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Слова на букву de k-enol (15990)

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dry·ing oil (drīʹĭng) n. An organic oil, such as linseed oil, used as a binder in paints and varnishes. It dries into a tough elastic layer when applied in a thin film and ...
dry kiln n. A heated chamber in which cut lumber is dried and seasoned. * * *
/druy"land'/, n. Often, drylands. a tract of land having dry, often sandy soil, as on the floor of a valley: Acres of the drylands have been reclaimed by irrigation. [1175-1225; ...
dryland farming
a mode of farming, practiced in regions of slight or insufficient rainfall, that relies mainly on tillage methods rendering the soil more receptive of moisture and on the ...
dryly [drī′lē] adv. in a dry manner; matter-of-factly * * * See dry. * * *
dry measure n. A system of units for measuring dry commodities such as grains, fruits, and vegetables. * * *
dry mop n. See dust mop. * * *
dryness [drī′nis] n. the quality or state of being dry * * * See dryly. * * *
dry nurse n. A nurse employed to care for but not breast-feed an infant.   dryʹ-nurse' (drīʹnûrs') v. * * *
/druy"euh mawrph'/, n. any member of the extinct genus Dryopithecus. Cf. Proconsul. [DRYO(PITHECUS) + -MORPH] * * *
/druy'oh pith"euh seen', -suyn', -peuh thee"sin, -suyn/, n. 1. (sometimes cap.) an extinct ape of the genus Dryopithecus, known from Old World Miocene fossils. adj. 2. of or ...
/druy'oh pith"i keuhs, -peuh thee"-/, n. 1. an extinct genus of generalized hominoids that lived in Europe and Africa during the Miocene Epoch and whose members are characterized ...
▪ plant family  the shield fern family, containing 40–50 genera and about 1,700 species, in the division Pteridophyta (the lower vascular plants (plant)). Dryopteridaceae ...
/druy"owt'/, n. 1. the process or an instance of drying out: applying compost to the garden soil to retard dryout. 2. Informal. a facility for detoxifying alcoholic patients. [n. ...
/druy"poynt'/, n. 1. a technique of engraving, esp. on copper, in which a sharp-pointed needle is used for producing furrows having a burr that is often retained in order to ...
dry rot n. 1. A fungous disease that causes timber to become brittle and crumble into powder. 2. A plant disease in which the plant tissue remains relatively dry while fungi ...
dry run n. 1. A trial exercise; a rehearsal. 2. A test exercise in combat skills without the use of live ammunition. * * *
/druy"sawl'teuhr/, n. Brit. a dealer in dry chemicals and dyes. [1700-10; DRY + SALTER] * * *
drysaltery [drī′sôl΄tə rē] n. pl. drysalteries Brit. the stock, shop, or trade of a drysalter * * * See dry-salter. * * *
Drysdale, Donald Scott
▪ 1994       ("BIG D"), U.S. baseball player and broadcaster (b. July 23, 1936, Van Nuys, Calif.—d. July 3, 1993, Montreal, Que.), as a star right-handed power pitcher ...
dry sink n. A wooden cabinet that supports a wash basin not connected to a water supply. * * *
dry socket n. A painful inflamed condition at the site of extraction of a tooth that occurs when a blood clot fails to form properly or is dislodged. * * *
Dry Tor·tu·gas (drī tôr-to͞oʹgəz) An island group of southern Florida west of Key West. Famed for their marine life, the islands were named Tortugas (“turtles”) by ...
☆ drywall [drī′wôl΄ ] n. PLASTERBOARD vt., vi. to cover (a wall, partition, etc.) with plasterboard * * * dry wall or dry·wall (drīʹwôl') n. 1. a. Plasterboard. b. A ...
drywall construction
      a type of construction in which the interior wall is applied in a dry condition without the use of mortar. It contrasts with the use of plaster, which dries after ...
dry wash n. Laundry that has been washed and dried but not ironed. * * *
dry well also dry·well (drīʹwĕl') n. A subterranean chamber near a building, having stones or gravel inside and used to collect rainwater runoff from the roof of the building ...
Symbol, Chem. (formerly) dysprosium. * * *
decistere; decisteres. * * *
See digital subtraction angiography. * * *
1. Defense Supplies Corporation. 2. The Discovery Channel (a cable television channel). * * *
▪ Cameroon       town located in northwestern Cameroon, situated on a forested plateau northwest of Yaoundé. Its high elevation of 4,525 feet (1,379 metres) makes the ...
Digital Subscriber Line: a technology that allows high-speed transmission of data, audio, and video, usually over standard telephone lines; a form of broadband ...
DSM abbrev. Distinguished Service Medal * * * DSM abbr. Distinguished Service Medal. * * * ▪ Dutch company in full  Naamloze Vennootschap Dsm        (Dutch: DSM ...
Dictionary Society of North America. * * *
DSO abbrev. Distinguished Service Order * * * DSO abbr. Distinguished Service Order. * * * ➡ Distinguished Service Order. * * *
See dynamic spatial reconstructor. * * *
DSS abbr. digital satellite system. * * *
daylight-saving time. * * *
Slang. detective. Also, D.T. * * *
DTD (dē'tē-dēʹ) n. A set of rules for marking up a document in SGML.   [document + type + definition.] * * *
DTh or DTheol or D.Th. or D.Theol. abbrev. Doctor of Theology * * *
➡ Department of Trade and Industry. * * *
diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis. See DPT. * * *
DTP vaccine (dē'tē-pēʹ) or DPT vaccine (dē'pē-tēʹ) n. A combination of diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccine, administered intramuscularly to immunize ...
