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Слова на букву enol-gano (15990)

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Figueiredo, Joao Baptista de Oliveira
▪ 2000       Brazilian four-star general and politician (b. Jan. 15, 1918, Rio de Janeiro, Braz.—d. Dec. 24, 1999, Rio de Janeiro), was the last of five officers to ...
/fee ge"rddes/, n. José /haw se"/, born 1906, Costa Rican businessman and political leader: president 1953-58, 1970-74. * * *
Figueres (Ferrer), José
born Sept. 25, 1906, San Ramón, Costa Rica died June 8, 1990, San José Costa Rican statesman and president (1948–49, 1953–58, 1970–74). Educated in Costa Rica, Mexico, ...
Figueres Ferrer, José
▪ president of Costa Rica born Sept. 25, 1906, San Ramón, C.Rica died June 8, 1990, San José  moderate socialist Costa Rican statesman who served as president of a ...
Figueroa Mateos, Gabriel
▪ 1998       Mexican cinematographer (b. April 24, 1907, Mexico City, Mex.—d. April 27, 1997, Mexico City), was internationally celebrated for the visually stunning ...
Figueroa, John Joseph Maria
▪ 2000       Jamaican poet and educator whose anthologies of Caribbean literature, literary criticism, and appearances on the BBC radio program Caribbean Voices helped ...
▪ Morocco       town, northeastern Morocco, located at the juncture of the High Plateaus (Hauts Plateaux) and the northwestern edge of the Sahara. It is an oasis town, ...
Figulus, Publius Nigidius
▪ Roman author flourished not later than 98–45 BC       Roman savant and writer, next to Marcus Terentius Varro the most learned Roman of his age, according to the ...
—figurally, adv. /fig"yeuhr euhl/, adj. consisting of figures, esp. human or animal figures: the figural representations contained in ancient wall paintings. [1400-50; late ME ...
See figural. * * *
figurant [fig′yo͞o rənt, fig′yo͞oränt΄; fig΄yo͞o ränt′] n. 〚Fr, masc. prp. of figurer, to FIGURE〛 1. a member of a corps de ballet 2. a supernumerary on the ...
figurate number
/fig"yeuhr it/, Math. a number having the property that the same number of equally spaced dots can be arranged in the shape of a regular geometrical figure. [1605-15] * * *
/fig'yeuh ray"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act of shaping into a particular figure. 2. the resulting figure or shape: emblematic figurations of the sun and the moon. 3. the act of ...
—figuratively, adv. —figurativeness, n. /fig"yeuhr euh tiv/, adj. 1. of the nature of or involving a figure of speech, esp. a metaphor; metaphorical; not literal: a ...
See figurative. * * *
See figuratively. * * *
—figurable, adj. —figureless, adj. —figurer, n. /fig"yeuhr/; esp. Brit. /fig"euhr/, n., v., figured, figuring. n. 1. a numerical symbol, esp. an Arabic numeral. 2. an ...
figure eight
a figure or form composed of two loops formed by a continuous line crossing itself, as in the figure 8, esp. as traced on ice in figure skating. Also called figure of ...
figure of eight
1. See figure eight. 2. a knot resembling the figure 8. See illus. under knot. [1595-1605] * * *
figure of speech
Rhet. any expressive use of language, as a metaphor, simile, personification, or antithesis, in which words are used in other than their literal sense, or in other than their ...
figure skate
a shoe skate used in figure skating, esp. one having a blade shorter than that of a racing skate, usually not extending beyond the toe or heel, and with notches or sawteeth on ...
figure skating
—figure skater. 1. ice skating in which the skater traces intricate patterns on the ice. 2. a type of ice skating developed from this, emphasizing jumps, spins, and other ...
Figure Skating's New Judging System
▪ 2006       The tidal wave of criticism spawned by the judging scandal at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, prompted the International Skating Union ...
figure-eight knot
figure-eight knot [fig′yər āt′] n. a kind of knot: see KNOT1: also figure-of-eight knot * * *
/fig"yeuhr grownd"/, n. Psychol. a property of perception in which there is a tendency to see parts of a visual field as solid, well-defined objects standing out against a less ...
—figuredly /fig"yeuhrd lee, -yeuhr id-/, adv. /fig"yeuhrd/, adj. 1. ornamented with a device or pattern: figured silk; figured wallpaper. 2. formed or shaped: figured ...
figured bass
/bays/, Music. a bass part in which the notes have numbers under them indicating the chords to be played. [1795-1805] * * *
figured glass
plate or sheet glass having a pattern rolled onto one side of the surface. * * *
figured bass (bās) n. See continuo.   [From the numerals written underneath the notes.] * * *
figure eight n. A form or representation, such as a knot or an ice-skating maneuver, that has the shape of the numeral 8. * * *
/fig"yeuhr hed'/, n. 1. a person who is head of a group, company, etc., in title but actually has no real authority or responsibility: Most modern kings and queens are ...
figureof speech
figure of speech n. pl. figures of speech An expression that uses language in a nonliteral way, such as a metaphor or synedoche, or in a structured or unusual way, such as ...
