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Слова на букву john-lowe (15990)

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▪ people also called  Abung,         people indigenous to Lampung province on the Sunda Strait in southern Sumatra, Indonesia. They speak Lampong, a Malayo-Polynesian ...
—lampooner, lampoonist, n. —lampoonery, n. /lam poohn"/, n. 1. a sharp, often virulent satire directed against an individual or institution; a work of literature, art, or the ...
See lampoon. * * *
See lampooner. * * *
See lampooner. * * *
/lamp"pohst'/, n. a post, usually of metal, supporting a lamp that lights a street, park, etc. [1780-90; LAMP + POST1] * * *
Lamprecht, Karl Gotthard
▪ German historian born Feb. 25, 1856, Jessen, Saxony died May 10, 1915, Leipzig       German historian who was one of the first scholars to develop a systematic theory ...
/lam"pree/, n., pl. lampreys. any eellike marine or freshwater fish of the order Petromyzoniformes, having a circular, suctorial mouth with horny teeth for boring into the flesh ...
—lamprophonic /lam'preuh fon"ik/, adj. /lam prof"euh nee/, n. Phonet. loudness and clarity of voice. Also, lamprophonia /lam'preuh foh"nee euh/. [1850-55; < Gk lamprophonía, ...
—lamprophyric /lam'preuh fir"ik/, adj. /lam"preuh fuyeur'/, n. Petrol. any dark intrusive rock in which dark minerals occur both as phenocrysts and as groundmass. [1885-90; ...
Ancient Greek colony on the Asian shore of the Dardanelles. It was famous for its wines and was the chief seat of the worship of Priapus. Colonized in 654 BC by Ionian Phocaea, ...
/lamp"shayd'/, n. a shade, usually translucent or opaque, for shielding the glare of a light source in a lamp or for directing the light to a particular area. [1840-50; LAMP + ...
lamp·shell (lămpʹshĕl') n. See brachiopod. * * *
▪ province, Indonesia       provinsi (province), southern Sumatra, Indonesia, bounded by the Java Sea to the east, the Sunda Strait to the south, the Indian Ocean to the ...
—lampworker, n. /lamp"werr'king/, n. the method or process of producing articles made of glass tubes or rods formed or shaped while softened by the flame of a lamp or blast ...
/lam"peuh rid/, n. 1. any of several beetles of the family Lampyridae, comprising the fireflies. adj. 2. belonging or pertaining to the lampyrids. [1890-95; < NL Lampyridae ...
/lam"steuhr/, n. Slang. a fugitive from the law. Also, lamister. [1900-05; LAM2 + -STER] * * *
▪ Kenya       town, port, and island in the Indian Ocean off the East African coast, 150 miles (241 km) north-northeast of Mombasa. It is administered as part of ...
/lay"meuhs/, n. Class. Myth. 1. a son of Hercules and Omphale. 2. the king of a people who attacked 11 ships of Odysseus and devoured their crews. * * *
/leuh mooht"/, n., pl. Lamuts, (esp. collectively) Lamut. Even. [ < Russ < Evenki: those living near the sea (lamu sea + -t collective n. suffix)] * * *
/lah mee"/, n. John Baptist (Jean Baptiste l'Amy), 1814-88, U.S. Roman Catholic clergyman, born in France: archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico 1875-88. * * *
/lan/, n. See local area network. * * * (as used in expressions) Lan chou Lan Na Lan Sang Lan Chang Lan Xang Lan Ts'ang Chiang * * *       administrative subdivision ...
Lan Na
One of the first major Tai (Siamese) kingdoms in Thai history. It was founded by Mangrai (r. с 1259–1317) in the northern region of present-day Thailand; its capital was the ...
Lan Sang
or Lan Xang or Lan Chang Laotian kingdom that flourished from the 14th century until it was split into two separate kingdoms in the 18th century. Conflict with its neighbours ...
Lan Ts'ai-ho
▪ Taoist deity Pinyin  Lan Caihe,         in Chinese mythology, one of the Pa Hsien, the Eight Immortals of Taoism, whose true identity is much disputed. Artists ...
Lan Xang
▪ historical kingdom, Laos also spelled  Lan Chang,         Laotian kingdom that flourished from the 14th century until it was split into two separate kingdoms, Vien ...
/lan"euh, lah"neuh/, n. a female given name, form of Helen. * * *
/lah nah"ee, leuh nuy"/, n., pl. lanais. Hawaiian. a veranda, esp. a fully furnished one used as a living room. [1865-70; < Hawaiian lanai roofed structure with open sides, ...
/lah nah"ee, leuh nuy"/, n. an island in central Hawaii: pineapple plantations. 2204; 141 sq. mi. (365 sq. km). * * * ▪ island, Hawaii, United States Hawaiian ...
Lanao, Lake
Lake, Mindanao, Philippines. It is located in a plateau region north of a range of active volcanoes. The second largest lake in the Philippines, it occupies an area of 131 sq mi ...
