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Слова на букву hipp-john (15990)

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—internationality, n. —internationally, adv. /in'teuhr nash"euh nl/, adj. 1. between or among nations; involving two or more nations: international trade. 2. of or pertaining ...
international agreement
Instrument by which nation-states and international organizations regulate matters of concern. They are governed by international law, and their purposes include the development ...
international air mile.
See international nautical mile. * * *
International Association of Athletics Federations
▪ international sports organization formerly (1912–2001)  International Amateur Athletic Federation   track-and-field organization of national associations of more than ...
International Association of Lions Clubs
See under lion. (def. 7). * * *
International Association of Universities
      nongovernmental educational organization founded in 1950 to promote cooperation at the international level among the universities of all countries as well as among ...
International Astronomical Union
      senior body governing international professional astronomical activities worldwide, with headquarters in Paris. It was established in 1919 as the first of a series ...
International Atomic Energy Agency
      autonomous intergovernmental organization dedicated to increasing the contribution of atomic energy to the world's peace and well-being and ensuring that agency ...
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
International organization founded in 1957 to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Based in Vienna, Austria, its activities include research on the applicability of ...
international atomic time
a system of measuring time based on atomic clocks that measure the second as defined as the SI unit of time. Abbr.: IAT * * *
International Ballet
▪ British dance company       British dance company. Founded in 1941 by Mona Inglesby to bring classical ballet to new urban and provincial audiences, it performed in ...
International Ballet Competitions
      one of the world's most prestigious dance competitions, open to both male and female dancers of all countries, and much like the Olympic Games in purpose. The first ...
International Bank for Economic Cooperation
      international bank instituted by an agreement signed by Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany (German Democratic Republic), Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, ...
International Bank for Economic Cooperation (IBEC)
International bank instituted by an agreement signed by Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union in 1963 to facilitate ...
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
official name of the World Bank. * * *
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
Main component organization of the World Bank. The IBRD lends money to middle-income and creditworthy poorer countries. Most of its funds come from sales of bonds in ...
International Boundary Waters Treaty
▪ British-United States history       (1909), treaty between the United States and Great Britain establishing an International Joint Commission of Americans and ...
International Brigades
Groups of foreign volunteers who fought on the Republican side against the Nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War (1936–39). So-called because their members initially ...
International Bureau of Weights and Measures
▪ international organization French  Bureau International des Poids et Mesures        international organization founded to bring about the unification of ...
International Business Machines Corporation
▪ American corporation  leading American computer manufacturer, with a major share of the market both in the United States and abroad. Its headquarters are in Armonk, ...
International Campaign to Ban Landmines
 international coalition of more than 1,400 nongovernmental organizations (nongovernmental organization) established in 1992 to ban the use, production, trade, and stockpiling ...
international candle
Optics. candle (def. 3b). * * *
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
▪ Pentecostal denomination       Pentecostal (Pentecostalism) denomination established by Aimee Semple McPherson (McPherson, Aimee Semple), a popular revivalist ...
International Civil Aviation Organization
▪ intergovernmental organization       intergovernmental specialized agency associated with the United Nations (UN). Established in 1947 by the Convention on ...
International Code
a code used at sea by the navies of certain nations, using a series of flags representing digits from zero through nine. [1880-85] * * *
International Code of Signals
a system of maritime signals adopted by many of the maritime nations of the world, using flag, semaphore, and Morse codes in which letters or letter combinations are given ...
International Committee of the Red Cross
▪ Swiss organization (ICRC),  French  Comité International de la Croix-Rouge,         international nongovernmental organization headquartered in Geneva, ...
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
▪ international labour organization       the world's principal organization of national trade union federations. The ICFTU was formed in 1949 by Western trade union ...
International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
       international organization that promotes marine research in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Baltic Sea, and the North Sea. Established in 1902, the ICES originally ...
International Council of Women
▪ international organization       organization, founded in 1888, that works with agencies around the world to promote health, peace, equality, and ...
International Court of Justice
the chief judicial agency of the United Nations, established in 1945 to decide disputes arising between nations. [1905-10] * * * French  Cour internationale de Justice, ...
International Court of Justice (ICJ)
or World Court Principal judicial body of the United Nations, located at The Hague. Its predecessor organization was the Permanent Court of International Justice, the judicial ...