See figure. * * *
See figure skating. * * *
figure skating n. Ice skating consisting of one or more planned sequences of required and optional spins, jumps, and dancelike maneuvers, originally consisting of a program in ...
/fig'yeuh reen"/, n. a small ornamental figure of pottery, metal, plastic, etc.; statuette. [1850-55; < F < It figurina, equiv. to figur(a) FIGURE + -ina -INE1 (here dim.)] * * *
fig wasp n. A small wasp belonging to the family Agonidae, especially Blastophaga psenes, that breeds in the caprifig and is active in the pollination of fig trees and shrubs. * ...
/fig"werrt', -wawrt'/, n. any of numerous tall, usually coarse woodland plants of the genus Scrophularia, having a terminal cluster of small greenish-brown to purplish-brown ...
figwort family
the plant family Scrophulariaceae, characterized by herbaceous plants and shrubs having alternate or opposite leaves, often showy two-lipped or irregular flowers, fruit in the ...
/fee"jee/, n. 1. an independent archipelago of some 800 islands in the S Pacific, N of New Zealand, composed of the Fiji Islands and a smaller group to the NW: formerly a British ...
Fiji Islands
a group of islands in the S Pacific constituting most of the country of Fiji. * * *
Fiji, flag of
▪ Flag History       national flag consisting of a light blue field (background) bearing a Union Jack in the canton and the shield of the national coat of arms (arms, ...
/fee"jee euhn, fi jee"euhn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to Fiji, its people, or their language. n. 2. a native of the Fiji Islands. 3. the Austronesian language spoken by the ...
Fijian language
      Melanesian language of the Eastern, or Oceanic, branch of the Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian) language family. In the late 20th century, it was spoken by about ...
/fik/, n. Islam. fiqh. * * *
/fil/, n. fils. * * *
fila [fī′lə] n. pl. of FILUM * * * fi·la (fīʹlə) n. Plural of filum. * * *
/fil"euh gree'/, n., adj., v.t., filagreed, filagreeing. filigree. * * *
—filamented, adj. /fil"euh meuhnt/, n. 1. a very fine thread or threadlike structure; a fiber or fibril: filaments of gold. 2. a single fibril of natural or synthetic textile ...
filament lamp
      variety of incandescent lamp (q.v.) in which the light source is a fine electrical conductor heated by the passage of current. * * *
/fil'euh men"teuh ree/, adj. pertaining to or of the nature of a filament. [1835-45; FILAMENT + -ARY] * * *
/fil'euh men"teuhs/, adj. 1. composed of or containing filaments. 2. pertaining to or resembling a filament. 3. bearing filaments. [1665-75; FILAMENT + -OUS] * * *
Filangieri, Carlo, Prince Di Satriano, Duke Di Taormina
▪ Italian general born May 10, 1784, Cava de' Tirreni, Kingdom of Naples [Italy] died Nov. 16, 1867, Naples  general in command of the forces of the Kingdom of the Two ...
/fuy"leuhr/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to a thread or threads. 2. having threads or the like. [1870-75; < L fil(um) a thread + -AR1] * * *
☆ filaree [fil′ə rē΄ ] n. ALFILARIA * * * fil·a·ree (fĭl'ə-rēʹ) n. See alfilaria.   [Alteration of alfilaria.] * * *
orig. Antonio di Pietro Averlino born с 1400, Florence? died с 1469, Rome Italian architect and sculptor. In 1451 he entered the service of the duke of Milan. He designed ...
/fi lair"ee euh/, n., pl. filariae /-lair"ee ee'/. any small, threadlike roundworm of the family Filariidae and related families, carried as a larva by mosquitoes and parasitic ...
/fi lair"ee euhl/, adj. 1. belonging to the genus Filaria and allied genera of the family Filariidae. 2. Pathol. pertaining to or noting infection by filariae: filarial ...
filarial worm
Any of a group of parasitic nematodes that usually require two hosts to complete the life cycle: an arthropod and another animal, which is bitten by the arthropod. The female ...
See filarial. * * *
/fil'euh ruy"euh sis/, n. infection by filarial worms in the blood and lymph channels, lymph glands, and other tissues, the various species causing skin swellings, blindness, or ...