/lan"euhrk/, n. a historic county in S Scotland. Also called Lanarkshire /lan"euhrk shear', -sheuhr/. * * * ▪ Scotland, United Kingdom       royal burgh (town), South ...
▪ former county, Scotland, United Kingdom also called  Lanark        historic county of south-central Scotland, roughly coinciding with the basin of the River Clyde. ...
/lay"nayt/, adj. woolly; covered with something resembling wool. Also, lanose. [1750-60; < L lanatus woolly, equiv. to lan(a) wool + -atus -ATE1] * * *
/lang"keuh shear', -sheuhr/, n. a county in NW England. 1,369,250; 1174 sq. mi. (3040 sq. km). Also called Lancaster. * * * Administrative (pop. 2001: 1,134,976), historic, and ...
Lancashire chair
Eng. Furniture. a chair similar to a Windsor chair, having a rush seat and a back formed of spindles. * * *
Lancashire cheese
➡ Lancashire * * *
Lancashire hotpot
n a dish, originally made in Lancashire, England, consisting of lamb and other ingredients covered with slices of potato and baked in the oven. * * *
/lang"keuh steuhr/; for 4-8 also /lang"kas teuhr/, n. 1. the English royal family that reigned 1399-1461, descended from John of Gaunt (Duke of Lancaster), and that included ...
Lancaster Sound
▪ sound, Canada       western arm of Baffin Bay (an inlet of the North Atlantic Ocean), in north-central Baffin region, Nunavut territory, Canada. The sound is 200 ...
Lancaster, Burt
▪ American actor and producer in full  Burton Stephen Lancaster  born November 2, 1913, New York, N.Y., U.S. died October 20, 1994, Century City, Calif.  American film ...
Lancaster, Burt(on Stephen)
born Nov. 2, 1913, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Oct. 20, 1994, Century City, Calif. U.S. film actor. He toured with circuses as an acrobat in the 1930s and served in North Africa ...
Lancaster, Burton Stephen
▪ 1995       U.S. motion-picture actor (b. Nov. 2, 1913, New York, N.Y.—d. Oct. 20, 1994, Los Angeles, Calif.), brought a strong, intelligent presence to the screen in ...
Lancaster, Edmund, 1st Earl of
▪ English noble byname  Crouchback   born Jan. 16, 1245, London, Eng. died , c. June 5, 1296, Bayonne, France       fourth (but second surviving) son of King Henry ...
Lancaster, Henry, 1st Duke and 4th Earl of, Earl Of Leicester, Earl Of Derby, Earl Of Lincoln, Earl Of Moray, Lord Lancaster
▪ English soldier and diplomat [1300-1361] born c. 1300, , perhaps at Grosmont Castle, Monmouthshire, Wales died March 24, 1361, Leicester, Leicestershire, ...
Lancaster, Henry, 3rd Earl of, Earl Of Leicester, Lord Lancaster
▪ English noble [1281-1345] born c. 1281 died Sept. 22, 1345       second son of Edmund (“Crouchback”), 1st Earl of Lancaster, and the brother of Thomas, 2nd Earl ...
Lancaster, house of
Cadet branch of the house of Plantagenet that provided three kings of England in the 15th century (Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI). The family name first appeared in 1267, when the ...
Lancaster, Joseph
▪ British educator born Nov. 25, 1778, London, Eng. died Oct. 24, 1838, New York, N.Y., U.S.  British-born educator who developed the system of mass education known as the ...
Lancaster, Sir James
▪ English merchant born c. 1554, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Eng. died June 6, 1618, London       merchant who commanded the first English vessel to reach the East Indies ...
Lancaster, Sir Osbert
▪ English cartoonist and author born Aug. 4, 1908, London, Eng. died July 27, 1986, London  English cartoonist, stage designer, and writer, best-known for his suave cartoons ...
Lancaster, Thomas, 2nd Earl of, Earl Of Leicester, Earl Of Derby
▪ English noble born c. 1278 died March 22, 1322, Pontefract, Yorkshire, Eng.       a grandson of King Henry III of England and the main figure in the baronial ...
Lancaster Sound An arm of Baffin Bay between northern Baffin Island and southern Devon Island in central Nunavut, Canada. * * *
/lang kas"tree euhn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to the royal family of Lancaster. n. 2. an adherent or member of the house of Lancaster, esp. in the Wars of the Roses. 3. a native ...
➡ Lancaster (I) * * *
lance1 —lancelike, adj. /lans, lahns/, n., v., lanced, lancing. n. 1. a long wooden shaft with a pointed metal head, used as a weapon by knights and cavalry soldiers in ...
/lans/, n. a male given name. * * * ▪ weapon       spear used by cavalry for mounted combat. It usually consisted of a long wooden shaft with a sharp metal point. Its ...
Lance Armstrong
➡ Armstrong (I) * * *
lance corporal
1. U.S. Marine Corps. an enlisted person ranking between private first class and corporal. 2. Brit. Mil. a. a corporal of the lowest rank. b. (formerly) a private acting as ...
Lance Formation
▪ geology       division of rocks in the western United States dating to the end of the Cretaceous Period approximately 66 million years ago and named for exposures ...
