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Слова на букву hipp-john (15990)

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Jaws of Life
Trademark. a heavy-duty tool that can cut through metal or pry sections of it apart: used esp. to free people trapped in wrecked vehicles. * * *
Jawsof Life
Jaws of Life (jôz) A trademark used for a pneumatic tool consisting of a pincerlike metal device that is inserted into the body of a severely damaged vehicle and opened to ...
/jak sahr"teez/, n. ancient name of Syr Darya. * * *
jay1 /jay/, n. 1. any of several noisy, vivacious birds of the crow family, subfamily Garrulinae, as the crested Garrulus glandarius, of the Old World, having brownish plumage ...
/jay/, n. 1. John, 1745-1829, U.S. statesman and jurist: first Chief Justice of the U.S. 1789-95. 2. a male given name. * * * I Any of 35–40 bird species (family Corvidae) ...
Jay Hanna Dean
➡ Dean (I) * * *
Jay Leno
➡ Leno * * *
Jay of Battersea, Douglas Patrick Thomas Jay
▪ 1997       BARON, British Labour Party politician and economist whose vehement opposition to the U.K.'s membership in the European Economic Community led to his ...
Jay Treaty
▪ United States-Great Britain [1794]       (Nov. 19, 1794), agreement that assuaged antagonisms between the United States and Great Britain, established a base upon ...
Jay's Treaty
U.S. Hist. the agreement in 1794 between England and the U.S. by which limited trade relations were established, England agreed to give up its forts in the northwestern frontier, ...
Jay, John
born Dec. 12, 1745, New York, N.Y. died May 17, 1829, New Bedford, N.Y., U.S. U.S. jurist, first chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He practiced law in ...
Jay (jā), John. 1745-1829. American diplomat and jurist who served in both Continental Congresses and helped negotiate peace with Great Britain (1782-1783). He was the first ...
▪ American rapper and entrepreneur original name  Shawn Corey Carter  born Dec. 4, 1970, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.       American rapper and entrepreneur, one of the most ...
(as used in expressions) Irian Jaya Jaya Mount Puncak Jaya * * *
Jaya Peak
▪ mountain peak, Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia  Puncak Jaya , formerly  Puntjak Sukarno,  Gunung Carstensz , or  Mount Carstensz  highest peak on the island of New ...
Jaya, Mount
Indonesian Puncak Jaya formerly Mount Sukarno Peak, Papua (Irian Jaya) province, Indonesia. Located on New Guinea, the 16,500-ft (5,030-m) peak is the highest in the South ...
▪ Bengal poet flourished 12th century, , Bengal, India       Indian author of the celebrated Sanskrit poem Gītagovinda (“Song of the Cowherd”), which helped to ...
/jah'yeuh poor"euh/, n. a city in and the capital of Irian Jaya, on the NE coast, in Indonesia. 45,786. Also, Jajapura, Djajapura. Formerly, Hollandia. * * * ▪ Indonesia also ...
Jayavarman II
▪ king of Khmer empire posthumous name Paramesvara (literally, Supreme Lord) born c. 770 died 850, Hariharalaya, Cambodia       founder of the Khmer, or Cambodian, ...
Jayavarman VII
born с 1120/25 died с 1215/19 King of the Khmer (Cambodian) empire of Angkor (r. 1181–с 1215). Born into the royal family of Angkor, he settled in the Champa kingdom ...
/jah"yah wee jah"yah/, n. a range in E central Irian Jaya, on New Guinea. Highest peak, Trikora, 15,584 ft. (4750 m). Formerly, Orange Mountains. * * *
Jayawijaya Mountains
▪ mountains, Indonesia Indonesian  Pegunungan Jayawijaya , or  Pegunungan Djajawidjaja , formerly  Orange Range        eastern section of the Maoke Mountains ...
/jay"berrd'/, n. jay1. [1655-65, Amer.; JAY1 + BIRD] * * *
/jay"see"/, n. a member of a civic group for young business and community leaders. [1945-50, Amer.; sp. forms of the letters JC, abbr. of Junior Chamber in its original name ...
Jayewardene, J R
▪ 1997       Sri Lankan lawyer and politician (b. Sept. 17, 1906, Colombo, Ceylon [now Sri Lanka]—d. Nov. 1, 1996, Colombo), served as prime minister (1977-78) and ...
Jayewardene, J(unius) R(ichard)
born Sept. 7, 1906, Colombo, Ceylon died Nov. 1, 1996, Colombo, Sri Lanka Prime minister (1977–78) and president (1978–89) of Sri Lanka. The son of a Supreme Court judge, ...
Jayewardene, J.R.
▪ president of Sri Lanka in full  Junius Richard Jayewardene, Jayewardene  also spelled  Jayawardene  born Sept. 17, 1906, Colombo, Ceylon [now Sri Lanka] died Nov. 1, ...
/jay"haw'keuhr/, n. 1. a native or inhabitant of Kansas (used as a nickname). 2. (sometimes l.c.) a plundering marauder, esp. one of the antislavery guerrillas in Kansas, ...