DTs or DT's (dēʹtēzʹ) n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Delirium tremens. * * *
dTTP (dē'tē'tē'pēʹ) n. One of the two pyrimidine nucleotides that are used to synthesize DNA.   [deoxy- + thymidine + triphosphate.] * * *
/dooh, dyooh/; Fr. /dyuu/ (in names of French derivation) a contraction of de and the article le: Joachim du Bellay. * * * (as used in expressions) Barry Marie Jeanne Bécu ...
Du Barry
/dooh bar"ee, dyooh/; Fr. /dyuu bann rddee"/, Comtesse (Marie Jeanne Bécu) 1746-93, mistress of Louis XV. * * *
Du Barry,Comtesse
Du Bar·ry (do͞o bărʹē, dyo͞o-, dü bä-rēʹ), Comtesse Title of Marie Jeanne Bécu. 1743-1793. French courtier and influential mistress of Louis XV. She was sentenced to ...
du Bellay
/dooh beuh lay", dyooh/; Fr. /dyuu be lay"/ Joachim Fr. /zhaw ann keem"/. See Bellay, Joachim du. * * *
du Bellay, Joachim
▪ French poet born c. 1522, Liré, Fr. died Jan. 1, 1560, Paris  French poet, leader with Pierre de Ronsard (Ronsard, Pierre de) of the literary group known as La Pléiade ...
du Bellay,Joachim
du Bel·lay (do͞o bə-lāʹ, dü bĕ-lāʹ), Joachim. See Bellay, Joachim du. * * *
Du Bois
/dooh boys"/ William Edward Burghardt /berrg"hahrd/, 1868-1963, U.S. educator and writer. * * *
Du Bois, W(illiam) E(dward) B(urghardt)
Du Bois (do͞o-boisʹ), W(illiam) E(dward) B(urghardt). 1868-1963. American civil rights leader who cofounded the NAACP, edited journals, such as Crisis (1910-1932), and wrote ...
Du Bois, W.E.B.
▪ American sociologist and social reformer Introduction in full  William Edward Burghardt Du Bois  born February 23, 1868, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, U.S. died August ...
du Bois, William Pène
▪ American author in full  William Pène Sherman du Bois   born May 9, 1916, Nutley, N.J., U.S. died Feb. 5, 1993, Nice, France       American author and illustrator ...
Du Bois-Reymond, Emil Heinrich
▪ German physiologist born Nov. 7, 1818, Berlin, Prussia [Germany] died Dec. 26, 1896, Berlin, Ger.  German founder of modern electrophysiology, known for his research on ...
Du Bos, Charles
▪ French critic born Oct. 27, 1882, Paris, Fr. died Aug. 5, 1939, La Celle-Saint-Cloud       French critic of French and English literature whose writings on William ...
Du Buat, Pierre-Louis-Georges
born April 23, 1734, Tortisambert, France died Oct. 17, 1809, Vieux-Condé French hydraulic engineer. He compiled experimental data from which he determined his basic algebraic ...
Du Camp, Maxime
▪ French writer and photographer born Feb. 8, 1822, Paris, Fr. died Feb. 9, 1894, Baden-Baden, Ger.  French writer and photographer who is chiefly known for his vivid ...
Du Casse, Pierre-Emmanuel-Albert, Baron
▪ French historian born Nov. 16, 1813, Bourges, Fr. died March 15, 1893, Paris       French soldier and military historian who was the first editor of the ...
du Cerceau
Fr. /dyuu serdd soh"/ Androuet /ahonn drddooh e"/. See Androuet du Cerceau. * * *
Du Chaillu
/dooh shuy"yooh, shal"-, dyooh/; Fr. /dyuu shann yyuu"/ Paul Belloni /pawl beuh loh"nee/; Fr. /pawl be law nee"/, 1835-1903, U.S. explorer in Africa, traveler, and writer; born ...
Du Fresnoy, Charles-Alphonse
▪ French painter and writer Du Fresnoy also spelled  Dufresnoy  born 1611, Paris died Jan. 16, 1668, Villiers le Bel, near Paris       French painter and writer on ...
Du Fu
/dooh" fooh"/, Pinyin. See Tu Fu. * * * or Tu Fu born 712, Xiangyang, China died 770, Hunan Chinese poet, often considered the greatest of all time. After a traditional ...
Du Gard
Fr. /dyuu gannrdd"/ Roger Martin Fr. /rddaw zhay" mannrdd taonn"/. See Martin Du Gard, Roger. * * *
Du Guesclin
/dyuu ge klaonn"/ Bertrand /berdd trddahonn"/, ("the Eagle of Brittany"), c1320-80, French military leader: constable of France 1370-80. * * *
du jour
/deuh zhoor", dooh/; Fr. /dyuu zhoohrdd"/ 1. as prepared on the particular day; of the kind being served today: The soup du jour is split pea. 2. fashionable; current: ...
