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Слова на букву enol-gano (15990)

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▪ Buddhist monk Wade-Giles romanization  Fa-tsang , also called  Xianshou  born 643, Ch'ang-an, now Xi'an, China died 712, Ch'ang-an       Buddhist monk usually ...
/fayz/, v.t., fazed, fazing. to cause to be disturbed or disconcerted; daunt: The worst insults cannot faze him. [1820-30, Amer.; dial form. of FEEZE] Syn. disconcert, discomfit, ...
▪ Brazilian plantation       large plantation in Brazil, comparable to the slave-based plantations of the Caribbean and the United States. In the colonial period ...
FB abbrev. Football fullback: sometimes written fb * * * FB abbr. 1. foreign body. 2. freight bill. 3. fullback. * * *
U.S. Govt. Federal Bureau of Investigation: the federal agency charged with investigations for the Attorney General and with safeguarding national security. * * *
fbm abbrev. feet board measure * * *
for the benefit of. Also, F/B/O. * * *
foot-candle. Also, fc. * * *
Farm Credit Administration. * * *
fcap or fcp abbrev. foolscap * * *
U.S. Govt. Federal Communications Commission: a board charged with regulating broadcasting and interstate communication by wire, radio, and television. * * *
Foreign Credit Insurance Association. * * *
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. * * *
F clef n. See bass clef. * * *
foolscap. * * *
francs. * * *
FCSC abbrev. Foreign Claims Settlement Commission * * *
fancy. * * *
FD abbrev. Fire Department * * * FD abbr. 1. fatal dose. 2. fire department. 3. focal distance. * * * ➡ FID DEF * * *
FD&C color
any of the synthetic pigments and dyes that are approved by the FDA for use in foods, drugs, and cosmetics. * * *
See Food and Drug Administration. * * *
▪ Mauritania also spelled  F'derick,  formerly  Fort-Gouraud, Idjil, or Ijill,    mining village, north-central Mauritania, western Africa, just west of Zouîrât. It is ...
Banking. funding. * * *
See Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. * * *
FDN or fdn abbrev. foundation * * *
Franklin Delano Roosevelt. * * *
Symbol, Chem. iron. [ < L ferrum] * * * (as used in expressions) Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Co. Santa Fe Trail Santa Fe * * *
fecit. * * *
/fee"euhl tee/, n., pl. fealties. 1. Hist. a. fidelity to a lord. b. the obligation or the engagement to be faithful to a lord, usually sworn to by a vassal. 2. fidelity; ...
/fear/, n. 1. a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. 2. a specific ...
/fear/, n. 1. a river in SE North Carolina. 202 mi. (325 km) long. 2. Cape, a cape at its mouth. * * *
Fear (fîr), Cape A promontory on Smith Island off the coast of southeast North Carolina at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. * * *
/feard/, adj. Dial. afraid; afeard. [aph. form of AFEARD] * * *
See fear. * * *
—fearfully, adv. —fearfulness, n. /fear"feuhl/, adj. 1. causing or apt to cause fear; frightening: a fearful apparition. 2. feeling fear, dread, apprehension, or solicitude: ...
fearfully [fir′fəl ē] adv. 1. in a fearful manner 2. to a fearful extent 3. Informal very much; very [fearfully busy] * * * See fearful. * * *
See fearfully. * * *
Fearing, Kenneth
▪ American author born July 28, 1902, Oak Park, Ill., U.S. died June 26, 1961, New York, N.Y.       American poet and novelist who used an array of topical phrases and ...
—fearlessly, adv. —fearlessness, n. /fear"lis/, adj. without fear; bold or brave; intrepid. [1350-1400; ME fereles. See FEAR, -LESS] Syn. See brave. Ant. cowardly. * * *
See fearless. * * *
See fearlessly. * * *
/fear"nawt'/, n. 1. a stout woolen cloth for overcoats. 2. an outer garment of this cloth. Also, fearnaught. [1765-75; FEAR + NOUGHT] * * *
Fears, Thomas Jesse
▪ 2001 “Tom”        Mexican American football player (b. Dec. 3, 1922, Guadalajara, Mex.—d. Jan. 4, 2000, Palm Desert, Calif.), was considered one of the National ...