International Criminal Court
▪ international law       permanent judicial body established by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (1998) to prosecute and adjudicate individuals ...
International Criminal Court (ICC)
Permanent judicial body established by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (1998) to prosecute individuals accused of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against ...
international criminal law
Introduction       body of laws, norms, and rules governing international crimes and their repression, as well as rules addressing conflict and cooperation between ...
International Date Line
a theoretical line following approximately the 180th meridian, the regions to the east of which are counted as being one day earlier in their calendar dates than the regions to ...
International Development Association
▪ UN       United Nations specialized agency affiliated with but legally and financially distinct from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World ...
International Falls
▪ Minnesota, United States       city, seat (1906) of Koochiching county, northern Minnesota, U.S. The city is situated opposite Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada, on the ...
International Federation for Information and Documentation
▪ international organization French  Fédération Internationale d'Information et de Documentation (FID)        international library (library science) organization ...
International Federation of Human Rights
▪ international organization French  Fédération Internationale des Droits de l'Homme (FIDH)        international nongovernmental organization of human rights ...
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
▪ international organization original name  League of Red Cross Societies,  also called (1983–91)  League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, ...
International Film Awards 1996
▪ Table International Film Awards 1996 Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, Calif., in January 1996 Best motion picture drama Sense and Sensibility (U.S.; director, Ang ...
▪ 1999 International Film Awards 1998   Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, California, in January 1998 Best motion picture drama Titanic (U.S.; director, James ...
▪ 2000 International Film Awards 1999   Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, California, in January 1999 Best motion picture drama Saving Private Ryan (U.S.; director, ...
International Film Awards 2000
▪ 2001 International Film Awards 2000   Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, Calif., in January 2000 Best motion picture drama American Beauty (U.S.; director, Sam ...
International Film Awards 2001
▪ Table International Film Awards 2001   Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, Calif., in January 2001 Best motion picture drama Gladiator (U.K./U.S.; director, Ridley ...
International Film Awards 2002
▪ Table American Film Institute Awards, awarded in Beverly Hills, California, in January 2002 Movie of the Year The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (New ...
International Film Awards 2003
▪ Table Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, California, in January 2003 Best motion picture drama The Hours (U.S.; director, Stephen Daldry) Best musical or ...
International Film Awards 2004
▪ Table International Film Awards 2004 Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, California, in January 2004 Best motion picture drama The Lord of the Rings: The Return of ...
International Film Awards 2005
▪ Table International Film Awards 2005 Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, California, in January 2005 Best motion picture drama The Aviator (U.S./Japan/Germany; ...
International Film Awards 2006
▪ Table International Film Awards 2006 Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, California, in January 2006 Best motion picture drama Brokeback Mountain (U.S.; director, ...
International Film Awards 2007
▪ Table International Film Awards 2007 Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, California, in January 2007 Best drama Babel (France/U.S./Mexico; director, Alejandro ...
International Film Awards 2008
▪ Table International Film Awards 2008 Golden Globes, awarded in Beverly Hills, California, in January 2008 Best drama Atonement (U.K./France; director, Joe Wright) Best ...
International Finance Corporation
▪ UN        United Nations (UN) specialized agency affiliated with but legally separate from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) ...
International Fund for Agricultural Development
       United Nations (UN) specialized agency that supports increased food production in poor communities. Partly in response to severe famines in the southern Sahara in ...
International Geophysical Year
      worldwide program of geophysical research that was conducted from July 1957 to December 1958. IGY was directed toward a systematic study of the Earth and its ...
International Gothic
a style of Gothic art, esp. painting, developed in Europe in the late 14th and early 15th centuries, chiefly characterized by details carefully delineated in a naturalistic ...
International Grand Master
a chess player in the highest class of ability, as determined through specified types of international competitions. Also called grand master. Cf. International Master. * * *
International Herald Tribune
(abbr IHT) an international US newspaper known for its serious and thorough news items. It is based in Paris and published in more than 180 countries. It began in 1928 as the ...
International Ice Patrol
an annual U.S. Coast Guard patrol of the North Atlantic during the ice season to ascertain the locations of icebergs and to warn ships: undertaken under a 1914 international ...
