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Слова на букву de k-enol (15990)

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East London
—East Londoner. a seaport in the SE Cape of Good Hope province, in the S Republic of South Africa. 130,000. * * * ▪ South Africa Afrikaans  Oos-Londen        port ...
East Longmeadow
/lawng"med'oh, long"-/ a city in SW Massachusetts. 12,905. * * *
East Los Angeles
a city in SW California, near Los Angeles. 110,017. * * *
East Lothian
/loh"dhee euhn/ a historic county in SE Scotland. Formerly, Haddington. * * * ▪ council area, Scotland, United Kingdom       council area and historic county, ...
East Lyme
/luym/ a town in SE Connecticut. 13,870. * * *
East Malaysia
▪ region, Malaysia       wing of the 13-state federation of Malaysia; it consists of the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the northern part of the island of Borneo and is ...
East Massapequa
a town on SW Long Island, in SE New York. 13,987. * * *
East Meadow
a town on W Long Island, in SE New York. 39,317. * * *
East Moline
a city in NW Illinois. 20,907. * * * ▪ Illinois, United States       city, Rock Island county, northwestern Illinois, U.S. It lies on the Mississippi River, some 160 ...
East Northamptonshire
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative and historic county of Northamptonshire, south-central England, in the northeastern part of the ...
East Northport
a town on NW Long Island, in SE New York. 20,187. * * *
East of Eden
a novel (1952) by the US author John Steinbeck. It is about a farmer and his family in the Salinas Valley of California during the early years of the 20th century. A film version ...
East Orange
a city in NE New Jersey, near Newark. 77,025. * * * ▪ New Jersey, United States       city, Essex county, northeastern New Jersey, U.S., adjoining Newark on the ...
East Pacific Rise
a long north-south elevation of the sea floor in the E Pacific Ocean extending southward from SW Mexico to the Antarctic Ocean. * * * Submarine linear mountain range on the ...
East Pakistan
former name of Bangladesh. * * *
East Palo Alto
a town in W central California, on the S shore of San Francisco Bay. 18,191. * * *
East Paterson
former name of Elmwood Park (def. 2). * * *
East Peoria
a city in central Illinois, near Peoria. 22,385. * * *
East Point
a city in N Georgia, near Atlanta. 37,486. * * * ▪ Georgia, United States       city, Fulton county, northwestern Georgia, U.S., a southwestern suburb of Atlanta. ...
East Providence
a town in NE Rhode Island, near Providence. 50,980. * * * ▪ Rhode Island, United States       city, Providence county, eastern Rhode Island, U.S., on the eastern side ...
East Prussia
—East Prussian. a former province in NE Germany: an enclave separated from Germany by the Polish Corridor; now divided between Poland and the Russian Federation. 14,283 sq. mi. ...
East Punjab
—East Punjabi. the eastern part of the former province of Punjab, in British India: now part of Punjab state, India. * * *
East Rajasthan Uplands
▪ highlands, India       highlands in southeastern Rajasthan (Rājasthān) state, northwestern India. Located east of the Aravalli Range, they have an area of about ...
East Renfrewshire
▪ council area, Scotland, United Kingdom       council area, west-central Scotland, just southwest of the city of Glasgow. It forms a part of the historic county of ...
East Ridge
a city in SE Tennessee, near Chattanooga. 21,236. * * *
East Riding
/ruy"ding/ a former administrative division of Yorkshire, in NE England, now part of Humberside. * * *
East Riding of Yorkshire
➡ riding * * * ▪ unitary authority, England, United Kingdom also known as  North Humberside  and  East Yorkshire        unitary authority and geographic county, ...
East River
a strait in SE New York separating Manhattan Island from Long Island and connecting New York Bay and Long Island Sound. * * * Navigable tidal strait in the U.S. linking Upper ...
East Rockaway
a town in SE New York. 10,917. * * *
East Saint Louis
▪ Illinois, United States       city, St. Clair county, southwestern Illinois, U.S. It lies along the Mississippi River opposite St. Louis (Saint Louis), Missouri. ...
East Saint Louis Race Riot
(July 1917) Outbreak of violence in East St. Louis, Ill. , sparked by the employment of African Americans in a factory holding government contracts. It was the worst of several ...
East Saint Louis Race Riot of 1917
▪ United States history       (July 2), bloody outbreak of violence in East St. Louis, Ill., stemming specifically from the employment of black workers in a factory ...
East Scotia Basin
▪ submarine basin, Atlantic Ocean       submarine trough of the eastern Scotia Sea, a part of the South Atlantic Ocean southeast of Argentina. Its midpoint lies about ...
