. Population: 46,922. * * *
dollar diplomacy n. 1. A policy aimed at furthering the interests of the United States abroad by encouraging the investment of U.S. capital in foreign countries. 2. A policy ...
/dol"euhr fish'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) dollarfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) dollarfishes. 1. butterfish. 2. moonfish. [1840-50; so called because ...
/dol'euhr euh zay"sheuhn/, n. the conversion of a country's currency system into U.S. dollars. [1985-90] * * *
Dollarization: Is It Worth It?
▪ 2002 Introduction by Guillermo A. Calvo       By mid-2001 a number of Latin American countries had officially adopted the U.S. dollar as their currency. Ecuador ...
/dol"euhrz euhn sents"/, adj. considered strictly in terms of money: from a dollars-and-cents viewpoint. [1835-45, Amer.] * * *
dollar sign n. The symbol ($), used mainly to indicate a dollar amount. * * *
/dol"euhr spot'/, n. Plant Pathol. a turf disease caused by the fungus Sclerotinia or related genera, characterized by small, brown to straw-colored, round patches of dead grass ...
/dol"euhr wuyz'/, adv. 1. as expressed in dollars; in dollars and cents: How much does a million francs amount to, dollarwise? 2. on a monetary basis; financially: The plan has ...
—dollfaced, adj. /dol"fays'/, n. a person having a smooth, unblemished complexion and small, regular features. [1880-85; DOLL + FACE] * * *
Dollfus, Audouin
▪ French astronomer in full  Audouin-charles Dollfus   born Nov. 12, 1924, Paris, France       French astronomer, successor to Bernard Lyot as the principal French ...
/dawl"foohs/, n. Engelbert /eng"euhl berddt'/, 1892-1934, Austrian statesman: premier 1932-34. * * *
Dollfuss, Engelbert
born Oct. 4, 1892, Texing, Austro-Hungarian Empire died July 25, 1934, Vienna, Austria Austrian politician. He rose rapidly in Austrian politics to become chancellor in 1932. ...
Doll·fuss (dôlʹfo͞os'), Engelbert. 1892-1934. Austrian politician who as chancellor (1932-1934) established an authoritarian, one-party state. He was assassinated by ...
/dol"hows'/, n., pl. dollhouses /-how'ziz/. 1. a miniature house the scale of children's dolls. 2. a cozy, diminutive home, as a small cottage or housetrailer. Also, esp. Brit., ...
Döllinger, Johann Joseph Ignaz von
▪ German scholar born Feb. 28, 1799, Bamberg [now in Germany] died Jan. 10, 1890, Munich, Ger.       German historical scholar, prominent Roman Catholic theologian who ...
Dollmann, Friedrich
▪ German officer born February 2, 1882, Würzburg, Germany died June 28, 1944, Le Mans, France  German army commander during World War II.       Dollmann joined the ...
Dollmann, Georg von
▪ German architect in full  Georg Carl Heinrich von Dollmann   born Oct. 21, 1830, Ansbach, Bavaria [Germany] died March 3, 1895, Munich, Ger.  German architect, one of the ...
Dollo's law
▪ biology       biological principle, formulated about 1890 by Louis Dollo, a French-born Belgian paleontologist, that evolution is not reversible; i.e., structures or ...
Dollond, George
▪ British optician born Jan. 25, 1774, London, Eng. died May 13, 1852, London       British optician who invented a number of precision instruments used in astronomy, ...
Dollond, John
▪ British optician born June 10, 1706, London, Eng. died Nov. 30, 1761, London       British maker of optical (optics) and astronomical instruments who developed an ...
Dollond, John and George
born June 10, 1706, London, Eng. died Nov. 30, 1761, London born Jan. 25, 1774, London died May 13, 1852, London British optical scientists. John developed an achromatic ...
Dollond, Peter
▪ British optician born 1730, London, England died July 2, 1820, Kennington, London       British optician (optics) who, though lacking a theoretical background, ...
/dol"euhp/, n. 1. a lump or blob of some substance: dollops of mud. 2. a small quantity: Add a dollop of soda water to the mixture. v.t. 3. to dispense in dollops: to dollop ...
➡ toys and games * * *
/dol"ee/, n., pl. dollies, v., dollied, dollying. n. 1. Informal. a doll. 2. a low truck or cart with small wheels for moving loads too heavy to be carried by hand. 3. Motion ...
