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Слова на букву gano-hipp (15990)

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Grand Coulee
/kooh"lee/ 1. a dry canyon in central Washington: cut by the Columbia River in the glacial period. 52 mi. (84 km) long; over 400 ft. (120 m) deep. 2. a dam on the Columbia River ...
Grand Coulee Dam
a large dam on the Columbia River in the US state of Washington. It was completed in 1942 and made larger in the 1980s. It was built to produce electricity from water power. The ...
grand council fire
a formal gathering of camp fire members requiring a minimum attendance of three troops. * * *
grand coup
Bridge, Whist. the trumping of a trick that could have been taken by the winner's partner. [1870-75] * * *
Grand Cru
Fr. /grddahonn krddyuu"/, pl. Grands Crus Fr. /grddahonn krddyuu"/. French. See under cru. * * *
Grand Dictionnaire encyclopédique Larousse
▪ French encyclopaedia       (French: “Larousse Great Encyclopaedic Dictionary”), French encyclopaedia published in Paris (1982–85) by Librairie Larousse and based ...
grand dragon
a high-ranking official of the Ku Klux Klan. [1865-70, Amer.] * * *
grand drapery
Theat. a valance across the proscenium arch, forming part of the decorative frame for the stage. * * *
grand duchess
1. the wife or widow of a grand duke. 2. a woman who governs a grand duchy in her own right. 3. a daughter of a czar or of a czar's son. [1750-60] * * *
grand duchy
a territory ruled by a grand duke or grand duchess. [1825-35] * * *
Grand Duchy of Muscovy
Muscovy (def. 1). Also, Grand Duchy of Moscow. * * *
grand duke
—grand-ducal, adj. 1. the sovereign of a territory called a grand duchy, ranking next below a king. 2. a son of a czar or of a czar's son. [1685-95] * * * ▪ European ...
Grand Falls
former name of Churchill Falls. * * *
Grand Falls–Windsor
▪ Newfoundland, Canada       town, central Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It lies along the Exploits River and the Trans-Canada Highway, 266 miles ...
grand feu
Fr. /grddahonn fue"/, Ceram. 1. a firing of ceramics at a high temperature. 2. the category of ceramic colors fired at high temperature. Cf. petit feu. [1860-65; < F: lit., great ...
grand finale
the concluding portion of a performance or entertainment, as a musical show, rodeo, etc., usually spectacular and involving most or all of the prior participants. [1870-75] * * *
grand fir
a large fir, Abies grandis, of the western coast of North America, having a narrow, pointed crown and yielding a soft wood used for lumber, pulp, and boxes. Also called lowland ...
Grand Forks
a town in E North Dakota. 43,765. * * * ▪ North Dakota, United States       city, seat (1875) of Grand Forks county, eastern North Dakota, U.S. It lies at the ...
Grand Guignol
Fr. /grddahonn gee nyawl"/ 1. a short drama stressing horror and sensationalism. 2. of, pertaining to, or resembling such a drama. [1905-10; after Le Grand Guignol, small theater ...
Grand Harbour
▪ inlet, Malta       small inlet on the east coast of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. It is separated from Marsamxett harbour by Mount Sceberras, a rocky promontory on ...
Grand Haven
a city in W Michigan. 11,763. * * * ▪ Michigan, United States  city, seat (1837) of Ottawa county, southwestern Michigan, U.S., located at the mouth of the Grand River, ...
grand hazard
▪ dice game       gambling game with dice from which chuck-a-luck evolved. In the United States the game is sometimes mistakenly called chuck-a-luck. Grand hazard is ...
grand inquisitor
(often caps.) the presiding officer of a court of inquisition. * * *
Grand Island
a city in S Nebraska. 33,180. * * * ▪ Nebraska, United States       city, seat of Hall county, south-central Nebraska, U.S., about 90 miles (145 km) west of Lincoln. ...
Grand Isle
▪ county, Vermont, United States       county, northwestern Vermont, U.S. It is bordered to the north by Quebec, Can., and to the west by New York state. It consists of ...
grand jeté
Fr. /grddahonn zheuh tay"/, pl. grands jetés Fr. /grddahonn zheuh tay"/. Ballet. a jump or jeté, preceded by a grand battement or high kick, in which a dancer leaps from one ...
Grand Junction
a city in W Colorado. 28,144. * * * ▪ Colorado, United States       city, seat (1883) of Mesa county, western Colorado, U.S. It lies in the Grand Valley (elevation ...
grand juror
a person serving on a grand jury. Also called grand juryman. [1590-1600] * * *
grand jury
a jury, at common law, of 12 to 23 persons, designated to inquire into alleged violations of the law in order to ascertain whether the evidence is sufficient to warrant ...