International Investment Bank
Russian  Mezhdunarodny Investitsionny Bank         international bank founded in 1970 and operational in 1971, designed to provide long- and medium-term credit for ...
International Labor Organization
a specialized agency of the United Nations working through member nations to improve working conditions throughout the world; originally an affiliate of the League of Nations: ...
International Labour Organization
▪ UN       specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) dedicated to improving labour conditions and living standards throughout the world. Established in 1919 by the ...
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Specialized agency of the United Nations system dedicated to improving labour conditions and living standards throughout the world. Established in 1919 through the Treaty of ...
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union
      former industrial union in the United States and Canada that represented workers in the women's clothing industry. When the ILGWU was formed in 1900, most of its ...
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU)
Former industrial union in the U.S. and Canada that represented workers in the women's clothing industry. When it was formed in 1900, most of its members were Jewish immigrants ...
international language
➡ World English * * *
international law
the body of rules that nations generally recognize as binding in their conduct toward one another. Also called law of nations. Cf. private international law, public international ...
International Law, Institute of
▪ international organization       international organization founded in Ghent, Belgium, in 1873 to develop and implement international law as a codified science ...
International Maritime Organization
formerly (1948–82)  Inter-governmental Maritime Consultative Organization         United Nations (UN) specialized agency created to develop international treaties ...
International Master
a chess player of high ability but below the level of International Grand Master, as determined through specified types of international competitions. * * *
international match point
(sometimes caps.) a unit of scoring in contract bridge tournaments held in Europe. Abbr.: IMP * * *
International Monetary Fund
an international organization that promotes the stabilization of the world's currencies and maintains a monetary pool from which member nations can draw in order to correct a ...
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Specialized agency of the United Nations system. It was conceived at the Bretton Woods Conference (1944) and officially founded in 1945 as a voluntary cooperative institution to ...
international Morse code
a form of Morse code used in international radiotelegraphy. Also called continental code. * * *
international nautical mile
a unit of distance at sea or in the air equal to 1.852 kilometers. Also called international air mile. * * *
International Olympic Committee
      organization formed in Paris in 1894 to conduct, promote, and regulate the modern Olympic Games (q.v.). * * *
International Olympic Committee presidents
▪ Table International Olympic Committee presidents name country years Dimítrios Vikélas Greece 1894-96 Pierre, baron de Coubertin (Coubertin, Pierre, baron ...
International Orange
Naut. a shade of bright orange, highly visible at a great distance and in murky weather, used to color aircraft, airport towers and hangars, boats, etc., for safety or rescue ...
international organization
Institution drawing membership from at least three states, having activities in several states, and whose members are held together by a formal agreement. Only a few existed ...
International Organization for Standardization
      specialized international organization founded in Geneva in 1947 and concerned with standardization in all technical and nontechnical fields except electrical and ...
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Organization for determining standards in most technical and nontechnical fields. Founded in Geneva in 1947, its membership includes more than 100 countries. An appropriate ...
International Organizations and Groups
Note: The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) has dissolved and ceases to exist. None of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, including Serbia and ...
International Paper Company
▪ American company       major American manufacturer of pulp and paper products, including printing paper, specialty paper products, packaging materials, lumber, and ...
international payment
Payment made between countries, whether in settlement of a trade debt, as a unilateral transfer of funds, for capital investment, or for some other purpose. The reasons for such ...
international payment and exchange
▪ economics Introduction international exchange also called  foreign exchange        respectively, any payment made by one country to another and the market in which ...
International Peace Bureau
▪ peace organization in full  Permanent International Peace Bureau,         international organization founded in 1891 in Bern, Switz., to create a central office ...
International Peace Garden
▪ park, North America       park that straddles the North Dakota (U.S.)–Manitoba (Can.) border in the Turtle Mountain Valley. It is situated about 30 miles (50 km) ...
International Phonetic Alphabet
the set of symbols and modifiers designed, principally on the basis of articulatory considerations, to provide a consistent and universally understood system for transcribing the ...
International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
Set of symbols intended as a universal system for transcribing speech sounds. The promulgation and updating of the IPA has been a principal aim of the International Phonetic ...