Du Maurier
/dooh mawr"ee ay', dyooh/; Fr. /dyuu moh rddyay"/ 1. Dame Daphne (Lady Browning), born 1907, English novelist. 2. her grandfather, George Louis Palmella Busson /pal mel"euh booh ...
du Maurier, Dame Daphne
born May 13, 1907, London, Eng. died April 19, 1989, Par, Cornwall British novelist and playwright. Granddaughter of George du Maurier and daughter of the actor-manager Sir ...
du Maurier, George
▪ British author and caricaturist in full  George Louis Palmella Busson Du Maurier   born March 6, 1834, Paris, Fr. died Oct. 6, 1896, London, Eng.       British ...
du Maurier, George (Louis Palmella Busson)
born March 6, 1834, Paris, France. died Oct. 6, 1896, London, Eng. British caricaturist and novelist. Forced to abandon painting for drawing when he was blinded in one eye, his ...
du Maurier, Sir Gerald
▪ British actor in full  Sir Gerald Hubert Edward Busson Du Maurier   born March 26, 1873, London, Eng. died April 11, 1934, London       actor-manager, the chief ...
du Maurier,Dame Daphne
du Mau·ri·er (do͞o môrʹē-ā', dyo͞o, dü mô-ryāʹ), Dame Daphne. 1907-1989. British writer noted for her melodramatic novels, including Rebecca (1938). * * *
du Maurier,George Louis Palmella Busson
du Maurier, George Louis Palmella Busson. 1834-1896. British illustrator and writer known for his caricatures in Punch, his illustrations of the works of William Makepeace ...
Du Mont, Allen B(alcom)
born Jan. 29, 1901, Brooklyn, N.Y., N.Y., U.S. died Nov. 15, 1965, New York City U.S. engineer. He became interested in television in 1928, as chief engineer at the De Forest ...
Du Mont, Allen B.
▪ American engineer and inventor in full  Allen Balcom Du Mont   born Jan. 29, 1901, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. died Nov. 15, 1965, New York, N.Y.       American engineer ...
du Pont
du Pont [do͞o pänt′, dyo͞opänt′] É(leuthère) I(rénée) 1771-1834; Am. industrialist, born in France * * *
Du Pont de Nemours,Pierre Samuel
Du Pont de Ne·mours (do͞o pŏntʹ də nə-mo͝orʹ, dü pôɴʹ), Pierre Samuel. 1739-1817. French-born economist and politician who took part in negotiations after the ...
du Pont Family
▪ American family       French-descended American family whose fortune was founded on explosive powders and textiles and who diversified later into other areas of ...
du Pont, Pierre Samuel
▪ American industrialist born , Jan. 15, 1870, Wilmington, Del., U.S. died April 5, 1954, Wilmington  manufacturer and the largest American munitions producer during World ...
du Pont, Pierre-Samuel
▪ French economist in full  Pierre-samuel Du Pont De Nemours   born Dec. 14, 1739, Paris, Fr. died Aug. 6, 1817, Eleutherian Mills, near Wilmington, Del., ...
du Pré,Jacqueline
du Pré (do͞o prāʹ, dyo͞o), Jacqueline. 1945-1987. British cellist considered among the world's best until multiple sclerosis cut short her career. * * *
Du Quoin
/dooh koyn"/ a town in SW Illinois: site of the Hambletonian. 6594. * * *
Du Sable
/dooh sah"bleuh, sahb", dyooh/; Fr. /dyuu sah"bleu/ Jean Baptiste Pointe /zhahonn bann teest" pwaonnt/, 1745?-1818, U.S. pioneer trader, born in Haiti: early settler of ...
Du Sable, Jean-Baptist-Point
▪ American pioneer born 1750?, St. Marc, Sainte-Domingue [now Haiti] died Aug. 28, 1818, St. Charles, Mo., U.S.       black pioneer trader and founder of the settlement ...
Du Toit, Jakob Daniel
▪ South African poet and scholar pseudonym  Totius   born Feb. 21, 1877, Paarl, Cape Colony, S.Af. died July 1, 1953, Pretoria, Transvaal       Afrikaaner poet, ...
Du Toit, Stephanus Jacobus
▪ South African politician born 1847, Paarl, Cape Colony died May 29, 1911, Cape Province, Union of South Africa       South African pastor and political leader who, as ...
du Vigneaud
/dooh veen"yoh, dyooh/ Vincent, 1901-78, U.S. biochemist: Nobel prize for chemistry 1955. * * *
du Vigneaud, Vincent
▪ American biochemist born May 18, 1901, Chicago, Ill., U.S. died Dec. 11, 1978, White Plains, N.Y.  American biochemist and winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1955 ...
du Vigneaud,Vincent
du Vi·gneaud (do͞o vēnʹyō, dyo͞o), Vincent. 1901-1978. American biochemist. He won a 1955 Nobel Prize for his work on pituitary hormones. * * *
1. Duke. 2. Dutch. * * *
/dooh"ad, dyooh"-/, n. a group of two; couple; pair. [1650-60; < L duo TWO + -AD1] * * *
—dually, adv. /dooh"euhl, dyooh"-/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, or noting two. 2. composed or consisting of two people, items, parts, etc., together; twofold; double: dual ...
Dual Alliance
1. the alliance between France and Russia (1890), strengthened by a military convention (1892-93) and lasting until the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. 2. the alliance between ...
dual carriageway
Brit. See divided highway. [1930-35] * * *
dual carriageways
➡ roads and road signs * * *
dual citizen
a person who is a citizen or subject of two or more nations; one having dual citizenship. * * *
dual citizenship
1. Also called dual nationality. the status of a person who is a legal citizen of two or more countries. 2. citizenship of both a state and a nation, in nations consisting of a ...
dual highway.