Jayhawker State
Kansas (used as a nickname). * * *
/jayn/, n. a female given name. * * *
Jayne Torvill
➡ Torvill and Dean * * *
/jay"vee"/, n. Sports. 1. a player on a junior varsity team. 2. See junior varsity. [1935-40; sp. form of JV, abbr. for junior varsity] * * *
—jaywalker, n. /jay"wawk'/, v.i. to cross a street at a place other than a regular crossing or in a heedless manner, as diagonally or against a traffic light. [1915-20, Amer.; ...
See jaywalk. * * *
Jazeera, Al-
or al-Jazīrah Arabic-language cable news network founded in Qatar in 1996. It was established by the emir of Qatar and was transmitted from its capital, Doha, and from bureaus ...
Jazīrah, Al-
▪ region, Middle East       (Arabic: “Island”), the northern reaches of Mesopotamia, now making up part of northern Iraq and extending into eastern Turkey and ...
—jazzer, n. /jaz/, n. 1. music originating in New Orleans around the beginning of the 20th century and subsequently developing through various increasingly complex styles, ...
Jazz Age
the period that in the U.S. extended roughly from the Armistice of 1918 to the stock-market crash of 1929 and was notable for increased prosperity, liberated or hedonistic social ...
jazz band
a band specializing in jazz, and consisting typically of trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, piano, double bass, and percussion. [1915-20, Amer.] * * *
jazz clubs
➡ jazz * * *
jazz dance
      any dance to jazz accompaniments, composed of a profusion of forms. Jazz dance paralleled the birth and spread of jazz itself from roots in black American society ...
jazz dancer
See jazz-dance. * * *
jazz funk
(also funk) n [U] a style of dance music that developed from the soul music of James Brown and others during the 1960s and 1970s. Famous jazz funk bands include Parliament and ...
jazz poetry
      poetry that is read to the accompaniment of jazz music. Authors of such poetry attempt to emulate the rhythms and freedom of the music in their poetry. Forerunners ...
jazz shoe
1. a man's plain, close-fitting, low-heeled oxford made of soft leather or other material and having a thin, flexible sole, worn for jazz dancing. 2. any casual shoe resembling ...
jazz singer
a singer whose vocal technique is similar to that of a musical instrument, and whose singing has a strong jazz feeling, chiefly imparted through phrasing, melodic improvisation, ...
See jazz dance. * * *
jazz-fu·sion (jăz-fyo͞oʹzhən) n. See fusion. * * *
/jaz"rok'/, n. music that combines elements of both jazz and rock and is usually performed on amplified electric instruments. [1965-70] * * * ▪ music also called ...
jazzbo [jaz′bō΄] n. Slang a jazz devotee or a jazz musician or performer, esp. one thought of as being very serious, committed, skilled, etc. * * *
jazz dance n. Any of various dances characterized by the use of improvisation and influenced by rhythms and techniques of jazz music.   jazzʹ-dance' (jăzʹdăns') v. jazz ...
jazzer [jaz′ər] n. Slang a jazz musician * * * See jazz. * * *
/jaz"euhr suyz'/, n. vigorous dancing done to jazz dance music as an exercise for physical fitness. [1985-90; JAZZ + (EX)ERCISE] * * *
See jazzy. * * *
See jazzily. * * *
See jazzer. * * *
/jaz"man', -meuhn/, n., pl. jazzmen /-men', -meuhn/. a musician who plays jazz. [1925-30; JAZZ + MAN1] * * *
/jaz"woom'euhn/, n., pl. jazzwomen. a female jazz musician. [JAZZ(MAN) + -WOMAN] * * *
—jazzily, adv. —jazziness, n. /jaz"ee/, adj., jazzier, jazziest. 1. pertaining to or suggestive of jazz music. 2. Informal. active or lively. 3. Informal. fancy or flashy: a ...
Ja{ʽ}far ibn Muḥammad
born 699/700, Medina, Arabia died 765, Medina Sixth imam of the Shīite branch of Islam and the last to be recognized by all the Shīʽite sects. He was the great-grandson of ...
Jaʿfar ibn Muḥammad
▪ Shīʿite imam also called  Jaʿfar Aṣ-ṣādiq (Arabic: “Jaʿfar the Trustworthy”)   born 699/700 or 702/703, Medina, Arabia [now in Saudi Arabia] died 765, ...
JB abbrev. Jerusalem Bible * * * Jb abbr. Bible Job2. * * *
junior college. * * *
n (BrE) a large vehicle for moving earth, etc, with a large mechanical shovel at the front and a digging arm at the back. JCBs are made by the British company J C Bamford. In ...
JCD or J.C.D. abbrev. 1. 〚L Juris Canonici Doctor〛 Doctor of Canon Law 2. 〚L Juris Civilis Doctor〛 Doctor of Civil Law * * * JCD abbr. Latin Juris Canonici Doctor ...
Jaycees International. * * *
Computers. 1. See job control language. 2. Informal. the total specifications made for a job using job control language. * * *
JCS abbrev. Joint Chiefs of Staff * * * JCS abbr. Joint Chiefs of Staff. * * *
jct abbrev. junction * * *
junction. Also, jctn. * * *
Informal. 1. juvenile delinquency. 2. juvenile delinquent. * * *
(in Jordan) dinar; dinars. * * *
See Jewish Defense League. * * *
Jdt abbrev. Bible Judith * * *
Jdt. abbr. Bible Judith2. * * *
Je abbrev. June * * * Je abbr. Bible Jeremiah2. * * *
je ne sais quoi
/zheuhneu se kwann"/, French. an indefinable, elusive quality, esp. a pleasing one: She has a certain je ne sais quoi that charms everybody. [lit., I don't know what] * * *
June. * * *
Jeakins, Dorothy
▪ 1996       U.S. Academy Award-winning costume designer whose striking creations for Joan of Arc, Samson and Delilah, and Night of the Iguana merited her three Oscars ...