East Siberian Sea
East Siberian Sea part of the Arctic Ocean, off the NE coast of Russia, east of the New Siberian Islands * * * ▪ sea, Arctic Ocean Russian  Vostochno-sibirskoye More, ...
East Side
1. the eastern section of Manhattan, in New York City, lying to the east of Fifth Avenue. 2. of, pertaining to, or located in this section: East Side shops. Also, ...
East Sider
/suy"deuhr/ a native or resident of the East Side of Manhattan, in New York City. Also, Eastsider. [1900-05, Amer.; EAST SIDE + -ER1] * * *
East St. Louis
—East St. Louisan. a city in SW Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. 55,200. * * *
East Staffordshire
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       borough (district), administrative county of Staffordshire, central England. Nearly all of East Staffordshire lies within the ...
East Suffolk
a former administrative division of Suffolk county, in E England. * * *
East Sussex
a county in SE England. 657,300; 693 sq. mi. (1795 sq. km). * * * Administrative and geographic county (pop., 2001: 492,324), southeastern England. It is located on the English ...
East Tennessee State University
▪ university, Johnson City, Tennessee, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Johnson City, Tennessee, U.S. It is part of the State ...
East Timor
East Timor country occupying the E half of the island of Timor, & nearby islands, including an enclave in West Timor: independent since 2002: 5,794 sq mi (15,007 sq km); pop. ...
East Timor (Timor-Leste)
▪ 2009 Area: 14,919 sq km (5,760 sq mi) Population (2008 est.) 1,078,000 Capital: Dili Chief of state: President José Ramos-Horta Head of government: Prime Minister Xanana ...
East Timor, flag of
▪ Flag History       national flag consisting of a red field with a black triangle at the hoist overlapping a yellow triangle and bearing a white, five-pointed star. ...
East York
East York 〚orig. the E portion of the county of York, after the House of YORK1〛 city in SE Ontario, Canada: part of metropolitan Toronto: pop. 108,000 * * * Borough (pop., ...
East, Catherine
▪ American feminist and public official née  Catherine Shipe  born May 15, 1916, Barboursville, W.Va., U.S. died Aug. 17, 1996, Ithaca, N.Y.       American feminist ...
East, Edward Murray
born Oct. 4, 1879, Du Quoin, Ill., U.S. died Nov. 9, 1938, Boston, Mass. U.S. plant geneticist, agronomist, and chemist. He finished high school at age 15 and received an M.S. ...
East, Michael
▪ English composer East also spelled  Easte, Est, or Este   born 1580? died 1648, Lichfield, Staffordshire, Eng.       English composer, especially known for his ...
East, Thomas
▪ English music publisher East also spelled  Easte, Est, or Este   born c. 1540, London, Eng. died January 1609, London       prominent English music publisher whose ...
/eest"nawrth'eest"/; Naut. /eest"nawr'eest"/, Navig., Survey. n. 1. the point on a compass midway between east and northeast. adj. 2. coming from this point: an east-northeast ...
/eest"sowth'eest"/; Naut. /eest"sow'eest"/, Navig., Survey. n. 1. the point on a compass midway between east and southeast. adj. 2. coming from this point: an east-southeast ...
/eest"west"/, adj. occurring between the East and the West, esp., formerly, occurring between the Soviet Union and the U.S.: East-West trade; East-West relations. [1955-60] * * *
eastern. Also, east. * * *
East Africa A region of eastern Africa including southern Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and often other nearby areas. * * *
East Anglia A region and Anglo-Saxon kingdom of eastern England. Settled by Angles in the late fifth century A.D., it was a powerful kingdom by the late sixth century but became ...
East Asia A region of Asia coextensive with the Far East.   East Asian adj. & n. * * *
See East Asia. * * *
East Berlin See Berlin.   East Berliner n. * * *
See East Berlin. * * *
/eest"bownd'/, adj. traveling, proceeding, or headed east: an eastbound train. [1875-80, Amer.; EAST + -BOUND2] * * *
/eest"bawrn, -bohrn, -beuhrn/, n. a seaport in East Sussex, in SE England. 72,700. * * * ▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district and borough, administrative ...
eastby north
east by north n. Abbr. EbN The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between due east and east-northeast, or 78°45' east of due north. adv. & adj. Toward or from ...
eastby south
east by south n. Abbr. EbS The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between due east and east-southeast, or 101°15' east of due north. adv. & adj. Toward or from ...
East Cape See Dezhnev, Cape. * * *
▪ New York, United States       town (township), Westchester county, southeastern New York, U.S., between Yonkers to the west and New Rochelle to the east. Its first ...