See divided highway. [1955-60] * * *
Dual Monarchy
the kingdom of Austria-Hungary 1867-1918. * * *
dual nationality.
See dual citizenship (def. 1). * * *
dual number
dual number n. a grammatical number category referring to exactly two persons or things: distinguished by inflection, in such languages as classical Greek and Old English, from ...
dual personality
Psychol. a disorder in which an individual possesses two dissociated personalities. Cf. multiple personality. [1900-05] * * *
dual space
Math. the set of all linear functionals whose domain is a given vector space. * * *
/dooh"euhl kahrb", dyooh"-/, adj. Auto. (of an engine) equipped with a pair of carburetors. * * *
/dooh"euhl perr"peuhs, dyooh"-/, adj. 1. serving two functions. 2. (of cattle) bred for two purposes, as to provide beef and milk. [1910-15] * * *
dual-use [do͞olyo͞os′] adj. DUAL-PURPOSE; specif., designating or of machinery, technology, etc. having both civilian and military applications * * *
/dooh ah"lah/, n. Douala. * * * ▪ people also spelled  Douala,         Bantu-speaking people of the forest region of southern Cameroon (Cameroon, history of) living ...
—dualist, n., adj. /dooh"euh liz'euhm, dyooh"-/, n. 1. the state of being dual or consisting of two parts; division into two. 2. Philos. a. the view that there are just two ...
See dualism. * * *
—dualistically, adv. /dooh'euh lis"tik, dyooh'-/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, or of the nature of dualism. 2. dual; twofold. [1795-1805; DUAL + -ISTIC] * * *
See dualist. * * *
/dooh al"i tee, dyooh-/, n. 1. a dual state or quality. 2. Math. a symmetry within a mathematical system such that a theorem remains valid if certain objects, relations, or ...
duality principle
Math. the principle that a mathematical duality exists under certain conditions. Also called principle of duality. * * *
—dualization, n. /dooh"euh luyz', dyooh"-/, v.t., dualized, dualizing. 1. to make dual. 2. to regard as dual. Also, esp. Brit., dualise. [1830-40; DUAL + -IZE] * * *
See dual. * * *
▪ literature       a poem or song in Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic literature. The word was used by James Macpherson (Macpherson, James) for major divisions of his ...
Duan Qirui
▪ Chinese warlord Wade-Giles romanization  Tuan Ch'i-jui  born March 6, 1865, Hefei, Anhui province, China died Nov. 2, 1936, Shanghai       warlord who dominated ...
/dwayn, dooh ayn"/, n. a male given name. * * *
Duane–Hunt law
      in atomic physics, the relationship between the voltage (V ) applied to an X-ray tube and the maximum frequency ν of the X rays emitted from the target. It is named ...
Duany, Andres, and Plater-Zyberk, Elizabeth
▪ 1998       In 1980 a Florida developer hired Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk to design a resort called Seaside on 30 ha (80 ac) of Gulf Coast scrubland. By ...
/dooh"ahr kee, dyooh"-/, n., pl. duarchies. a government or form of government in which power is vested equally in two rulers. [1580-90; < L du(o) TWO + -ARCHY] * * *
▪ region, India also spelled  Dwars  or  Dooars        region of northeastern India, at the foot of the east-central Himalayas. It is divided by the Sankosh River ...
/dwahr"tee/, n. a city in SW California. 16,766. * * *
Duarte Cancino, Isaias
▪ 2003       Colombian cleric (b. Feb. 15, 1939, San Gil, Colom.—d. March 16, 2002, Cali, Colom.), was archbishop of Cali from 1995 and an outspoken critic of ...
Duarte Fuentes
/dwahrdd"te fwen"tes/ José Napoleón /haw se" nah paw le awn"/, 1926-90, Salvadoran political leader: president 1980-82, 1984-89. * * *
Duarte, Fausto
▪ Cape Verdean author and government official born 1903, Praia, Saõ Tiago, Cape Verde Islands died 1953, Portugal       government official and writer whose early work ...
Duarte, José Napoleon
▪ president of El Salvador born Nov. 23, 1925, San Salvador, El Salvador died Feb. 23, 1990, San Salvador       president of El Salvador (1984–89), who ...
Duarte, Juan Pablo
▪ Dominican [republic] political leader born 1813, Santo Domingo, Hispaniola [now in Dominican Republic] died 1876, Caracas, Venez.  father of Dominican independence, who ...
dub1 —dubber, n. /dub/, v., dubbed, dubbing v.t. 1. to invest with any name, character, dignity, or title; style; name; call: He was dubbed a hero. 2. to strike lightly with a ...
/dooh buy"/, n. 1. an emirate in the NE United Arab Emirates, on the Persian Gulf. 278,437. 2. a seaport in and the capital of the emirate of Dubai. 206,861. Also, Dibai. * * *
Du·bawnt (do͝o-bôntʹ) A river, about 933 km (580 mi) long, of north-central Canada, rising in southeast Northwest Territories and flowing generally northeast through ...
Du·bayy or Du·bai (do͞o-bīʹ) A city and sheikdom of eastern United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. Oil was discovered here in the 1960s. Population: 265,702. * * * or ...