Grand Kabuki
kabuki (def. 2). * * *
Grand Lama
the chief monk and ruler of Tibet: called the Dalai Lama since the middle of the 17th century. [1930-35] * * *
grand larceny
Law. larceny in which the value of the goods taken is above a certain legally specified amount. Also called grand theft. Cf. petty larceny. [1840-50] * * *
Grand Lodge
the leading organization in British Freemasonry, established in London in 1717. Many members of the British royal family have been Grand Masters (= leaders) of the Grand Lodge. * ...
grand mal
/gran" mahl", -mal", grand"/; Fr. /grddahonn mannl"/, Pathol. See under epilepsy. [1875-80; < F: great ailment, epilepsy] * * *
Grand Manan
/meuh nan"/ a Canadian island at the entrance to the Bay of Fundy: a part of New Brunswick; summer resort. ab. 3000; 57 sq. mi. (148 sq. km). * * *
Grand Manan Island
▪ island, New Brunswick, Canada  island in the Bay of Fundy (Fundy, Bay of), southwestern New Brunswick, Canada. The island lies near the entrance to Passamaquoddy Bay, 23 ...
grand march
the opening ceremonies of a formal ball, in which guests promenade into or around the ballroom. [1895-1900, Amer.] * * *
Grand Marnier
/grahonn" mahr nyay"/; Fr. /grddahonn mannrdd nyay"/, Trademark. a brand of French liqueur having a brandy base and an orange flavor. * * *
grand marshal
marshal (def. 8). * * *
grand master
1. Chess. International Grand Master. 2. a person at the highest level of ability or achievement in any field. Also, grandmaster. * * *
Grand Master
n. the head of a military order of knighthood, a lodge, fraternal order, or the like. * * *
grand monde
grand monde [grän mōnd′] n. 〚Fr, great world〛 fashionable society; high society * * *
Grand Mufti
1. a Muslim religious leader. 2. (formerly) the chief legal authority for Muslims in Jerusalem. * * *
Grand National
(also infml the National) the most famous and important horse race in Britain. It is a very long race, with many high fences for the horses to jump over, and it takes place every ...
Grand National Party
▪ political party, South Korea Korean  Hannara Dang        conservative political party in South Korea.       The Grand National Party was formed in 1997 ...
Grand Old Duke of York
a British nursery rhyme. The first verse is: Oh the Grand old Duke of York He had ten thousand men, He marched them up to the top of the hill And he marched them down again.It is ...
grand old man
a highly respected, usually elderly man who has been a major or the most important figure in a specific field for many years. * * *
Grand Old Party
➡ GOP * * *
Grand Old Party.
See G.O.P. * * *
Grand Ole Opry
/ohl" op"ree/ a successful radio show from Nashville, Tenn., first broadcast on Nov. 28, 1925, noted for its playing of and continuing importance to country music. * * * Country ...
grand opera
a serious, usually tragic, opera in which most of the text is set to music. [1795-1805] * * *
Grand Order of Water Rats
a British organization whose members are entertainers. They organize events to raise money for charity, including an annual ball each November. * * *
grand passion
1. an intense or overwhelming attraction or love. 2. the object of such feelings. [1925-30; trans. of F grande passion] * * *
grand penitentiary.
See under penitentiary (def. 3). * * *
grand piano
a piano having the frame supported horizontally on three legs. Cf. concert grand. See illus. under piano1. [1790-1800] * * *
Grand Portage National Monument
Historic site, northeastern corner of Minnesota, U.S. Located on Lake Superior near the Canadian border, it was designated a national historic site in 1951 and a national ...
Grand Prairie
a city in NE Texas. 71,462. * * *
Grand Pré
/gran" pray"/; Fr. /grddahonn prdday"/ a village in central Nova Scotia, on Minas Basin: locale of Longfellow's Evangeline. * * *
Grand Prix
Fr. /grddahonn prddee"/, pl. Grand Prix, Grands Prix, Grand Prixes all pronounced Fr. /grddahonn prddeez"/. (sometimes l.c.) any of various major automobile races over a long, ...
Grand Prix racing
Automobile racing in which formula cars are run on closed highways or courses that simulate road conditions. Formula cars are open-wheel, open-cockpit, rear-engine vehicles and ...
grand quarter
Heraldry. a quartered coat of arms, itself one of the quarters of a coat of arms. [1885-90] * * *
Grand Rapids
1. a city in SW Michigan: furniture factories. 181,843. 2. noting or pertaining to mass-produced furniture of generally low quality. * * * City (pop., 2000: 197,800), western ...
grand right and left
a figure called in square dancing in which partners face each other, forming a small circle, and then advance around the circle by extending alternating right and left hands to ...
Grand River
1. former name of the Colorado River above its junction with the Green River in SE Utah. 2. a river in SW Michigan, flowing W to Lake Michigan. 260 mi. (420 km) long. * * * ▪ ...
grand rounds
a formal hospital meeting at which physicians discuss interesting medical cases. * * *
grand serjeanty
Medieval Eng. Law. serjeanty in which the tenant rendered services of a personal, honorary nature to the king, as carrying his sword or banner. Cf. petit serjeanty. [ME graunte ...
grand slam
1. Bridge. the winning of all thirteen tricks of a deal. Cf. little slam. 2. Also, grand-slammer. Baseball. a home run with three runners on base. 3. Sports. the winning by a ...
grand slam events
➡ grand slam * * *
Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument
National preserve, southern Utah, U.S. Created a national monument in 1996, it covers 1. 7 million acres (0.7 million hectares). Its western section has cliffs and plateaus, and ...