Lance missile
▪ ballistic weapon       U.S.-made short-range ballistic missile, adopted by the U.S. Army in 1972 and subsequently by the armies of West Germany, Italy, Belgium, The ...
lance of courtesy
a lance having a blunt head to prevent serious injury by a jouster to an opponent. * * *
lance rest
a support for a couched lance, fixed to the breastplate of a suit of armor. See diag. under armor. [1850-55] * * *
lance sergeant
Brit. Mil. 1. a sergeant of the lowest rank. 2. (formerly) a corporal appointed to act as sergeant, without increase in pay; an acting sergeant. [1805-15; see LANCE CORPORAL] * * ...
lance corporal n. 1. Abbr. LCpl A noncommissioned rank in the U.S. Marine Corps that is above private first class and below corporal. 2. One who holds this rank.   [From ...
/lans"lit, lahns"-/, n. any of several small, lancet-shaped burrowing marine animals of the subphylum Cephalochordata, having a notochord and bearing structural similarities to ...
/lan"seuh leuht, -lot', lahn"-/, n. Arthurian Romance. the greatest of Arthur's knights and the lover of Queen Guinevere. Also, Launcelot. * * * or Launcelot One of the ...
—lanceolately, adv. /lan"see euh layt', -lit/, adj. 1. shaped like the head of a lance. 2. narrow, and tapering toward the apex or sometimes at the base, as a leaf. [1750-60; < ...
See lanceolate. * * *
/lans"pod'/, n. any tropical, leguminous tree or shrub of the genus Lonchocarpus, the roots of which yield rotenone. [LANCE1 + POD1] * * *
/lan"seuhr, lahn"-/, n. a cavalry soldier armed with a lance. [1580-90; < MF lancier. See LANCE1, -ER2] * * *
/lan"seuhrz, lahn"-/, n. (used with a sing. v.) 1. a set of quadrilles danced in sequence. 2. music for such a set of dances. [1860-65; pl. of LANCER] * * *
/lan"sit, lahn"-/, n. 1. a small surgical instrument, usually sharp-pointed and two-edged, for making small incisions, opening abscesses, etc. 2. Archit. a. a lancet arch. b. a ...
lancet arch
Archit. an arch having a head that is acutely pointed. See illus. under arch. [1815-25] * * *
lancet clock
a mantel clock having a case formed like an acutely pointed arch. * * *
lancet fish
      either of two species of widely distributed, deepwater marine fish of the genus Alepisaurus (family Alepisauridae). Lancet fish are elongated and slender, with a ...
lancet window
Archit. a high, narrow window terminating in a lancet arch. [1775-85] * * * ▪ architecture       narrow, high window capped by a lancet, or acute, arch. The lancet arch ...
Lancet, The
British medical journal established in 1823, published weekly from New York and London. Its founder and first editor, Thomas Wakley, considered at the time a radical reformer, ...
lancet arch n. An arch that is narrow and pointed like the head of a spear. * * *
/lan"si tid, lahn"-/, adj. having lancet-headed openings. [1850-55; LANCET + -ED3] * * *
/lan"sit fish', lahn"-/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) lancetfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) lancetfishes. any large, marine fish of the genus Alepisaurus, ...
lancet window n. A tall, narrow window set in a lancet arch. * * *
/lans"wood', lahns"-/, n. 1. the tough, elastic wood of any of various trees, esp. Oxandra lanceolata, of tropical America, used for carriage shafts, cabinetwork, etc. 2. a tree ...
Lanchester, Frederick William
born Oct. 23, 1868, London, Eng. died March 8, 1946, Birmingham, Warwickshire British automobile and aeronautics pioneer. Lanchester produced the first British automobile, a ...
/lahn"joh"/, n. Older Spelling. Lanzhou. Also, Lanchou. * * *
Lanciani, Rodolfo Amadeo
▪ Italian archaeologist born Jan. 1, 1847, Rome, Papal States [Italy] died May 21, 1929, Rome       Italian archaeologist, topographer, and authority on ancient Rome ...
▪ Italy       town, Abruzzi regione, south-central Italy. An archbishopric and agricultural centre, it has textile, machinery, and furniture manufactures. It originated ...
/lan"seuh fawrm'/, adj. shaped like a lance: lanciform windows. [1850-55; LANCE1 + -I- + -FORM] * * *
—lancination, n. /lan"seuh nayt'/, v.t., lancinated, lancinating. to stab or pierce. [1595-1605; < L lancinatus ptp. of lancinare to tear to pieces, akin to lanius butcher, ...
lan·ci·nat·ing (lănʹsə-nā'tĭng) adj. Characterized by a sensation of cutting, piercing, or stabbing.   [From lancinate, to stab, from Latin lancināre, lancināt-, to ...
Lancisi, Giovanni Maria
born Oct. 26, 1654, Rome, Papal States died Jan. 20, 1720, Rome Italian anatomist and epidemiologist. He related the prevalence of malaria in swampy areas to the presence of ...
