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Слова на букву hipp-john (15990)

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hot cap
a plastic or paper bag or small tentlike structure placed over plants in early spring to protect them from frost. * * *
hot cell
hot cell n. a protected enclosure, usually made of concrete, containing shielded windows and manipulators operated by remote control, used to handle radioactive materials, as for ...
hot cockles
a children's game in which a blindfolded player is hit by one of the other players and then tries to guess which one did the hitting. [1540-50] * * *
hot cold-working
metalworking at considerable heat but below the temperature at which the metal recrystallizes: a form of cold-working. [‡1960-65] * * *
hot comb
a comb or comblike appliance heated electrically and used to arrange or style the hair. [1965-70] * * *
hot corner
Baseball. See third base (def. 2). [1900-05] * * *
hot cross bun
a bun with a cross of frosting on it, eaten chiefly during Lent. [1725-35] * * *
hot cross buns
➡ Easter * * *
hot dog
1. a frankfurter. 2. a sandwich consisting of a frankfurter in a split roll, usually eaten with mustard, sauerkraut, or relish. 3. Also, hotdog, hot dogger, hotdogger, ...
hot dogs
➡ fairs * * *
hot flash
a sudden, temporary sensation of heat experienced by some women during menopause. Also called hot flush. [1905-10] * * *
hot galvanizing.
See hot-dip coating. * * *
hot lick
Jazz. lick (def. 17). [1930-35] * * *
hot light
Television. a powerful light used in television production. * * *
hot line
1. a direct telecommunications link, as a telephone line or Teletype circuit, enabling immediate communication between heads of state in an international crisis: the hot line ...
hot metal
Print. metallic type and printing elements produced by a casting machine; foundry type. Also called hot type. Cf. cold type. [1955-60] * * *
hot money
Informal. funds transferred suddenly from one country to another chiefly to avoid depreciation in value or to take advantage of higher interest rates. [1925-30] * * *
hot pack
1. a hot towel, dressing, or the like, applied to the body to reduce swelling, relieve pain, etc. 2. Also called hot pack method. a method of canning food by cooking it and ...
hot pants
/hot" pants'/ for 1; /hot" pants"/ for 2 1. very brief and usually tight-fitting shorts for women and girls, first popularized in the early 1970s. 2. Slang. strong sexual ...
hot pepper
1. any of variously shaped pungent peppers of the genus Capsicum, containing large amounts of capsaicin and usually having thin walls. 2. a plant bearing such a ...
hot plate
1. a portable appliance for cooking, formerly heated by a gas burner placed underneath it, now heated chiefly by an electrical unit in the appliance. 2. a hot meal, usually ...
hot pot
Chiefly Brit. mutton or beef cooked with potatoes in a covered pot. [1690-1700] * * *
hot potato
1. Informal. a situation or issue that is difficult, unpleasant, or risky to deal with. 2. Brit. Informal. a baked potato. [1840-50] * * *
hot pressing
a method of forming alloy steels or specialized ceramics from compound powders by the application of heat and pressure in a mold. [1735-45] * * *
hot rod
Slang. an automobile specially built or altered for fast acceleration and increased speed. [1940-45, Amer.] * * * Automobile rebuilt or modified for high speed, fast ...
hot rodder
Slang. 1. a driver or builder of hot rods. 2. a fast and reckless driver. Also, hot-rodder. [1945-50, Amer.] * * *
hot sauce
any of several highly spiced, pungent condiments, esp. one containing some type of pepper or chili. * * *
hot seat
Slang. 1. See electric chair. 2. a highly uncomfortable or embarrassing situation: I'm in the hot seat because of the contract I lost. [1915-20] * * *
hot shit
Slang (vulgar). 1. a person who behaves in a showy or conceited manner; hotshot. 2. (used to express enthusiasm or approval.) [1970-75] * * *
hot shoe
Photog. a bracket on a camera body that provides support and electrical contact for an electronic flash attachment. [1970-75] * * *
hot shot
/hot" shot"/ for 1; /hot" shot'/ for 2 1. incandescent shot fired to set enemy ships or buildings on fire. 2. hotshot (defs. 4, 6). [1595-1605] * * *
hot spot
1. a country or region where dangerous or difficult political situations exist or may erupt, esp. where a war, revolution, or a belligerent attitude toward other countries exists ...
hot spring
a thermal spring having water warmer than 98°F (37°C): the water is usually heated by emanation from or passage near hot or molten rock. Cf. warm spring. [1660-70] * * * or ...
Hot Springs
1. a city in central Arkansas: adjoins a national park (Hot Springs National Park) noted for its thermal mineral springs. 35,166. 2. a resort village in W Virginia: site of ...