/dol"ee/, n. a female given name, form of Doll. Also, Dollie. * * * ▪ cloned sheep  female Finn Dorset sheep that lived from 1996 to 2003, the first successfully cloned ...
Dolly Lunt Burge: Her Diary
▪ Primary Source              Dolly Lunt Burge, the widow of a Confederate officer and mistress of a plantation near Covington, Ga., met the left wing of ...
dolly mixture
n [U] (BrE) small brightly coloured sweets, bought especially by children. * * *
Dolly Parton
➡ Parton * * *
dolly shot
Motion Pictures, Television. a camera shot taken from a moving dolly. Also called track shot, tracking shot, trucking shot. [1930-35] * * *
Dolly Varden
/dol"ee vahr"dn/ 1. a woman's costume of the late 19th century, including a flower-trimmed, broad-brimmed hat and a dress consisting of a tight bodice and bouffant panniers in a ...
Dolly Varden pattern
a fabric print consisting of bouquets of flowers. * * *
Dolly Varden trout
▪ fish also called  malma         (species Salvelinus malma), char of the family Salmonidae, found in northwestern North America and northeastern Asia. It has yellow ...
dollybird [däl′ē bʉrd΄] n. [Brit. Informal] an attractive young woman * * *
/dol"ee meuhn/, n., pl. dollymen. Motion Pictures, Television. a technician who moves or pushes the camera dolly during or between shots. [1850-55, for an earlier sense; DOLLY + ...
Dol·ly Var·den (dŏlʹē värʹdn) n. A colorfully spotted trout (Salvelinus malma) of northwest North America and eastern Asia.   [After Dolly Varden, a character known for ...
/dawl"meuh, -mah/, n. Near Eastern Cookery. a dish of tomatoes, green peppers, vine leaves, or eggplants stuffed with a mixture of meat, rice, and spices. [1885-90; < Turk dolma ...
/dohl"meuhn, dol"-/, n., pl. dolmans. 1. a woman's mantle with capelike arm pieces instead of sleeves. 2. a long outer robe worn by Turks. [1575-85; syncopated var. of DOLIMAN, ...
dolman sleeve
a sleeve tapered from a very large armhole to fit closely at the wrist, used on women's garments. [1930-35] * * *
dolman sleeve n. A full sleeve that is very wide at the armhole and narrow at the wrist. * * *
—dolmenic /dohl men"ik, dol-/, adj. /dohl"men, -meuhn, dol"-/, n. Archaeol. a structure usually regarded as a tomb, consisting of two or more large, upright stones set with a ...
Dolmetsch, (Eugène) Arnold
born Feb. 24, 1858, Le Mans, France died Feb. 28, 1940, Haslemere, Surrey, Eng. French-born British music scholar and performer. He moved to England after studying violin with ...
Dolmetsch, Arnold
▪ British musician born Feb. 24, 1858, Le Mans, Fr. died Feb. 28, 1940, Haslemere, Surrey, Eng.  French-born British musician whose lifework, pursued in the face of ...
Dolní Vestonice
/dawl"nyee vye"staw nyi tse/ a camping site of Upper Paleolithic mammoth hunters c23,000 B.C. in southern Moravia, Czech Republic, characterized chiefly by Venus figures, ...
▪ province, Poland Introduction Polish  Województwo Dolnośląskie        województwo (province), southwestern Poland. It was established in 1999 when the provinces ...
Dolomieu, Dieudonné
▪ French geologist also called Déodat De Gratet De Dolomieu born June 23, 1750, Dolomieu, near Tour-du-Pin, Fr. died Nov. 26, 1801, Château-Neuf, ...
—dolomitic /dol'euh mit"ik/, adj. /doh"leuh muyt', dol"euh-/, n. 1. a very common mineral, calcium magnesium carbonate, CaMg(CO3)2, occurring in crystals and in masses. 2. a ...
dolomite marble
coarse-grained dolomite. [1790-1800] * * *
Do·lo·mite Alps (dōʹlə-mīt', dŏlʹə-) A range of the eastern Alps in northeast Italy rising to 3,344.3 m (10,965 ft). The dolomitic limestone peaks of the range are ...