—fearsomely, adv. —fearsomeness, n. /fear"seuhm/, adj. 1. causing fear: a fearsome noise. 2. causing awe or respect: a fearsome self-confidence. 3. afraid; timid. [1760-70; ...
See fearsome. * * *
See fearsomely. * * *
/fee"zeuhns/, n. Law. the doing or performing of an act, as of a condition or duty. [1530-40; < AF fesa(u)nce, OF faisance, equiv. to fais- (var. s. of faire
See feasible. * * *
—feasibility, feasibleness, n. —feasibly, adv. /fee"zeuh beuhl/, adj. 1. capable of being done, effected, or accomplished: a feasible plan. 2. probable; likely: a feasible ...
See feasibility. * * *
See feasibility. * * *
—feaster, n. —feastless, adj. /feest/, n. 1. any rich or abundant meal: The steak dinner was a feast. 2. a sumptuous entertainment or meal for many guests: a wedding ...
feast day
a day, esp. a church holiday, for feasting and rejoicing. [1250-1300; ME] * * *
Feast of Booths
Sukkoth. * * *
Feast of Dedication
Hanukkah. Also called Feast of Lights. * * *
Feast of Fools
(esp. in France) a mock-religious celebration in the Middle Ages, held on or about January 1. Also called Festival of Fools. * * *
Feast of Lots
Purim. * * *
Feast of Orthodoxy
Eastern Ch. a solemn festival held on the first Sunday of Lent (Orthodoxy Sunday) commemorating the restoration of the use of icons in the church (A.D. 842) and the triumph over ...
Feast of St. Peter's Chains.
See under Lammas (def. 2). * * *
Feast of Tabernacles
Sukkoth. [1350-1400; ME] * * *
Feast of Weeks
Shavuoth. * * *
/feest"euhr fam"in/, adj. characterized by alternating, extremely high and low degrees of prosperity, success, volume of business, etc.: artists who lead a feast-or-famine ...
See feast. * * *
Feastof Dedication
Feast of Dedication (fēst) n. Judaism See Hanukkah. * * *
Feastof Lights
Feast of Lights n. Judaism See Hanukkah. * * *
feat1 /feet/, n. 1. a noteworthy or extraordinary act or achievement, usually displaying boldness, skill, etc.: Arranging the treaty was a diplomatic feat. 2. Obs. a specialized ...
—featherless, adj. —featherlessness, n. —featherlike, adj. /fedh"euhr/, n. 1. one of the horny structures forming the principal covering of birds, consisting typically of a ...
feather banding
Furniture. decorative banding of veneer or inlay having the grain laid diagonally to the grain of the principal surface. * * *
feather bed
a mattress or a bed cover, as a quilt, stuffed with soft feathers. [bef. 1000; ME, OE] * * *
feather duster
a brush for dusting, made of a bundle of large feathers attached to a short handle. [1855-60] * * *
feather geranium
a Eurasian weed, Chenopodium botrys, of the goosefoot family, having clusters of inconspicuous flowers and unpleasant smelling, lobed leaves. Also called Jerusalem oak. [1855-60, ...
feather grass
any American grass of the genus Stipa, having a feathery appendage. [1770-80] * * *
feather key
Mach. a rectangular key connecting the keyways of a shaft and a hub of a gear, pulley, etc., fastened in one keyway and free to slide in the other so that the hub can drive or be ...
feather merchant
Older Slang. a person who avoids responsibility and effort; loafer. [1775-85] * * *
feather moss
▪ plant species also called  plume moss  or  boreal forest moss        (Ptilium, formerly Hypnum, crista-castrensis), the only species of the genus Ptilium, it is a ...
feather palm
any palm having large pinnate or bipinnate leaves, as the date palm or royal palm. * * *
feather shot
Metall. fine bean shot. * * *
feather star
a free-swimming crinoid. [1860-65] * * * Any of the 550 living species of crinoid echinoderms (class Crinoidea) that lack the stalk that their relatives the sea lilies use to ...
feather tract
pteryla. [1875-80] * * *
feather worm.
See feather-duster worm. * * *
Feather, Leonard Geoffrey
▪ 1995       British jazz critic and songwriter (b. Sept. 13, 1914, London, England—d. Sept. 22, 1994, Los Angeles, Calif.), compiled the standard reference work The ...