—jealously, adv. —jealousness, n. /jel"euhs/, adj. 1. feeling resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages (often fol. by of): He was ...
See jealous. * * *
See jealously. * * *
/jel"euh see/, n., pl. jealousies for 4. 1. jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself. 2. ...
—jeaned, adj. /jeen/ or, for 1, Brit. formerly /jayn/, n. 1. Sometimes, jeans. a sturdy twilled fabric, usually of cotton. 2. jeans, (used with a pl. v.) a. See blue jeans. b. ...
Fr. /zhahonn/ for 1, 2; /jeen/ for 3, n. 1. born 1921, Grand Duke of Luxembourg since 1964. 2. a male given name, form of John. 3. a female given name. * * * (as used in ...
Jean Bernard
▪ cave, France       the world's deepest known cave, located in the Alps near the town of Samoëns, Haute-Savoie département, Rhône-Alpes région, southeastern France. ...
Jean de Meun
▪ French poet de Meun also spelled  de Meung  born c. 1240, Meung-sur-Loire, France died before 1305       French poet famous for his continuation of the Roman de la ...
Jean Harlow
➡ Harlow * * *
Jean Le Bel
▪ French historian born c. 1290, , Flanders [now in Belgium] died Feb. 15, 1370, Liège, Lower Lorraine       the forerunner of the great medieval Flemish chroniclers ...
Jean Muir
➡ Muir (II) * * *
Jean Paul
▪ German author pseudonym of  Johann Paul Friedrich Richter   born March 21, 1763, Wunsiedel, Principality of Bayreuth [Germany] died Nov. 14, 1825, Bayreuth, ...
Jean Paul Getty
➡ Getty * * *
Jean, Michaelle
▪ 2006       Former journalist and television broadcaster Michaëlle Jean was officially installed as Canada's 27th governor-general on Sept. 27, 2005. She was the first ...
/jeuh neen"/, n. a female given name. Also, Jeannine. * * *
Jeanne [jēn] n. a feminine name: dim. Jeannette: see JOANNA * * * (as used in expressions) Barry Marie Jeanne Bécu countess du Jeanne d'Arc Mance Jeanne Marie Antoinette ...
Jeanne d'Arc
/zhahn dannrddk"/ French name of Joan of Arc. * * *
Jeanne d'Arc (zhän därkʹ) See Joan of Arc, Saint. * * *
Jeannel, René
▪ French biologist born 1879, Toulouse, Fr. died 1965, Paris       French biologist best remembered for his work on the subterranean coleopterans of the family ...
/jeuh net"/; for 2 also Fr. /zhah net"/, n. 1. a city in W Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. 13,106. 2. Also, Jeannetta /jeuh net"euh/, Jeanette. a female given name, form of ...
/jee"nee/, n. a female given name, form of Jean. Also, Jeanie, Jeanne /jeen/; Fr. /zhahn/. * * *
Jeannin, Pierre
▪ French statesman born c. 1540, , Autun, Burgundy, France died 1622, Paris  statesman who served as one of King Henry IV's (Henry IV) most influential advisers in the years ...
/jeenz/, n. Sir James (Hopwood) /hop"wood/, 1877-1946, English astrophysicist and author. * * * ▪ clothing also called  Blue Jeans, Dungarees, Denims, or Levi's, ...
Jeans, Sir James
▪ British physicist and mathematician in full  Sir James Hopwood Jeans   born Sept. 11, 1877, London, Eng. died Sept. 16, 1946, Dorking, Surrey  English physicist and ...
Jeans, Sir James (Hopwood)
born Sept. 11, 1877, London, Eng. died Sept. 16, 1946, Dorking, Surrey British physicist and mathematician. After teaching at Cambridge and Princeton, he worked as a research ...
/jeb/, n. Sir Richard Claverhouse /klav"euhr hows'/, 1841-1905, Scottish scholar of classical Greek. * * *
Jebb, John
▪ British religious and social reformer born Feb. 16, 1736, Ireland died March 2, 1786, London, Eng.       British political, religious, and social reformer who ...
▪ Nigeria       town, Kwara state, western Nigeria. It lies on the south bank and at the natural head of navigation of the Niger River, 550 miles (885 km) from the sea. ...
/jeb"euhl/, n. djebel. * * *
Jebel Druze
Jebel Druze [ed dro͞ozdro͞oz] region in S Syria, on the N Jordanian border, inhabited by the Druses: 2,584 sq mi (6,693 sq km): also Jebel ed Druz [ed dro͞oz] * * *
Jebel ed Druz
/jeb"euhl ed drooz"/ a mountainous region in S Syria: inhabited by Druses. ab. 2700 sq. mi. (6995 sq. km). Also, Jebel el Druz /el/, Jebel Druze /droohz"/, Djebel Druze. * * *
Jebel Musa
/jeb"euhl mooh"sah/ a mountain in NW Morocco, opposite Gibraltar: one of the Pillars of Hercules. 2775 ft. (846 m). Ancient, Abyla. * * *
Je·bel Mu·sa also Ge·bel Mu·sa (jĕbʹəl mo͞oʹsə, -sä) A mountain, 851 m (2,790 ft) high, of northern Morocco on the Strait of Gibraltar. With Gibraltar it forms the ...