/dub"euhl cheuh, -tyeuh/, n. a silver ten-cent piece of the Netherlands. [1815-25; < D, equiv. to dubbel DOUBLE + -tje dim. suffix; double the value of a 5-cent piece] * * *
See dub3. * * *
/dub"in/, n. a mixture of tallow and oil used in dressing leather. Also, dubbing. [1815-25; var. of DUBBING] * * *
dubbing1 /dub"ing/, n. 1. the conferring of knighthood; accolade. 2. Angling. the material used for the body of an artificial fly. 3. dubbin. [1250-1300; ME; see DUB1, ...
/dub"oh/, n. a city in E Australia. 23,986. * * * ▪ New South Wales, Australia       city, east-central New South Wales, Australia, on the Macquarie River. Visited in ...
/doohb"chek/; Czech. /doop"chek/, n. Alexander, 1921-92, Czechoslovakian political leader: first secretary of the Communist party 1968-69. * * *
Dubcek, Alexander
Dub·ček (do͞obʹchĕk, do͞opʹ-), Alexander. 1921-1992. Czechoslovakian politician. As first secretary of the Communist Party (1968) he introduced reforms and pursued an ...
Dub·ček (do͞obʹchĕk, do͞opʹ-), Alexander. 1921-1992. Czechoslovakian politician. As first secretary of the Communist Party (1968) he introduced reforms and pursued an ...
Dube, John Langalibalele
▪ South African author and educator born Feb. 22, 1871, near Inanda Mission Station, Natal [now in South Africa] died Feb. 11, 1946, Umhlanga, Natal, S.Af.       South ...
Dube, Lucky Philip
▪ 2008  South African reggae singer-songwriter born Aug. 3, 1964, Ermelo, S.Af. died Oct. 18, 2007, Rosettenville, near Johannesburg, S.Af. sang in Zulu, Afrikaans, and ...
/dooh buy"i tee, dyooh-/, n., pl. dubieties. 1. doubtfulness; doubt. 2. a matter of doubt. Also called dubiosity. [1740-50; < L dubietas, equiv. to dubi(us) DUBIOUS + -etas, var. ...
/dooh bin"skee/, n. David, 1892-1982, U.S. labor leader, born in Poland: president of the I.L.G.W.U. 1932-66. * * *
Dubinsky, David
born Feb. 22, 1892, Brest-Litovsk, Russian Empire died Sept. 17, 1982, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. labour leader. The son of a baker in Russian Poland, he was sent to Siberia in ...
Du·bin·sky (do͞o-bĭnʹskē), David. 1892-1982. Russian-born American labor leader who was president of the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union (1932-1966). * * *
/dooh'bee os"i tee, dyooh'-/, n., pl. dubiosities. dubiety. [1640-50] * * *
—dubiously, adv. —dubiousness, n. /dooh"bee euhs, dyooh"-/, adj. 1. doubtful; marked by or occasioning doubt: a dubious reply. 2. of doubtful quality or propriety; ...
See dubious. * * *
See dubiously. * * *
—dubitably, adv. /dooh"bi teuh beuhl, dyooh"-/, adj. open to doubt; doubtful; uncertain. [1615-25; < L dubitabilis, equiv. to dubita(re) to doubt + -bilis -BLE] * * *
See dubitable. * * *
/dooh'bi tay"sheuhn, dyooh'-/, n. Archaic. doubt. [1400-50; late ME ( < MF, OF) < L dubitation- (s. of dubitatio), equiv. to dubitat(us), ptp. of dubitare (dubit- DOUBT + -atus ...
—dubitatively, adv. /dooh"bi tay'tiv, dyooh"-/, adj. 1. doubting; doubtful. 2. expressing doubt. [1605-15; < LL dubitativus, equiv. to dubitat(us) (see DUBITATION) + -ivus ...
/dub"lin/, n. 1. Gaelic, Baile tha Cliath. a seaport in and the capital of the Republic of Ireland, in the E part, on the Irish Sea. 422,220. 2. a county in E Republic of ...
Dublin, University of
or Trinity College Oldest university in Ireland, founded in 1592 by Elizabeth I and endowed by the city of Dublin. Trinity was originally intended to be the first of many ...
See Dublin. * * *
/dub"leuh neuhrz/, n. a collection of short stories (1914) by James Joyce. * * *
▪ Russia       city, Moscow oblast (province), western Russia. The city lies along the Volga River where it is joined by the Moscow Canal (completed 1937). Dubna is ...
dubnium [doob′nē əm] n. 〚ModL, after Dubna, Russia, where important work in nuclear physics took place + -IUM〛 a radioactive chemical element with a very short half-life: ...
Dubnow, Simon Markovich
born Sept. 10, 1860, Mstislavl, Russia died December 1941, Riga, Latvia, U.S.S.R. Russian Jewish historian. Largely self-educated, he gained notice as a scholar of Jewish ...
/dyuu bwah"/, n. (Marie) Eugène (François Thomas) /mann rddee" ue zhen" frddahonn swann" taw mah"/, 1858-1941, Dutch physical anthropologist and anatomist. * * *
Dubois, Eugène
▪ Dutch anthropologist in full  Marie Eugène François Thomas Dubois   born January 28, 1858, Eisden, Netherlands died December 16, 1940, de Bedlaer       Dutch ...
Dubois, Guillaume
▪ French cardinal born Sept. 6, 1656, Brive-la-Gallarde, Fr. died Aug. 10, 1723, Versailles  French cardinal, leading minister in the administration of Philippe II, duc ...
Dubois, Jean-Antoine
▪ French missionary born 1765, Saint-Remèze, Fr. died Feb. 17, 1848, Paris  French educator, abbot, and priest who attempted to convert the Hindus of India to Roman ...