Feather, Victor, Baron Feather of the City of Bradford
▪ British labour leader born April 10, 1908, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, Eng. died July 28, 1976, London       British trade unionist who led the Trades Union Congress ...
feather-duster worm
/fedh"euhr dus'teuhr/ any tube-dwelling polychaete worm of the families Sabellidae and Serpulidae, the numerous species having a crown of feathery tentacles used in feeding and ...
/fedh"euhr leg'id, -legd'/, adj. Southern U.S. cowardly. [1870-75] * * *
feather-tail glider
/fedh"euhr tayl'/. See pygmy glider. * * *
/fedh"euhr vaynd'/, adj. Bot. (of a leaf) having a series of veins branching from each side of the midrib toward the margin; pinnately veined. [1860-65] * * *
feather-winged beetle
▪ insect       any of more than 400 species of beetles (insect order Coleoptera) characterized by long fringes of hair on the long, narrow hindwings. The antennae also ...
/fedh"euhr bak'/, n. any freshwater fish of the family Notopteridae, of Asia and western Africa, having a small, feathery dorsal fin and a very long anal fin extending from close ...
/fedh"euhr bed'/, v.t., v.i., featherbedded, featherbedding. to subject to or engage in featherbedding. [1945-50; back formation from FEATHERBEDDING] * * *
/fedh"euhr bed'ing/, n. the practice of requiring an employer to hire unnecessary employees, to assign unnecessary work, or to limit production according to a union rule or ...
/fedh"euhr bohn'/, n. a substitute for whalebone, made from the quills of domestic fowls. [1885-90, Amer.; FEATHER + BONE] * * *
—featherbrained, adj. /fedh"euhr brayn'/, n. a foolish or giddy person; scatterbrain. Also, featherhead. [1830-40; FEATHER + BRAIN] * * *
See featherbrain. * * *
/fedh"euhr kut'/, n. a woman's hair style in which the hair is cut in short and uneven lengths and formed into small curls with featherlike tips. [1935-40; FEATHER + CUT] * * *
/fedh"euhrd/, adj. 1. clothed, covered, or provided with feathers, as a bird or an arrow. 2. quick; rapid; speedy; swift: feathered feet. 3. (of a veneer) cut to show a figure ...
Feathered Dinosaurs and Fractured Supercontinents
▪ 1999        Dinosaur paleontologists would remember 1998 as a year filled with excitement, contention, and new insight spurred by a number of astonishing discoveries. ...
Feathered Serpent
      major deity of the ancient Mexican pantheon. See Quetzalcóatl. * * *
—featheredged, adj. /fedh"euhr ej'/, n. 1. an edge that thins out like a feather. 2. the thinner edge of a wedge-shaped board or plank. 3. a tool for giving a smooth, even ...
feather grass n. Any of various grasses of the genus Stipa, having clusters of featherlike spikelets. Also called needle grass, spear grass. * * *
—featherheaded, adj. /fedh"euhr hed'/, n. featherbrain. [1825-35; FEATHER + HEAD] * * *
See featherhead. * * *
See feathery. * * *
/fedh"euhr ing/, n. 1. a covering of feathers; plumage. 2. the arrangement of feathers on an arrow. 3. Music. a very light and delicate use of the violin bow. [1520-30; FEATHER + ...
/fedh"euhr luyt"/, adj. extremely light; light as a feather. [1830-40; FEATHER + LIGHT2] * * *
feather palm n. A palm having pinnately compound, featherlike leaves. * * *
feather rot n. A disease of tree trunks caused by the fungus Poria subacida that causes the trunk to become spongy or stringy. * * *
feather star n. Any of numerous crinoids of the genus Antedon and related genera, having a free-swimming, stalkless adult stage with branched feathery arms. * * *
/fedh"euhr stich'/, n. 1. an embroidery stitch producing work in which a succession of branches extend alternately on each side of a central stem. v.t. 2. to ornament by ...
      small marsupial mammal, a species of glider (q.v.). * * *
/fedh"euhr wayt'/, n. 1. a boxer or other contestant intermediate in weight between a bantamweight and a lightweight, esp. a professional boxer weighing up to 126 lb. (57 kg). 2. ...