Jebel Toub·kal (to͞ob-kälʹ) A mountain, 4,167.8 m (13,665 ft) high, of central Morocco in the Atlas Mountains. It is the highest peak in the range. * * *
/jee"beuhs/, n. an ancient Canaanite city taken by David: it later became Jerusalem. * * *
—Jebusitic /jeb'yeuh sit"ik/, Jebusitical, adj. /jeb"yeuh suyt'/, n. a member of an ancient Canaanite people that lived in Jebus. [1525-35; JEBUS + -ITE1] * * *
/jed"berr oh, -bur oh/ or, esp. Brit., /-breuh/, n. a border town in the Borders region, in SE Scotland: ruins of an abbey. 3874. * * * ▪ Scotland, United ...
/jed"euh/, n. Jidda. * * *
Jed·dah (jĕdʹə) See Jidda. * * *
jedding ax
/jed"ing/ a stonemason's ax, similar to a kevel, having a head with one flat and one pointed face. [1895-1900; jedding, var. of jadding (jad cutting in a quarry ( < ?) + ...
/jee/, interj., v.i., v.t., jeed, jeeing. gee1. * * *
/jeep/, Trademark. 1. a small, rugged military motor vehicle having four-wheel drive and a 1/4-ton capacity: widely used by the U.S. Army during and after World War II. 2. a ...
jeep carrier
U.S. Navy. an antisubmarine escort carrier. * * *
/jee"peuhrz/, interj. (used as a mild exclamation of surprise or emotion.) Also, jeepers creepers /kree"peuhrz/. [1925-30, Amer.; euphemistic alter. of Jesus] * * *
/jeep"nee/, n., pl. jeepneys. a Philippine twin-benched jitney bus, seating about a dozen passengers. [1945-50; JEEP + (JIT)NEY] * * *
(also jeep) n a strong motor vehicle used for driving over rough ground or on mountain roads. The Jeep was first made for the US Army in World War II. It was called a General ...
jeer1 —jeerer, n. —jeeringly, adv. /jear/, v.i. 1. to speak or shout derisively; scoff or gibe rudely: Don't jeer unless you can do better. v.t. 2. to shout derisively at; ...
See jeer. * * *
See jeerer. * * *
the male servant of Bertie Wooster in the humorous stories of P G Wodehouse. Jeeves is the perfect example of an intelligent and efficient servant who remains calm and can solve ...
/jeez/, interj. (used as a mild expression of surprise, disappointment, astonishment, etc.) [1920-25, Amer.; euphemistic shortening of Jesus] * * *
/he"fe/; Eng. /hay"fay/, n., pl. jefes /-fes/; Eng. /-fayz/. Spanish. leader; chief; boss. * * *
/jef/, n. a male given name, form of Jeffrey. * * *
Jeff Davis pie
Southern Cookery. a custard pie baked in a pastry shell and containing spices, raisins, pecans, etc. [after Jefferson DAVIS] * * *
Jefferies, Richard
▪ British naturalist and author in full  John Richard Jefferies  born Nov. 6, 1848, near Swindon, Wiltshire, Eng. died Aug. 14, 1887, Goring-by-Sea, ...
/jef"euhrz/, n. (John) Robinson, 1887-1962, U.S. poet. * * *
Jeffers, (John) Robinson
born Jan. 10, 1887, Pittsburgh, Penn., U.S. died Jan. 20, 1962, Carmel, Calif., U.S. U.S. poet. Born to a wealthy family, he was educated in literature, medicine, and forestry. ...
Jeffers, (John)Robinson
Jef·fers (jĕfʹərz), (John) Robinson. 1887-1962. American poet, many of whose works are set in California. His collections include Tamar and Other Poems (1924). * * *
Jeffers, Robinson
▪ American poet born Jan. 10, 1887, Pittsburgh died Jan. 20, 1962, Carmel, Calif., U.S.  one of the most controversial U.S. poets of the 20th century, for whom all things ...
/jef"euhr seuhn/, n. 1. Joseph, 1829-1905, U.S. actor. 2. Thomas, 1743-1826, U.S. statesman, diplomat, architect, and author: third president of the U.S. 1801-09. 3. a male given ...
Jefferson Airplane, the
▪ American rock group Introduction later known as  Jefferson Starship  and  Starship        American psychedelic rock band best known for its biting political ...
Jefferson and Liberty
▪ Primary Source              Emotions ran high during the months prior to the election of 1800. Many who felt that laws passed during President Adams' ...
Jefferson City
a city in and the capital of Missouri, in the central part, on the Missouri River. 33,619. * * * City (pop., 2000: 39,636), capital of Missouri, U.S. Located on the Missouri ...