/doh"leuh muyts', dol"euh-/, n. (used with a pl. v.) a mountain range in N Italy: a part of the Alps. Highest peak, Marmolada, 10,965 ft. (3340 m). Also called Dolomite Alps. * * ...
See dolomite. * * *
/doh'leuh muy'teuh zay"sheuhn, -mi-, dol'euh-/, n. Geol. the conversion of limestone into dolomite. [1860-65; DOLOMITIZE + -ATION] * * * ▪ mineralogy       process by ...
/doh"leuh muy tuyz', -mi-, dol"euh-/, v.t., dolomitized, dolomitizing. Geol. to convert (limestone) into dolomite. Also, esp. Brit., dolomitise. [1860-65; DOLOMITE + -IZE] * * *
/doh"lon/, n. (in the Iliad) a son of Eumedes who was killed by Diomedes and Odysseus even though he had given them valuable information about the Trojans. * * *
/doh"leuhr/, n. sorrow; grief. Also, esp. Brit., dolour. [1275-1325; ME dolour ( < AF) < L dolor, equiv. to dol(ere) to feel pain + -or -OR1] * * *
/deuh lawr"is, -lohr"-/, n. a female given name: from a Latin word meaning "sorrows." * * *
Dolores River
▪ river, United States       river in southwest Colorado, U.S., rising in the La Plata Mountains and flowing southwest through deep canyons, past Dolores, then ...
/doh'leuh rim"i teuhr/, n. Med. an instrument used in dolorimetry. [1945-50; DOLOR + -I- + -METER] * * *
—dolorimetric /doh'leuhr euh me"trik, dol'euhr-/, adj. —dolorimetrically, adv. /doh'leuh rim"i tree, dol'euh-/, n. Med. a technique for measuring the sensitivity to pain ...
/doh'leuh roh"soh/; It. /daw'law rddaw"saw/, adj. plaintive, as if expressing sorrow (used as a musical direction). [1800-10; < It; see DOLOR, -OSE1] * * *
—dolorously, adv. —dolorousness, n. /dol"euhr euhs, doh"leuhr-/, adj. full of, expressing, or causing pain or sorrow; grievous; mournful: a dolorous melody; dolorous ...
See dolorous. * * *
See dolorously. * * *
dolour [dō′lər] n. Brit. sp. of DOLOR * * * do·lour (dōʹlər) n. Chiefly British Variant of dolor. * * *
/dol"fin, dawl"-/, n. 1. any of several chiefly marine, cetacean mammals of the family Delphinidae, having a fishlike body, numerous teeth, and the front of the head elongated ...
dolphin kick
Swimming. (in the butterfly stroke) a kick in which the legs move up and down together, with the knees bent on the upswing. * * *
dolphin striker
dolphin striker n. a small spar under the bowsprit of a sailing vessel, used, together with the martingales, to brace the jib boom or flying jib boom * * *
/dol"fin fish', dawl"-/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) dolphinfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) dolphinfishes. dolphin (def. 2). [1505-15; DOLPHIN + FISH] * * *
dolphin kick n. A swimming kick used mainly in butterfly in which the legs are extended straight back and moved up and down in unison with a slight bend in the knees on the ...
dolphin striker n. A small vertical spar under the bowsprit of a sailboat that extends and helps support the martingale. * * *
Dolphy, Eric
▪ American musician in full  Eric Allan Dolphy   born June 20, 1928, Los Angeles, Calif., U.S. died June 29, 1964, West Berlin, W.Ger.       African-American jazz ...
Dolphy,Eric Allan
Dol·phy (dŏlʹfē), Eric Allan. 1928-1964. American jazz clarinetist noted for his unconstrained solos and for introducing Eastern musical traditions into jazz. * * *
dollars. * * *
—doltish, adj. —doltishly, adv. —doltishness, n. /dohlt/, n. a dull, stupid person; blockhead. [1535-45; var. of obs. dold stupid, orig. ptp. of ME dollen, dullen to ...
See dolt. * * *
See doltish. * * *
See doltish. * * *
/dawl"tn/, n. a city in NE Illinois, near Chicago. 24,766. * * *
/doh"leuhs/, n. Roman and Civil Law. fraud; deceit, esp. involving or evidencing evil intent (distinguished from culpa): One is always liable for dolus resulting in damages. [ < ...