▪ decorative arts       decorative use of ornamental feathers, especially the feather mosaic needlework of Victorian England. Feathers have been used for adornment since ...
—featheriness, n. /fedh"euh ree/, adj. 1. clothed or covered with feathers; feathered. 2. resembling feathers; light; airy; unsubstantial: feathery clouds. [1570-80; FEATHER + ...
—featliness, n. /feet"lee/, adv. 1. suitably; appropriately. 2. skillfully. 3. neatly; elegantly. adj. 4. graceful; elegant. [1300-50; ME fetly. See FEAT2, -LY] * * *
/fee"cheuhr/, n., v., featured, featuring. n. 1. a prominent or conspicuous part or characteristic: Tall buildings were a new feature on the skyline. 2. something offered as a ...
feature story
1. a newspaper or magazine article or report of a person, event, an aspect of a major event, or the like, often having a personal slant and written in an individual style. Cf. ...
/fee"cheuhr length"/, adj. long enough to be made a feature; of full length: a feature-length story; a feature-length film. [1935-40] * * *
/fee"cheuhrd/, adj. 1. made a feature or highlight; given prominence: a featured article; a featured actor. 2. having features or a certain kind of features (usually used in ...
/fee"cheuhr lis/, adj. without distinctive features; uninteresting, plain, or drab: a featureless landscape. [1590-1600; FEATURE + -LESS] * * *
feaze1 /feez/, v.t., feazed, feazing. Naut. to untwist (the end of a rope). [1560-70; akin to D vezelen to fray, MD veze frayed edge, OE faes fringe] feaze2 /feez, fayz/, ...
/fee"zing/, n. Naut. Often, feazings. an unraveled portion at the end of a rope. [1815-25; FEAZE1 + -ING1] * * *
Fair Employment Board. * * *
February. * * *
Febres Cordero (Ribadeneyra), Leon
▪ 2009       Ecuadoran politician born March 9, 1931, Guayaquil, Ecuador died Dec. 15, 2008, Guayaquil developed a reputation as a larger-than-life strongman while ...
a combining form meaning "fever," used in the formation of compound words: febriferous. [comb. form repr. L febris FEVER] * * *
/fi bris"i tee/, n. the state of being feverish. [1870-75; < ML febricitas, equiv. to L *febric(us) feverish (see FEBRI-, -IC) + -itas -ITY] * * *
/fi brik"yeuh leuh/, n. a slight and short fever, esp. when of obscure causation. [1740-50; < L; see FEBRI-, -CULE1] * * *
/feb'reuh fay"sheuhnt/, adj. 1. producing fever. n. 2. something that produces fever. [1795-1805; FEBRI- + -FACIENT] * * *
/fi brif"euhr euhs/, adj. producing fever. [1870-75; FEBRI- + -FEROUS] * * *
/fi brif"ik/, adj. producing or marked by fever. [1700-10; FEBRI- + -FIC] * * *
/fi brif"yeuh geuhl, feb'reuh fyooh"geuhl/, adj. of or acting as a febrifuge. [1655-65; see FEBRIFUGE, -AL1] * * *
/feb"reuh fyoohj'/, adj. 1. serving to dispel or reduce fever, as a medicine. n. 2. such a medicine or agent. 3. a cooling drink. [1680-90; < F < LL febrifugia plant good for ...
—febrility /fi bril"i tee/, n. /fee"breuhl, feb"reuhl/ or, esp. Brit., /fee"bruyl/, adj. pertaining to or marked by fever; feverish. [1645-55; < NL, ML febrilis. See FEVER, ...
/feb"ris/, n., pl. febres /-reez/. (in prescriptions) fever. [ < L] * * *
/feb"rooh er'ee, feb"yooh-/, n., pl. Februaries. the second month of the year, ordinarily containing 28 days, but containing 29 days in leap years. Abbr.: Feb. [bef. 1000; ME; OE ...
February Revolution
(1848) Rioting in France that led to the overthrow of the July Monarchy and precipitated the Revolutions of 1848. In 1840–49 there was a flowering of socialist thought begun ...
February Revolution.