Jefferson Davis
➡ Davis (III) * * *
Jefferson Davis's Birthday
June 3 or the first Monday in June, observed as a legal holiday in some Southern states. * * *
Jefferson Day
April 13, Thomas Jefferson's birthday, a legal holiday in Alabama, sometimes celebrated by the Democratic party by the holding of fund-raising dinners. * * *
Jefferson Memorial
a building in Washington, DC, in memory of Thomas Jefferson. It was opened in 1943 in East Potomac Park. John Russell Pope designed it like an ancient Greek building with a round ...
Jefferson River
▪ river, Montana, United States  river, most westerly of the Missouri River's three headstreams, rising in the Gravelly Range in southwestern Montana, U.S., near the ...
Jefferson, Blind Lemon
▪ American musician byname of  Lemon Jefferson  born September 1893, Couchman, Texas, U.S. died c. December 1929, Chicago, Illinois  American country blues singer, ...
Jefferson, Joseph
▪ American actor born Feb. 20, 1829, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S. died April 23, 1905, Palm Beach, Fla.  American actor whose name became identified with the character of Rip Van ...
Jefferson, Martha
▪ wife of Thomas Jefferson née  Martha Wayles Skelton  born October 30 [October 19, Old Style], 1748, Charles City county, Virginia [U.S.] died September 6, 1782, ...
Jefferson, Thomas
born April 13, 1743, Shadwell, Va. died July 4, 1826, Monticello, Va., U.S. Third president of the U.S. (1801–09). He was a planter and became a lawyer in 1767; he was also a ...
Jef·fer·son (jĕfʹər-sən), Mount A peak, 3,201.6 m (10,497 ft) high, in the Cascade Range of northwest Oregon southeast of Portland. * * *
Jefferson, Thomas. 1743-1826. The third President of the United States (1801-1809). A member of the second Continental Congress, he drafted the Declaration of Independence ...
Jefferson City The capital of Missouri, in the central part of the state on the Missouri River. It was chosen as the capital when Missouri was admitted to the Union in 1821. ...
—Jeffersonianism, n. /jef'euhr soh"nee euhn/, adj. 1. pertaining to or advocating the political principles and doctrines of Thomas Jefferson, esp. those stressing minimum ...
Jeffersonian Republican
      member of the early U.S. political party known as the Democratic-Republican Party, active mainly between 1801 and 1825. * * *
See Jeffersonian. * * *
Jefferson River A river, about 402 km (250 mi) long, of southwest Montana. It is a headwater of the Missouri River. * * *
/jef"euhr seuhn town'/, n. a town in N Kentucky. 15,795. * * *
/jef"euhr seuhn vil'/, n. a city in S Indiana, on the Ohio River. 21,220. * * * ▪ Indiana, United States       city, seat (1802–10; 1873) of Clark county, southern ...
Jefferts Schori, Katharine
▪ 2007       When Katharine Jefferts Schori was nominated in 2006 to serve as presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, she became the first woman to have that ...
/jef"ree/, n. 1. Francis ("Lord Jeffrey"), 1773-1850, Scottish jurist, editor, and critic. 2. a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning "divine peace." * * * (as used in ...
Jeffrey Archer
➡ Archer * * *
Jeffrey pine
a conifer, Pinus jeffreyi, of high mountains in the western U.S., having long needles, large cones, and aromatic bark. [1855-60, Amer.; after John Jeffrey (1826-54), Scottish ...
Jeffrey, Edward Charles
▪ American botanist born May 21, 1866, St. Catherines, Ont., Can. died April 19, 1952, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.       Canadian-American botanist who worked on the ...
Jeffrey, Francis Jeffrey, Lord
▪ Scottish critic and judge born Oct. 23, 1773, Edinburgh, Scot. died Jan. 26, 1850, Edinburgh  literary critic and Scottish judge, best known as the editor of The Edinburgh ...
/jef"reez/, n. 1. George (1st Baron Jeffreys of Wem), 1648-89, English jurist. 2. Sir Harold, born 1891, British geophysicist and astronomer. * * *
Jeffreys, George Jeffreys, 1st Baron
▪ English judge born May 15, 1645?, Acton, Denbighshire, Wales died April 18, 1689, London  English judge notorious for his cruelty and corruption. He presided over the ...
Jeffreys, Sir Harold
born April 22, 1891, Fatfield, Durham, Eng. died March 18, 1989, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire British astronomer and geophysicist. In astronomy, he established that the four large ...
/jef"reez/, n. James J., 1875-1953, U.S. boxer: world heavyweight champion 1899-1905. * * *
Jeffries, James Jackson
▪ American boxer byname  the Boilermaker  born April 15, 1875, Carroll, Ohio, U.S. died March 3, 1953, Burbank, California       American boxer who was the world ...
/jay/, n. Zoroastrianism. a female demon who was the companion of Angra Mainyu and was believed to have corrupted the female sex: sometimes considered the first woman. * * *
/ji hahd"/, n. jihad. * * *
/jeuh hahn"gear, yeuh-/, n. Jahangir. * * *
▪ king of Judah also spelled  Joachin,  Hebrew  Joiachin,         in the Old Testament (II Kings 24), son of King Jehoiakim and king of Judah. He came to the throne ...
/ji hoy"euh deuh/, n. a priest of Judah who led the revolt against Athalia. II Kings 11:1-16. * * *
▪ king of Judah also spelled  Joakim,         in the Old Testament (II Kings 23:34–24:17; Jer. 22:13–19; II Chron. 36:4–8), son of King Josiah and king of Judah ...