Hot Springs National Park
National park, central Arkansas, U.S. Established in 1921, it occupies an area of 9 square mi (23 sq km). It is centred on 47 thermal springs, from which more than 850,000 ...
hot stuff
Slang. 1. a person or thing of exceptional interest or merit. 2. something unconventional, sensational, or daring: This movie is hot stuff. 3. a person who is erotically ...
hot switch
Radio and Television. a rapid transfer from one point of origin to another during a broadcast. * * *
hot tear
/tair/ a crack formed in hot metal during cooling, caused by an improper pouring temperature or undue restraint. [1930-35] * * *
hot toddy
toddy (def. 1). * * *
hot tub
—hot-tubber, n. —hot-tubbing, n. a wooden tub, usually large enough to accommodate several persons, that is filled with hot aerated water and often equipped with a thermostat ...
hot type
Print. See hot metal. * * *
hot war
open military conflict; an armed conflict between nations: The increasing tension in the Middle East could lead to a hot war. [1945-50; by analogy with COLD WAR] * * *
hot water
Informal. trouble; a predicament: His skipping classes will get him into real hot water when exam time comes. [1530-40] * * *
hot well
a tank or reservoir in which hot water is collected before being recirculated, esp. condensed steam about to be returned to a boiler. [1350-1400; ME] * * *
hot-and-sour soup
hot-and-sour soup [hät′ən sour΄] n. a spicy Chinese soup made with pork, chicken, beans, vinegar, etc., served hot * * *
—hot-bloodedness, n. /hot"blud"id/, adj. 1. excitable; impetuous. 2. ardent, passionate, or virile. 3. adventuresome, exciting, or characterized by adventure and excitement. 4. ...
See hot-blooded. * * *
hot-bulb engine
/hot"bulb"/ a low-compression oil engine requiring a heated bulb or cap for ignition. [1910-15] * * *
/hot"but"n/, adj. exciting strong feelings; highly charged; emotional: hot-button issues. [1985-90] * * *
hot-cathode tube
/hot"kath"ohd/, Electronics. See thermionic tube. [1910-15] * * *
/hot"kohm'/, v.t. to arrange or style (the hair) with a hot comb. * * *
hot-dip coating
/hot"dip"/ the process of coating sheets of iron or steel with molten zinc. Also called hot galvanizing. [1920-25] * * *
/hot"dipt"/, adj. coated by being dipped into molten tin or zinc. [1935-40] * * *
/hot"dawg', -dog'/, v., hot-dogged, hot-dogging, adj. Informal. v.i. 1. to perform unusual or very intricate maneuvers in a sport, esp. surfing or skiing. 2. to perform in a ...
See hot-dog. * * *
See hot-dogger. * * *
/hot"draw"/, v.t., hot-drew, hot-drawn, hot-drawing. Metalworking. to draw (wire, tubing, etc.) at a temperature high enough to permit recrystallization. [1895-1900] * * *
—hot-presser, n. /hot"pres'/, n. 1. a machine applying heat in conjunction with mechanical pressure, as for producing a smooth surface on paper or for expressing oil. v.t. 2. ...
/hot"rod"/, v., hot-rodded, hot-rodding. Slang. v.i. 1. to drive a hot rod. 2. to drive very fast. v.t. 3. to drive (a vehicle) very fast. 4. to adapt (a vehicle or its engine) ...
See hot-rod. * * *
/hot"rohl", -rohl'/, v.t. Metalworking. to roll (metal) at a heat high enough to permit recrystallization. [1875-80] * * *
—hot-shortness, n. /hot"shawrt"/, adj. (of steel or wrought iron) brittle when heated, usually due to high sulfur content. [1790-1800; HOT + SHORT, as in RED-SHORT] * * *
/hot"spot'/, v.t., hot-spotted, hot-spotting. to stop (a forest fire) at a hot spot. [1950-55; v. use of HOT SPOT] * * *
hot-stove league
/hot"stohv"/ devotees of a sport, esp. baseball, who meet for off-season talks. [1950-55] * * *
/hot"tem"peuhrd/, adj. easily angered; short-tempered. * * *
hot-walker [hät′wôk΄ər] n. a person whose job is walking racehorses after races, workouts, etc. to allow them to cool off gradually * * *
hot-water bag
/hot"waw"teuhr, -wot"euhr/ a bag, usually of rubber, for holding hot water to apply warmth to some part of the body, as the feet. Also called hot-water bottle. * * *
hot-wa·ter bottle (hŏtʹwôʹtər, -wŏtʹər) n. A stoppered container, usually made of plastic or rubber, that is filled with hot water and applied to a part of the body for ...
v. /hot"wuyeur"/; adj. /hot"wuyeur'/, v., hot-wired, hot-wiring, adj. v.t. 1. Slang. to start the engine of (a motor vehicle) by short-circuiting the ignition. adj. 2. Elect., ...