Grand Terre
Grand Terre [grän′ ter′] alt. sp. of GRANDE-TERRE * * *
Grand Teton National Park
a national park in NW Wyoming, including a portion of the Teton Range. 148 sq. mi. (383 sq. km). * * * National preserve, northwestern Wyoming, U.S. In 1950 most of Jackson Hole ...
grand theft
grand theft n. GRAND LARCENY: see LARCENY * * *
Grand Theft Auto
▪ video game  video game created by the American company Rockstar Games and published in 1997 and 1998 by the American Softworks Corporation (ASC Games) for play on video ...
grand theft.
See grand larceny. * * *
grand tier
the first tier of boxes after the parquet circle in a large theater or opera house. * * *
grand tour
1. an extended tour of Europe, formerly regarded as a necessary part of the education of young British gentlemen. 2. an extended tour of any region or country. 3. a comprehensive ...
grand touring car.
See GT (def. 2). Also called grand touring. [1965-70] * * *
Grand Traverse Bay
Northeast arm of Lake Michigan, indenting northwestern Michigan, U.S. Located off the coast of the Lower Peninsula, the head of the bay is 32 mi (52 km) long and 12 mi (19 km) ...
Grand Trunk Railway
Early Canadian railway line, incorporated in 1852–53 to connect the key cities of eastern Canada with Portland, Me. By completing its final link in July 1853 between Montreal ...
Grand Turk
1. an island in the Turks and Caicos Islands of the West Indies. 7 mi. (11 km) long. 2. capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands, on Grand Turk. 2287. * * * ▪ island, Turks ...
grand unification theory
Physics. a possible future quantum field theory that would encompass both the electroweak theory and quantum chromodynamics. Abbr.: GUT Also called grand unified ...
grand unified (field) theory
grand unified (field) theory or grand unified theory n. Particle Physics any of various theories postulating that the four fundamental forces in the universe (electromagnetism, ...
grand unified theory
or grand unification theory (GUT) Theory that attempts to unify the electroweak force (see electroweak theory) with the strong force. The unification of all four fundamental ...
Grand Union Canal
a canal that links London with Birmingham and Leicester. It is the longest canal in Britain, and used to be an important route for goods between the Midlands and the south of ...
Grand Union Flag
▪ historical United States flag also called  Great Union Flag, or Cambridge Flag,         American colonial banner first displayed by George Washington on Jan. 1, ...
grand vizier
the chief officer of state of various Muslim countries, as in the former Ottoman Empire. * * *
Grand Wizard
➡ Ku Klux Klan. * * *
Fr. /grddahonn merdd"/, n. a town in S Quebec, in E Canada. 15,442. * * *
a combining form used in genealogical terminology meaning "one generation more remote": grandfather; grandnephew. [special use of GRAND] * * *
/grand"skayl"/, adj. of large proportion, extent, magnitude, etc.: grand-scale efforts; a grand-scale approach. [1955-60] * * *
gran·dad·dy (grănʹdăd'ē) n. Variant of granddaddy. * * *
Grandage, Michael
▪ 2008 born May 2, 1962, Yorkshire, Eng.       Michael Grandage, artistic director of London's Donmar Warehouse theatre, made a belated but hugely successful debut on ...
/gran"deuhm, -dam/, n. 1. a grandmother. 2. an old woman. Also, grandame /gran"daym, -deuhm/. [1175-1225; ME gra(u)ndame < OF grant dame. See GRAND, DAME] * * *
/grand"ant', -ahnt'/, n. an aunt of one's father or mother; great-aunt. [1820-30; GRAND- + AUNT] * * *
/gran"bay'bee, grand"-/, n., pl. grandbabies. an infant grandchild. [1915-20; GRAND- + BABY] * * *
Grand Ba·ha·ma (grănd bə-häʹmə) An island of the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean east of West Palm Beach, Florida. * * *
Grand Banks An extensive area of shoals in the western Atlantic Ocean off southeast Newfoundland, Canada. The mingling of the cold Labrador Current and the warmer Gulf Stream ...
Grandbois, Alain
▪ Canadian poet born May 25, 1900, Saint-Casimir, Que., Can. died March 18, 1975, Quebec       French Canadian poet whose use of unconventional verse forms, abstract ...
Grand Canal 1. An inland waterway, about 1,609 km (1,000 mi) long, of eastern China extending from Tianjin in the north to Hangzhou in the south. Begun in the sixth to fifth ...
Grand Canary One of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean east-southeast of Tenerife Island. It is the principal island of the group. * * *
Grand Canyon A gorge of the Colorado River in northwest Arizona. It is up to 1.6 km (1 mi) deep, from 6.4 to 29 km (4 to 18 mi) wide, and more than 321.8 km (200 mi) long. * * *
Grand Cayman See Cayman Islands. * * *
Grandchamp and Taizé communities
▪ Protestant group       two associated Protestant religious communities founded in the mid-20th century in Switzerland and France.       In the 1940s Roger ...