/jeuh hohl"/; Chin. /zhu"hoh", rddu"-/, n. 1. a region and former province in NE China: incorporated into Manchukuo by the Japanese 1932-45. 74,297 sq. mi. (192,429 sq. km). 2. ...
Jehol Uplands
▪ region, China Wade-Giles romanization  Ch'eng-te P'ing-yüan,  Pinyin  Chengde Pingyuan,         region of extremely complex and rugged topography in ...
▪ king of Israel also called  Joram,  Hebrew  Yehoram, or Yoram,         one of two contemporary Old Testament kings.       Jehoram, the son of Ahab and ...
/ji hosh"euh fat', -hos"-/, n. a king of Judah, son of Asa, who reigned in the 9th century B.C. I Kings 22:41-50. * * * ▪ king of Judah also called  Josaphat,  Hebrew ...
—Jehovic /ji hoh"vik/, adj. /ji hoh"veuh/, n. 1. a name of God in the Old Testament, a rendering of the ineffable name, JHVH, in the Hebrew Scriptures. 2. (in modern Christian ...
Jehovah God
(among the Jehovah's Witnesses) God. * * *
Jehovah's Witness
Member of an international religious movement founded in Pittsburgh, Pa. , by Charles T. Russell in 1872. The movement was originally known as the International Bible Students ...
Jehovah's Witnesses
a Christian sect, founded in the U.S. in the late 19th century, that believes in the imminent destruction of the world's wickedness and the establishment of a theocracy under ...
Je·ho·vah's Witness (jĭ-hōʹvəz) n. A member of a religious denomination founded in the United States during the late 19th century in which active evangelism is practiced, ...
Jehovah’s Witness
n a member of a Christian organization started in the US in the 1870s. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the end of the world is near and that when it comes everyone except them ...
—Jehovism, n. —Jehovistic /jee'hoh vis"tik, ji hoh-/, adj. /ji hoh"vist/, n. Yahwist. [1745-55; JEHOV(AH) + -IST] * * *
/jee"hyooh/ or, often, /-hooh/, n. 1. a king of Israel noted for his furious chariot attacks. II Kings 9. 2. (l.c.) a fast driver. 3. (l.c.) the driver of a cab or coach. * * ...
var. of jejuno- before a vowel: jejunectomy. * * *
—jejunely, adv. —jejuneness, jejunity, n. /ji joohn"/, adj. 1. without interest or significance; dull; insipid: a jejune novel. 2. juvenile; immature; childish: jejune ...
/ji jooh nek"teuh mee, jee'joo-/, n., pl. jejunectomies. Surg. excision of part or all of the jejunum. [JEJUN- + -ECTOMY] * * *
See jejune. * * *
See jejunely. * * *
a combining form representing jejunum in compound words: jejunostomy. * * *
/ji jooh nos"teuh mee, jee'joo-/, n., pl. jejunostomies. Surg. an artificial opening from the jejunum through the abdominal wall, created for the drainage of jejunal contents or ...
—jejunal, adj. /ji jooh"neuhm/, n. Anat. the middle portion of the small intestine, between the duodenum and the ileum. See diag. under intestine. [1350-1400; ME < L jejunum, ...
Jekyll Jekyll1 [jek′əl; ] occas., and prob. Stevenson s intended pronun., [jē′kəl] Dr. a kind, good doctor in R. L. Stevenson's story The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and ...
Jekyll and Hyde
/jek"euhl, jee"keuhl/ a person marked by dual personality, one aspect of which is good and the other bad. [after the protagonist of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of ...
Jekyll, Gertrude
born Nov. 29, 1843, London, Eng. died Dec. 8, 1932, London British landscape architect. She pursued painting until 1891, when she turned to garden design. She helped the ...
Jekylland Hyde
Je·kyll and Hyde (jĕkʹəl, jēʹkəl; hīdʹ) n. Informal One who has a dual personality that alternates between phases of good and evil behavior.   [After The Strange Case ...
Jelačić, Josip, Graf
▪ Croatian politician and soldier (Count) born Oct. 16, 1801, Petrovaradin, Croatia died May 19, 1859, near Zagreb       Croatian politician and soldier who, as ban, ...
Jelālī Revolts
▪ Turkish history Jelālī also spelled  Celâli,         rebellions in Anatolia against the Ottoman Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries. The first revolt occurred ...
Jelenia Góra
Je·le·nia Gó·ra (yā-lĕnʹyə go͝orʹə, yĕ-lĕʹnyä go͞oʹrä) A city of southwest Poland west-southwest of Poznań. Chartered in 1312, it passed to Prussia in 1741 ...
▪ Latvia formerly German  Mitau  or  Russian  Mitava         city, Latvia, on the Lielupe River southwest of Riga. In 1226 the Brothers of the Sword (Brothers of ...
Jelinek, Elfriede
▪ Austrian author born October 20, 1946, Mürzzuschlag, Austria    Austrian novelist and playwright noted for her controversial works on gender relations, female sexuality, ...
/jel/, v.i. 1. to congeal; become jellylike in consistency. 2. to become clear, substantial, or definite; crystallize: The plan began to jell once we all met to discuss ...