/hot"werrk"/, v.t. to work (metal) at a temperature high enough to permit recrystallization. [1895-1900] * * *
hot air n. Slang Empty, exaggerated talk. * * *
/haw"tahn"/, n. Pinyin. 1. an oasis in W China, in SW Xinjiang. 2. the chief city in this oasis. 50,000. Also, Hetian, Hotien, Khotan. * * * ▪ China Wade-Giles romanization ...
/hot"bed'/, n., v., hotbedded, hotbedding. n. 1. a bottomless, boxlike, usually glass-covered structure and the bed of earth it covers, heated typically by fermenting manure or ...
hotblooded [hät′blud΄id] adj. easily excited; excitable; ardent, reckless, etc. * * *
/hot"boks'/, n. Railroads. a journal box overheated by excessive friction of an axle as a result of inadequate lubrication or the presence of foreign matter. Also, hot ...
hot button n. Slang Something that elicits a strong emotional response or reaction: an issue that became a hot button among younger voters.   hot-but·ton (hŏtʹbŭt'n) adj. * ...
hot·cake also hot cake (hŏtʹkāk') n. See pancake. Idiom: go/sell like hotcakes Informal To be disposed of quickly; be in great demand: Programs for the championship game ...
/hoch/, Scot. and North Eng. v.i. 1. to fidget; shift one's weight from one foot to the other. v.t. 2. to cause to fidget or shiver. [1350-1400; ME (north) hotchen; akin to D ...
/hah"chah, -cheuh/, interj. Older Slang. (used as an expression of approval or delight, now often used facetiously.) [1930-35; of uncert. orig.] * * *
/hoch"kis/, n. Hazel. See Wightman, Hazel Hotchkiss. * * *
/hoch"pot'/, n. Law. the bringing together of shares or properties in order to divide them equally, esp. when they are to be divided among the children of a parent dying ...
/hoch"poch'/, n. 1. a thick soup or stew of vegetables or meat, often thickened with barley. 2. Brit. hodgepodge. 3. Law. a hotchpot. [1350-1400; ME hoche poche, rhyming var. of ...
hot corner n. Baseball Third base. * * *
hotcross bun
hot cross bun n. A sweet bun marked on top with a cross of frosting, traditionally eaten during Lent. * * *
hot dog or hot·dog (hŏtʹdôg', -dŏg') n. 1. A frankfurter, especially one served hot in a long soft roll. Also called red-hot. 2. Slang. One who performs showy, often ...
/hot"daw'ging, -dog'ing/, n. Informal. the act of one who hot-dogs; the performance of intricate, daring, or flamboyant stunts. Also, hot-dogging. [1960-65; HOT-DOG + -ING1] * * *
▪ Japanese mythology  in Japanese mythology, one of the Shichi-fuku-jin (“Seven Gods of Luck”). This popular figure is depicted frequently in contemporary crafts as a ...
—hotelless, adj. /hoh tel"/, n. 1. a commercial establishment offering lodging to travelers and sometimes to permanent residents, and often having restaurants, meeting rooms, ...
Hôtel de Bourgogne, Théâtre de l'
▪ theatre, Paris, France       the first permanent theatre in Paris, built in 1548 on the ruins of the palace of the dukes of Burgundy. The theatre was built by the ...
hôtel de ville
/oh tel" deuh veel"/, pl. hôtels de ville /oh tel" deuh veel"/. French. a city hall. [lit., mansion of the city] * * *
Hôtel des Invalides
/oh tel day zaonn vann leed"/ a military hospital built in Paris in the 17th and 18th centuries by Libéral Bruant and J. H. Mansart: famous for its chapel dome, the tomb of ...
hotel dieu
▪ medieval hospital, France French  Hôtel-dieu,         in France, any medieval hospital; the name now refers only to those whose history goes back to the Middle ...
hotel rack
rack6 (def. 2). * * *
/oh tel dyue"/, n. pl. hôtels-Dieu /oh tel dyue"/. French. a hospital. [lit., mansion of God] * * *
/oh'teuhl yay", hoht'l ear"/, n. a manager or owner of a hotel or inn. [1900-05; < F hôtelier; see HOTEL, -IER2] * * *
/hoh tel"kee'peuhr/, n. a manager or owner of a hotel. [1820-30, Amer.; HOTEL + KEEPER] * * *
/hoh tel"meuhn, -man'/, n., pl. hotelmen /-meuhn, -men'/. hotelkeeper. [1915-20; HOTEL + MAN1] * * *
hot flash n. 1. A sudden brief sensation of heat, often over the entire body, caused by a transient dilation of the blood vessels of the skin and experienced by some women during ...