/gran"chuyld'/, n., pl. grandchildren. a child of one's son or daughter. [1580-90; GRAND- + CHILD] * * *
Grand Coulee A gorge, about 48 km (30 mi) long, of north-central Washington, carved by the Columbia River. It is fed by water from the Grand Coulee Dam (built 1933-1942). * * *
/gran"dad'/, n. Informal. grandfather. [1810-20; GRAND- + DAD1] * * *
/gran"dad'ee/, n., pl. granddaddies. Informal. grandfather. [1760-70; GRAND- + DADDY] * * *
/gran"daw'teuhr/, n. a daughter of one's son or daughter. [1605-15; GRAND- + DAUGHTER] * * *
grand duchess n. 1. The wife or widow of a grand duke. 2. A woman who is the sovereign of a grand duchy. 3. The daughter or granddaughter of a czar in the male line. 4. Used as ...
grand duchy n. A territory ruled by a grand duke or grand duchess. * * *
grand duke n. 1. A nobleman who is the sovereign of a grand duchy. 2. A son or grandson of a czar in the male line. 3. Used as the title for such a nobleman. * * *
/grand, gran"dee, grahn"day/; Port. /grddahonn"di/, n. Rio. See Rio Grande. * * * (as used in expressions) Río Grande de Cagayan Casa Grande Ruins National Monument grande ...
Grande Cascade
▪ cataracts, France       set of cataracts in the Pyrenees range near the head of the Pau Stream in southern France. At 1,450 feet (442 m), it is among the world's ...
Grande Chartreuse, La
Fr. /lann grddahonnd shannrdd trdduez"/ the Carthusian monastery at Grenoble, France: the chief monastery of the Carthusians until 1903. * * *
grande cuisine
▪ gastronomy       the classic cuisine of France as it evolved from its beginnings in the 16th century to its fullest flowering in the lavish banquets of the 19th ...
grande dame
/gran" dam", daym"/; Fr. /grddahonnd dannm"/, pl. grandes dames /gran" damz", daymz"/; Fr. /grddahonnd dannm"/. 1. a usually elderly woman of dignified or aristocratic ...
Grande Dixence Dam
▪ dam, Switzerland       gravity dam on the Dixence River, Switzerland, completed in 1961. It is 935 feet (285 m) high and 2,280 feet (695 m) wide at the crest, has a ...
Grande dizionario della lingua italiana
▪ Italian dictionary       (Italian: “Great Dictionary of the Italian Language”), Italian dictionary, a scholarly work being produced at Turin, intended to replace ...
grande école
(French: "great school") Any of several preeminent specialized institutions of higher learning in France. The École Polytechnique was founded in 1794 to recruit and train ...
Grande Enciclopédia Portuguesa e Brasileira
▪ Portuguese encyclopaedia       (Portuguese: “Great Portuguese and Brazilian Encyclopaedia”), 37-volume Portuguese dictionary-encyclopaedia published in Lisbon and ...
Grande Encyclopédie, La
▪ French encyclopaedia       (French: “The Great Encyclopaedia”), French general encyclopaedia, lavishly illustrated in 21 volumes and published in Paris ...
Grande Prairie
/grand/ a city in W Alberta, in W Canada. 17,626. * * * ▪ Alberta, Canada       city, western Alberta, Canada. It lies along the Bear River, near the British Columbia ...
Grande Range
▪ hills, Uruguay Spanish  Cuchilla Grande,        range of granite hills, eastern Uruguay. It forms the eastern limit of the Negro River drainage basin and the ...
Grande River
▪ river, Brazil Portuguese  Rio Grande,        river, south-central Brazil. It rises in the Mantiqueira Mountains almost in sight of Rio de Janeiro city and descends ...
I. Gran·de1 (grănʹdə, gräɴʹdĭ), Rio A river, about 1,046 km (650 mi) long, flowing from southeast Brazil generally northwest to the Paranaíba River, with which it ...
Fr. /grddahonnd terdd"/, n. See under Guadeloupe. * * * ▪ island, Guadeloupe       island in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea that, with its twin to the west, ...
grande dame (grăndʹ dămʹ, grändʹ dämʹ) n. pl. grandes dames, also grand dames (grăndʹ dămʹ, grändʹ dämʹ) 1. A highly respected elderly or middle-aged woman. 2. A ...
—grandeeship, n. /gran dee"/, n. a man of high social position or eminence, esp. a Spanish or Portuguese nobleman. [1590-1600; < Sp, Pg grande, with ending assimilated to ...
/gran"jeuhr, -joor/, n. 1. the quality or state of being impressive or awesome: the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. 2. the quality or state of being lofty or elevated in ...