EastChina Sea
East China Sea An arm of the western Pacific Ocean bounded by China, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Ryukyu and Kyushu islands. It has rich fishing grounds. * * *
East Coast A region of the eastern United States along the Atlantic coastline, especially the urban corridor from Boston to Washington, D.C. * * *
East End A section of eastern London north of the Thames River. It was long a densely populated working-class and immigrant area centered around the docks and warehouses, ...
a popular British soap opera on BBC1. It is about the lives of the people who live in Albert Square in the borough of Walford, an imaginary place in the East End of London. Its ...
/ee"steuhr/, n. 1. an annual Christian festival in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal ...
Easter basket
➡ Easter * * *
Easter bonnets
➡ Easter * * *
Easter Bunny
☆ Easter Bunny n. [also E- b-] Folklore the rabbit that brings Easter eggs, candy, etc. to children at Easter: with the * * * ➡ Easter * * *
Easter cactus
an epiphytic cactus, Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri, native to Brazil, having oblong joints and red flowers. * * * ▪ plant       Hatiora gaertneri (formerly Rhipsalidopsis ...
Easter candle
Rom. Cath. Ch. See paschal candle. * * *
Easter cards
➡ Easter * * *
Easter daisy
a nearly stemless composite plant, Townsendia exscapa, of the Rocky Mountain regions, having stalkless purplish or white flowers in a rosette of narrow leaves. [so called because ...
Easter egg
a chicken egg that is dyed and often given a figure or design, or an imitation of such an egg, as an egg-shaped candy or chocolate, used at Easter as a gift or ...
Easter egg chicken
Araucana. * * *
Easter eggs
➡ Easter * * *
Easter Fracture Zone
▪ Pacific Ocean        submarine fracture zone in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, defined by one of the major transform faults traversing the northern part of the East ...
Easter Island
an island in the S Pacific, W of and belonging to Chile. ab. 45 sq. mi. (117 sq. km): gigantic statues. Also called Rapa Nui. Spanish, Isla de Pascua. * * * Spanish Isla de ...
Easter lily
any of several white-flowered lilies that are artificially brought into bloom in early spring, esp. Lilium longiflorum eximium, native to Taiwan and widely ...
Easter Monday
the day after Easter, observed as a holiday in some places. [1350-1400; ME] * * *
Easter Rising
Easter Rising n. an insurrection against the British government in Dublin on Easter Monday, 1916, resulting eventually in the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922 * * ...
Easter sepulcher
sepulcher (def. 2). * * *
Easter Sunday
Easter (def. 2). * * *
Easter Bunny n. A rabbit of folklore depicted as delivering baskets of colored eggs to children at Easter. * * *
Easter cactus n. A branching cactus (Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri) having terminal clusters of large, scarlet flowers and arching, flattened branches.   [So called because it blooms ...
Easter egg n. A dyed or decorated egg, traditionally associated with Easter. * * *
Easter Island Known locally as Ra·pa Nu·i (räʹpə no͞oʹē). PhotoDisc, Inc. An island of Chile in the southern Pacific Ocean about 3,701 km (2,300 mi) west of the ...
Easter lily n. Any of various lilies, especially Lilium longiflorum var. eximium, having large, white, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in the spring and are displayed during ...
/ee"steuhr ling/, n. Archaic. a native of a country lying to the east, esp. a merchant from the Baltic. [1375-1425; late ME esterling, equiv. to ester eastern (perh. repr. OE ...
—easterliness, n. /ee"steuhr lee/, adj., adv., n., pl. easterlies. adj. 1. moving, directed, or situated toward the east: an easterly course. 2. (esp. of a wind) coming from ...
easterly wave
a westward-moving, wavelike disturbance of low atmospheric pressure embedded in tropical easterly winds. * * *
Easter Monday n. The Monday following Easter, observed as a holiday in some countries and North Carolina. * * *
/ee"steuhrn/, adj. 1. lying toward or situated in the east: the eastern half of the island. 2. directed or proceeding toward the east: an eastern route. 3. coming from the east: ...
Eastern Aden Protectorate
a former British protectorate, now the E part of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen: composed of the Arab sheikdoms of Hadhramaut and the island of Socotra. * * *
eastern Africa
▪ region, Africa Introduction       part of sub-Saharan Africa comprising two traditionally recognized regions: East Africa, made up of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda; and ...
eastern Africa, history of
Introduction       history of the area from ancient times through the 20th century. East Africa The coast until 1856       The earliest written accounts of the ...
Eastern Air Lines, Inc.
Former U.S. airline that served primarily the eastern U.S. Founded in 1928 as Pitcairn Aviation, Inc., it was incorporated in 1938 with Eddie Rickenbacker as its president. It ...