/hot"foot'/, n., pl. hotfoots, v., adv. n. 1. a practical joke in which a match, inserted surreptitiously between the sole and upper of the victim's shoe, is lighted and allowed ...
/hot"hed'/, n. an impetuous or short-tempered person. [1650-60; HOT + HEAD] * * *
—hotheadedly, adv. —hotheadedness, n. /hot"hed"id/, adj. 1. hot or fiery in spirit or temper; impetuous; rash: Hotheaded people shouldn't drive cars. 2. easily angered; quick ...
See hotheaded. * * *
See hotheadedly. * * *
/hot"hows'/, n., pl. hothouses /-how'ziz/, adj. n. 1. an artificially heated greenhouse for the cultivation of tender plants. adj. 2. of, pertaining to, or noting a plant grown ...
hothouse lamb
a lamb born in the fall or early winter, usually reared indoors, specially fed, and marketed when from 9 to 16 weeks of age. * * *
/hoh"tyen"/, n. Wade-Giles. Hotan. * * *
/hot"luyn'/, n. 1. See hot line. adj. 2. Chiefly Canadian. of or pertaining to a radio program that receives telephone calls from listeners on the air. [1950-55; HOT + LINE1] * * ...
/hot"luy'neuhr/, n. 1. a person who speaks to callers on a telephone hot line. 2. Also, hot-liner. Chiefly Canadian. a radio broadcaster who accepts calls on the air from ...
/hot"lingk'/, n. Computers. 1. a link between two files, as between a spreadsheet and a document, such that a change in one effects a change in the other. 2. a hypertext ...
hot·ly (hŏtʹlē) adv. In an intense or fiery way: a hotly contested will. * * *
Hotman, François
▪ French jurist in full  François Hotman, Sieur (sire) de Villiers Saint-Paul , Latin  Franciscus Hotomanus  born Aug. 23, 1524, Paris, Fr. died Feb. 12, 1590, Basel, ...
hot metal n. Printing Type cast from molten metal. * * *
hot money n. Money that is moved by its owner quickly from one form of investment to another, as to take advantage of changing international exchange rates or gain high ...
See hot. * * *
▪ Japanese religious movement       semireligious movement among Japanese peasants initiated in the 19th century by Ninomiya Sontoku, who was known as the “peasant ...
hot pants pl.n. 1. Vulgar Slang. Strong sexual desire. 2. Very brief tight shorts worn by women as an outer garment. * * *
hot pepper n. 1. The pungent fruit of any of several varieties of Capsicum annuum or C. frutescens. 2. See pepper. * * *
hot plate n. 1. An electrically heated plate for cooking or warming food. 2. A tabletop cooking device with one or two burners. * * *
a US company that makes electrical goods for the home: a Hotpoint washing machine. * * *
hot pot n. Chiefly British A stew of lamb or beef and potatoes cooked in a tightly covered pot. * * *
hot potato n. Informal A problem that is so controversial or sensitive that those handling it risk unpleasant consequences: gun control—a political hot potato. * * *
hot rod also hot-rod (hŏtʹrŏd') n. Slang An automobile that has been rebuilt or modified to increase its speed and acceleration.   hotʹ-rod' v. hot rodder or hotʹ-rod'der ...
☆ hots [häts ] n. Slang strong sexual desire: with the * * *
hot seat n. 1. Slang. The electric chair. 2. Informal. A position in which one is subjected to extreme stress or discomfort, as by excessive criticism. * * *
/hot"shot'/, Slang. adj. 1. highly successful and aggressive: a hotshot lawyer; a hotshot account exec. 2. displaying skill flamboyantly: a hotshot ballplayer. 3. moving, going, ...
hot spot also hot·spot (hŏtʹspŏt') n. 1. An area in which there is dangerous unrest or hostile action: “opportunities... for United Nations forces to play a constructive ...
hot spring n. A natural spring producing warm water, usually at a temperature above that of the human body. * * *
Hot Springs (hŏt) A city of west-central Arkansas west-southwest of Little Rock. It is a health resort noted for its 47 thermal springs. Hernando de Soto first visited the ...
—hotspurred, adj. /hot"sperr'/, n. an impetuous or reckless person; a hothead. [1425-75; late ME; after Sir Henry Percy, to whom it was applied as a nickname] * * *
hot stuff n. Slang 1. One that is exceptionally good, interesting, or exciting: Our volleyball team is hot stuff this year. 2. A person who is sexually aroused or arousing. * * *
/hot"see tot"see/, adj. Slang. about as right as can be; perfect: Everything is just hotsy-totsy. [1925-30; allegedly coined by Billie De Beck (d. 1942), U.S. cartoonist] * * *
Hotta Masatoshi
▪ Japanese statesman born 1634, Edo [now Tokyo], Japan died Oct. 7, 1684, Edo       statesman who began his career as an adviser to the fourth Tokugawa shogun of Japan, ...