Grand Falls See Churchill Falls. * * *
/gran"fah'dheuhr, grand"-/, n. 1. the father of one's father or mother. 2. a forefather. 3. the founder or originator of a family, species, type, etc.; the first of one's or its ...
grandfather clause
1. U.S. Hist. a clause in the constitutions of some Southern states after 1890 intended to permit whites to vote while disfranchising blacks: it exempted from new literacy and ...
grandfather clock
☆ grandfather clock or grandfather's clock n. a large clock with a pendulum, contained in a tall, narrow case * * * ▪ clock also called  longcase clock        tall ...
grandfather's chair.
See wing chair. [1890-95] * * *
grandfather's clock
a pendulum floor clock having a case as tall as or taller than a person; tall-case clock; long-case clock. Also, grandfather clock. [1890-95] * * *
grandfather clause n. 1. A provision in a statute that exempts those already involved in a regulated activity or business from the new regulations established by the statute. 2. ...
grandfather clock n. A pendulum clock enclosed in a tall, narrow cabinet.   [From the song My Grandfather's Clock by Henry Clay Work (1832-1884), American songwriter.] * * *
/gran"fah'dheuhr lee, grand"-/, adj. of or characteristic of a grandfather. [1815-25; GRANDFATHER + -LY] * * *
Grand Forks A city of eastern North Dakota on the Red River north of Fargo. Established as a fur-trading post in 1801, it is the seat of the University of North Dakota (founded ...
/gran"jeuhnt/, n. Charles Hall, 1862-1939, U.S. philologist and essayist. * * *
Grandgent, Charles Hall
▪ American linguist born Nov. 14, 1862, Dorchester, Mass., U.S. died Sept. 11, 1939, Cambridge, Mass.       American linguist who was a principal authority on Vulgar ...
Grand Gui·gnol (gräɴ gē-nyôlʹ) n. Drama that emphasizes the horrifying or the macabre.   [After Le Grand Guignol, a theater in Paris.] * * *
Grandi, Alessandro
▪ Italian composer died 1630, Bergamo, Republic of Venice [Italy]       Italian composer noted for his solo songs; he was the first to use the word cantata in the ...
Grandi, Dino, conte di Mordano
▪ Italian official born June 4, 1895, Mordano, Italy died May 21, 1988, Bologna  high-ranking official of Italy's Fascist regime who later contributed to the downfall of the ...
Grandi, Dino, count di Mordano
born June 4, 1895, Mordano, Italy died May 21, 1988, Bologna Italian politician. He made an unsuccessful bid for leadership of Italy's Fascists in 1921, losing to Benito ...
/gran'deuh flawr"euh, -flohr"euh/, n. any of several plant varieties or hybrids characterized by large showy flowers, as certain kinds of petunias, baby's breath, or ...
/gran dil"euh kweuhns/, n. speech that is lofty in tone, often to the point of being pompous or bombastic. [1580-90; < L grandiloqu(us) speaking loftily (grandi(s) great + ...
—grandiloquently, adv. /gran dil"euh kweuhnt/, adj. speaking or expressed in a lofty style, often to the point of being pompous or bombastic. [1585-95; GRANDILOQU(ENCE) + ...
See grandiloquent. * * *
Grandin, Temple
▪ American scientist and industrial designer born Aug. 29, 1947, Boston, Mass., U.S.       American scientist and industrial designer whose own experience with autism ...
—grandiosely, adv. —grandioseness, grandiosity /gran'dee os"i tee/, n. /gran"dee ohs'/, adj. 1. affectedly grand or important; pompous: grandiose words. 2. more complicated ...
See grandiose. * * *
See grandiosely. * * *
See grandiosely. * * *
grandioso [grän dyō̂′sō̂; ] E [ gran΄dē ō′sō] adj., adv. 〚It〛 Musical Direction in a grand, noble style * * * gran·di·o·so (grän'dē-ōʹsō, -zō, ...
Grandjean, Philippe
▪ French engraver born 1666, Mâcon, Fr. died May 6, 1714, Paris  French type engraver particularly noted for his famous series of roman and italic types known as Romain du ...
grand jury n. A jury of 12 to 23 persons convened in private session to evaluate accusations against persons charged with crime and to determine whether the evidence warrants a ...
grandkid [grand′kid΄, gran′kid΄] n. Informal a grandchild * * * grand·kid (grăndʹkĭd', grănʹ-) n. Informal A grandchild. * * *
Grand Lama n. Either of two traditionally reincarnating high lamas of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama or the Panchen Lama. * * *
grand larceny n. The theft of property of a value exceeding the amount constituting petit larceny. * * *
See grand. * * *
/gran"mah', -maw', grand"-, gram"-, gram"meuh/, n. Informal. grandmother. [1865-70; GRAND- + MA] * * *
Grandma Moses
(1860–1961) the popular name for the US painter Anna Mary Robertson Moses. She was a farmer’s wife who did not paint until the age of 76 and then produced more than 1 200 ...
Grandma Moses.
See Moses, Anna Mary Robertson. * * *
grand mal (grănʹ mälʹ, mălʹ, grăndʹ) n. A severe form of epilepsy characterized by seizures involving spasms and loss of consciousness.   [French : grand, great + mal, ...