See Russian Revolution (def. 1). * * *
Febvre, Lucien Paul Victor
▪ French historian born July 22, 1878, Nancy, France died Sept. 27, 1956, Saint-Amour       French historian of the early modern period and organizer of major national ...
Federal Election Commission. * * *
fecit. * * *
/fee"keuhl/, adj. of, pertaining to, or being feces. [1535-45; FEC(ES) + -AL1] * * *
/fee"keuh loyd'/, adj. like or resembling feces. [1880-85; FECAL + -OID] * * *
▪ France       seaside resort and fishing port of northern France, Seine-Maritime département, Haute-Normandie région, northeast of Le Havre. It lies at the opening of ...
/fee"seez/, n. (used with a pl. v.) 1. waste matter discharged from the intestines through the anus; excrement. 2. dregs; sediment. Also, esp. Brit., faeces. [1425-75; late ME < ...
/fekh"neuhrdd/, n. Gustav Theodor /goos"tahf tay"aw dawrdd'/, 1801-87, German physicist, psychologist, and philosopher. * * *
Fechner, Gustav Theodor
born April 19, 1801, Gross Särchen, near Muskau, Lusatia died Nov. 18, 1887, Leipzig, Ger. German physicist and philosopher who founded the science of psychophysics. He taught ...
/fay"kit/; Eng. /fee"sit/, v. Latin. he made (it); she made (it): formerly used on works of art after the name of the artist. Abbr.: fe., fec. * * *
Feckenham, John de
▪ English priest original name  John Howman   born c. 1515, , Feckenham, Worcestershire, Eng. died 1584/85, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire       English priest and the last ...
—fecklessly, adv. —fecklessness, n. /fek"lis/, adj. 1. ineffective; incompetent; futile: feckless attempts to repair the plumbing. 2. having no sense of responsibility; ...
See feckless. * * *
See fecklessly. * * *
/fek"yeuh leuh/, n., pl. feculae /-lee'/. 1. fecal matter, esp. of insects. 2. foul or muddy matter; dregs. [ < L faecula burnt tartar, dried lees of wine, equiv. to faec- (s. of ...
feculence [fek′yo͞o ləns] n. 〚Fr féculence < L faeculentia: see FECULENT〛 1. the state or quality of being feculent 2. a) dregs; sediment b) filth * * * See feculent. * ...
—feculence, n. /fek"yeuh leuhnt/, adj. full of dregs or fecal matter; foul, turbid, or muddy. [1425-75; late ME < L faeculentus full of dregs. See FECES, -ULENT] * * *
/fee"kund, -keuhnd, fek"und, -euhnd/, adj. 1. producing or capable of producing offspring, fruit, vegetation, etc., in abundance; prolific; fruitful: fecund parents; fecund ...
—fecundation, n. —fecundator, n. —fecundatory /fi kun"deuh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, adj. /fee"keuhn dayt', fek"euhn-/, v.t., fecundated, fecundating. 1. to make prolific or ...
See fecundate. * * *
/fi kun"di tee/, n. 1. the quality of being fecund; capacity, esp. in female animals, of producing young in great numbers. 2. fruitfulness or fertility, as of the earth. 3. the ...
fed1 /fed/, v. 1. pt. and pp. of feed. 2. fed up, impatient; disgusted; bored: They were fed up with the same old routine. fed2 /fed/, n. (sometimes cap.) Slang. a federal ...
/fed/, n. the Fed, Informal. 1. the Federal Reserve System. 2. the Federal Reserve Board. * * *
Fed Cup
▪ tennis formerly (1963–95)  Federation Cup        trophy representing the women's amateur team-tennis championship of the world, inaugurated in 1963 by the ...
Fed Cup Table
▪ Table Fed Cup* year winner runner-up results 1963 United States Australia 2–1 1964 Australia United States 2–1 1965 Australia United States 2–1 1966 United ...
Federal. * * *
1. federal. 2. federated. 3. federation. * * *
Fed. Res. Bd.
Federal Reserve Board. * * *
Fed. Res. Bk.