Hotta Masayoshi
▪ Japanese statesman born 1810, Edo [now Tokyo], Japan died April 26, 1864, Sakura       Japanese statesman who negotiated the commercial treaty that established trade ...
—Hottentotic, adj. /hot"n tot'/, n. Khoikhoi. [1670-80; < Afrik; orig. uncert.] * * *
Hottentot's bread
1. elephant's-foot. 2. the edible rhizome of this plant. [1725-35] * * *
hotter1 /hot"euhr/, v.i. Scot. and North Eng. 1. to vibrate up and down; shake, totter, or rattle, as a plate on a shelf. 2. to stammer. [1790-1800; < early D dial. hotteren, ...
Hotteterre, Jacques
▪ French musician in full  Jacques-martin Hotteterre,  byname  Le Romain  born Sept. 29, 1674, Paris, Fr. died July 16, 1763, Paris       French musician, teacher, ...
hot ticket n. Slang An extremely popular person or thing. * * *
/hot"ee/, n. Slang. a sexually attractive person. [1990-95; HOT + -IE] * * *
hot·tish (hŏtʹĭsh) adj. Somewhat hot. * * *
hot toddy n. A drink consisting of whiskey, brandy, or other liquor mixed with hot water, sugar, and spices. * * *
hot tub n. A very large tub made of ceramic, acrylic, wood, or another substance and filled with hot water in which one or more bathers may soak. * * *
hot war n. Armed, open conflict between nations or factions.   [hot + cold war.] * * *
hot water n. Trouble; difficulty: is in political hot water; got into hot water over the car deal. * * *
Hou Chi
▪ Chinese mythology Pinyin  Hou Ji,         in Chinese mythology, Lord of Millet Grains, who was worshiped for the abundant harvests that he graciously provided for ...
Hou I
▪ Chinese mythology Pinyin  Hou Yi,         the Lord Archer of Chinese mythology, whose prowess with a bow earned him undying fame. With his bow and arrow he saved ...
Hou T'u
▪ Chinese mythological deity Pinyin  Hou Tu, in  Chinese  mythology, the spirit of the earth, first worshiped in 113 Bc        by Wu Ti, a Han-dynasty emperor. Hou ...
/hooh bahr"euh/, n. a bustard, Chlamydotis undulata, of northern Africa and western Asia, having long black and white plumes on each side of the neck. [1820-30; < Ar hubara] * * *
Houbraken, Arnold
▪ Dutch painter and writer born March 28, 1660, Dordrecht, Holland died Oct. 14, 1719, Amsterdam       Dutch painter and art writer noted for his three-volume ...
Houbraken, Jacobus
▪ Dutch engraver born Dec. 25, 1698, Dordrecht, Holland died Nov. 14, 1780, Amsterdam       the leading portrait engraver in 18th-century Holland. The son of the ...
/how"deuh/, n. howdah. * * *
/hooh"dan/, n. one of a French breed of chickens having a V-shaped comb, five toes, and mottled or black plumage. [1870-75; after Houdan, village near Paris where these hens were ...
/hooh dee"nee/, n. Harry (Erich Weiss), 1874-1926, U.S. magician. * * *
Houdini, Harry
orig. Erik Weisz born March 24, 1874, Budapest, Hung. died Oct. 31, 1926, Detroit, Mich., U.S. U.S. magician. The son of a rabbi who emigrated from Hungary to the U.S. and ...
Hou·di·ni (ho͞o-dēʹnē), Harry. 1874-1926. Library of Congress American magician known for his escapes from chains, handcuffs, straitjackets, and padlocked containers. * * ...
/ooh dawonn"/, n. Jean Antoine /zhahonn ahonn twannn"/, 1741-1828, French sculptor. * * *
Houdon, Jean-Antoine
born March 20, 1741, Versailles, Fr. died July 15, 1828, Paris French sculptor. He studied with Jean-Baptiste Pigalle in Paris and in 1761 won the Prix de Rome. In Rome ...
Houdon,Jean Antoine
Hou·don (ho͞oʹdŏn', o͞o-dôɴʹ), Jean Antoine. 1741-1828. French sculptor who executed statues of Washington and Voltaire and busts of Jefferson, Rousseau, and ...
/hok/; Scot. /hokh/, n. 1. Scot. hock1 (defs. 1, 2). v.t. 2. Scot. to hamstring. v.i. 3. Brit. Dial. Obs. to clear the throat; hack. [1300-50; ME; see HOCK1] * * *
/huf/, n. Emerson, 1857-1923, U.S. novelist. * * *
▪ Michigan, United States       city, seat (1852) of Houghton county, northwestern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, U.S. It lies along Portage Lake and the Keweenaw ...