/fi lair"ee id/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to filariae. n. 2. a filaria. [1925-30; FILARI(A) + -ID2] * * *
/fi las"/, n. any of various vegetable fibers, other than cotton, processed for manufacture into yarn. [1855-60; < F; OF filace < VL *filacea, equiv. to L fil(um) thread + -acea, ...
/fuy"layt/, adj. Zool. threadlike. [1820-30; < L fil(um) a thread + -ATE1] * * *
/fil"euh cheuhr, -choor'/, n. 1. the act of forming into threads. 2. a reel for drawing off silk from cocoons. 3. the reeling of silk from cocoons. 4. an establishment for ...
/fil"beuhrt/, n. 1. the thick-shelled, edible nut of certain cultivated varieties of hazel, esp. of Corylus avellana, of Europe. 2. a tree or shrub bearing such nuts. [1250-1300; ...
—filcher, n. —filchingly, adv. /filch/, v.t. to steal (esp. something of small value); pilfer: to filch ashtrays from fancy restaurants. [1250-1300; ME filchen to attack (in ...
See filch. * * *
Filchner Ice Shelf
/filk"neuhr, filkh"-/ an ice barrier in Antarctica, in the SE Weddell Sea, bordered on the W by Berkner Island. * * * ▪ geological feature, Antarctica       large body ...
Filchner, Wilhelm
▪ German explorer born Sept. 13, 1877, Munich, Ger. died May 7, 1957, Zürich, Switz.  scientist and explorer who led the German Antarctic (Antarctica) expedition of ...
FilchnerIce Shelf
Filch·ner Ice Shelf (fĭlkʹnər) An area of Antarctica bordering on Coats Land at the head of Weddell Sea. It was discovered in 1912. * * *
file1 —fileable, adj. —filer, n. /fuyl/, n., v., filed, filing. n. 1. a folder, cabinet, or other container in which papers, letters, etc., are arranged in convenient order ...
/fi lay", fee"lay/, n. New Orleans Cookery. a powder made from the ground leaves of the sassafras tree, used as a thickener and to impart a pungent taste to soups, gumbos, and ...
file band
an endless steel band to which straight lengths of steel files are attached, used on a band mill or band saw. * * *
file card
a card of a size suitable for filing, typically 3 × 5 in. (7.62 × 12.7 cm) or 4 × 6 in. (10.16 × 15.24 cm). [1965-70] * * *
file clerk
an office employee whose principal work is to file and retrieve papers, records, etc. [1915-20] * * *
file extension
extension. [1995-2000] * * *
file folder
a thin cardboard folder of a size to be stored in the drawer of a file cabinet and for containing correspondence and other files. * * *
file footage
Television. film footage already on file; stock footage of crowds, cityscapes, football games, etc. * * *
file server
a computer that makes files available to workstations on a network. Cf. server. * * *
file snake
▪ reptile  (Mehelya), any of about 10 species of African snakes belonging to the family Colubridae. They are named for their triangular body cross section and rough-keeled ...
fileallocation table
file allocation table n. Abbr. FAT An area on a hard disk or floppy disk where information is stored about the physical location of each piece of every file on the disk and about ...
file clerk n. A clerk who maintains the files and records of an office. * * *
/fuyl"fish'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) filefish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) filefishes. 1. any of several flattened marine fishes of the family ...
/fuyl"naym'/, n. an identifying name given to an electronically stored computer file, conforming to limitations imposed by the operating system, as in length or restricted choice ...
/fi leen", fuy-/, n. Edward Albert, 1860-1937, U.S. retail merchant. * * *
▪ American company formerly  William Filene's Sons Co.        a Boston department store that pioneered a number of retailing innovations. It was founded in 1881 by ...
Filene, Edward A.
▪ American entrepreneur in full  Edward Albert Filene   born September 3, 1860, Salem, Massachusetts, U.S. died September 26, 1937, Paris, France       American ...
Filene, Lincoln
▪ American entrepreneur original name  Abraham Lincoln Filene   born April 5, 1865, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. died August 27, 1957, Marstons Mills, ...
Filene,Edward Albert
Fi·lene (fĭ-lēnʹ, fī-), Edward Albert. 1860-1937. American merchant who built William Filene and Sons, a successful dry goods store, and promoted the American credit union ...
file server n. A computer that controls a central repository of data that can be downloaded or manipulated in some manner by a client. * * *
/fi lay", fil"ay/; Fr. /fee le"/, n., pl. filets /fi layz", fil"az/; Fr. /fee le"/, v.t. fillet (defs. 1, 10). * * *
filet lace
a square mesh net or lace, originally knotted by hand but now copied by machine. [1905-10; < F filet net (OF file something spun, ptp. of filer; see FILE1) + -et -ET] * * * ▪ ...
filet mignon
/fi lay" min yon", min"yon/; Fr. /fee le mee nyawonn"/, pl. filets mignons /fi lay" min yonz", min"yonz/; Fr. /fee le mee nyawonn"/. a small, tender round of steak cut from the ...
fi·let mi·gnon (fĭ-lā' mēn-yôɴʹ, fĭl'ā) n. pl. fi·lets mi·gnons (fĭ-lā' mēn-yôɴʹ, fĭl'ā) A small, round, very choice cut of beef from the loin.   [French : ...