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
      international organization of doctors who are opposed to the nuclear arms race and who seek to educate the public on the catastrophic medical consequences that would ...
international pitch
Music. See diapason normal pitch. [1900-05] * * *
international radio silence
a radio silence observed on vessels at sea for two three-minute periods each hour to permit distress signals to be heard. * * *
International Refugee Organization
▪ historical UN agency       (IRO), temporary specialized agency of the United Nations that, between its formal establishment in 1946 and its termination in January ...
International Refugee Organization (IRO)
Temporary specialized agency of the United Nations system (1946–52). The IRO assisted refugees and displaced persons in Europe and Asia who could not or would not return home ...
international relations
a branch of political science dealing with the relations between nations. [1970-75] * * * Study of the relations of states with each other and with international organizations ...
International Rescue Committee
▪ international organization       international humanitarian aid organization based in the United States and Europe. Organized in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein ...
International Scientific Vocabulary
a vocabulary of scientific and technical words, terms, formulas, and symbols that are almost universally understood by scientists and similarly used in at least two languages. ...
International Seabed Authority
▪ international organization        international organization established in 1994 to regulate mining and related activities in the international seabed beyond national ...
International Settlements, Bank for
      international bank established at Basel, Switz., in 1930, as the agency to handle the payment of reparations by Germany after World War I and as an institution for ...
International Society of Blood Transfusion
▪ international organization French  La Société Internationale de Transfusion Sanguine        organization founded in 1935 in Paris to aid in the solution of ...
International Society of Christian Endeavor
original name  United Society Of Christian Endeavor,        interdenominational organization for Protestant youth in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It was ...
International space endurance records
▪ Table International space endurance records cosmonaut/astronaut primary habitat month and year launched days in space Yury A. Gagarin (Gagarin, Yury Alekseyevich) Vostok ...
International Space Station
▪ space station   space station assembled in low Earth orbit largely by the United States and Russia, with assistance and components from a multinational consortium.  The ...
International Space Station (ISS)
Space station assembled from modules in Earth orbit largely by the U.S. and Russia, with assistance and components from a multinational consortium. The project, which began as a ...
International Standard Book Number
a unique, internationally utilized number code assigned to books for the purposes of identification and inventory control. Abbr.: ISBN. Also called Standard Book Number. * * ...
International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
Ten-digit number assigned before publication to a book or edition thereof. The ISBN identifies various elements of the work, grouping it within a national, geographic, language, ...
International Standard Serial Number
a unique, internationally agreed upon number code assigned to serial publications, as periodicals and yearbooks, for the purposes of identification and inventory control. Abbr.: ...
International Style
1. the general form of architecture developed in the 1920s and 1930s by Gropius, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, and others, characterized by simple geometric forms, large ...
International System
➡ metric system * * *
International System of Units
an internationally accepted coherent system of physical units, derived from the MKSA system, using the meter, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, mole, and candela as the basic ...
International System of Units (SI)
▪ Table International System of Units (SI) Base units unit abbreviation physical quantity metre m length second s time kilogram kg mass ampere A electric ...
International Telecommunication Union
▪ UN agency       specialized agency of the United Nations that was created to encourage international cooperation in all forms of telecommunication. Its activities ...
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
United Nations agency headquartered in Geneva. Its roots can be traced to 1865, when the International Telegraph Union was established to coordinate international development of ...
International Telephone and Telegraph Corp. (ITT)
Former U.S. telecommunications company. It was founded in 1920 by Sosthenes and Hernand Behn as a holding company for their Caribbean-based telephone and telegraph companies. It ...
international temperature scale
a Celsius scale for use in measuring temperatures above -183°C in which specified values are assigned to the ice point, steam point, and melting point of gold, silver, and ...
international trade
Introduction       economic transactions that are made between countries. Among the items commonly traded are consumer goods, such as television sets and clothing; ...
International Ultraviolet Explorer
▪ satellite       astronomical research satellite built in the 1970s as a cooperative project of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the ...
International Union for Conservation of Nature
in full  International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources , formerly called  World Conservation Union        network of environmental organizations ...
international unit
Pharm. 1. an internationally agreed upon standard, as measured by bioassay, to which samples of a substance, as a drug or hormone, are compared to ascertain their relative ...
International Whaling Commission
      an intergovernmental organization that regulates whaling, a competitive industry based on the hunting of a common global resource. The commission was created after ...