Eastern Algonquian
a subgroup of the Algonquian language family, comprising the languages spoken aboriginally from Nova Scotia to northeastern North Carolina. * * *
Eastern Cape
▪ province, South Africa       province, south-central South Africa. It is bordered by Western Cape province to the west, Northern Cape province to the northwest, Free ...
Eastern Church
1. any of the churches originating in countries formerly part of the Eastern Roman Empire, observing an Eastern rite and adhering to the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed; ...
Eastern Conference
➡ basketball * * *
eastern coral snake.
See under coral snake. * * *
Eastern Daylight Time
(abbr EDT) (in the US) the time used between early April and late October in the eastern states. It is an hour earlier than Eastern Standard Time. * * *
Eastern Desert
▪ desert, Egypt Arabic  Aṣ-saḥrāʾ Ash-sharqīyah,  also called  Arabian Desert,        large desert in eastern Egypt. Originating just southeast of the Nile ...
eastern diamondback rattlesnake
an extremely venomous diamondback rattlesnake, Crotalus adamanteus, of the southeastern U.S. * * *
Eastern Empire.
See Eastern Roman Empire. * * *
Eastern Establishment
(sometimes disapprov) the people and institutions in the north-eastern US that have traditionally had great economic and political power in the country. These include the old, ...
Eastern Ghats
a low mountain range in S India along the E margin of the Deccan plateau and parallel to the coast of the Bay of Bengal. * * *
Eastern Hemisphere
the eastern part of the terrestrial globe, including Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. * * * Part of the Earth east of the Atlantic Ocean. It includes Europe, Asia, ...
eastern hemlock
a hemlock, Tsuga canadensis, of eastern North America, having horizontal branches that often droop to the ground: the state tree of Pennsylvania. Also called Canada hemlock. * * *
Eastern Hindi
the vernacular of the eastern half of the Hindi-speaking area in India. * * *
Eastern Illinois University
▪ university, Illinois, United States       public, coeducational university in Charleston, east-central Illinois, U.S. It was founded in 1895 as Eastern Illinois ...
Eastern Indian bronze
or Pala bronze Metal sculptures produced from the 9th century in the area of modern Bihar and West Bengal in India, extending into Bangladesh. Made of an alloy of eight metals ...
Eastern Indian painting
also called  Pala painting   school of painting that flourished in the 11th and 12th centuries in the area of what are modern Bihar and Bengal. Its alternative name, Pala, ...
Eastern Jebel languages
      group of related languages whose speech communities are associated with a range of hills in eastern Sudan (Sudan, The) (jebel is an Arabic word meaning “hill”). ...
Eastern Kentucky University
▪ university, Kentucky, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Richmond, Kentucky, U.S. The university offers an undergraduate ...
eastern kingbird.
See under kingbird. * * *
eastern lowland gorilla.
See under gorilla. * * *
eastern meadowlark.
See under meadowlark. * * *
Eastern Michigan University
▪ university, Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Ypsilanti, Mich., U.S. It consists of the colleges of ...
Eastern Orthodox
of or pertaining to the Orthodox Church. * * *
Eastern Orthodox Church
Eastern Orthodox Church n. the Christian church dominant in E Europe, W Asia, and N Africa, originally made up of four patriarchates (Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, ...
Eastern Orthodox Church.
See Orthodox Church (def. 1). * * *
Eastern Orthodoxy
the faith, practice, membership, and government of the Eastern Orthodox Church. * * * officially Orthodox Catholic Church One of the three major branches of Christianity. Its ...
Eastern Question
▪ European diplomatic history       diplomatic problem posed in the 19th and early 20th centuries by the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, centring on the contest ...
eastern red cedar
▪ plant also called  pencil cedar   (Juniperus virginiana), an evergreen ornamental and timber tree of the cypress family (Cupressaceae), native to poor or limestone soils ...
eastern red cedar.
See red cedar (def. 1). * * *
Eastern Rift Valley
(Africa),also called  Great Rift Valley, or Rift Valley,         major branch of the East African Rift System (q.v.). * * *
Eastern rite
1. the rite of an Eastern church, usually observed in the national language of the country where the church is located. 2. a Uniate church. * * *
Eastern rite church
or Eastern Catholic church Any of several Eastern Christian churches that trace their origins to ethnic or national Eastern churches but are united with the Roman Catholic ...
Eastern Roman Empire
the eastern part of the Roman Empire, esp. after the division in A.D. 395, having its capital at Constantinople: survived the fall of the Western Roman Empire in A.D. 476. Also ...
Eastern Schelde
▪ channel, The Netherlands Schelde also spelled  Scheldt,  Dutch  Oosterschelde,         channel extending about 30 miles (50 km) northwestward through the Delta ...