Lancret, Nicolas
▪ French painter born January 22, 1690, Paris, France died September 14, 1743, Paris  French genre painter (genre painting) whose brilliant depictions of fêtes galantes, or ...
—landlike, adj. /land/, n. 1. any part of the earth's surface not covered by a body of water; the part of the earth's surface occupied by continents and islands: Land was ...
/land/, n. Edwin Herbert, 1909-91, U.S. inventor and businessman: created the Polaroid camera. * * * I In economics, the resource that encompasses the natural resources used in ...
land agent
1. a person or firm engaged at a commission to obtain grants of public lands or to negotiate the buying and selling of private lands between two or more parties. 2. a government ...
land art.
See earth art. [1965-70] * * *
land bank
—land banking. 1. a banking association that engages in the financing of transactions in real property, esp. in agricultural land. 2. a parcel or parcels of land or real estate ...
land breeze
a coastal breeze blowing at night from land to sea, caused by the difference in the rate of cooling of their respective surfaces. Also called land wind. Cf. lake breeze, sea ...
land bridge
1. Geol. an actual or hypothetical strip of land, subject to submergence, that connects adjacent continental landmasses and serves as a route of dispersal for plants and animals: ...
land contract
1. a contract for the purchase and sale of land. 2. a contract in which a purchaser of real estate, upon making an initial payment, agrees to pay the seller stipulated amounts at ...
land crab
any of several crabs, esp. of the family Gecarcinidae, that live chiefly upon land, returning to the sea to breed. [1630-40] * * * ▪ invertebrate       any crab of the ...
Land Dayak
1. a member of any of several Dayak tribes of Sarawak and southwestern Borneo. Cf. Iban. 2. the Austronesian language of the Land Dayak. * * *
Land forces of the belligerents, Aug. 4, 1914
▪ Table Land forces of the belligerents, Aug. 4, 1914 country regular divisions (with number of field armies) other land forces total manpower Central Powers Germany 98 ...
land freeze
a legal restraint on the sale or transfer of land. [1965-70] * * *
land grant
a tract of land given by the government, as for colleges or railroads. [1850-55] * * *
land lane
Naut. (in an ice floe) an opening that leads toward a shore. Also called land lead /leed/. * * *
Land League
▪ Irish agrarian organization       Irish agrarian organization that worked for the reform of the country's landlord system under British rule. The league was founded in ...
land legs
the ability to adjust one's sense of balance and motion to walking on land, as after a sea journey or flight: It took the astronauts some time to regain their land legs after the ...
land measure
1. any system of measurement for measuring land. 2. a unit or a series of units of measurement used in land measure. [1560-70] * * *
land mine
Mil. 1. an explosive charge concealed just under the surface of the ground or of a roadway, designed to be detonated by pressure, proximity of a vehicle or person, etc. 2. See ...
Land of Beulah
(in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress) the peaceful land in which the pilgrim awaits the call to the Celestial City. * * *
Land of Enchantment
New Mexico (used as a nickname). * * *
Land of Hope and Glory
the title and first line of a song by Edward Elgar, originally part of his Pomp and Circumstance marches. The words (by A C Benson) are very patriotic (= expressing pride in ...
land of milk and honey
1. a land of unusual fertility and abundance. 2. the blessings of heaven. 3. the Promised Land. Also, Land of Milk and Honey. * * *
Land of My Fathers
the title of the national anthem of Wales. The name in Welsh is ‘Hen wlad fy nhadau’. It was composed in 1856 with words by Evan James (1809–93) and music by James James ...
land of Nod
/nod/ the mythical land of sleep. [1725-35; pun on Land of Nod (Gen. 4:16); see NOD] * * *
Land of Opportunity
Arkansas (used as a nickname). * * *
Land of Oz
an unreal, otherworldly, or magical place. Also called Oz. [after the magical place created by L. Frank Baum in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) and other fantasy novels] * * *
Land of Promise
Land of Promise n. PROMISED LAND * * *
Land of Promise.
See Promised Land. * * *
Land of Ten Thousand Sinks
▪ geological region, Kentucky, United States       in west-central Kentucky, U.S., area of numerous sinkholes and caves in the Pennyrile (or Pennyroyal) region. The ...
Land of the Little Sticks
Canadian. the part of the north of Canada that lies south of the tree line but contains only stunted evergreens or dwarf deciduous trees. * * *
Land of the Midnight Sun
1. any of those countries containing land within the Arctic Circle where there is a midnight sun in midsummer, esp. Norway, Sweden, or Finland. 2. Lapland. * * *
land patent
an official document by which title to a portion of public land is conveyed from the government. [1835-45, Amer.] * * *
land plaster
finely ground gypsum, used chiefly as a fertilizer. [1885-90, Amer.] * * *
land power
1. a nation having an important and powerful army. 2. military power on land. [1925-30] * * *
land rail
land rail n. CORNCRAKE * * *
land rail.
See corn crake. [1760-70] * * *
land rain
Pennsylvania. a steady, heavy rain. [cf. PaG landrejje, G Landregen lit., country rain] * * *
land reform
any program, esp. when undertaken by a national government, involving the redistribution of agricultural land among the landless. [1840-50, Amer.] * * * Deliberate change in the ...