Houghton,Henry Oscar
Hough·ton (hōtʹn), Henry Oscar. 1823-1895. American publisher who founded (1852) the printing office that became the Houghton Mifflin Company. * * *
▪ Maine, United States       town, seat (1839) of Aroostook county, northeastern Maine, U.S. It lies along the Meduxnekeag River 120 miles (193 km) northeast of ...
/hooh"meuh/, n. a city in S Louisiana. 32,602. * * * ▪ Louisiana, United States       city, seat (1834) of Terrebonne parish, southeastern Louisiana, U.S., situated ...
hound1 —hounder, n. —houndish, houndy, adj. —houndlike, adj. /hownd/, n. 1. one of any of several breeds of dogs trained to pursue game either by sight or by scent, esp. ...
hound dog
1. Chiefly Southern U.S. Dial. hound1 (def. 1). 2. (cap.) Mil. a jet-propelled air-to-ground missile designed to be launched from B-52 aircraft and having nuclear ...
hound's tooth
a pattern of broken or jagged checks, used on a variety of fabrics. Also called hound's-tooth check. [1935-40] * * *
/howndz"tung'/, n. any of various plants belonging to the genus Cynoglossum, of the borage family, esp. C. officinale, having coarse, tongue-shaped leaves, dull purple flowers, ...
/howndz"toohth'/, adj. woven or printed with a pattern of broken or jagged checks: a hound's-tooth jacket. [1955-60] * * *
See hound. * * *
/hown"ding/, n. Naut. 1. the portion of a lower mast between the cheeks or hounds and the deck. 2. the portion of an upper mast between the cap of the mast below and the hounds ...
houndstooth check
houndstooth check [houndz′to͞oth΄] n. a pattern of broken checks, used in woven material for jackets, shirts, etc.: also hound's-tooth check * * *
hounds·tooth check or hound's-tooth check (houndzʹto͞oth') © School Division, Houghton Mifflin Company n. A textile design of small broken checks. * * *
Hounsfield [hounz′fēld΄] Godfrey Newbold [no͞o′bōld΄] 1919-2004; Brit. engineer & inventor: developed the CAT scanner * * *
Hounsfield, Sir Godfrey Newbold
▪ 2005       British electrical engineer (b. Aug. 28, 1919, Newark, Nottinghamshire, Eng.—d. Aug. 12, 2004, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, Eng.), invented the CT ...
/hown"skul'/, n. Armor. a snoutlike, usually conical, visor attached to a basinet of the 14th century. [HOUND1 + SKULL] * * *
/hownz"loh/, n. a borough of Greater London, England. 203,300. * * * ▪ borough, London, United Kingdom  outer borough of London, part of the historic county of Middlesex. ...
Houphouë t-Boigny, Félix
born Oct. 18, 1905?, Yamoussoukro, French West Africa died Dec. 7, 1993, Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire President of Côte d'Ivoire from independence until his death ...
Fr. /ooh fway"bwah nyee"/, n. Félix Fr. /fay leeks"/, born 1905, Ivory Coast political leader: president since 1960. * * *
Houphouet-Boigny, Felix
▪ 1994       Côte d'Ivoirian politician and physician (b. Oct. 18, 1905(?), Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire, western Africa—d. Dec. 7, 1993, Yamoussoukro, Côte ...
/hoohp"lahnd, -land/, n. (in the Middle Ages) a robe or long tunic, belted or with a fitted bodice, usually having full trailing sleeves and often trimmed or lined with ...
—hourless, adj. /oweur, ow"euhr/, n. 1. a period of time equal to one twenty-fourth of a mean solar or civil day and equivalent to 60 minutes: He slept for an hour. 2. any ...
hour angle
Astron. the angle, measured westward through 360°, between the celestial meridian of an observer and the hour circle of a celestial body. Cf. sidereal hour angle. [1830-40] * * ...
hour circle
Astron. a great circle on the celestial sphere passing through the celestial poles and containing a point on the celestial sphere, as a star or the vernal equinox. Also called ...
hour hand
the hand that indicates the hours on a clock or watch. [1660-70] * * *
hour angle n. Abbr. ha The angular distance, measured westward along the celestial equator, between the celestial meridian of the observer and the hour circle passing through a ...