Federal Reserve Bank. * * *
/fe dah yee"/, n., pl. fedayeen /-yeen"/. a member of an Arab commando group operating esp. against Israel. [1950-55; < dial. Ar fida'i (pl. fida'iyin) one who sacrifices himself ...
fedayeen [fed΄ä yēn′] pl.n. 〚Ar fidāʾīyīn, pl. of fidāʾī, lit., one who sacrifices himself (esp. for his country)〛 Arab irregulars or guerrillas in the Middle ...
Fedchenko Glacier
▪ glacier, Tajikistan also spelled  Fedčenko        extensive valley glacier, situated in the Central Asian Pamirs range, central Tajikistan. The world's largest ...
/feuh dahn", -dan"/, n., pl. feddan, feddans. an Egyptian unit of area equivalent to 1.038 acres (0.42 ha). [ < Ar faddan lit., yoke of oxen] * * *
Fedeli, Compagnia dei
▪ Italian theatrical company       one of several Italian companies performing commedia dell'arte (improvised popular comedy) at the beginning of the 17th century. The ...
/fed'l ee"nee/, n. an extremely fine, strand-like pasta, thinner than vermicelli. [ < It, var. of fidel(l)ini, dim. of fidelli, Upper It form of filelli, pl. of filello, equiv. ...
Feder, Abraham Hyman
▪ 1998       American lighting designer who provided illumination for both buildings and theatrical productions for over 50 years; his trademark, Lighting by Feder, came ...
Feder, Gottfried
▪ German economist born Jan. 27, 1883, Würzburg, Ger. died Sept. 24, 1941, Murnau       German political activist who was the principal economic theoretician of the ...
/fed"euhr euh see/, n., pl. federacies. a confederacy. [1640-50; by aphesis] * * *
—federally, adv. —federalness, n. /fed"euhr euhl/, adj. 1. pertaining to or of the nature of a union of states under a central government distinct from the individual ...
federal attorney
➡ legal system * * *
Federal Bureau of Investigation
☆ Federal Bureau of Investigation n. a branch of the U.S. Department of Justice whose duty is to investigate violations of certain federal laws * * * ➡ FBI. * * * ▪ ...
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Largest investigative agency of the U.S. government. It was founded in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation within the U.S. Justice Department. J. Edgar Hoover served as its ...
Federal Capital Territory
former name of Australian Capital Territory. * * *
federal case
1. a matter that falls within the jurisdiction of a federal court or a federal law-enforcement agency. 2. make a federal case of or out of, Informal. to exaggerate the importance ...
Federal Communications Commission
☆ Federal Communications Commission n. a U.S. federal agency whose duty is to regulate communication by telephone, telegraph, radio, TV, cable TV, and satellite * * * ➡ ...
Federal Constitution.
See Constitution of the United States. * * *
Federal Constitutional Court
▪ German court German  Bundesverfassungsgericht        in Germany, special court for the review of judicial and administrative decisions and legislation to determine ...
federal court
a court of a federal government, esp. one established under the Constitution of the United States. [1780-90, Amer.] * * *
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC)
Independent U.S. government corporation created to insure bank deposits against loss in the event of a bank failure and to regulate certain banking practices. Established after ...
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
a public corporation, established in 1933, that insures, up to a specified amount, all demand deposits of member banks. Abbr.: FDIC * * * ▪ United States ...
Federal District
a district in which the national government of a country is located, esp. one in Latin America. Spanish, Portuguese, Distrito Federal. * * * ▪ district, Mexico Spanish ...
federal district court.
See district court (def. 2). [1930-35] * * *
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
an independent agency of the U.S. federal government, created in 1978 and originally within the Department of Energy, charged with setting rates for transportation and sale of ...
Federal Express
➡ FedEx. * * *
federal government
(in the US) the system of government as defined in the Constitution which is based on the separation of powers among three branches: the executive, the legislative and the ...
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
a private corporation authorized by the U.S. Congress whose chief function is to buy federally insured home mortgages and help develop nonfederally insured mortgages. Abbr.: ...