Land Registry
a British government organization that keeps records of the owners of land, and must be informed whenever land is bought or sold. * * *
Land Rover{™}
(also Land-Rover) a strong motor vehicle, first made by Rover in 1949, and designed for use over rough ground or farm land. Compare Jeep, Range Rover. * * *
land snail
1. any gastropod of the widely distributed order Stylommatophora, containing usually small, brown or mottled hermaphroditic snails: some more colorful species, introduced into ...
land wind
/wind/. See land breeze. [1590-1600] * * *
land yacht
a wind-driven vehicle with a mast and sails, having three wheels, a single seat, and a steering wheel, used esp. on beaches and other sandy areas. Also called sand ...
Land's End
a cape in Cornwall that forms the SW tip of England. * * * Westernmost peninsula, Cornwall, England. Its tip is the southwesternmost point of England and lies about 870 mi ...
Land's End or Lands End (lăndzʹ ĕndʹ) A peninsula of southwest England on the coast of Cornwall. It is the westernmost point of the country. * * *
Land, Edwin (Herbert)
born May 7, 1909, Bridgeport, Conn., U.S. died March 1, 1991, Cambridge, Mass. U.S. inventor and physicist. After briefly attending Harvard University, he cofounded the ...
Land, Edwin Herbert
▪ American inventor and physicist born May 7, 1909, Bridgeport, Conn., U.S. died March 1, 1991, Cambridge, Mass.  American inventor and physicist whose one-step process for ...
Land,Edwin Herbert
Land (lănd), Edwin Herbert. 1909-1991. American inventor who developed (1932) the light-polarizing plastic film called Polaroid and incorporated it into lenses for cameras and ...
/land"grab'euhr/, n. a person who seizes land illegally or underhandedly. [1855-60, Amer.] * * *
☆ land-grant [land′grant΄ ] adj. designating any of a number of colleges and universities originally given federal aid, esp. by land grants, on condition that they offer ...
land-grant college
/land"grant', -grahnt'/ a U.S. college or university (land-grant university) entitled to support from the federal government under the provisions of the Morrill Acts. [1885-90, ...
Land-Grant College Act of 1862
or Morrill Act Act of the U.S. Congress (1862) that provided grants of land to states to finance the establishment of colleges specializing in "agriculture and the mechanic ...
/land"poor'/, adj. in need of ready money while owning much land. [1870-75, Amer.] * * *
See land reform. * * *
➡ Land Rover * * *
/land"teuh land"/, adj. 1. designed for launching or traveling from a base on land to a target or destination on land: land-to-land missile. adv. 2. from a base on land to a ...
Landa, Diego de
▪ Spanish priest born 1524?, Cifuentes, Spain died 1579, Yucatán, Mexico       Spanish Franciscan priest and bishop of Yucatán who is best known for his classic ...
/lan"daw, -dow/, n. 1. a four-wheeled, two-seated carriage with a top made in two parts that may be let down or folded back. 2. a sedanlike automobile with a short convertible ...
/lahn dow"/; Russ. /lun dow"/, n. Lev Davidovich /lyef" du vye"deuh vyich/, 1908-68, Russian scientist: Nobel prize for physics 1962. * * * ▪ Germany in full  Landau in der ...
Landau, Ezekiel
▪ Polish rabbi born Oct. 8, 1713, Opatów, Pol. died April 29, 1793, Prague       Polish rabbi, the learned author of a much-reprinted book on Jewish law (Halakha ...
Landau, Lev (Davidovich)
born Jan. 22, 1908, Baku, Azerbaijan, Russian Empire died April 1, 1968, Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R. Soviet physicist. After graduating from Leningrad State University, he studied ...
Landau, Lev Davidovich
▪ Russian physicist born Jan. 9 [Jan. 22, New Style], 1908, Baku, Russian Empire (now Azerbaijan) died April 1, 1968, Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R.  Soviet theoretical physicist, ...
Landau,Lev Davidovich
Lan·dau (län-douʹ), Lev Davidovich. 1908-1968. Soviet physicist. He won a 1962 Nobel Prize for his contributions to low-temperature physics. * * *
Landauer, Rolf William
▪ 2000       German-born American physicist whose discovery of what came to be known as Landauer's principle—that the erasing of computer information causes a loss of ...
/lan'daw let"/, n. an automobile having a convertible top for the back seat, with the front seat either roofed or open. Also, landaulette. [1785-95; LANDAU + -LET] * * *
land bank n. A bank that issues long-term loans on real estate in return for mortgages. * * *
land breeze n. A breeze that blows from the land toward open water. * * *
land bridge n. A neck of land that connects two landmasses; an isthmus. * * *
land crab n. A terrestrial crab of the tropical family Gecarinidae, having a large square body. * * *
/lan"did/, adj. 1. owning land, esp. an estate: landed gentry. 2. consisting of land: landed property. 3. after shipping; delivered: a landed price. [bef. 1000; late ME (see ...
landed immigrant
landed immigrant Cdn. an immigrant who has been admitted to Canada as a permanent resident * * *
Landen, John
▪ English mathematician born Jan. 23, 1719, Peakirk, Northamptonshire, Eng. died Jan. 15, 1790, Milton, Northamptonshire       British mathematician who was trained as ...