Eastern Seaboard
▪ region, United States also called  Atlantic Seaboard,         region of the eastern United States, fronting the Atlantic Ocean and extending from Maine in the north ...
Eastern shore
the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay, including parts of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. * * *
Eastern Slavs.
See under Slav (def. 1). * * *
Eastern Standard Time
☆ Eastern Standard Time n. a standard time used in the zone which includes the Eastern states of the U.S., corresponding to the mean solar time of the 75th meridian west of ...
Eastern Sudanic
a group of languages belonging to the Nilo-Saharan family, spoken in eastern and central Africa and including the Nilotic languages. * * *
Eastern Sudanic languages
      a group of languages representing the most diverse of the major divisions within the Nilo-Saharan language family (Nilo-Saharan languages). These languages are ...
Eastern Thrace.
See under Thrace (def. 2). * * *
Eastern Time
Eastern Time n. [also e- t-] standard time or daylight saving time in the time zone which includes the Eastern states of the U.S. * * * ➡ Eastern Standard Time * * *
Eastern time.
See under standard time. Also called Eastern Standard Time. [1880-85, Amer.] * * *
Eastern Transvaal
Eastern Transvaal former name (1994-95) for MPUMALANGA * * *
Eastern Turkestan.
See under Turkestan. * * *
Eastern Woodlands Indian
Any member of the various North American Indian peoples of the largely wooded area stretching east from the Mississippi River valley to the Atlantic coastline and extending north ...
Eastern Woodlands Indians
      aboriginal peoples of North America whose traditional territories were east of the Mississippi River and south of the subarctic boreal forests.       The ...
eastern camass n. A bulbous plant (Camassia scilloides) native to the eastern United States, having white, blue, or violet flowers and bright yellow anthers. Also called indigo ...
Eastern Church n. 1. The church of the Byzantine Empire, including the patriarchates of Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem. 2. The Eastern Orthodox Church. 3. ...
Eastern Desert See Arabian Desert. * * *
Eastern Empire The Byzantine Empire. * * *
/ee"steuhr neuhr/, n. (often cap.) a native or inhabitant of an eastern area, esp. of the eastern U.S. [1830-40, Amer.; EASTERN + -ER1] * * *
Eastern Europe The countries of eastern Europe, especially those that were allied with the USSR in the Warsaw Pact, which was established in 1955 and dissolved in 1991. * * *
Eastern Ghats See Ghats. * * *
Eastern Hemisphere The half of the earth comprising Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. * * *
Eastern Highlands See Great Dividing Range. * * *
—easternization, n. /ee"steuhr nuyz'/, v.t., easternized, easternizing. 1. to influence with ideas, customs, etc., characteristic of the Orient. 2. to influence with ideas, ...
/ee"steuhrn mohst'/ or, esp. Brit., /-meuhst/, adj. farthest east. [1820-30; EASTERN + -MOST] * * *
See eastern. * * *
EasternOrthodox Church
Eastern Orthodox Church n. The body of modern churches, including among others the Greek and Russian Orthodox, that is derived from the church of the Byzantine Empire, adheres to ...
easternred cedar
eastern red cedar n. See red cedar. * * *
Eastern Shore A region of Maryland and Virginia east of Chesapeake Bay. * * *
Eastern Shoshone n. See Shoshone. * * *
Eastern Sioux n. See Santee1. * * *
EasternStandard Time
Eastern Standard Time n. Abbr. EST Standard time in the fifth time zone west of Greenwich, England, reckoned at 75° west and used, for example, in the eastern part of North ...
/ee"steuhr tuyd'/, n. 1. Easter time. 2. the week following Easter. 3. the 50 days between Easter and Whitsuntide. [1100-50; ME Estertyde, late OE Eastren tyde. See EASTER, ...
EastFrisian Islands
East Frisian Islands See Frisian Islands. * * *
See East Germany. * * *
East Germanic n. The subdivision of the Germanic languages that includes Gothic. * * *
East Germany Officially German Democratic Republic. A former country of northern Europe on the Baltic Sea. It was formed in 1949 from the zone of Germany occupied by Soviet ...
▪ Massachusetts, United States       town (township), Barnstable county, southeastern Massachusetts, U.S. It extends across the northern arm of Cape Cod (Cod, Cape) and ...
/eest'hamp"teuhn/, n. a city in W Massachusetts. 15,580. * * *
East Hartford A town of north-central Connecticut on the Connecticut River opposite Hartford. It was settled c. 1640. Population: 50,452. * * *
See East Indies. * * *
East In·dies (ĭnʹdēz) Indonesia. The term is sometimes used to refer to all of Southeast Asia. Historically, it referred chiefly to India.   East Indian adj. & n. * * *
/ee"sting/, n. 1. Navig. the distance due east made good on any course tending eastward; easterly departure. 2. a shifting eastward; easterly direction. 3. Survey. a distance ...
easting down
Naut. 1. the passage eastward from the Cape of Good Hope, as made by a sailing ship bound for Australia or the East Indies. 2. the passage eastward from Australia, as made by a ...