/dom/; for 2 also Port. /dawonn/, n. 1. (sometimes cap.) a title of a monk in the Benedictine, Carthusian, Cistercian, and certain other monastic orders. 2. (usually cap.) a ...
/dom/, n. a male given name, form of Dominic. * * * ▪ caste also called  Ḍomra, or Ḍomb,         widespread and versatile caste of scavengers, musicians, ...
Dom Rep
Dom Rep abbrev. Dominican Republic * * *
1. Dominica. 2. Dominican. * * *
1. domain. 2. domestic. 3. dominant. 4. dominion. * * *
Dom. Rep.
Dominican Republic. * * *
Dom. Rep. abbr. Dominican Republic. * * *
/doh"mahk/, n. Gerhard /gerdd"hahrddt/, 1895-1964, German physician: declined 1939 Nobel prize at demand of Nazi government. * * *
Domagk, Gerhard
born Oct. 30, 1895, Lagow, Brandenburg, Ger. died April 24, 1964, Burgberg, near Königsfeld, W.Ger. German bacteriologist and pathologist. While director of the Bayer ...
—domanial, adj. /doh mayn"/, n. 1. a field of action, thought, influence, etc.: the domain of science. 2. the territory governed by a single ruler or government; realm. 3. a ...
domain name
n. Computers. a name, usually an alphabetical sequence including the name of a person or organization followed by a suffix indicating the top-level domain: used in a Web address ...
domain name n. A series of alphanumeric strings separated by periods, such as www.hmco.com, that is an address of a computer network connection and that identifies the owner of ...
/doh"meuhl/, adj. 1. of or like a dome. 2. Phonet. retroflex (def. 2). n. 3. Phonet. a domal sound. [1710-20; DOME + -AL1] * * *
▪ historical region, France       historic region of east-southeastern France, once a sovereign municipality and now included in the département of Ain. From 1032, when ...
—domelike, adj. /dohm/, n., v., domed, doming. n. 1. Archit. a. a vault, having a circular plan and usually in the form of a portion of a sphere, so constructed as to exert an ...
dome car
a railroad passenger car having a dome in its roof. Cf. dome (def. 7). * * *
dome light
1. a small light under the roof of an automobile or boat. 2. a flashing light on the roof of an emergency vehicle, as a police car or ambulance. Also, domelight. [1955-60] * * *
Dome of the Rock
Islam. a shrine in Jerusalem at the site from which Muhammad ascended through the seven heavens to the throne of God: built on the site of the Jewish Temple. Cf. Isra', Mi'raj. * ...
dome top
Furniture. a top to a desk, secretary, or the like having the form of a semicircular pediment. Cf. bonnet top, hooded top. * * *
/dohmd/, adj. 1. shaped like a dome: a domed forehead. 2. having a dome: a domed roof. [1765-75; DOME + -ED3] * * *
▪ labour organization, Japan JapaneseJapanese Confederation of Labourabbreviation of  Zen Nihon Rōdō Sōdōmei        Japan's second largest labour union federation ...
/dom"euh nik/, n. a male given name. * * *
Do·me·ni·chi·no (dō-mā'nə-kēʹnō, -mĕ'nē-), 1581-1641. Italian painter of the baroque eclectic school who is noted for his religious and mythological works, including ...
(as used in expressions) Domenico Zampieri Beccafumi Domenico Domenico di Giacomo di Pace Cassini Gian Domenico Cimarosa Domenico Domenico Veneziano Donizetti Domenico Gaetano ...
Domenico Veneziano
born с 1410, Venice, Republic of Venice died May 15, 1461, Florence, Republic of Florence Italian painter. He was active mainly in Florence, where he settled с 1439. Two ...
/doohmz"day', dohmz"-/, n. Archaic. doomsday. * * *
Domesday Book
/doohmz"day', dohmz"-/ a record of a survey of the lands of England made by order of William the Conqueror about 1086, giving ownership, extent, value, etc., of the ...
Domes·day Book (do͞omzʹdā', dōmzʹ-) also Dooms·day Book (do͞omzʹ-) n. The written record of a census and survey of English landowners and their property made by order ...