/lan"deuhr/, n. a space probe designed to land on a planet or other solid celestial body. Cf. orbiter. [1960-65; LAND + -ER1] * * * ▪ Wyoming, United States       city, ...
Lander, Harald
▪ Danish dancer born Feb. 25, 1905, Copenhagen died Sept. 14, 1971, Copenhagen       Danish dancer and choreographer who was primarily responsible for rebuilding the ...
Lander, Richard Lemon
▪ British explorer born , Feb. 8, 1804, Truro, Cornwall, Eng. died Feb. 6, 1834, Fernando Po  British explorer of West Africa who traced the course of the lower Niger River ...
Landers, Ann
orig. Esther Pauline Friedman born July 4, 1918, Sioux City, Iowa, U.S. died June 22, 2002, Chicago, Ill. U.S. newspaper columnist. She took over an advice column in the ...
/lahonnd/, n. a department in SW France. 288,323; 3615 sq. mi. (9365 sq. km). Cap.: Mont-de-Marsan. * * * ▪ region, France also called  Les Landes,         forest ...
/land"fawl'/, n. 1. an approach to or sighting of land: The ship will make its landfall at noon tomorrow. 2. the land sighted or reached. 3. a landslide. [1620-30; LAND + FALL] * ...
/land"fast', -fahst'/, adj. attached to or grounded on shore or land: landfast ice. [1695-1705; LAND + FAST1] * * *
/land"fil'/, n. Also called sanitary landfill. 1. a low area of land that is built up from deposits of solid refuse in layers covered by soil. 2. the solid refuse itself. v.i. 3. ...
/land"fawrm'/, n. Geol. a specific geomorphic feature on the surface of the earth, ranging from large-scale features such as plains, plateaus, and mountains to minor features ...
land grab n. An aggressive taking of land, especially by military force, in order to expand territorial holdings or broaden power: “The Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889 was... the ...
land grant n. A government grant of public land for a railroad, highway, or state college. * * *
/land"grayv'/, n. 1. (in medieval Germany) a count having jurisdiction over a large territory. 2. (usually cap.) the title of certain German princes. [1510-20; < MLG; see LAND, ...
/land gray"vee it, -ayt'/, n. the office, jurisdiction, or territory of a landgrave. [1650-60; < ML landgraviatus. See LANDGRAVE (ML landgravius), -ATE3] * * *
/land"greuh veen'/, n. 1. the wife of a landgrave. 2. a woman of the rank of a landgrave. [1675-85; < D landgravin, fem. of landgraaf LANDGRAVE] * * *
—landholding, adj., n. /land"hohl'deuhr/, n. a holder, owner, or occupant of land. [1375-1425; late ME; see LAND, HOLDER] * * *
See landholder. * * *
/lan"ding/, n. 1. the act of a person or thing that lands: The pilot brought his plane in for a landing. 2. a place where persons or goods are landed, as from a ship: The boat ...
landing card
1. an identification card issued to a traveler for presentation to the immigration authorities. 2. a card issued to a sailor in a foreign port granting permission to go ...
landing clerk
a representative of a shipping line who boards its incoming passenger ships to give passengers information and advice. * * *
landing craft
Navy. any of various flat-bottomed vessels designed to move troops and equipment close to shore. [1935-40] * * * ▪ naval craft  small naval vessel used primarily to ...
landing field
an area of land large and smooth enough for the landing and takeoff of aircraft. [1920-25] * * *
landing flap
a flap in the undersurface of the trailing edge of an aircraft wing, capable of being moved downward to increase either lift or drag or both, as for landing. Cf. split flap (def. ...
landing force
Mil. the ground forces of an amphibious task force that effect the assault landing in an amphibious operation. [1880-85] * * *
landing gear
the wheels, floats, etc., of an aircraft, upon which it lands and moves on ground or water. [1910-15] * * *
landing net
Angling. a small, bag-shaped net with a handle at the mouth, for scooping a hooked fish out of the water and bringing it to shore or into a boat. [1645-55] * * *
landing party
a component of a ship's company detached for special duty ashore. [1890-95] * * *
landing ship
any of various ships designed for transporting troops and heavy equipment in amphibious warfare, capable of making assault landings directly onto a beach. [1940-45] * * *
landing ship, tank
▪ naval ship  naval ship specially designed to transport and deploy troops, vehicles, and supplies onto foreign shores for the conduct of offensive military operations. LSTs ...
landing stage
a floating platform used as a wharf. [1855-60] * * *
landing strake
Shipbuilding. the next strake of planking in an open boat below the sheer strake. * * *
landing strip
airstrip. [1925-30] * * *
landing tee
Aeron. See wind tee. * * *
/lan"ding way'teuhr/, n. landwaiter. * * *
landing craft n. A naval craft designed to convey troops and equipment from ship to shore. * * *
landing field n. A tract of land used by aircraft for landing and taking off. * * *
landing gear n. The components of an aircraft or a spacecraft that support the weight of the craft and its load and give it mobility on ground or water. * * *
landing strip n. An aircraft runway without airport facilities. Also called airstrip. * * *
/lahn dee"nee/, n. Francesco /frddahn ches"kaw/, c1325-97, Italian organist and composer. Also, Landino /lahn dee"naw/. * * *
Landini cadence
Music. a melodic cadential formula, associated esp. with the Ars Nova music of Francesco Landini, progressing from the tonic to the leading tone, then to the submediant and back ...