/eest"layk'/, n. 1. Sir Charles Locke, 1836-1906, English architect, designer, and author. 2. a city in NE Ohio. 22,104. * * *
Eastlake, Charles Locke
▪ British author born March 11, 1836, Plymouth, Devon, Eng. died Nov. 20, 1906, London       English museologist and writer on art who gave his name to a 19th-century ...
Eastlake, Sir Charles Lock
▪ British painter born Nov. 17, 1793, Plymouth, Devon, Eng. died Dec. 24, 1865, Pisa, Italy       English Neoclassical painter who helped develop England's national ...
/eest"leuhnd/, n. James O(liver), 1904-86, U.S. politician: senator 1941, 1943-78. * * *
Eastland disaster
▪ United States history       shipwreck of the passenger liner S.S. Eastland on the Chicago River in Chicago on July 24, 1915. The event ranks as one of the worst ...
East Lansing A city of south-central Michigan, a residential suburb of Lansing. It is the seat of Michigan State University (founded 1855). Population: 50,677. * * *
East·leigh (ēstʹlē) A municipal borough of southern England north-northeast of Southampton. Its industries include railroad shops. Population: 109,576. * * * ▪ England, ...
EastLos Angeles
East Los Angeles An unincorporated community of southern California, a residential suburb of Los Angeles. Population: 126,379. * * *
East·main (ēstʹmān') A river rising in central Quebec, Canada, and flowing about 821 km (510 mi) eastward to James Bay. * * *
Eastmain River
▪ river, Canada French  Rivière East-main,         river in Nord-du-Québec region, western Quebec province, Canada, rising in the Otish Mountains of central Quebec, ...
/eest"meuhn/, n. 1. George, 1854-1932, U.S. philanthropist and inventor in the field of photography. 2. Max Forrester /fawr"euh steuhr, for"-/, 1883-1969, U.S. editor and ...
Eastman Kodak Co.
Major U.S. manufacturer of film, cameras, photographic supplies, and other imaging products. The company was incorporated in 1901 as the successor to a business founded in 1880 ...
Eastman Kodak Company
▪ American corporation byname  Kodak,        American manufacturer of film, cameras, photographic supplies, and digital imaging products and processing services. ...
Eastman, Crystal
▪ American lawyer, writer, activist born June 25, 1881, Marlboro, Mass., U.S. died July 8, 1928, Erie, Pa.  American lawyer, suffragist, and writer, a leader in early ...
Eastman, George
born July 12, 1854, Waterville, N.Y., U.S. died March 14, 1932, Rochester, N.Y. U.S. inventor and manufacturer. Eastman in 1880 perfected a process for making dry plates for ...
Eastman, Mary Henderson
▪ American author née   Mary Henderson  born 1818, Warrenton, Va., U.S. died Feb. 24, 1887, Washington, D.C.       19th-century American writer whose work on Native ...
Eastman, Max
▪ American writer in full  Max Forrester Eastman   born Jan. 12, 1883, Canandaigua, N.Y., U.S. died March 25, 1969, Bridgetown, Barbados       American poet, editor, ...
East·man (ēstʹmən), George. 1854-1932. American inventor and industrialist who invented a dry-plate process of photographic film development, flexible film, a box camera, ...
Eastman,Max Forrester
Eastman, Max Forrester. 1883-1969. American writer and editor noted for his social and literary criticism. Founder and editor of The Masses (1913-1918) and The Liberator ...
/eest"mohst'/ or, esp. Brit., /-meuhst/, adj. easternmost. [1275-1325; ME estmest, OE eastmest. See EAST, -MOST] * * *
/ee"steuhn/, n. 1. a city in E Pennsylvania, on the Delaware River. 26,027. 2. a city in SE Massachusetts. 16,623. * * * ▪ Maryland, United States       town, seat of ...
East Orange A city of northeast New Jersey, a residential suburb of Newark. Population: 73,552. * * *
East Pakistan A former region of southern Asia on the Bay of Bengal. Originally part of Bengal, it was held by the British from c. 1775 and then by Pakistan from 1947 to 1971, ...
▪ Michigan, United States formerly (1929–92)  East Detroit         city, Macomb county, Michigan, U.S., adjacent to the northeast corner of the Detroit city ...