—domestically, adv. /deuh mes"tik/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to the home, the household, household affairs, or the family: domestic pleasures. 2. devoted to home life or ...
domestic animal
an animal, as the horse or cat, that has been tamed and kept by humans as a work animal, food source, or pet, esp. a member of those species that have, through selective ...
domestic cat
or house cat Domesticated carnivore (Felis catus) that retains many characteristics of the larger wild cats but differs in coat and size. Breeds are either shorthaired (e.g., ...
domestic commerce.
See under commerce (def. 1). * * *
domestic fowl
1. a chicken. 2. poultry. * * *
domestic partner
—domestic partnership. either member of an unmarried, cohabiting, and esp. homosexual couple that seeks benefits usu. available only to spouses. [1975-80] * * *
domestic partnership
▪ sociology       legal or personal recognition of the committed, marriagelike partnership of a couple. Until the late 20th century the term domestic partnership usually ...
domestic pigeon
 bird of the family Columbidae (order Columbiformes) that was perhaps the first bird tamed by man. Figurines, mosaics, and coins have portrayed the domestic pigeon since at ...
domestic prelate
Rom. Cath. Ch. an honorary distinction conferred by the Holy See upon clergy, entitling them to some of the privileges of a bishop. [1925-30] * * *
domestic relations court
☆ domestic relations court n. in some states, a court with jurisdiction over matters involving relations within the family or household, as between husband and wife or parent ...
domestic science
☆ domestic science n. HOME ECONOMICS * * *
domestic science.
See home economics. [1895-1900] * * *
domestic service
Employment of hired workers by private households for tasks including housecleaning, cooking, child care, gardening, and personal service. It also includes the performance of ...
domestic shorthair
▪ breed of cat also called  British Shorthair    breed of domestic cat (cat, domestic) often referred to as a common, or alley, cat; a good show animal, however, is ...
domestic system
a manufacturing system whereby workers make products in their own homes with materials supplied by entrepreneurs. * * * or putting-out system Production system widespread in ...
domestic tragedy
Drama in which the main characters are ordinary people. This form of tragedy contrasts with Classical tragedy, in which the main characters are of royal or aristocratic rank. An ...
domestic violence
acts of violence against a person living in one's household, esp. a member of one's immediate family. * * * ▪ social and legal concept       social and legal concept ...
domestic-relations court
/deuh mes"tik ri lay"sheuhnz/. See court of domestic relations. [1935-40] * * *
See domestic. * * *
—domesticable /deuh mes"ti keuh beuhl/, adj. —domestication, n. —domesticative, adj. —domesticator, n. /deuh mes"ti kayt'/, v., domesticated, domesticating. v.t. 1. to ...
See domesticate. * * * Process of hereditary reorganization of wild animals and plants into forms more accommodating to the interests of people. In its strictest sense, it ...
/doh'me stis"i tee/, n., pl. domesticities. 1. the state of being domestic; domestic or home life. 2. a domestic or household act, activity, duty, or chore. [1715-25; DOMESTIC + ...
do·mes·ti·cize (də-mĕsʹtĭ-sīz') tr.v. do·mes·ti·cized, do·mes·ti·ciz·ing, do·mes·ti·ciz·es To domesticate. * * *
domestic partner n. A person, other than a spouse, with whom one cohabits.   Usage Note: Many people would now agree that a couple can consist of persons living together who are ...
domestic prelate n. Roman Catholic Church A priest who is an honorary member of the papal household. * * *
domesticrelations court
domestic relations court n. In certain U.S. states, a court with jurisdiction over family disputes, especially those involving the custody, support, and welfare of children. * * *
domestic science n. Home economics. * * *
domestic violence n. Violence toward or physical abuse of one's spouse or domestic partner. * * *
/doh'mes teek"/, n. Cycling. a member of a bicycle-racing team who assists the leader, as by setting a pace, preventing breakaways by other teams, or supplying food during a ...
/dom"it/, n. Alfred, 1811-87, British government official and poet: prime minister of New Zealand 1862. * * *
Domett, Alfred
▪ prime minister of New Zealand born May 20, 1811, Camberwell, Surrey, Eng. died Nov. 2, 1887, London       writer, poet, politician, and prime minister of New Zealand ...
▪ mineral       a copper arsenide mineral (formulated Cu3As) that is often intergrown with algodonite, another copper arsenide. Both are classified among the sulfide ...