Dubois, Pierre
▪ French lawyer born c. 1250, , probably at Coutances, in Normandy, Fr. died c. 1320       French lawyer and political pamphleteer during the reign of Philip IV the ...
Dubois, Théodore
▪ French composer and organist in full  François-Clément-Théodore Dubois  born Aug. 24, 1837, Rosnay, Fr. died June 11, 1924, Paris  French composer, organist, and ...
/dooh'beuh nay", dyooh'-/ 1. Trademark. a brand of sweet, red or white, aromatized wine, used chiefly as an apéritif. n. 2. (l.c.) a deep purple-red color. adj. 3. (l.c.) of the ...
/dooh bohs"/; Fr. /dyuu baws"/, n. René Jules /reuh nay" joohlz/; Fr. /rddeuh nay" zhyuul/, 1901-82, U.S. bacteriologist, born in France: early advocate of ecological concern. * ...
Dubos, René
▪ American microbiologist in full  René Jules Dubos  born Feb. 20, 1901, Saint-Brice, France died Feb. 20, 1982, New York, N.Y., U.S.       French-born American ...
Dubos, René (Jules)
born Feb. 20, 1901, Saint-Brice, France died Feb. 20, 1982, New York, N.Y., U.S. French-born U.S. microbiologist and environmentalist. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1924 and ...
Dubos, RenéJules
Du·bos (do͞o-bôsʹ, -bōʹ, dü-), René Jules. 1901-1982. French-born American bacteriologist noted for his research on natural antibiotics, tuberculosis, and environmental ...
/dooh"brddawv nik/, n. a seaport in S Croatia, on the Adriatic: resort. 58,920. Italian, Ragusa. * * * Port city (pop., 2001: 43,770), Croatia. It is situated on the southern ...
/dooh'beuh fay", dyooh'-/; Fr. /dyuu byuu fe"/, n. Jean /zhahonn/, 1901-85, French painter. * * *
Dubuffet, Jean
▪ French artist born , July 31, 1901, Le Havre, Fr. died May 12, 1985, Paris       French painter, sculptor, and printmaker, best known for his development of art brut ...
Dubuffet, Jean (-Philippe-Arthur)
born , July 31, 1901, Le Havre, Fr. died May 12, 1985, Paris French painter, sculptor, and printmaker. He studied painting in Paris, but in 1929 he began making a living as a ...
Du·buf·fet (do͞o-bə-fāʹ, dü-bü-fĕʹ), Jean. 1901-1985. French artist who developed art brut, “raw art,” to express the vitality and immediacy absent from some ...
/deuh byoohk"/, n. a city in E Iowa, on the Mississippi River. 62,321. * * * ▪ Iowa, United States  city, seat (1834) of Dubuque county, northeastern Iowa, U.S., on the ...
Dubus, Andre
▪ 2000       American writer who was celebrated for short stories that explored the loneliness and discontent felt by many ordinary members of contemporary society; a ...
Duby, Georges
▪ French scholar in full  Georges Michel Claude Duby  born October 7, 1919, Paris, France died December 3, 1996, near Aix-en-Provence  member of the French Academy, holder ...
Duby, Georges Michel Claude
▪ 1997       French medieval scholar, lecturer, and member of the French Academy who taught the history of Western medieval societies at the Collège de France (1970-92) ...
/dyuuk/, n., pl. ducs /dyuuk/. French. duke. * * * (as used in expressions) duc de Valentinois duc duke d'Orléans Viollet le Duc Eugène Emmanuel * * *
/dooh"keuhl, dyooh"-/, adj. of or pertaining to a duke or dukedom. [1485-95; < LL ducalis of a leader. See DUKE, -AL1] * * *
/dooh"keuh lee, dyooh"-/, adv. 1. in the manner of or pertaining to a duke. 2. Heraldry. with a ducal coronet: a lion gules ducally gorged. [1815-25; DUCAL + -LY] * * *
Ducas family
▪ Byzantine family Ducas also spelled  Dukas  or  Doukas         Byzantine family that supplied several rulers to the empire. First prominent in the 10th century, ...
/dyuu kanns"/, n. Jean Jules Amable Roger- /zhahonn zhyuul ann mann"bleu rddaw zhay"/. See Roger-Ducasse, Jean Jules Amable. * * *
/duk"euht/, n. 1. any of various gold coins formerly issued in various parts of Europe, esp. that first issued in Venice in 1284. Cf. sequin (def. 2). 2. any of various silver ...
/duk"euh toohn', duk'euh toohn"/, n. a former silver coin of the Netherlands, used through the 17th and 18th centuries: equal to three gulden. Also, ducaton /duk"euh ...
▪ Italian painter Introduction in full  Duccio di Buoninsegna  born 13th century, Siena, Republic of Siena died c. 1319, Siena?  one of the greatest Italian painters of the ...
Duccio (di Buoninsegna)
born 13th century, Siena, Republic of Siena died с 1318, Siena? Italian painter. Little is known of his life, but several commission records survive, as well as two documented ...
Duccio di Buoninsegna
/dooht"chaw dee bwaw'neen se'nyah/ c1255-1319?, Italian painter. * * *
/dooh"chay/; It. /dooh"che/, n., pl. duces, duci /-chee/. 1. a leader or dictator. 2. il Duce, the leader: applied esp. to Benito Mussolini as head of the fascist Italian ...