/jel"oh/, Trademark. a brand of dessert made from a mixture of gelatin, sugar, and fruit flavoring, dissolved in hot water and chilled until firm. * * *
➡ jello * * *
/jeuh lah"beuh/, n. djellabah. * * *
/jel"i koh'/, n. John Rushworth /rush"werrth/, 1st Earl, 1859-1935, British admiral. * * *
Jellicoe, John Rushworth Jellicoe, 1st Earl
born Dec. 5, 1859, Southampton, Hampshire, Eng. died Nov. 20, 1935, London British admiral. He entered the Royal Navy in 1872 and rose through the ranks to become commander of ...
Jellicoe, John Rushworth Jellicoe, 1st Earl, Viscount Jellicoe of Scapa, Viscount Brocas of Southampton
▪ British admiral born December 5, 1859, Southampton, Hampshire, England died November 20, 1935, Kensington, London       British admiral of the fleet who commanded at ...
Jellicoe, Sir Geoffrey Alan
▪ 1997       British landscape architect (b. Oct. 8, 1900, London, Eng.—d. July 17, 1996, Seaton, Devon, Eng.), considered landscape design the "mother of all arts" ...
Jellicoe,John Rushworth
Jel·li·coe (jĕlʹĭ-kō'), John Rushworth. First Earl Jellicoe. 1859-1935. British naval officer who commanded the fleet that fought the Germans at Jutland (1916). He later ...
/jel"eed/, adj. 1. congealed or brought to the consistency of jelly: jellied consommé. 2. containing or spread over with jelly or syrup. [1585-95; JELLY + -ED2] * * *
jellies [jel′ēz] pl.n. inexpensive sandals made of usually translucent molded plastic: occasionally jelly shoes * * *
—jellification, n. /jel"euh fuy'/, v., jellified, jellifying. v.t. 1. to make into a jelly; reduce to a gelatinous state. v.i. 2. to turn into jelly; become ...
Jellinek, Adolf
▪ European Jewish rabbi and scholar born June 26, 1821, Drslavice, Moravia, Austrian Empire [now in Czech Republic] died Dec. 29, 1893, Vienna, Austria       rabbi and ...
Jellinek, Elvin M
▪ American physiologist born Aug. 15, 1890, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Oct. 22, 1963, Palo Alto, Calif.       American physiologist who was a pioneer in the scientific ...
Jellinek, Elvin M(orton)
born Aug. 15, 1890, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Oct. 22, 1963, Palo Alto, Calif. U.S. physiologist. He studied at the University of Leipzig and worked in Budapest, Sierra Leone, ...
Jellinek, Georg
▪ German philosopher born June 16, 1851, Leipzig [Germany] died January 12, 1911, Heidelberg, Germany       German legal and political philosopher who, in his book Die ...
Jelling stones
▪ Danish gravestones  two 10th-century royal gravestones found in Jutland, best known of all Danish runic inscriptions. The earlier stone, a memorial honouring Queen Thyre, ...
☆ jello [jel′ō ] n. 〚< Jell-O, a trademark for such a gelatin〛 a flavored gelatin eaten as a dessert or used in molded salads * * * (also Jell-O™) n [U, C] (AmE) a ...
—jellylike, adj. /jel"ee/, n., pl. jellies, v., jellied, jellying, adj. n. 1. a food preparation of a soft, elastic consistency due to the presence of gelatin, pectin, etc., ...
jelly and jam
Thick preserves made from fruit and sugar. Jelly is semitransparent, consisting of the strained juice of various fruits (occasionally vegetables), singly or in combination, that ...
jelly baby
n [usu pl] (BrE) a small soft sweet shaped like a baby. Jelly babies are sold in different colours and flavours, and are popular with children. * * *
jelly bean
☆ jelly bean n. n. a small, bean-shaped candy with a soft, jellylike center and a hard sugar coating: also jellybean n. * * * n a small sweet/candy shaped like a bean. Jelly ...
jelly coat
Biochem. an ovum-produced glycoprotein that causes adhesion of sperm to the ovum; fertilizin. * * *
jelly doughnut
a raised doughnut filled with jelly or jam and sometimes sprinkled with powdered sugar. * * *
jelly fungus
any of various fungi of the order Tremellales, distinguished by gelatinous basidiocarp. * * *
jelly roll
1. a thin, rectangular layer of sponge cake, spread with fruit jelly and rolled up. 2. Slang (vulgar). a. the vagina. b. sexual intercourse. [1890-95, Amer.] * * *
/jel"ee been'/, n. a small, bean-shaped, usually brightly colored candy with a hard sugar coating and a firm gelatinous filling. [1900-05, Amer.; JELLY + BEAN] * * *
/jel"ee fish'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) jellyfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) jellyfishes. 1. any of various marine coelenterates of a soft, gelatinous ...
jellyroll [jel′ērōl΄] n. a thin sheet of spongecake spread with jelly and rolled in a spiral * * * jel·ly·roll (jĕlʹē-rōl') © School Division, Houghton Mifflin ...
/jel"euh tawng', -tong'/, n. 1. a tree, Dyera costulata, of the Malay Peninsula, from which a resinous latex is obtained. 2. Also called pontianak. the latex of these trees, used ...
▪ Nigeria       town, Kaduna state, central Nigeria, near the Darroro Hills and on a road from Jos to Jagindi. A 2,000-year-old terra-cotta head discovered at Jemaa in ...