—domically, adv. /doh"mi keuhl, dom"i-/, adj. 1. domelike. 2. having a dome. Also, domic. [1840-50; DOME + -ICAL] * * *
See domical. * * *
domical vault n. See cloister vault. * * *
/dom"euh suyl', -seuhl, doh"meuh-/, n., v., domiciled, domiciling. n. 1. a place of residence; abode; house or home. 2. Law. a permanent legal residence. v.t. 3. to establish in ...
/dom'euh sil"ee euhr, doh'meuh-/, n. Eccles. Obs. a canon of a minor order. [1645-55; < L domicili(um) DOMICILE + -AR1] * * *
/dom'euh sil"ee er'ee/, adj., n., pl. domiciliaries. adj. 1. of or pertaining to a domicile. n. 2. an institutional home for aged and disabled veterans who cannot care for ...
—domiciliation, n. /dom'euh sil"ee ayt'/, v., domiciliated, domiciliating. v.t. 1. to domicile. v.i. 2. to establish a residence for oneself or one's family. [1770-80; < L ...
/dom"euh neuhns/, n. 1. rule; control; authority; ascendancy. 2. the condition of being dominant. 3. Psychol. the disposition of an individual to assert control in dealing with ...
dominance hierarchy
Animal Behav. a system or set of relationships in animal groups that is based on a hierarchical ranking, usually established and maintained by behavior in aggressive encounters: ...
—dominantly, adv. /dom"euh neuhnt/, adj. 1. ruling, governing, or controlling; having or exerting authority or influence: dominant in the chain of command. 2. occupying or ...
dominant tenement
Law. land in favor of which an easement or other servitude exists over another's land. Also called dominant estate. Cf. servient tenement. [1870-75] * * *
See dominant. * * *
—dominatingly, adv. —dominator, n. /dom"euh nayt'/, v., dominated, dominating. v.t. 1. to rule over; govern; control. 2. to tower above; overlook; overshadow: A tall pine ...
/dom'euh nay"sheuhn/, n. 1. an act or instance of dominating. 2. rule or sway; control, often arbitrary. 3. dominations, Theol. one of the nine orders of celestial attendants of ...
/dom"euh nay'tiv, -neuh tiv/, adj. dominating; controlling. [1590-1600; < ML dominativus. See DOMINATE, -IVE] * * *
See dominative. * * *
/dom'euh nay"triks/, n., pl. dominatrices /-nay"treuh seez', -neuh truy"seez/. 1. a woman who plays the dominant role in a sado-masochistic sexual relationship or encounter. 2. a ...
/dom"euh nee', doh"meuh-/, n. Obs. lord; master (used as a title of address). [voc. of L dominus master, lord] * * *
domine, dirige nos
/doh"mi ne', dee"rddi ge' nohs"/; Eng. /dom"euh nee', dir"euh jee nohs"/, Latin. Master, guide us: motto of the city of London. * * *
/dom"euh nee, doh"meuh-/, n. South African. dominie (def. 2). * * *
/dom'euh near"/, v.t., v.i. 1. to rule arbitrarily or despotically; tyrannize. 2. to tower; to tower over or above: The castle domineers the town. [1585-95; < D domineren < F ...
—domineeringly, adv. —domineeringness, n. /dom'euh near"ing/, adj. inclined to rule arbitrarily or despotically; overbearing; tyrannical: domineering parents. [1580-90; ...
See domineering. * * *
/deuh ming"goh/; Sp. /daw meeng"gaw/, n. Placido /plah"si doh'/; Sp. /plah"thee dhaw, -see-/, born 1941, Spanish operatic tenor, in the U.S. * * * (as used in ...
Domingo, Plácido
born Jan. 21, 1941, Madrid, Spain Spanish tenor and conductor. He moved to Mexico in 1949 with his parents, both of whom were zarzuela (a form of Spanish light opera) singers. ...
Do·min·go (də-mĭngʹgō, dō-mĕngʹ-), Placido. Born 1941. Spanish-born opera singer known for his outstanding performances as a lyric-dramatic tenor. His most famous roles ...
/daw'meeng geen"/, n. Luis Miguel /lwees mee gel"/, (Luis Miguel González Lucas), born 1926, Spanish bullfighter. * * * ▪ 1997       (LUIS MIGUEL GONZÁLEZ LUCAS), ...