Duceppe, Gilles
▪ Canadian politician born July 22, 1947, Montreal, Que., Can.    Canadian politician who became leader of the Bloc Québécois in 1997.       Gilles, the son of ...
duces tecum
/dooh"seez tee"keuhm, dooh"sayz tay"keuhm/, Law. See subpoena duces tecum. * * *
▪ Sicilian leader died c. 440 BC       a Hellenized leader of the Siculi, an ancient people of Sicily, who for a short time welded the native communities of east ...
/dyuu shahonn"/, n. Marcel /mannrdd sel"/, 1887-1968, French painter, in U.S. after 1915 (brother of Raymond Duchamp-Villon and Jacques Villon). * * *
Duchamp, Marcel
born July 28, 1887, Blainville, France died Oct. 2, 1968, Neuilly French artist and art innovator. In 1913 he caused a sensation at the Armory Show with his painting Nude ...
Du·champ (do͞o-shäɴʹ, dü), Marcel. 1887-1968. French-born modernist artist and a leader of the Dada movement in New York City who was the first to exhibit commonplace ...
/dyuu shahonn vee yawonn"/, n. Raymond /rdde mawonn"/, 1876-1918, French sculptor (brother of Jacques Villon and Marcel Duchamp). * * *
Duchamp-Villon, Raymond
▪ French sculptor original name  Raymond Duchamp   born November 5, 1876, Paris, France died October 7, 1918, Cannes       French sculptor who was one of the first ...
Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Duchenne muscular dystrophy [do͞o shen′] n. a common hereditary form of muscular dystrophy, usually affecting young males, characterized by the severe weakening of the ...
Duchenne'smuscular dystrophy
Du·chenne's muscular dystrophy (do͞o-shĕnzʹ) n. The most common form of muscular dystrophy, in which fat and fibrous tissue infiltrate muscle tissue, causing eventual ...
Duchenne, Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand
▪ French physician born Sept. 17, 1806, Boulogne, Fr. died Sept. 15, 1875, Paris       French neurologist, who was first to describe several nervous and muscular ...
Duchesne, André
▪ French historian Latin  Andreas Chesneus, Andreas Quercetanus, or Andreas Querneus   born May 1584, Île-Bouchard, Fr. died May 30, 1640, Paris  historian and geographer, ...
Duchesne, Louis-Marie-Olivier
▪ French religious historian born Sept. 13, 1843, Saint-Servan, Fr. died April 21, 1922, Rome  church historian, a leading figure in the 19th- and early 20th-century Roman ...
Duchesne, Saint Rose Philippine
▪ French missionary born Aug. 29, 1769, Grenoble, Fr. died Nov. 18, 1852, St. Charles, Mo., U.S.; canonized July 3, 1988; feast day November 17       missionary ...
—duchesslike, adj. /duch"is/, n. 1. the wife or widow of a duke. 2. a woman who holds in her own right the sovereignty or titles of a duchy. [1300-50; ME duchesse < AF, OF, ...
Duchess of Malfi
a play (1613) by the English writer John Webster about a woman who marries against the wishes of her two powerful and cruel brothers. It is a dark story of evil and guilt, ...
Duchess of Malfi, The
/mal"fee/ a tragedy (1614?) by John Webster. * * *
Duchess of Windsor
➡ Windsor (II) * * *
duchess potatoes
mashed potatoes mixed with cream, eggs, butter, and seasonings, piped onto a baking sheet or platter, sprinkled with grated cheese, and browned in the oven. [1925-30] * * *
Fr. /dyuu shes"/, n., pl. duchesses Fr. /dyuu shes"/. Fr. Furniture. a daybed having a rounded, partially enclosed head and usually a similar foot, sometimes made in two or three ...
duchesse bed
Fr. Furniture. a bed having a suspended, full-length tester. Cf. angel bed. * * *
duchesse brisée
Fr. /dyuu shes brddee zay"/, pl. duchesses brisées Fr. /dyuu shes brddee zay"/. See under duchesse. [1935-40; < F: folding duchesse] * * *
duchesse lace
 a Belgian lace, named after Marie-Henriette, duchess of Brabant (later queen of the Belgians). It was made from c. 1840 throughout the 19th century both at Brussels and ...
Duchovny, David
▪ American actor in full  David William Duchovny  born Aug. 7, 1960, New York City, N.Y., U.S.       American actor best known for playing the role of Fox ...
Duchovny, David, and Anderson, Gillian
▪ 1999       In 1998 the motion picture The X-Files: Fight the Future—released in June and becoming the number one box-office hit, with a take of over $30 million in ...
/duch"ee/, n., pl. duchies. the territory ruled by a duke or duchess. [1350-1400; ME duche < MF duche; AF, OF duchié < ML ducatus; LL, L: the rank or functions of a DUX; see ...
Duchy of Cornwall
the areas of land in the English county of Cornwall owned by the Duke of Cornwall. These were first given by King Edward III to his eldest son Edward the Black Prince in 1337. ...
Duchy of Lancaster
the areas of land in the English county of Lancashire(1) which have been owned by the King or Queen since 1399 and which now provide the money for the payments from the Privy ...
Ducis, Jean-François
▪ French dramatist born Aug. 22, 1733, Versailles, France died March 31, 1816, Versailles  French dramatist who made the first sustained effort to present William ...
duck1 /duk/, n., pl. ducks, (esp. collectively for 1, 2) duck. 1. any of numerous wild or domesticated web-footed swimming birds of the family Anatidae, esp. of the genus Anas ...
duck and drake.