FileTransfer Protocol
File Transfer Protocol (fīl) n. FTP. * * *
▪ ancient Gaelic poets Old Gaelic:“seer,” plural  filid        professional poet in ancient Ireland whose official duties were to know and preserve the tales and ...
—filially, adv. —filialness, n. /fil"ee euhl/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, or befitting a son or daughter: filial obedience. 2. noting or having the relation of a child to a ...
filial piety
      in Confucianism, the virtue of devotion to one's parents. See hsiao (xiao). * * *
See filial. * * *
/fil"ee ayt'/, v.t., filiated, filiating. Law. to determine judicially the paternity of, as a child born out of wedlock. Cf. affiliate (def. 5). [1785-95; < ML filiatus like the ...
/fil'ee ay"sheuhn/, n. 1. the fact of being the child of a certain parent. 2. descent as if from a parent; derivation. 3. Law. the judicial determination of the paternity of a ...
/fil"euh beg'/, n. the kilt or pleated skirt worn by Scottish Highlanders. Also, philibeg. [1740-50; < ScotGael, equiv. to feile kilt + beag little] * * *
—filibusterer, n. —filibusterism, n. —filibusterous, adj. /fil"euh bus'teuhr/, n. 1. U.S. Politics. a. the use of irregular or obstructive tactics by a member of a ...
See filibuster. * * *
▪ United States history       originally, in U.S. history, the attempt to take over countries at peace with the United States via privately financed military ...
—filicidal, adj. /fil"euh suyd'/, n. 1. a person who kills his or her son or daughter. 2. the act of killing one's son or daughter: Ancient myth contains numerous examples of ...
/fil"euh fawrm', fuy"leuh-/, adj. threadlike; filamentous. [1750-60; < L fil(um) a thread + -I- + -FORM] * * *
/fil"i grayn'/, n. filigree. Also, filigrane. [1660-70; < F filigrane watermark, filigree < It filigrana < L fili-, comb. form of filum thread + grana, pl. of GRANUM GRAIN] * * *
/fil"i gree'/, n., adj., v., filigreed, filigreeing. n. 1. delicate ornamental work of fine silver, gold, or other metal wires, esp. lacy jewelers' work of scrolls and ...
filing [fīl′iŋ] n. a small piece, as of metal, scraped off with a file usually used in pl. * * * fil·ing (fīʹlĭng) n. 1. The act or an instance of using a file. 2. A ...
/fuy"lingz/, n.pl. particles removed by a file. [1350-1400; ME; see FILE2, -ING1, -S3] * * *
Filion, Hervé
▪ Canadian athlete byname  Hustling Hervé   born Feb. 1, 1940, Angers, Que., Can.       harness-race (harness racing) driver, trainer, and owner who became the most ...
/fil'ee oh puy'i tis"tik/, adj. Anthropol. of or pertaining to reverence of forebears or tradition, esp. if carried to excess. [1890-95; < L fili(us) son (cf. FILIAL) + -O- + ...
      (Latin: “and from the Son”), phrase added to the text of the Christian creed by the Western church in the Middle Ages and considered one of the major causes of ...
Filipina [fil΄i pē′nə] n. pl. Filipinas a woman or girl born or living in the Philippines adj. of Filipinas * * * Fil·i·pi·na (fĭl'ə-pēʹnə) n. A Filipino woman or ...
/fil'euh pee"noh/, n., pl. Filipinos, adj. n. 1. a native or inhabitant of the Philippines. 2. Pilipino. adj. 3. Philippine. [1895-1900; < Sp, derived from (las Islas) Filipinas ...
(as used in expressions) Brunelleschi Filippo Filippo Bruno Giulio di Pietro di Filippo de' Gianuzzi Lippi Fra Filippo Marinetti Filippo Tommaso Emilio * * *
/fil"euh steuhr/, n. Carpentry. fillister. * * *
—fillable, adj. /fil/, v.t. 1. to make full; put as much as can be held into: to fill a jar with water. 2. to occupy to the full capacity: Water filled the basin. The crowd ...
fill light
Photog. a light used to eliminate or soften shadows caused by the main source of illumination. * * *
/fil"in'/, n. 1. a person or thing that fills in, as a substitute, replacement, or insertion: The company used a fill-in for workers on vacation. 2. a brief, informative summary; ...