Hourani, Albert Habib
▪ 1994       British historian (b. March 31, 1915, Manchester, England—d. Jan. 17, 1993, Oxford, England), was a foremost authority on the Middle East, director (from ...
hour circle n. A great circle passing through the poles of the celestial sphere and intersecting the celestial equator at right angles. * * *
/oweur"glas', -glahs', ow"euhr-/, n. 1. an instrument for measuring time, consisting of two bulbs of glass joined by a narrow passage through which a quantity of sand or mercury ...
hour hand n. The short hand on a clock or watch that indicates hours. * * *
/hoor"ee, howeur"ee, how"euh ree/, n., pl. houris. one of the beautiful virgins provided in paradise for all faithful Muslims. [1730-40; < F < Pers huri < Ar hur pl. of HAURA' ...
/oweur"lawng', -long', ow"euhr-/, adj. lasting an hour: an hourlong interview. Also, hour-long. [1795-1805; HOUR + LONG1 (def. 37)] * * *
/oweur"lee, ow"euhr-/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, occurring, or done each successive hour: hourly news reports. 2. computed or totaled in terms of an hour; using an hour as a ...
Hours [ourz] pl.n. 〚see HOUR〛 Gr. Myth. the goddesses of the seasons, justice, order, etc. * * *
/hooh'seuh ton"ik/, n. a river flowing S from NW Massachusetts through SW Connecticut to Long Island Sound near Stratford, Connecticut. 148 mi. (240 km) long. * * *
Housatonic River
▪ river, United States       river in southwestern New England, rising in the Berkshire Hills, near Pittsfield, Mass., U.S. It flows southward for 148 miles (238 km) ...
n., adj. /hows/; v. /howz/, n., pl. houses /how"ziz/, v., housed, housing, adj. n. 1. a building in which people live; residence for human beings. 2. a household. 3. (often cap.) ...
/hows/, n. Edward Mandell /man"dl/, ("Colonel House"), 1858-1938, U.S. diplomat. * * * (as used in expressions) House of Building Appomattox Court House Babenberg House ...
house agent
Brit. 1. a real-estate agent. 2. a renting agent or a rent collector. [1835-45] * * *
house arrest
confinement of an arrested person to his or her residence or to a public place, as a hospital, instead of in a jail: He was under house arrest until the day of his ...
house call
a professional visit, as by a doctor or sales representative, to the home of a patient or customer. [1955-60] * * *
house counsel
Law. a lawyer drawing a full-time salary from a corporation that he or she represents. * * *
house cricket
a dark brown cricket, Acheta domesticus, having a light-colored head with dark crossbands, commonly occurring throughout North America and Europe, where it may be an indoor ...
house crow
a black and gray crow, Corvus splendens, of India. * * *
house curtain.
See act curtain. * * *
house detective
an employee of a department store, hotel, etc., employed to prevent thefts, violations of regulations, or other forms of misconduct on the part of patrons. [1895-1900, Amer.] * * ...
house dick
Slang. See house detective. [1940-45, Amer.] * * *
house doctor.
See house physician. * * *
house finch
a small common finch, Carpodacus mexicanus, originally of the western U.S. and Mexico and now widely distributed: the males have a red forehead, throat, breast, and ...
house flag
a flag flown by a merchant ship, bearing the emblem of its owners or operators. [1880-85] * * *
house fungus.
See dry rot fungus. * * *
house furnishings
the furnishings of a household, as rugs, chairs, or draperies. [1900-05] * * *
house manager
a business manager responsible for managing a theater and its staff. [1905-10] * * *
house mark
a trademark that appears on and identifies all of a company's products. * * *
house martin
a small European swallow, Delichon urbica, that builds its nest under the eaves of houses. [1760-70] * * *
house moss
Dial. dust ball or dust balls. Regional Variation. See dust ball. * * *
house mouse
a brownish-gray Old World mouse, Mus musculus, now common in the U.S. in or near houses. See illus. under mouse. [1825-35] * * * Common mouse species (Mus musculus, family ...
house music
an up-tempo style of disco music characterized by deep bass rhythms, piano or synthesizer melodies, and soul-music singing, sometimes with elements of rap music. [1985-90; prob. ...
house of assembly
the legislature or the lower house of the legislature in certain countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. [1645-55] * * *
house of assignation
a brothel. [1825-35, Amer.] * * *
House of Bernarda Alba, The
/ber nahr"deuh ahl"beuh/, (Spanish, La Casa de Bernarda Alba) a drama (1941) by Federico García Lorca. * * *
House of Burgesses
the assembly of representatives in colonial Virginia. * * *
house of cards
a structure or plan that is insubstantial and subject to imminent collapse, as a structure made by balancing playing cards against each other: The scheme is so overly complicated ...