/dom"euh nik/, n. 1. Saint, 1170-1221, Spanish priest: founder of the Dominican order. 2. a male given name: from the Latin word meaning "of the Lord." * * *
Dominic, Saint
orig. Domingo de Guzmán born 1170, Caleruega, Castile died Aug. 6, 1221, Bologna, Romagna; canonized July 3, 1234; feast day August 8 Founder of the Order of Friars Preachers, ...
Dom·i·nic (dŏmʹə-nĭk), Saint. 1170?-1221. Spanish-born priest who preached against the Albigensian heresy and founded the Dominican order of friars (1216). * * *
/dom'euh nee"keuh, deuh min"i keuh/, n. 1. one of the Windward Islands, in the E West Indies. 2. an independent republic comprising this island: a former British colony; gained ...
Dominica Channel
▪ channel, West Indies       marine passage in the Lesser Antilles, West Indies, connecting the Caribbean Sea with the open Atlantic Ocean to the east. It flows between ...
Dominica, flag of
▪ Flag History       national flag consisting of a green field (background) bearing a cross of yellow, black, and white stripes; in the centre of the flag, a red disk ...
/deuh min"i keuhl/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to Jesus Christ as Lord. 2. of or pertaining to the Lord's Day, or Sunday. [1530-40; < LL dominicalis, equiv. to L dominic(us) of a ...
dominical altar
Eccles. a high altar. * * *
dominical letter
any one of the letters from A to G used in church calendars to mark the Sundays throughout any particular year, serving primarily to aid in determining the date of ...
/deuh min'i kay"lee/, n. a veil formerly worn by women during divine service. [ < It, var. of domenicale DOMINICAL] * * *
/deuh min"i keuhn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to St. Dominic or the Dominicans. n. 2. a member of one of the mendicant religious orders founded by St. Dominic; Black ...
Dominican Republic
a republic in the West Indies, occupying the E part of the island of Hispaniola. 8,228,151; 19,129 sq. mi. (49,545 sq. km). Cap.: Santo Domingo. Formerly, Santo Domingo, San ...
Dominican Republic, flag of the
▪ Flag History       national flag that is quartered blue-red-blue-red with a central white cross; when the flag is used for official purposes, it incorporates the ...
Dominican University
▪ university, River Forest, Illinois, United States formerly  Rosary College        private, coeducational university in the Chicago suburb River Forest, Illinois, ...
Dominican Republic A country of the West Indies on the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola. Originally inhabited by Arawaks, it was discovered by Christopher Columbus in ...
/dom"euh nik/, n. 1. Animal Husb. Dominique. 2. a male given name. * * *
/dom"euh nee, doh"meuh-/, n. 1. Chiefly Scot. a schoolmaster. 2. a pastor in the Dutch Reformed Church. 3. Chiefly Hudson Valley. a pastor or minister. [1605-15; var. of ...
/deuh min"yeuhn/, n. 1. the power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority. 2. rule; control; domination. 3. a territory, usually of considerable size, in which ...
Dominion Arboretum and Botanic Garden, Central Experimental Farm
▪ garden, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada       Ottawa, part of the Plant Research Institute of Agriculture Canada (formerly Canada Department of Agriculture). Established in ...
Dominion Day
former name of Canada Day. [1890-95] * * *
Dominion Day n. July 1, observed in Canada in commemoration of the formation of the Dominion in 1867. * * *
/dom'euh neek"/, n. Animal Husb. one of an American breed of chicken, having slate-colored plumage crossed by light and dark bars, raised for its meat and brown eggs. Also, ...
Dominique, Jean Leopold
▪ 2001       Haitian radio journalist (b. 1931, Haiti—d. April 3, 2000, Port-au-Prince, Haiti), was one of Haiti's most outspoken political commentators and a leading ...
/deuh min"ee euhm/, n. Law. complete power to use, to enjoy, and to dispose of property at will. [1815-25; < L, equiv. to domin(us) lord, master + -ium -IUM] * * *
domino1 /dom"euh noh'/, n., pl. dominoes. 1. a flat, thumbsized, rectangular block, the face of which is divided into two parts, each either blank or bearing from one to six pips ...
/dom"euh noh'/, n. Antoine ("Fats"), born 1928, U.S. rhythm-and-blues pianist, singer, and composer. * * * ▪ card game also known as  sevens,  play and pay , and  card ...

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