Landini, Francesco
or Francesco Landino born с 1335, Fiesole, near Florence died Sept. 2, 1397, Florence Italian composer, organist, and poet. Blinded by smallpox as a child, he took up the ...
/lan"dis/, n. Kenesaw Mountain /ken"euh saw'/, 1866-1944, U.S. jurist: first commissioner of baseball 1920-44. * * *
Landis, Kenesaw Mountain
born Nov. 20, 1866, Millville, Ohio, U.S. died Nov. 25, 1944, Chicago, Ill. U.S. federal judge and first commissioner of professional baseball. Landis was named for a Georgia ...
Landis,Kenesaw Mountain
Lan·dis (lănʹdĭs), Kenesaw Mountain. 1866-1944. American jurist and baseball commissioner (1921-1944) remembered for curbing corruption in professional baseball. * * *
/land"lay'dee/, n., pl. landladies. 1. a woman who owns and leases an apartment, house, land, etc., to others. 2. a woman who owns or runs an inn, rooming house, or ...
/lent"leuhr/, n., pl. ländler, ländlers. 1. an Austrian and southern German folk dance in moderately slow triple meter, antecedent to the waltz. 2. music for this dance. 3. a ...
—landlessness, n. /land"lis/, adj. without landed property; not owning land: a landless noble. [bef. 1000; ME; OE landleas. See LAND, -LESS] * * *
See landless. * * *
/land"luyn'/, n. 1. a circuit of wire or cable connecting two ground locations. 2. CB Slang. a telephone. [1860-65; LAND + LINE1] * * *
/land"lokt'/, adj. 1. shut in completely, or almost completely, by land: a landlocked bay. 2. having no direct access to the sea: a landlocked country. 3. living in waters shut ...
landlocked salmon
a variety of the Atlantic Ocean salmon, Salmo salar, confined to the freshwater lakes of New England and adjacent areas of Canada. Also called lake salmon. [1865-70, Amer.] * * *
/land"loh'peuhr/, n. a wanderer, vagrant, or adventurer. Also, landlouper /land"low'peuhr, -looh'peuhr/. [1540-50; < D: lit., land-runner. See LAND, LOPE, -ER1] * * *
—landlordly, adj. —landlordry, n. —landlordship, n. /land"lawrd'/, n. 1. a person or organization that owns and leases apartments to others. 2. a person who owns and leases ...
landlord and tenant
Parties to the leasing of real estate, whose relationship is bound by contract. The landlord, or lessor, is the owner; the tenant, or lessee, supplies payment in order to enjoy ...
/land"lawr diz'euhm/, n. the practice under which privately owned property is leased or rented to others for occupancy or cultivation. [1835-45; LANDLORD + -ISM] * * *
—landlubberish, adj. —landlubberly, landlubbing, adj. /land"lub'euhr/, n. an unseasoned sailor or someone unfamiliar with the sea. [1690-1700; LAND + LUBBER] * * *
See landlubber. * * *
/land"meuhn, -man'/, n., pl. landmen /-meuhn, -men'/. 1. landsman (def. 1). 2. leaseman. 3. a person who bargains with landowners for the mineral rights to their land, as on ...
/land"mahrk'/, n. 1. a prominent or conspicuous object on land that serves as a guide, esp. to ships at sea or to travelers on a road; a distinguishing landscape feature marking ...
Landmark Trust
a British charity started in 1965 which buys and repairs buildings which are of historical interest and then rents them to people to stay in for holidays. * * *
/land"mas'/, n. Geol. a part of the continental crust above sea level having a distinct identity, as a continent or large island. [1855-60; LAND + MASS] * * *
land mile n. See mile. * * *
land mine n. 1. An explosive mine laid usually just below the surface of the ground. 2. Informal. A concealed yet incipient crisis. * * *
▪ work by Ari Thorgilsson Icelandic“Book of Settlements”, also called  Landnáma         unique Icelandic genealogical record, probably originally compiled in the ...
/lahn"doh/, n. died A.D. 914, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 913-914. Also, Landus. * * * ▪ pope Latin  Landus   born , Rome died February 914       pope from ...
/lan"deuhn/, n. Alfred ("Alf") Mossman /maws"meuhn, mos"-/, born 1887, U.S. politician. * * *
Landon, Alf
orig. Alfred Mossman Landon born Sept. 9, 1887, West Middlesex, Pa., U.S. died Oct. 12, 1987, Topeka, Kan. U.S. politician. He received a law degree from the University of ...