/jem"euh dahr'/, n. (in India) 1. any of various government officials. 2. the supervisor of a staff of servants. 3. an officer in a sepoy regiment, corresponding in rank to a ...
Fr. /zheuh mannp"/, n. a town in SW Belgium, near Mons: French victory over Austrians 1792. 12,455. * * *
▪ Indonesia also spelled  Djember         city, Jawa Timur provinsi (province), Java, Indonesia, located at the foot of Mount Argopuro, 95 miles (153 km) southeast of ...
/jeuh muy"meuh/, n. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning "dove." * * *
Jemison, Mae
▪ American physician and astronaut in full  Mae Carol Jemison   born Oct. 17, 1956, Decatur, Ala., U.S.    American physician and the first African American woman to ...
Jemison, Mae (Carol)
born Oct. 17, 1956, Decatur, Ala., U.S. U.S. physician and astronaut. She received an M.D. from Cornell University and then served in the Peace Corps in Africa. In 1988 she was ...
Jemison, Mary
▪ American frontierswoman born 1743, onboard a ship en route from Ireland to America died Sept. 19, 1833, Buffalo Creek Reservation, near Buffalo, N.Y., ...
/jem"ee/, v., jemmied, jemmying, n., pl. jemmies. Brit. v.t. 1. jimmy1. n. 2. jimmy1. 3. Slang. an overcoat. 4. the baked head of a sheep. [1745-55] * * *
/zhun, rddun/, n. (in Chinese philosophy) a compassionate love for humanity or for the world as a whole. [ < Chin (Wade-Giles) jên2, (pinyin) rén] * * * ▪ Chinese ...
/yay"nah/, n. a city in central Germany: Napoleon decisively defeated the Prussians here in 1806. 103,000. * * * ▪ Germany       city, Thuringia Land (state), ...
Jena and Auerstedt, Battles of
(1806) Military engagement of the Napoleonic Wars, fought between French troops and Prussians and Saxons. In 1806 Frederick William III of Prussia signed a secret alliance with ...
Jena glass
German  Jenaer Glas,        fine-quality glass with improved resistance to heat and shock, suited for chemical ware. It was developed for thermometers and measuring ...
Jena Romanticism
▪ German literature German  Jenaer Romantik        a first phase of Romanticism in German literature, centred in Jena from about 1798 to 1804. The group was led by ...
Jena, Battle of
▪ European history also called  Battle of Jena-Auerstädt        (Oct. 14, 1806), military engagement of the Napoleonic Wars, fought between 122,000 French troops and ...
Jenatsch, Georg
▪ Swiss political leader born 1596, Samaden, Grisons, Switz. died Jan. 24, 1639, Chur  Swiss political and military leader of the Grisons (now Graubünden, the most ...
▪ Tunisia also spelled  Jundūbah , also called  Sūq al-Arbaʿāʾ , also spelled  Souk el-Arba        town, northwestern Tunisia, about 95 miles (150 km) west ...
jene sais quoi
je ne sais quoi (zhə' nə sā kwäʹ, sĕ) n. A quality or attribute that is difficult to describe or express: “Fishing has lacked a certain je ne sais quoi in terms of its ...
Jenghis Khan
/jeng"gis kahn", -giz, jen"-/. See Genghis Khan. Also, Jenghiz Khan. * * *
Jen·ghis Khan or Jen·ghiz Khan (jĕnʹgĭz känʹ, -gĭs, jĕngʹ-) See Genghis Khan. * * *
Jenghiz Khan
Jenghiz Khan [jeŋ′gis] var. of GENGHIS KHAN * * *
Jenkin, Fleeming
▪ British engineer born March 25, 1833, near Dungeness, Kent, Eng. died June 12, 1885, Edinburgh, Scot.       British engineer noted for his work in establishing units ...
(1920–2003) a British politician and author. He became Home Secretary (1965–7 and 1974–6) and Chancellor of the Exchequer (1967–70) in the Labour governments of Harold ...
Jenkins (of Hillhead), Roy (Harris) Jenkins, Baron
born Nov. 11, 1920, Abersychan, Monmouthshire, Eng. died Jan. 5, 2003, Oxfordshire British politician. Elected to Parliament in 1948, he served in Labour Party governments ...
Jenkins' Ear, War of
War between Britain and Spain that began in 1739 and eventually merged into the War of the Austrian Succession. In 1738 Capt. Robert Jenkins appeared before a committee of the ...
Jenkins, David
▪ American figure skater born June 29, 1936, Akron, Ohio, U.S.       American figure skater who won a gold medal at the 1960 Winter Olympic Games in Squaw Valley, ...
Jenkins, Fergie
in full Ferguson Arthur Jenkins born Dec. 13, 1943, Chatham, Ont., Can. Canadian-born U.S. baseball pitcher. In high school Jenkins excelled in amateur baseball, basketball, ...
Jenkins, Hayes Alan
▪ American figure skater born March 23, 1933, Akron, Ohio, U.S.       American figure skater who won a gold medal at the 1956 Winter Games in Cortina d'Ampezzo, ...
Jenkins, John
▪ English composer born 1592, Maidstone, Kent, Eng. died Oct. 27, 1678, Kimberley, Norfolk       composer, lutenist, and string player, most eminent composer in his era ...

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