▪ Maine, United States       easternmost city of the United States, in Washington county, eastern Maine. It is situated on Moose Island, along Passamaquoddy Bay ...
East Prussia A historical region and former province of Prussia on the Baltic Sea in present-day Poland and Russia. From 1919 to 1939 it was separated from Germany by the Polish ...
East River A narrow tidal strait connecting Upper New York Bay with Long Island Sound and separating the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx from Brooklyn and Queens. * * *
EastSaint Louis
East Saint Louis A city of southwest Illinois on the Mississippi River opposite St. Louis, Missouri. It is a railroad center with varied industries. Population: 40,944. * * *
East Sea See Sea of Japan. * * *
EastSiberian Sea
East Siberian Sea An arm of the Arctic Ocean extending from Wrangel Island to the New Siberian Islands. * * *
East Side A section of New York City on Manhattan Island east of Fifth Avenue. The northern part, approximately between 57th Street and 96th Street, is also known as the Upper ...
East Slavic n. A subdivision of the Slavic languages that includes Belarusian, Russian, and Ukrainian. * * *
/eest"weuhrd/, adv. 1. Also, eastwards. toward the east. adj. 2. moving, bearing, facing, or situated toward the east. n. 3. the eastward part, direction, or point. [bef. 850; ME ...
/eest"weuhrd lee/, adj. 1. having an eastward direction or situation. 2. coming from the east: an eastwardly wind. adv. 3. toward the east. 4. from the east. [1660-70; EASTWARD + ...
eastwards [ēst′wərds] adv. EASTWARD * * * See eastwardly. * * *
/eest"wood'/, n. Clint, born 1930, U.S. actor and director. * * *
Eastwood, Clint
▪ American actor, director, and politician in full  Clinton Eastwood, Jr.   born May 31, 1930, San Francisco, California, U.S.       American motion-picture actor who ...
Eastwood, Clint(on)
born May 31, 1930, San Francisco, Calif., U.S. U.S. actor and director. He won attention in the television series Rawhide (1959–66) before his roles in three of Sergio ...
—easylike, adj. /ee"zee/, adj., easier, easiest, adv., n. adj. 1. not hard or difficult; requiring no great labor or effort: a book that is easy to read; an easy victory. 2. ...
easy chair
1. an upholstered armchair for lounging. 2. Obs. See wing chair. [1700-10] * * *
easy listening
middle-of-the-road (def. 3). * * *
easy money
1. money obtained with a minimum of effort. 2. money obtained by deception, fraud, artifice, etc. [1895-1900, Amer.] * * *
Easy Rider
a 1969 US film. It was especially popular with young people, because it showed the freedom from responsibility that many of them wanted in the 1960s. It made stars of Jack ...
easy street
a state of wealth, financial independence, or ease. Also, Easy Street. [1900-05, Amer.] * * *
easy virtue
easy virtue n. loose morals; sexual promiscuity [a person of easy virtue] * * *
/ee"zee kair'/, adj. requiring little care or maintenance: easy-care fabrics; easy-care furniture. [1955-60] * * *
easy chair n. A large, comfortable, well-upholstered chair. * * *
—easygoingness, n. /ee"zee goh"ing/, adj. 1. calm and unworried; relaxed and rather casual: an easygoing person. 2. going easily, as a horse. Also, easy-going. [1665-75; EASY + ...
easy listening n. Music Light or popular compositions, usually having a prominent melody and a quiet or blended arrangement. * * *
easy street n. Informal A condition of financial security or independence. * * *
—eater, n. /eet/, v., ate /ayt/; esp. Brit. /et/ or (Archaic) eat /et, eet/; eaten or (Archaic) eat /et, eet/; eating; n. v.t. 1. to take into the mouth and swallow for ...
/ee"teuh beuhl/, adj. 1. edible. n. 2. Usually, eatables. articles of food. [1475-85; EAT + -ABLE] * * *
/eet"n/, v. a pp. of eat. * * *
See eat. * * *
/ee"teuh ree/, n., pl. eateries. Informal. a restaurant or other commercial establishment serving food. [1900-05, Amer.; EAT + -ERY] * * *
/eedh, eeth/, adj., adv. Scot. easy. [bef. 1000; ME ethe, OE eathe (adv.); c. ON auth-, OHG -odo; akin to OE eadig, Goth audags happy] * * *
/ee"ting/, n. 1. the act of a person or thing that eats. 2. food with reference to its quality or tastiness when eaten: This fish is delicious eating. adj. 3. good or fit to eat, ...
eating disorder
any of various disorders, as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, characterized by severe disturbances in eating habits. [1990-95] * * *
eating disorders
Abnormal eating patterns, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia, compulsive overeating, and pica (appetite for nonfood substances). These disorders, which usually have a ...
eating disorder n. Any of various psychological disorders, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, that involve insufficient or excessive food intake. * * *
/eet"n/, n. 1. Theophilus, 1590-1658, English colonist and colonial administrator in America. 2. a male given name. * * *
Eaton, Cyrus S(tephen)
born Dec. 27, 1883, Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Can. died May 9, 1979, near Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. U.S.-Canadian industrialist and philanthropist. Entering business in 1907, he built ...