/grand"meuh mah'; gran"mah'meuh, grand"-, gram"-/, n. Informal. grandmother. [1740-50; GRAND- + MAMMA1] * * *
GrandManan Island
Grand Ma·nan Island (mə-nănʹ) An island of southern New Brunswick, Canada, in the Bay of Fundy. Settled by Loyalists after the American Revolution, it is a popular summer ...
grand march n. A ceremonial march at a ball in which all couples take part. * * *
grandmaster [grand′mas′tər] n. 1. a national or, now usually, international title awarded to chess players of the highest ranking 2. a chess player holding this title: Also ...
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
▪ American music group       American group that was instrumental in the development of hip-hop music. The members were Grandmaster Flash (original name Joseph Saddler; ...
/gran"mudh'euhr, grand"-, gram"-/, n. 1. the mother of one's father or mother. 2. a female ancestor. [1375-1425; late ME; see GRAND-, MOTHER1] * * *
grandmother's clock
a pendulum clock similar to a grandfather's clock but shorter. Also, grandmother clock. [1920-25] * * *
—grandmotherliness, n. /gran"mudh'euhr lee, grand"-, gram"-/, adj. of or characteristic of a grandmother. [1835-45; GRANDMOTHER + -LY] * * *
/gran"nef'yooh, -nev'yooh, grand"-/, n. a son of one's nephew or niece. [1630-40; GRAND- + NEPHEW] * * *
See grandly. * * *
/gran"nees', grand"-/, n. a daughter of one's nephew or niece. [1820-30; GRAND- + NIECE] * * *
grand opera n. 1. A serious or tragic opera for which the entire text is set to music. 2. A lavishly produced opera. * * *
/gran"pah', -paw', grand"-, gram"-, gram"peuh/, n. Informal. grandfather. [1885-90; GRAND- + PA] * * *
/grand"peuh pah'; gran"pah'peuh, grand"-, gram"-/, n. Informal. grandfather. [1745-55; GRAND- + PAPA] * * *
/gran"pap'ee, grand"-, gram"-/, n., pl. grandpappies. Dial. grandfather. Also, grandpap. [1935-40; GRAND- + PAPPY2] * * *
—grandparental /gran'peuh ren"tl, grand'-/, adj. —grandparenting, n. /gran"pair'euhnt, -par'-, grand"-/, n. a parent of a parent. [1820-30; GRAND- + PARENT] * * *
See grandparent. * * *
See grandparental. * * *
Grandparents’ Day
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grand piano n. A piano having the strings strung in a horizontal harp-shaped frame supported usually on three legs. * * *
Grand Prairie A city of northeast Texas halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth. Located in a highly urbanized area, the city has aerospace, steel, and plastics industries. ...
Grand Prix (gräɴʹ prēʹ) n. pl. Grand Prix (prēzʹ, prēʹ) Any of several competitive international road races for sports cars of specific engine size over an exacting, ...
Grand Rapids (grănd) A city of west-central Michigan on the Grand River west-northwest of Lansing. Built on the site of an Ottawa village, it has been a ...
/gran drel"/, n. (sometimes cap.) a two-ply yarn made by twisting together two singles of contrasting color. [orig. obscure] * * *
Grand River 1. A river of southeast Ontario, Canada, flowing about 265 km (165 mi) south and southeast to Lake Erie. 2. A river rising in southeast Iowa and flowing about 483 km ...
/grand"suyeur'/, n. 1. a grandfather. 2. Archaic. a. a forefather. b. an aged man. [1250-1300; ME graunt-sire < AF. See GRAND-, SIRE] * * *
grand slam n. 1. The winning of all the tricks during the play of one hand in bridge and other whist-derived card games. 2. Sports. The winning of all the major or specified ...
/gran"sun', grand"-/, n. a son of one's son or daughter. [1580-90; GRAND- + SON] * * *
—grandstander, n. /gran"stand', grand"-/, n., v., grandstanded, grandstanding, adj. n. 1. the main seating area of a stadium, racetrack, parade route, or the like, usually ...
grandstand play
1. an ostentatious play, as in a sport, overemphasized deliberately to elicit applause from spectators. 2. any action or attempt designed to win approval or to make a strong ...
See grandstand. * * *
Grand Te·ton (tēʹtŏn', tētʹn) A mountain, 4,198.6 m (13,766 ft) high, of the Teton Range in northwest Wyoming. It is the highest elevation in the range. * * *
grand tour n. 1. A comprehensive tour or survey. 2. An extended tour of continental Europe formerly considered a finishing course in the education of young men of the English ...
GrandTraverse Bay
Grand Trav·erse Bay (trăvʹərs) An arm of Lake Michigan in northwest Michigan. It is noted for its boating and fishing. * * *
Grand Turk The chief island of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Atlantic Ocean southeast of the Bahamas. The town of Grand Turk (population, 3,146) is the capital of the ...
/grand"ung'keuhl/, n. an uncle of one's father or mother; a great-uncle. [1400-50; late ME. See GRAND-, UNCLE] * * *
grandunified theory
grand unified theory n. Abbr. GUT A theory of elementary forces that unites the weak, strong, electromagnetic, and gravitational interactions into one field theory and views the ...