Federal Housing Administration
a governmental agency created in 1934 to help homeowners finance the purchase and repair of their homes and to stimulate housing construction. Abbr.: FHA * * *
Federal Insurance Contributions Act
(abbr FICA) the US law by which money is automatically taken from an employee’s regular pay as a tax for social security. * * *
federal jurisdiction
➡ legal system * * *
Federal Land Bank
a U.S. federal bank for making long-term loans to farmers. * * *
Federal National Mortgage Association
a U.S. government-sponsored private corporation whose chief function is to supply funds for home mortgages through continuous purchases of mortgages from lending institutions. ...
federal offences
➡ legal system * * *
Federal Register
a bulletin, published daily by the U.S. federal government, containing the schedule of hearings before Congressional and federal agency committees, together with orders, ...
Federal Republic of Cameroon
official name of Cameroon. * * *
Federal Republic of Germany
1. official name of Germany. 2. (formerly) official name of West Germany. * * *
Federal Reserve Bank
☆ Federal Reserve Bank n. any of the twelve district banks of the Federal Reserve System * * * n any of the 12 banks in different regions of the US that are part of the ...
Federal Reserve Bank.
See under Federal Reserve System. * * *
Federal Reserve Board.
See under Federal Reserve System. * * *
Federal Reserve district
the district served by a certain Federal Reserve Bank. * * *
Federal Reserve note
a form of paper money issued by a Federal Reserve Bank. * * *
Federal Reserve System
a U.S. federal banking system that is under the control of a central board of governors (Federal Reserve Board) with a central bank (Federal Reserve Bank) in each of 12 districts ...
Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
a public corporation, established in 1934, that insures, up to a specified amount, all deposits in member savings and loan associations. Abbr.: FSLIC * * *
Federal Security Service
▪ Russian government agency Russian  Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti , formerly (1994–95)  Federal Counterintelligence Service        Russian internal security ...
Federal style
Neoclassical style of American architecture and interior design that flourished 1785–1820 (later in governmental buildings) and was influenced by the Georgian style and the ...
Federal Trade Commission
☆ Federal Trade Commission n. a U.S. federal agency whose duty is to investigate unfair methods of competition in business, fraudulent advertising, etc., and to restrain or ...
federal case n. 1. Law. An action or cause that falls under the jurisdiction of a federal court. 2. Informal. A major issue that has evolved from a minor problem: made a federal ...
federal district also Federal District n. An area, such as the District of Columbia, that is reserved as the site of the national capital of a federation. * * *
/fed'euhr euh leez", -lees"/, n. (often cap.) awkward, evasive, or pretentious prose said to characterize the publications and correspondence of U.S. federal bureaus. [FEDERAL + ...
/fed"euhr euh liz'euhm/, n. 1. the federal principle of government. 2. U.S. Hist. a. advocacy of the federal system of government. b. (cap.) the principles of the Federalist ...
/fed"euhr euh list/, n. 1. an advocate of federalism. 2. (cap.) U.S. Hist. a member or supporter of the Federalist party. adj. 3. Also, federalistic. of federalism or the ...
Federalist Papers
a collection of American essays published as a series in newspapers in 1787–8. Their aim was to persuade citizens in New York State to support the proposal for the American ...
Federalist party
1. a political group that favored the adoption by the states of the Constitution. 2. a political party in early U.S. history advocating a strong central government. Also, Federal ...
Federalist, The
a series of 85 essays (1787-88) by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, written in support of the Constitution. * * *
Federalist Party n. A U.S. political party founded in 1787 to advocate the establishment of a strong federal government and the adoption by the states of the Constitution. The ...
➡ Federalist Party * * *
See federalize. * * *
—federalization, n. /fed"euhr euh luyz'/, v.t., federalized, federalizing. 1. to bring under the control of a federal government: to federalize the National Guard. 2. to bring ...
See federal. * * *
FederalRepublic of Germany
Federal Republic of Germany See West Germany. * * *
FederalReserve System
Federal Reserve System n. A U.S. banking system that consists of 12 federal reserve banks, with each one serving member banks in its own district. This system, supervised by the ...
—federator, n. v. /fed"euh rayt'/; adj. /fed"euhr it/, v., federated, federating, adj. v.t., v.i. 1. to unite in a federation. 2. to organize on a federal basis. adj. 3. ...
federated church
a church whose membership includes two or more congregations of different denominational affiliation. [1925-30] * * *
Federated Malay States
a former federation of four native states in British Malaya: Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, and Selangor. * * *
/fed'euh ray"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act of federating or uniting in a league. 2. the formation of a political unity, with a central government, by a number of separate states, each ...