International Whaling Commission (IWC)
An intergovernmental organization created in 1946 to control the rapid escalation of whaling. The original purpose of the IWC was to preserve whale stocks for commercial ...
International Women's Day
▪ holiday  day (March 8) honouring the achievements of women and promoting women's rights. A national holiday in numerous countries, it has been sponsored by the United ...
International Workingmen's Association
official name of the First International. * * *
International, First
▪ labour federation [1864] formally  International Working Men's Association        federation of workers' groups that, despite ideological divisions within its ...
International, Fourth
▪ labour federation [1938]       a multinational body composed of Trotskyist organizations that was first formed in opposition to the policies of the Stalin-dominated ...
International, Second
▪ labour federation and political organization [1889] also called  Socialist International,         federation of socialist parties and trade unions that greatly ...
International, Third
▪ association of political parties also called  Communist International,  byname  Comintern,         association of national communist parties founded in 1919. ...
international candle n. See candle. * * *
InternationalDate Line
International Date Line Jerry Malone n. An imaginary line through the Pacific Ocean roughly corresponding to 180° longitude, to the east of which, by international agreement, ...
/aonn terdd nann syaw nannl"/, n. a revolutionary workers' anthem, first sung in France in 1871. [ < F, short for chanson internationale international song] * * *
Internationale, L'
▪ political anthem (French), English  The International , Russian  Internatsional        former official socialist and communist song. It was the anthem of the ...
/in'teuhr nash"euh nl iz'euhm/, n. 1. the principle of cooperation among nations, for the promotion of their common good, sometimes as contrasted with nationalism, or devotion to ...
/in'teuhr nash"euh nl ist/, n. 1. an advocate of internationalism. 2. an expert in international law and relations. 3. (cap.) a member or adherent of a communist or socialist ...
See international. * * *
See internationalize. * * *
—internationalization, n. /in'teuhr nash"euh nl uyz'/, v., internationalized, internationalizing. v.t. 1. to make international, as in scope or character: a local conflict that ...
international law n. A set of rules generally regarded and accepted as binding in relations between states and nations. Also called law of nations. * * *
See internationality. * * *
internationalMorse code
international Morse code n. A form of Morse code having no spaces between the dot and dash elements, commonly used for telegraphic communication outside the United States and ...
InternationalPhonetic Alphabet
International Phonetic Alphabet n. Abbr. IPA A phonetic alphabet and diacritic modifiers sponsored by the International Phonetic Association to provide a uniform and universally ...
international pitch n. A sound wave frequency of 440 cycles per second, assigned to the A above middle C. Also called concert pitch. * * *
international relations pl.n. 1. (used with a sing. verb) The branch of political science that is concerned with the foreign affairs of and relations among countries. 2. (used ...
International style or International Style n. An influential modernist style in architecture that developed in Europe and the United States in the 1920s and 1930s, characterized ...
International System n. A complete, coherent system of units used for scientific work, in which the fundamental quantities are length, time, electric current, temperature, ...
international unit n. Abbr. IU 1. The quantity of a biologically active substance, such as a hormone or vitamin, required to produce a specific response. 2. A unit of potency for ...
/in"terrn/, n., v.i., interned, interning. intern2. * * *
/in'teuhr nee"seen, -suyn, -nes"een, -nes"uyn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to conflict or struggle within a group: an internecine feud among proxy holders. 2. mutually ...
/in'terr nee"/, n. a person who is or has been interned, as a prisoner of war. [1915-20; INTERN1 + -EE] * * *
/in'teuhr neg"euh tiv/, n. Photog. a color negative of a color transparency, made for purposes of duplication. [INTER- + NEGATIVE] * * *
/in"teuhr net'/, n. a large computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide (usually prec. by the). [1990-95] * * * Publicly accessible computer network connecting ...
Internet Explorer
▪ Internet browsing program        World Wide Web (WWW) browser and set of technologies created by the Microsoft Corporation, a leading American computer software ...
Internet Retailing
▪ 1999       In 1998 consumers could purchase virtually anything over the Internet. Books, compact discs, computers, stocks, and even new and used automobiles were ...
Internet service provider
      company that provides Internet connections and services to individuals and organizations. In addition to providing access to the Internet, ISPs may also provide ...