See ducks and drakes (def. 1). [1575-85] * * *
duck foot
Furniture. See web foot. * * *
duck hawk
a peregrine falcon of the American subspecies Falco peregrinus anatum, noted for its especially swift flight. [1805-15, Amer.] * * *
Duck Mountain
▪ plateau, Canada       plateau in southwestern Manitoba, Canada, forming the highest part of the Manitoba Escarpment. It extends southeastward from the Saskatchewan ...
duck on a rock
a children's game in which one player stands guard over a stone on a rock while the other players attempt to knock it off by throwing another stone in turn: if the thrower is ...
duck plague
duck plague n. an acute, highly fatal disease of ducks caused by a herpesvirus * * *
duck press.
See under pressed duck. * * *
duck soup
something that is easy to do or accomplish: Fixing the car will be duck soup for anyone with the right tools. [1910-15, Amer.] * * *
duck's ass
Slang (vulgar). DA. [1965-70] * * *
duck-billed dinosaur
/duk"bild'/ hadrosaur. [DUCK1 + BILL2 + -ED3] * * *
duck-billed dinosaur (dŭkʹbĭld') n. See hadrosaur. * * *
duck-billed platypus n. See platypus. * * *
/duk"egg'/, n. Cricket. duck1 (def. 7). [1860-65] * * *
/duk"leg'id/ or, esp. Brit., /-legd'/, adj. having legs that are unusually short: He crept up in a half-crouch that made him look duck-legged. [1640-50] * * *
/duk"wawk'/, v.i. to walk like a duck, as with legs apart and feet turned outward. * * *
/duk"bil'/, n. platypus. Also called duckbill platypus, duck-billed platypus. [1550-60; DUCK1 + BILL2] * * *
duck blind n. A shelter, often camouflaged with reeds and grasses, for concealing duck hunters. * * *
/duk"bawrd', -bohrd'/, n. a board or boards laid as a track or floor over wet or muddy ground. [1915-20; DUCK1 + BOARD] * * *
/duk"euhr/, n. a person or thing that ducks. [1425-75; late ME; see DUCK2, -ER1] * * *
/duk"foot'id/, adj. afflicted with splayfoot. [1890-95; DUCK1 + FOOTED] * * *
duck hawk n. See peregrine falcon. * * *
/duk"ee/, adj., duckier, duckiest. ducky1. * * *
ducking stool
a former instrument of punishment consisting of a chair in which an offender was tied to be plunged into water. [1590-1600] * * *
duck·ing stool (dŭkʹĭng) n. A device formerly used in Europe and New England for punishment, consisting of a chair in which an offender was tied and ducked into water. * * *
/duk"ling/, n. a young duck. [1400-50; late ME; see DUCK1, -LING1] * * *
/duk"pin'/, n. 1. Bowling. a short pin of relatively large diameter, used in a game resembling tenpins, and bowled at with small balls. 2. duckpins, (used with a sing. v.) the ...
duckpins [duk′pinz΄] pl.n. 1. [with sing. v.] a game like tenpins, played with smaller pins and balls 2. the pins used in this game * * * ▪ game       bowling game ...
ducks and drakes
1. Also, duck and drake. a pastime in which flat stones or shells are thrown across water so as to skip over the surface several times before sinking. 2. play ducks and drakes ...
ducksand drakes
ducks and drakes (dŭks) n. The game of skipping flat stones along the surface of water. Idiom: make ducks and drakes of/play ducks and drakes with To squander; waste. * * *
duck soup n. Slang An easily accomplished task or assignment. * * *
/duk"tayl'/, n. DA. Also called ducktail haircut. [1950-55; DUCK1 + TAIL1] * * *
duckwalk [dukwôk΄] vi. to walk in a crouching or squatting position * * *
/duk"weed'/, n. any plant of the family Lemnaceae, esp. of the genus Lemna, comprising small aquatic plants that float free on still water. [1400-50; late ME dockewede; so called ...
/duk"hweet', -weet'/, n. See India wheat. [1605-15; DUCK1 + WHEAT] * * *
ducky1 /duk"ee/, adj., duckier, duckiest. Informal. 1. fine; excellent; wonderful. 2. darling; charming; cute. [1810-20; DUCK1 + -Y1] ducky2 /duk"ee/, n., pl. duckies. Brit. ...
/dyuu kaw mueonn"/, n. Élie /ay lee"/, 1833-1906, Swiss author: Nobel peace prize 1902. * * *
Ducommun, Élie
Du·com·mun (dü-kô-mœɴʹ), Élie. 1833-1906. Swiss journalist who organized the International Bureau of Peace in Bern (1891). He shared the 1902 Nobel Peace Prize. * * ...
Ducos du Hauron, Louis
▪ French physicist and inventor in full  Arthur-louis Ducos Du Hauron   born 1837, Langon, France died October 1920, Agen       French physicist and inventor who in ...
Ducrow, Andrew
▪ British equestrian born , Oct. 10, 1793, London, Eng. died Jan. 27, 1842, London  spectacular British equestrian performer and an originator of horsemanship ...
—ductless, adj. /dukt/, n. 1. any tube, canal, pipe, or conduit by which a fluid, air, or other substance is conducted or conveyed. 2. Anat., Zool. a tube, canal, or vessel ...

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