Féderátion Aéronautique Internationale
▪ sports organization English  International Aeronautical Federation        nongovernmental and nonprofit international organization that encourages and oversees the ...
Federation of Labour Exchanges
▪ French trade union French  Fédération des Bourses du Travail (FBT),        federation of French workers' organizations (bourses) established in 1892. The bourse ...
Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
See Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Federation of. * * *
Federation of the West Indies.
See West Indies (def. 2). * * *
—federatively /fed"euh ray'tiv lee, -euhr euh tiv-/, adv. /fed"euh ray'tiv, -euhr euh tiv/, adj. 1. pertaining to or of the nature of a federation. 2. inclined to ...
Federative Republic of Brazil
official name of Brazil. * * *
See federative. * * *
Federer, Heinrich
▪ Swiss writer born Oct. 6/7, 1866, Brienz, Switz. died April 29, 1928, Zürich       novelist who imparted new vigour to Christian fiction in ...
Federer, Roger
▪ 2006       Switzerland's Roger Federer dominated the game of tennis with unwavering assurance and athleticism in 2005, just as he had in 2004. In those two sterling ...
Federici, Camillo
▪ Italian actor original name  Giovanni Battista Viassolo   born April 9, 1749, Garessio, Piedmont [Italy] died Dec. 23, 1802, Padua [Italy], Austrian ...
(as used in expressions) Barocci Federico Fellini Federico García Lorca Federico Zuccaro Federico Federico Zuccari * * *
Federico, Gene
▪ 2000       American graphic designer and advertising executive who pioneered the use of visual puns in advertisements by means of text integrated into the pictures in ...
/fed"eks'/, Informal. v.t. 1. to send or ship by Federal Express. n. 2. a letter or parcel sent by Federal Express. * * *
/fed"eks'/ Trademark. Federal Express. * * *
/fye"dyin/, n. Konstantin Aleksandrovich /keuhn stun tyeen" u lyi ksahn"drddeuh vyich/, 1892-1977, Russian novelist and short-story writer. * * *
Fedin, Konstantin Aleksandrovich
▪ Soviet writer born Feb. 24 [Feb. 12, Old Style], 1892, Saratov, Russia died July 15, 1977, Moscow  Soviet writer noted primarily for his early novels that portray the ...
federation. * * *
/fi dawr"euh, -dohr"euh/, n. a soft felt hat with a curled brim, worn with the crown creased lengthwise. [1885-90, Amer.; said to be named after Fédora, play by Victorien Sardou ...
Fedorenko, Nikolai Trofimovich
▪ Soviet diplomat born Nov. 9 [Oct. 27, Old Style], 1912, Pyatigorsk, Northern Caucasus, Russian Empire died 2000       Soviet diplomat, ambassador to the United ...
fed up adj. Unable or unwilling to put up with something any longer: She was fed up with their complaints. I resigned because I was fed up. * * *
—feeless, adj. /fee/, n., v., feed, feeing. n. 1. a charge or payment for professional services: a doctor's fee. 2. a sum paid or charged for a privilege: an admission fee. 3. ...
fee simple
fee simple n. 〚Anglo-Fr: see FEE & SIMPLE〛 absolute ownership of real property with unrestricted rights of disposition * * *
fee simple.
See under fee (def. 4a). [1425-75; late ME < AF] * * *
fee tail
fee tail n. 〚Anglo-Fr fee tailé < fee (see FEE) + tailé, pp. of taillir, to cut, limit (OFr taillier): see TAILOR〛 an estate in real property which may be inherited only by ...
fee tail.
See under fee (def. 4a). [1250-1300; ME < AF] * * *
/fee"feuhr serr"vis/, adj. pertaining to the charging of fees for specific services rendered in health care, as distinguished from participating in a prepaid medical practice: ...
—fee-splitter, n. /fee"split'ing/, n. the practice of dividing a fee for professional services between two professional persons, as between a referring doctor and a specialist, ...
/feeb/, n. Slang (disparaging and offensive). a feeble-minded person. [1910-15; by shortening] * * *

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