Internet service provider (ISP)
Company that provides Internet connections and services to individuals and organizations. For a monthly fee, ISPs provide computer users with a connection to their site (see ...
adj. * * *
in·ter·net·work (ĭn'tər-nĕtʹwûrk') n. An interconnected system of networks, especially computer networks. * * *
adj. * * *
—interneuronal /in'teuhr noor"euh nl, -nyoor"-, -noo rohn"l, -nyoo-/, adj. /in'teuhr noor"on, -nyoor"-/, n. Cell Biol. any neuron having its cell body, axon, and dendrites ...
See interneuron. * * *
/in"terr nist, in terr"nist/, n. a physician specializing in the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases, esp. of adults. [1900-05, Amer.; INTERN(AL MEDICINE) + -IST] * * ...
/in terrn"meuhnt/, n. 1. an act or instance of interning. 2. the state of being interned; confinement. [1865-70; INTERN1 + -MENT] * * *
internment camp
a prison camp for the confinement of enemy aliens, prisoners of war, political prisoners, etc. [1915-20] * * *
See internode. * * *
—internodal, adj. /in"teuhr nohd'/, n. a part or space between two nodes, knots, or joints, as the portion of a plant stem between two nodes. [1660-70; < L internodium. See ...
in·ter nos (ĭn'tər nōsʹ) adv. & adj. Between ourselves.   [Latin inter nōs: inter, among + nōs, us.] * * *
/in"terrn ship'/, n. 1. the state or condition of being an intern. 2. the period during which a person serves as an intern. 3. any official or formal program to provide practical ...
➡ further education * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
/in'teuhr nun"sheuhl/, adj. 1. serving to announce or connect. 2. Anat. (of a nerve cell or a chain of nerve cells) serving to connect nerve fibers. [1835-45; < L internunti(us) ...
internuncial neuron
internuncial neuron n. INTERNEURON * * *
See internuncial. * * *
/in'teuhr nun"shee oh', -see oh'/, n., pl. internuncios. a papal ambassador ranking next below a nuncio. [1635-45; < It < L internuntius an intermediary. See INTER-, NUNCIO] * * *
adj. * * *
/in'teuhr oh'shee an"ik/, adj. connecting or between oceans: an interoceanic canal. [1850-55; INTER- + OCEANIC] * * *
/in'teuh roh sep"tiv/, adj. Physiol. pertaining to interoceptors, the stimuli acting upon them, or the nerve impulses initiated by them. [1905-10; INTEROCEPT(OR) + -IVE] * * *
/in'teuh roh sep"teuhr/, n. Physiol. a receptor, esp. of the viscera, responding to stimuli originating from within the body. [1905-10; INTER(IOR) + -O- + (RE)CEPTOR; cf. ...
/in'teuhr ok"yeuh leuhr/, adj. being, or situated, between the eyes. [1820-30; INTER- + OCULAR] * * *
adj. * * *
interoperability [in΄tər äp΄ər ə bil′ə tē] n. the ability of a system or component to function effectively with other systems or components * * *
—interoperability, n. —interoperably, adv. /in'teuhr op"euhr euh beuhl, -op"reuh beuhl/, adj. capable of being used or operated reciprocally: interoperable weapons ...
n., adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; interorbitally, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
v., interoscillated, interoscillating. * * *
—interosculation, n. /in'teuhr os"kyeuh layt'/, v.i., interosculated, interosculating. 1. to interpenetrate; inosculate. 2. to form a connecting link. [1880-85; INTER- + ...
adj. * * *
adj., n. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; interparenthetically, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; interparochially, adv.; interparochialness, n. * * *
/in'teuhr par'ok siz"meuhl/, adj. Pathol. occurring in the period or periods between paroxysms. [INTER- + PAROXYSMAL] * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
v.t., interpaved, interpaving. * * *
v.t. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
/in'teuhr pel"euhnt/, n. a person who interpellates; interpellator. [1865-70; < L interpellant- (s. of interpellans) prp. of interpellare to interrupt, equiv. to inter- INTER- + ...
—interpellator /in"teuhr peuh lay'teuhr, in terr"peuh lay'-/, n. /in'teuhr pel"ayt, in terr"peuh layt'/, v.t., interpellated, interpellating. to call formally upon (a minister ...