House of Commons
the elective, lower house of the Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, and various other countries in the Commonwealth of Nations. * * *
house of correction
a place for the confinement and reform of persons convicted of minor offenses and not regarded as confirmed criminals. [1625-35] * * *
House of Councilors
the upper house of the Japanese diet. Formerly, House of Peers. * * *
House of Delegates
the lower house of the General Assembly in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. * * *
house of detention
1. a place maintained by the civil authorities for persons charged with a crime, and sometimes for witnesses, awaiting trial. 2. See detention home. * * *
house of God
1. Also called house of worship, house of prayer. a building devoted to religious worship; a church, synagogue, temple, chapel, etc. 2. Also, House of God. Islam. Ka'ba. * * *
house of ill repute
a house of prostitution; whorehouse; brothel. Also called house of ill fame. [1720-30] * * *
House of Keys
the lower house of the legislature of the Isle of Man. * * *
House of Lords
the nonelective, upper house of the British Parliament, comprising the lords spiritual and lords temporal. * * *
House of Peers
former name of the Japanese House of Councilors. * * *
house of prayer
/prair/. See house of God. [1575-85] * * *
house of prostitution
a brothel. [1540-50] * * *
House of Representatives
the lower legislative branch in many national and state bicameral governing bodies, as in the United States, Mexico, and Japan. * * *
house of study.
See Beth Midrash. Also, House of Study. [1925-30] * * *
House of the Seven Gables, The
a novel (1851) by Hawthorne. * * *
House of Windsor
the name of the British royal family since 1917. * * *
house of worship.
See house of God. * * *
house organ
a periodical issued by a business or other establishment for its employees, customers, and other interested readers, presenting news about the firm, its products, and its ...
house painter
a person whose occupation is painting houses. [1680-90] * * *
house party
1. the entertainment of guests for one or more nights at one's home, a fraternity or sorority house, etc. 2. the guests at such an affair or party: The house party goes sailing ...
house physician
a resident physician in a hospital, hotel, or other public institution. Also called house doctor. [1745-55] * * *
house place
(in medieval architecture) a room common to all the inhabitants of a house, as a hall. [1805-15] * * *
house rule
a rule that is used in a game only in a specific place, as a particular casino, or only among a certain group of players. [1945-50] * * *
house seat
one of a number of seats in a theater that the management reserves for special guests, friends of the producer or cast, etc. [1945-50] * * *
house slipper
a slipper worn in the house or indoors, often distinguished from a bedroom slipper by having a back and heel. * * *
house snake
1. any African snake of the genus Boaedon, some species of which are important mouse and rat catchers in areas of human habitation. 2. See milk snake. 3. See rat ...
house sparrow
a small, hardy, buffy-brown and gray bird, Passer domesticus, of Europe, introduced into America, Australia, etc. Also called English sparrow. [1665-75] * * * or English ...
house surgeon
a surgeon who lives in a hospital in which he or she is on call. [1815-25] * * *
house system
➡ public schools * * *
House that Jack Built
a traditional nursery rhyme in which there are lots of verses, each one adding an extra line to the one before. It begins like this: This is the house that Jack built. This is ...
house trailer
a trailer fitted with accommodations for sleeping, eating, washing, etc. Cf. mobile home. [1935-40] * * *
House Un-American Activities Committee
an investigative committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. Originally created in 1938 to inquire into subversive activities in the U.S., it was reestablished in 1945 as the ...
House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)
Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, established in 1938 under Martin Dies as chairman, that conducted investigations through the 1940s and '50s into alleged communist ...
house wren
a common American wren, Troglodytes aedon, that nests around houses. See illus. under wren. [1800-10, Amer.] * * *
House, Edward M(andell)
born July 26, 1858, Houston, Texas, U.S. died March 28, 1938, New York, N.Y. U.S. diplomat. An independently wealthy businessman, he served as an adviser to Texas governors ...
House, Edward M.
▪ American diplomat in full  Edward Mandell House   born July 26, 1858, Houston, Texas, U.S. died March 28, 1938, New York, N.Y.  American diplomat and confidential adviser ...
House,Edward Mandell
House, Edward Mandell. Known as “Colonel House.” 1858-1938. American diplomat and adviser to President Woodrow Wilson. He organized U.S. preparations for the Paris Peace ...
House, Son. Originally Eddie James House. 1902-1988. American singer and guitarist. During the 1940s he made many blues recordings for the Library of Congress. * * *
house-proud [hous′proud΄] adj. proud of one's house, its appearance, fine or expensive furnishings, etc. * * * house-proud (housʹproud') adj. Proud of one's house or its ...
/hows"ray'zing/, n. a gathering of persons in a rural community to help one of its members build a house. [1695-1705, Amer.] * * *
/hows"teuh hows'/, adj. 1. conducted from one house to the next: a house-to-house survey. 2. door-to-door (def. 1). [1855-60] * * *
/hows"trayn'/, v.t. Brit. to housebreak. [1920-25] * * *

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