/grand"vyooh'/, n. a town in W Missouri. 24,502. * * *
/grand"vil/, n. a town in SW Michigan. 12,412. * * * ▪ French cartoonist byname  of Jean-ignace-isidore Gérard   born Sept. 13, 1803, Nancy, Fr. died March 17, 1847, ...
Granet, François Marius
▪ French painter born Dec. 17, 1775, Aix-en-Provence, France died Nov. 21, 1849, Aix-en-Provence       French painter and watercolourist. With a number of other ...
/graynj/, n. 1. a farm, with its farmhouse and nearby buildings. 2. Chiefly Brit. a country house with its various farm buildings, usually constituting the dwelling of a yeoman ...
/graynj/, n. Harold ("Red"), born 1903, U.S. football player. * * *
Grange Hill
a British children’s television programme in the 1970s and 1980s. It was set in a school in London, and was more realistic than many children’s programmes, dealing with ...
Grange, Red
orig. Harold Grange born June 13, 1903, Forksville, Pa., U.S. died Jan. 28, 1991, Lake Wales, Fla. U.S. gridiron football player. He had an outstanding collegiate career at ...
▪ Scotland, United Kingdom       seaport and industrial town on the south shore of the River Forth estuary, Falkirk council area, historic county of Stirlingshire, ...
/grayn"jeuhr/, n. 1. Northwestern U.S. a farmer. 2. (cap.) a member of the Granger Movement. [1125-75; ME gra(u)nger farm-bailiff < AF; OF grangier. See GRANGE, -ER2] * * *
Granger Movement
U.S. Hist. a campaign for state control of railroads and grain elevators, esp. in the north central states, carried on during the 1870s by members of the Patrons of Husbandry ...
Granger, Clive W.J.
▪ Welsh economist born September 4, 1934, Swansea, Wales       Welsh economist, corecipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2003 for his development of techniques ...
Granger, Stewart
▪ 1994       (JAMES LABLACHE STEWART), British-born motion-picture actor (b. May 6, 1913, London, England—d. Aug. 16, 1993, Santa Monica, Calif.), portrayed ...
—grangerism, n. —grangerization, n. —grangerizer, n. /grayn"jeuh ruyz'/, v.t., grangerized, grangerizing. 1. to augment the illustrative content of (a book) by inserting ...
/grah"nee/, n. (in the Volsunga Saga) the horse of Sigurd. * * *
a combining form meaning "grain," used in the formation of compound words: granivorous. [ < L, comb. form of granum; akin to CORN1] * * *
/greuh nuy"keuhs/, n. a river in NW Turkey, flowing N to the Sea of Marmara: battle 334 B.C. 45 mi. (70 km) long. * * *
Granicus, Battle of the
(334 BC) First victory won by Alexander the Great in his invasion of the Persian empire. Against heavy odds at the Granicus River, Alexander's army defeated the Persians under ...
graniferous [grə nif′ər əs] adj. 〚< L granifer: see GRAIN & -FEROUS〛 bearing grain * * *
Sw. /grddah neet"/, n. Ragnar Arthur Sw. /rddahng"nahrdd ahrdd"toordd/, born 1900, Swedish physiologist, born in Finland: Nobel prize for medicine 1967. * * *
Granit, Ragnar Arthur
born Oct. 30, 1900, Helsinki, Fin. died March 12, 1991, Stockholm, Swed. Finnish-born Swedish physiologist. His "dominator-modulator" theory states that in addition to the ...
/greuh nee"teuh/; It. /grddah nee"tah/, n. Italian Cookery. frozen flavored ice. [1865-70; < It: n. use of fem. of granito grainy; see GRANITE] * * *
—granitic /greuh nit"ik/, adj. —granitelike, adj. /gran"it/, n. 1. a coarse-grained igneous rock composed chiefly of orthoclase and albite feldspars and of quartz, usually ...
/gran'i tay", grah'ni-/; Fr. /grddann nee tay"/, n. French Cookery. ice (def. 4). [ < F] * * * Coarse-or medium-grained intrusive rock that is rich in quartz and alkali ...
Granite City
a city in SW Illinois, near St. Louis, Missouri. 36,815. * * * ▪ Illinois, United States       city, Madison county, southwestern Illinois, U.S. Situated on the ...
granite moss
▪ plant also called  rock moss         any of the plants of the order Andreaeales of the subclass Andreaeidae, comprising a single family, Andreaeaceae, which ...
granite paper
paper containing fibers of various colors that give it a granitelike appearance. * * *
Granite Peak
▪ mountain, Montana, United States  peak in the Beartooth Range, Montana, U.S., the highest point (12,799 feet [3,901 metres]) in the state. Granite Peak is situated ...
Granite Railway
▪ American railway       first chartered railroad in the United States (March 4, 1826). It was designed and built by Gridley Bryant, an engineer, and began operations on ...