/fil"up'/, n. an act or instance of filling up, as a tank with fuel. [1850-55; n. use of v. phrase fill up] * * *
See fill. * * *
/fil"euh gree'/, n., adj., v.t., fillagreed, fillagreeing. filigree. * * *
fille de joie
/fee'yeu deuh zhwah"/, pl. filles de joie /fee'yeu deuh zhwah"/. French. a prostitute. [lit., pleasure girl] * * *
filled gold
a composition consisting of gold-plating welded to and rolled with a backing of brass or other base metal, at least 1/20 of the total weight being that of the gold. Also called ...
filled milk
milk containing a substitute for the butterfat. [1930-35] * * *
filled gold (fĭld) n. A relatively inexpensive metal such as brass with a surface layer of bonded gold. * * *
filled milk n. Skim milk with vegetable oils added to substitute for butterfat. * * *
/fil"euhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that fills: a filler for pies; a filler of orders. 2. a thing or substance used to fill a gap, cavity, or the like. 3. a substance used to ...
/fee"lair, fil"air/, n., pl. fillér. an aluminum coin of Hungary, the 100th part of a forint. Also, filler. [1900-05; < Hungarian < MHG vierer type of coin, equiv. to vier FOUR ...
/fil"it/; usually /fi lay"/ for 1, 10, n. 1. Cookery. a. a boneless cut or slice of meat or fish, esp. the beef tenderloin. b. a piece of veal or other meat boned, rolled, and ...
fillet weld
/fil"it/, Metalworking. a weld with a triangular cross section joining two surfaces that meet in an interior right angle. [1925-30] * * *
/fil"i ting/, n. Building Trades. material, as mortar, used as a substitute for flashing. [1590-1600; FILLET + -ING1] * * *
/fil"ing/, n. 1. an act or instance of filling. 2. something that is put in to fill something else: They used sand as filling for the depression. 3. Dentistry. a substance such ...
filling knitting.
See weft knitting. * * *
Filling Prescriptions for Americans-Big Business in Canada
▪ 2004       On a chilly September morning in Duluth, Minn., 20 or so Minnesotans boarded the “Rx Express” bus bound for Winnipeg, Man. The passengers, senior ...
filling station
☆ filling station n. SERVICE STATION (sense 2) * * *
filling station.
See service station (def. 1). * * *
filling station n. See service station. * * *
/fil"euhp/, v.t. 1. to strike with the nail of a finger snapped from the end of the thumb. 2. to tap or strike smartly. 3. to drive by or as by a fillip: Anticipation filliped ...
/fil'euh peen"/, n. philopena. * * *
/fil"euh steuhr/, n. Carpentry. 1. a rabbet or groove, as one on a window sash to hold the glass and putty. 2. Also called fillister plane. a plane for cutting rabbets or ...
fillister head
a cylindrical screw head. See illus. under screw. * * *
/fil"mawr, -mohr/, n. Millard /mil"euhrd/, 1800-74, 13th president of the United States 1850-53. * * * ▪ Utah, United States       city, seat (1851) of Millard county, ...
Fillmore, Abigail
▪ American first lady née  Abigail Powers  born March 13, 1798, Stillwater, New York, U.S. died March 30, 1853, Washington, D.C.  American first lady (1850–53), the ...
Fillmore, Millard
born Jan. 7, 1800, Locke Township, N.Y., U.S. died March 8, 1874, Buffalo, N.Y. 13th president of the U.S. (1850–53). Born into poverty, he became an indentured apprentice at ...
Fillmore, Myrtle Page
▪ American religious leader original name  Mary Caroline Page  born Aug. 6, 1845, Pagetown, Ohio, U.S. died Oct. 6, 1931, Lee's Summit, Mo.       American religious ...
Fill·more (fĭlʹmôr', -mōr'), Millard. 1800-1874. The 13th President of the United States (1850-1853), who succeeded to office after the death of Zachary Taylor. He ...
/fil"ee/, n., pl. fillies. 1. a young female horse. 2. Informal. a girl or young woman. [1400-50; late ME fyly < ON fyla female FOAL] * * *
—filmlike, adj. /film/, n. 1. a thin layer or coating: a film of grease on a plate. 2. a thin sheet of any material: a film of ice. 3. a thin skin or membrane. 4. a delicate ...
film badge
a badgelike device that, when processed, indicates whether a dose of radiation has been received: worn by workers subject to radiation exposure. [1940-45] * * *
film certificate
(BrE) (AmE movie rating) n a label that is put on films and videos, stating who can watch them legally. In Britain, the British Board of Film Classification places films and ...