/in'teuhr peuh lay"sheuhn, in terr'peuh-/, n. a procedure in some legislative bodies of asking a government official to explain an act or policy, sometimes leading, in ...
—interpenetrable /in'teuhr pen"i treuh beuhl/, adj. —interpenetrant, adj. —interpenetration, n. —interpenetrative, adj. /in'teuhr pen"i trayt'/, v. interpenetrated, ...
adj.; interperceptually, adv. * * *
v.t., interpermeated, interpermeating. * * *
—interpersonally, adv. /in'teuhr perr"seuh nl/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to the relations between persons. 2. existing or occurring between persons. [1835-45; INTER- + ...
interpersonal theory
Psychol. the theory that personality development and behavior disorders are related to and determined by relationships between persons. * * *
interpersonal therapy
a type of psychotherapy that focuses on conflicts in one's personal relationships. * * *
See interpersonal. * * *
v.t., interpervaded, interpervading. * * *
adj.; interpervasively, adv.; interpervasiveness, n. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
/in"teuhr fayz'/, n. Cell Biol. the period of the cell cycle during which the nucleus is not undergoing division, typically occurring between mitotic or meiotic divisions. Also ...
/in"teuhr fohn'/, n. 1. an intercommunication system using telephones to connect offices, stations, etc., as in a building or ship; intercom. 2. a telephone used in such a ...
adj. * * *
v.t. * * *
/in'teuhr plan"i ter'ee/, adj. being or occurring between the planets or between a planet and the sun. [1685-95; INTER- + PLANETARY] * * *
interplanetary dust particle
▪ astronomy also called  micrometeoroid,  micrometeorite , or  cosmic dust particle   a small grain, generally less than a few hundred micrometres in size and composed ...
interplanetary medium
▪ astronomy       thinly scattered matter that exists between the planets and other bodies of the solar system, as well as the forces (e.g., magnetic and electric) that ...
v. /in'teuhr plant", -plahnt"/; n. /in"teuhr plant', -plahnt'/, v.i., v.t., n. Agric. intercrop. [1925-30; INTER- + PLANT] * * *
n. /in"teuhr play'/; v. /in'teuhr play", in"teuhr play'/, n. 1. reciprocal relationship, action, or influence: the interplay of plot and character. v.i. 2. to exert influence on ...
/in'teuhr pleed"/, v.i., interpleaded, interpleading. Law. 1. to litigate with each other in order to determine which of two parties is the rightful claimant against a third ...
interpleader1 /in'teuhr plee"deuhr/, n. Law. a judicial proceeding by which, when two parties make the same claim against a third party, the rightful claimant is ...
v.t., interpledged, interpledging. * * *
adj. * * *
v.t. * * *
adj. * * *
/in"teuhr pohl'/, n. an official international agency that coordinates the police activities of more than 100 member nations: organized in 1923 with headquarters in ...
/in'teuhr poh"leuhr/, adj. connecting or being between poles: an interpolar flight. [1865-70; INTER- + POLAR] * * *
—interpolable /in terr"peuh leuh beuhl/, adj. —interpolater, interpolator, n. —interpolatory /in terr"peuh leuh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, interpolative, adj. —interpolatively, ...
/in terr'peuh lay"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act or process of interpolating or the state of being interpolated. 2. something interpolated, as a passage introduced into a text. 3. ...
See interpolation. * * *
See interpolation. * * *
v.t. * * *
v., interpollinated, interpollinating. * * *
adj. * * *
See interpose. * * *
—interposable, adj. —interposal, n. —interposer, n. —interposingly, adv. /in'teuhr pohz"/, v., interposed, interposing. v.t. 1. to place between; cause to intervene: to ...
See interposal. * * *
/in'teuhr peuh zish"euhn/, n. 1. the act or fact of interposing or the condition of being interposed. 2. something interposed. 3. the doctrine that an individual state of the ...
v.t. * * *
adj. * * *
—interpretable, adj. —interpretability, interpretableness, n. —interpretably, adv. /in terr"prit/, v.t. 1. to give or provide the meaning of; explain; explicate; elucidate: ...
See interpret. * * *

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