Eaton, Cyrus S.
▪ American industrialist in full  Cyrus Stephen Eaton   born Dec. 27, 1883, Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Can. died May 9, 1979, near Cleveland, Ohio, ...
Eaton, John, Jr.
▪ American educator born Dec. 5, 1829, Sutton, N.H., U.S. died Feb. 9, 1906, Washington, D.C.       American educator, second U.S. commissioner of education ...
Eaton, Margaret
▪ American socialite neé  O'Neale , byname  Peggy Eaton  born Dec. 3, 1799, Washington, D.C. died Nov. 8, 1879, Washington, D.C.  woman whose marriage in 1829 to a ...
Eaton, Theophilus
▪ British colonial governor born c. 1590, , Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, Eng. died Jan. 7, 1658, New Haven, Conn.       merchant who was cofounder and colonial ...
Eaton, William
▪ United States military officer born Feb. 23, 1764, Woodstock, Conn. died June 1, 1811, Brimfield, Mass., U.S.       U.S. Army officer and adventurer who in 1804 led ...
Eaton, Wyatt
▪ American painter born May 6, 1849, Philipsburg, Que., Can. died June 7, 1896, Newport, R.I., U.S.       U.S. painter whose portraits of many well-known 19th-century ...
/eet"n town'/, n. a borough in E central New Jersey. 12,703. * * *
☆ eats [ēts ] pl.n. Informal things to eat; food; meals * * * eats (ēts) pl.n. Slang Food, especially snacks. * * *
eau [ō] n. pl. eaux [ō] 〚Fr < L aqua, water〛 water * * *
Eau Claire
/oh' klair"/ a city in W Wisconsin. 51,509. * * * ▪ Wisconsin, United States       city, Eau Claire and Chippewa counties, seat (1857) of Eau Claire county, ...
eau de Cologne
/oh' deuh keuh lohn"/ cologne. [1795-1805] * * *
eau de Javelle
/oh' deuh zha vel", -zheuh-/; Fr. /ohdeu zhann vel"/. See Javel water. * * *
eau de toilette
/oh' deuh twah let"/; Fr. /ohdeu twann let"/. See toilet water. * * *
eau de vie
/ohdeu vee"/; Eng. /oh' deuh vee"/, French. brandy, esp. a coarser and less purified variety. [lit., water of life; cf. AQUA VITAE] * * *
eau de vie de marc
/ohdeu veedeu mannrdd"/; Eng. /oh' deuh vee' deuh mahrk"/, French. marc (def. 2). * * *
eau minérale
/oh mee nay rddannl"/, pl., eaux minérales /oh mee nay rddannl"/. French. See mineral water (def. 1). * * *
Eau Claire (ōklârʹ) A city of west-central Wisconsin at the mouth of the Eau Clair River, about 113 km (70 mi) long. Founded in the 1840s, the city grew as the center of a ...
eaude cologne
eau de co·logne (ō'də kə-lōnʹ) n. pl. eaux de cologne (ō', ōz') See cologne.   [French eau de Cologne. See cologne.] * * *
eaude vie
eau de vie (ō'də vēʹ) n. pl. eaux de vie (ō', ōz') Colorless brandy distilled from fermented fruit juice.   [French eau-de-vie: eau, water + de, of + vie, life.] * * *
—eaved, adj. /eev/, n. Usually, eaves. the overhanging lower edge of a roof. [bef. 1000; ME eves, OE efes; c. OHG obisa, Goth ubizwa hall; cf. ABOVE, OVER] * * *
eave spout
Chiefly New Eng. waterspout (def. 1). Also, eaves spout. [1885-90, Amer.] * * *
eave trough
Northern U.S. gutter (def. 3). Also, eaves trough, eavestrough. * * *
eaves [ēvz] pl.n. sing. eave 〚orig. sing., ME eves (pl. evesen) < OE efes, edge, border, eaves, akin to ON ups, church porch, OHG obiza, porch < IE * upes- < base * upo-, up ...
—eavesdropper, n. /eevz"drop'/, v., eavesdropped, eavesdropping, n. v.i. 1. to listen secretly to a private conversation. v.t. 2. Archaic. to eavesdrop on. n. Also, eavesdrip ...

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