film clip
a strip of motion-picture film, esp. an excerpt from a longer film or one inserted as part of another presentation, as of a telecast or full-length motion picture. [1955-60] * * *
film festival
▪ motion-picture industry       gathering, usually annual, for the purpose of evaluating new or outstanding motion pictures. Sponsored by national or local governments, ...
film gate
(in motion-picture cameras and projectors) a mechanism that holds the film flat in the focal plane of the lens during exposure or projection. * * *
film industry
➡ Hollywood * * *
film library
a collection of films, motion pictures, videodiscs, videocassettes, and any other materials stored on film. * * *
film noir
/nwahr/ a motion picture with an often grim urban setting, photographed in somber tones and permeated by a feeling of disillusionment, pessimism, and despair. [1955-60; < F: ...
film pack
Photog. a number of sheets of film arranged one over the other and connected so that they can be exposed successively. [1960-65] * * *
film recorder
a photographic device for producing a sound strip on a motion-picture film. * * *
film speed
Photog. speed (def. 5a). [1910-15] * * *
film theory
Theory developed to explain the nature of films and how they produce emotional and mental effects on the audience. It recognizes the cinema as a distinct art form. See also ...
/fil"meuh beuhl/, adj. noting or pertaining to a story or to a literary work readily adaptable to motion picture form. [1915-20; FILM + -ABLE] * * *
/film"kahrd'/, n. microfiche. [1960-65; FILM + CARD1] * * *
/film"deuhm/, n. the motion-picture industry. Also called moviedom, screenland. [1910-15; FILM + -DOM] * * *
Filmer, Sir Robert
▪ English philosopher born c. 1588 died May 26, 1653, East Sutton, near Middlestone, Kent, Eng.       English theorist who promoted an absolutist concept of ...
/film"goh'euhr/, n. a person who attends motion-picture showings. [1915-20; FILM + GOER] * * *
See filmgoer. * * *
/fil"mee/, n. a style of Indian popular vocal music accompanied by sitar and tabla and used in Indian films. [1985-90; ult. der. of E FILM] * * *
—filmically, adv. /fil"mik/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of motion pictures: a filmic adaptation of a novel. 2. containing characteristics resembling those of ...
See filmic. * * *
See filmy. * * *
See filmily. * * *
/fil"ming/, n. the act or period of photographing, esp. of a motion picture. [1885-90; FILM + -ING1] * * *
/fil'meuh zay"sheuhn/, n. an adaptation of a novel, play, etc., for a motion picture. [1915-20, Amer.; FILM + -IZATION] * * *
/film"land'/, n. filmdom. [1910-15; FILM + LAND] * * *
—filmmaking, n. /film"may'keuhr/, n. 1. Also called moviemaker. a producer or director of motion pictures, esp. one working in all phases of production: the leading young ...
film·mak·ing (fĭlmʹmā'kĭng) n. The making of movies. * * *
film noir n. 1. A movie characterized by low-key lighting, a bleak urban setting, and corrupt, cynical characters. 2. The genre or style of such movies.   [French : film, film + ...
See filmography. * * *
/fil mog"reuh fee/, n., pl. filmographies. 1. a collection of writings about motion pictures, esp. detailed essays dealing with specific films. 2. a listing of motion pictures by ...
—filmsetter, n. /film"set'/, v., filmset, filmsetting, adj. Print. v.t. 1. to photocompose. adj. 2. (of type) set on a photocomposer. [1950-55; FILM + SET] * * *
/film"set'ing/, n. Print. photocomposition. [1950-55; FILM + SET + -ING1] * * *
/film"strip'/, n. a length of film containing a series of related transparencies for projection on a screen. [1925-30; FILM + STRIP2] * * *
—filmily, adv. —filminess, n. /fil"mee/, adj., filmier, filmiest. 1. thin and light; fine and gauzy: a gown of a filmy material. 2. hazy or misty; glazed: filmy ...
/fee"loh/, n. phyllo. * * *
/fuy"leuh faks'/ Trademark. a datebook also containing space for addresses, a calendar, and specialized inserts, as maps and checklists. * * *
n a book (sometimes called a ‘personal organizer’) in which people can write down addresses, appointments and other information, with loose pages that can be taken out or ...
/fil"euh ploohm', fuy"leuh-/, n. Ornith. a specialized, hairlike feather having a slender shaft with few or no barbs. [1880-85; < NL filopluma, equiv. to L fil(um) a thread + -o- ...
/fil'euh poh"dee euhm, fuy'leuh-/, n., pl. filopodia /-dee euh/. Cell Biol. a long, hairlike pseudopod composed of ectoplasm. [see FILUM, -O-, -PODIUM] * * *
/fuy"lohs/, adj. 1. threadlike. 2. ending in a threadlike process. [1815-25; < L fil(um) a thread + -OSE1] * * *
/fi loh"seuhs/, adj. Meteorol. fibratus. [ < NL, equiv. to L fil(um) thread + -osus -OSE1] * * *
/fil"euh vuy"reuhs, fuy"leuh-/, n., pl. filoviruses. any of several viruses that are members of the new virus family Filoviridae, defined by their unique appearance and ...