Granite State
New Hampshire (used as a nickname). * * *
Gran·ite Peak (grănʹĭt) A mountain, 3,903.7 m (12,799 ft) high, of southern Montana northeast of Yellowstone National Park. It is the highest elevation in the state. * * *
/gran"it wair'/, n. 1. a kind of ironware with a gray, stonelike enamel. 2. pottery with a speckled appearance like that of granite. 3. a semivitreous white pottery somewhat ...
See granite. * * *
/gran"i tuyt'/, n. a granite rich in biotite. [1870-75; GRANITE + -ITE1] * * *
/gran'i teuh zay"sheuhn/, n. a hypothetical process of forming granite. Also called granitification /gran'i teuh fi kay"sheuhn/. [1890-95; GRANITIZE + -ATION] * * * ▪ ...
/gran"i tuyz'/, v.t., granitized, granitizing. to subject to granitization. Also, esp. Brit., granitise. [1960-65; GRANITE + -IZE] * * *
/gran"i toyd'/, adj. resembling or having the texture of granite. [1785-95; GRANITE + -OID] * * *
granivorous [grə niv′ə rəs] adj. 〚 GRANI- + -VOROUS〛 feeding on grain and seeds * * * gra·niv·o·rous (grə-nĭvʹər-əs) adj. Feeding on grain and seeds. * * *
Granja De San Ildefonso, La
▪ factory, Spain       Spanish royal glass factory established in 1728 near the summer palace of King Philip V in San Ildefonso. The glassworkers were initially ...
/gran"jeuhn/, n. Print. a style of type originally cut by the French designer Robert Granjon. * * *
▪ Cuban newspaper       daily newspaper published in Havana, the official organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba. The paper takes its name from ...
Granmont, Louis
▪ French buccaneer Granmont also spelled  Grammont   born c. 1650, , Paris died 1686?, Caribbean Sea?       one of the most celebrated of French buccaneers, a ...
/gran"ee/, n., pl. grannies, adj. grannier, granniest for 6. n. 1. Informal. a grandmother. 2. an elderly woman. 3. a fussy person. 4. Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. a nurse ...
granny dress
a loose-fitting, ankle-length dress, usually with long sleeves and a high collar and sometimes having flounces, ruffles, or lace trimming. [1905-10] * * *
granny dumping
the abandonment of an elderly person, esp. a relative, at a hospital, bus station, etc. [1990-95] * * *
granny flat
Brit. a flat or apartment within or attached to a house to accommodate an elderly person, usually a grandparent. * * *
granny glasses
eyeglasses with wirelike metal frames that sometimes sit below the bridge of the nose and often have oval lenses. * * *
granny knot
an incorrect version of a square knot in which the bights cross each other in the wrong direction next to the end, so as to produce a knot that is insecure. See illus. under ...
Granny Smith
n. a variety of crisp, green-skinned apple, for eating raw or for cooking. [after Maria Ann Smith (d. 1870), who allegedly developed the variety in the vicinity of Sydney, ...
granny flat n. See accessory apartment. * * *
granny knot © School Division, Houghton Mifflin Company n. A knot resembling a square knot but with the second tie crossed incorrectly.   [So called in contempt.] * * *
Gran·ny Smith (grănʹē) n. A variety of apple having fruit with green skin and tart, tough flesh.   [After Maria AnnSmith (died 1870), Australian woman to whom its ...
granny woman n. Southern U.S. See midwife. * * *
a combining form representing granite in compound words: granophyre. [ < G, comb. form of Granit granite; see -O-] * * *
Medium-to coarse-grained rock that is one of the most abundant intrusive rocks. It contains quartz and is distinguished from granite by having more plagioclase feldspar than ...
/greuh noh"leuh/, n. a breakfast food consisting of rolled oats, brown sugar, nuts, dried fruit, etc., usually served with milk. [1870-75; orig. a trademark; cf. -OLA] * * *
—granolithic, adj. /gran"l ith/, n. a composition stone for pavements, made from crushed granite or the like and cement. [1905-10; GRANO- + -LITH] * * *
See granolith. * * *
▪ Spain       city, Barcelona provincia (province), in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Catalonia, northeastern Spain. It has many fine medieval ...
—granophyric /gran'euh fir"ik/, adj. /gran"euh fuyeur'/, n. a fine-grained or porphyritic granitic rock with a micrographic intergrowth of the minerals of the ...
See granophyre. * * *
Gran Pa·ra·di·so (grän' pä-rä-dēʹzō) A peak, 4,063.5 m (13,323 ft) high, of the Graian Alps in northwest Italy. It is the highest elevation in the range. * * *
—grantable, adj. —grantedly, adv. —granter, n. /grant, grahnt/, v.t. 1. to bestow or confer, esp. by a formal act: to grant a charter. 2. to give or accord: to grant ...
/grant, grahnt/, n. 1. Cary (Archibald Leach), 1904-86, U.S. actor, born in England. 2. Heber Jedediah /hee"beuhr jed'i duy"euh/, 1856-1945, U.S. president of the Mormon Church ...

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