/fils/, n., pl. fils. 1. a coin and monetary unit of Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, the 100th part of a dinar. 2. a bronze coin of ...
(in prescriptions) filter. [ < NL filtra] * * *
—filterer, n. /fil"teuhr/, n. 1. any substance, as cloth, paper, porous porcelain, or a layer of charcoal or sand, through which liquid or gas is passed to remove suspended ...
filter bed
a pond or tank having a false bottom covered with sand and serving to filter river or pond waters. [1870-75] * * *
filter factor
Photog. a number indicating the increased exposure that a particular film should receive when a photograph is taken using a particular filter. [1920-25] * * *
filter feeder
an aquatic animal that feeds on particles or small organisms strained out of water by circulating them through its system: includes most of the stationary feeders, as clams, ...
filter feeding
▪ zoology       in zoology, a form of food procurement in which food particles or small organisms are randomly strained from water. Filter feeding is found primarily ...
filter paper
porous paper used in filtering. [1890-95] * * *
filter tip
—filter-tipped, adj. 1. a mouthpiece for a cigarette or cigar having a means of filtering the smoke. 2. a cigarette or cigar having such a mouthpiece. [1930-35] * * *
Process that occurs during crystallization of certain igneous rocks, in which liquid is separated from the crystals by pressure. As the crystals grow and accumulate in magma, a ...
See filterable. * * *
—filterability, filterableness, n. /fil"teuhr euh beuhl/, adj. 1. capable of being filtered. 2. Microbiol. capable of passing through bacteria-retaining filters. Also, ...
filterable virus
a virus particle small enough to pass through a filter of diatomaceous earth or porcelain, which will not pass bacteria: chiefly historical or an informal indicator of size, as ...
filterable virus n. A virus that is small enough to pass through a fine-pored filter, as of diatomite or porcelain. Also called ultravirus. * * *
filter bed n. A layer of sand or gravel on the bottom of a reservoir or tank, used to filter water or sewage. * * *
See filter. * * *
filter feeder n. An aquatic animal, such as a clam, barnacle, or sponge, that feeds by filtering particulate organic material from water. * * *
See filterer. * * *
filter paper n. Porous paper suitable for use as a filter. * * *
/filth/, n. 1. offensive or disgusting dirt or refuse; foul matter: the filth dumped into our rivers. 2. foul condition: to live in filth. 3. moral impurity, corruption, or ...
See filthy. * * *
See filthily. * * *
—filthily, adv. —filthiness, n. /fil"thee/, adj., filthier, filthiest, adv., v., filthied, filthying. adj. 1. foul with, characterized by, or having the nature of filth; ...
filthy lucre
money: to lose one's health for the sake of filthy lucre. [1520-30] * * *
filthy rich adj. Extremely rich. * * *
—filtrability, n. /fil"treuh beuhl/, adj. filterable. * * *
—filtratable, adj. —filtration, n. /fil"trayt/, v., filtrated, filtrating, n. v.t., v.i. 1. to filter. n. 2. liquid that has been passed through a filter. [1605-15; < ML ...
fil·tra·tion (fĭl-trāʹshən) n. The act or process of filtering. * * *
/fuy"leuhm/, n., pl. fila /-leuh/. a threadlike structure; filament. [1855-60; < L: a thread, filament, fiber] * * *
/fim"beuhl/, n. the male or staminate plant of hemp, which is harvested before the female or pistillate plant. [1400-50; late ME femaille (hempe) FEMALE (hemp)] * * *
—fimbrial, adj. /fim"bree euh/, n., pl. fimbriae /-bree ee'/. Often, fimbriae. Bot., Zool. a fringe or fringed border. [1745-55; < NL; L fimbriae (pl.) border, fringe] * * *
See fimbria. * * *
adj. /fim"bree it, -ayt'/; v. /fim"bree ayt'/, adj., v., fimbriated, fimbriating. adj. 1. Also, fimbriated. Bot., Zool. having a border of hairs or filiform processes. v.t. 2. ...
/fim'bree ay"sheuhn/, n. Bot., Zool. 1. fimbriate or fringed condition. 2. a fringe or fringelike part. [1860-65; < ML fimbriation- (s. of fimbriatio). See FIMBRIATE, -ION] * * *
/fim bril"it, -ayt/, adj. Bot., Zool. bordered by or having a small or fine fringe. [ < NL fimbrill(a) little fringe (see FIMBRIA) + -ATE1] * * *
/fuy mik"euh leuhs, feuh-/, adj. Ecol. of or pertaining to an organism that lives on or in animal excrement. [1870-75; < L fim(um) dung + -I- + -COLOUS] * * *
fin1 —finless, adj. —finlike, adj. /fin/, n., v., finned, finning. n. 1. a membranous, winglike or paddlelike organ attached to any of various parts of the body of fishes and ...
fin de siècle
/faonn deuh sye"kleu/, French. 1. the end of the 19th century. 2. Sometimes, fin-de-siècle. of, pertaining to, or characterized by concepts of art, society, etc., associated ...
fin keel
Naut. a finlike projection extending downward from the keel of a sailboat, serving to prevent lateral motion and acting as additional ballast. * * *
fin ray
ray1 (def. 9b). [1860-65] * * *
fin stabilizer
▪ ship or aircraft part       fin or small wing mounted on a ship or aircraft in such a way as to oppose unwanted rolling motions of the vehicle and thus contribute to ...
fin whale
finback. [1880-85] * * * or finback whale or razorback whale or common rorqual Swift, slender-bodied baleen whale (Balaenoptera physalus) named for the ridge on its back. It ...
fin-de-siè·cle (făɴ'də-sē-ĕkʹlə) adj. Of or characteristic of the last part of the 19th century, especially with reference to its artistic climate of effete ...
/fin"foot'id/, adj. Ornith. 1. web-footed. 2. having feet with the toes separately furnished with flaps, as the finfoots and coots. [1640-50] * * *
1. Finland. 2. Finnish. * * *
1. finance. 2. financial. 3. finish. * * *
fin. sec.
financial secretary. * * *
—finableness, n. /fuy"neuh beuhl/, adj. subject to a fine; punishable by a fine. Also, fineable. [1475-85; FINE2 + -ABLE] * * *
—finagler, n. /fi nay"geuhl/, v., finagled, finagling. v.t. 1. to trick, swindle, or cheat (a person) (often fol. by out of): He finagled the backers out of a fortune. 2. to ...
See finagle. * * *
/fuyn"l/, adj. 1. pertaining to or coming at the end; last in place, order, or time: the final meeting of the year. 2. ultimate: The final goal is world peace. 3. conclusive or ...
final cause
Aristotelianism. See under cause (def. 8b). [1350-1400] * * *
final cut
Motion Pictures. the final edited version of a film, approved by the director and producer. Cf. rough cut. * * *
Final Fantasy
▪ video game  video game created in January 1987 by Japanese game manufacturer SquareSoft (now Square Enix, Inc.). The first installment of the long-running role-playing game ...
Final Four
the four remaining play-off teams that compete for the U.S. college basketball championship. * * *
Final Judgment
judgment (def. 8). * * *
Final major league standings, 2008
▪ Table Final major league standings, 2008 American League East Division won lost GB** Tampa Bay* 97 65 — Boston* 95 67 2 New York ...
Final Medal Rankings, Athens Olympic Games, 2004
▪ Table Final medal rankings, Athens Olympic Games, 2004 rank country gold silver bronze total 1 United ...
Final medal rankings, Beijing Olympic Games, 2008
▪ Table Final medal rankings, Beijing Olympic Games, 2008 rank country gold silver bronze total 1 United ...
Final Solution
the Nazi program of annihilating the Jews of Europe during the Third Reich. [1945-50; trans. of G endgültige Lösung] * * *
/fi nal"ee, -nah"lee/, n. 1. the last piece, division, or movement of a concert, opera, or composition. 2. the concluding part of any performance, course of proceedings, etc.; ...
/fuyn"l iz'euhm/, n. the doctrine or belief that all events are determined by their purposes or goals. [1905-10; FINAL + -ISM] * * *
/fuyn"l ist/, n. a person entitled to participate in the final or decisive contest in a series, as in musical or athletic competition. [1895-1900; FINAL + -IST] * * *
/fuy nal"i tee/, n., pl. finalities for 2. 1. the state, quality, or fact of being final; conclusiveness or decisiveness. 2. something that is final; an ultimate act, utterance, ...
See finalize. * * *
—finalization, n. —finalizer, n. /fuyn"l uyz'/, v., finalized, finalizing. v.t. 1. to put into final form; complete all the details of. v.i. 2. to complete an agreement; ...
See finalization. * * *
/fuyn"l ee/, adv. 1. at the final point or moment; in the end. 2. in a final manner; conclusively or decisively. 3. at last; eventually; after considerable delay: After three ...
➡ exams * * *
Final Solution also final solution n. The Nazi program of exterminating Jews during the Third Reich.   [Translation of German Endlösung: Ende, end, final + Lösung, ...

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