Landon, Letitia Elizabeth
▪ British author also called L.e.l. born Aug. 14, 1802, London died Oct. 15, 1838, Gold Coast Colony [now Ghana]  English poet and novelist who, at a time when women were ...
Landon,Alfred Mossman
Lan·don (lănʹdən), Alfred Mossman. Known as “Alf.” 1887-1987. American politician who served as governor of Kansas (1933-1937) and ran unsuccessfully for President on ...
/lan"deuhr, -dawr/, n. Walter Savage, 1775-1864, English poet and prose writer. * * *
Landor, Walter Savage
born Jan. 30, 1775, Warwick, Warwickshire, Eng. died Sept. 17, 1864, Florence, Italy British writer. He was educated at Rugby School and Oxford but left both over disagreements ...
—landownership, n. —landowning, n., adj. /land"oh'neuhr/, n. an owner or proprietor of land. [1725-35; LAND + OWNER] * * *
See landowner. * * *
See landownership. * * *
/lan dawf"skeuh, -dof"-/; Pol. /lahn dawf"skah/, n. Wanda /won"deuh/; Pol. /vahn"dah/, 1879-1959, Polish harpsichordist, in the U.S. after 1940. * * *
Landowska, Wanda
▪ Polish musician in full  Wanda Louise Landowska   born July 5, 1879, Warsaw, Pol., Russian Empire died Aug. 16, 1959, Lakeville, Conn., U.S.  Polish-born harpsichordist ...
Landowska, Wanda (Louise)
born July 5, 1879, Warsaw, Pol., Russian Empire died Aug. 16, 1959, Lakeville, Conn., U.S. Polish-born U.S. harpsichordist and pianist. After establishing herself as a pianist ...
Lan·dow·ska (lăn-dôfʹskə, län-dôfʹskä), Wanda. 1879?-1959. Polish-born harpsichordist who was largely responsible for the modern revival of interest in the ...
/land"rays, lahnd"rah seuh/, n. one of several widely distributed strains of large, white, lop-eared swine of northern European origin. [1930-35; < Dan: lit., country breed, ...
land reform n. Measures, such as the division of large properties into smaller ones, that are taken to bring about a more equitable apportionment of agricultural ...
Landrum-Griffin Act
/lan"dreuhm grif"in/ an act of Congress (1959) outlawing secondary boycotts, requiring public disclosure of the financial records of unions, and guaranteeing the use of secret ...
Landry, Bernard
▪ 2002       Bernard Landry was sworn in as Quebec's 28th prime minister (premier) on March 8, 2001. Changes in the leadership of the separatist Parti Québécois (PQ) ...
Landry, Thomas Wade
▪ 2001 “Tom”        American football coach (b. Sept. 11, 1924, Mission, Texas—d. Feb. 12, 2000, Dallas, Texas), coached the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 to 1989, ...
Landry, Tom
▪ American football coach byname of  Thomas Wade Landry  born September 11, 1924, Mission, Texas, U.S. died February 12, 2000, Dallas, Texas  American professional gridiron ...
Landry,Thomas Wade
Lan·dry (lănʹdrē), Thomas Wade. Known as “Tom.” Born 1924. American football player and coach. He coached the Dallas Cowboys (1960-1988), leading the team to five Super ...
/land"sat'/, n. a U.S. scientific satellite that studies and photographs the earth's surface by using remote-sensing techniques. [1975-80; LAND (or land(sensing)) + ...
/land"skayp'/, n., v., landscaped, landscaping. n. 1. a section or expanse of rural scenery, usually extensive, that can be seen from a single viewpoint. 2. a picture ...
landscape architecture
—landscape architect. the art of arranging or modifying the features of a landscape, an urban area, etc., for aesthetic or practical reasons. [1830-40] * * *       the ...
landscape gardener
➡ landscape gardening * * *
landscape gardening
—landscape gardener. the art or trade of designing or rearranging large gardens, estates, etc. [1795-1805] * * * Process of arranging land, plants, and objects for human use ...
landscape architect n. One whose profession is the decorative and functional alteration and planting of grounds, especially at or around a building site.   landscape ...
See landscape architect. * * *
landscape gardener n. One whose occupation is the decoration of land by planting trees and shrubs and designing gardens.   landscape gardening n. * * *
See landscape gardener. * * *
/land"skay'peuhr/, n. a gardener who does landscape gardening. [1960-65; LANDSCAPE + -ER1] * * *
/land"skay'pist/, n. an artist who paints landscapes. [1835-45; LANDSCAPE + -IST] * * *
/land"sear, -syeuhr/, n. Sir Edwin Henry, 1802-73, English painter, esp. of animals. * * *
Landseer, Sir Edwin
▪ British painter in full  Sir Edwin Henry Landseer  born March 7, 1802, London, Eng. died Oct. 1, 1873, London  British painter and sculptor best known for his paintings ...
Landseer, Sir Edwin (Henry)
born March 7, 1802, London, Eng. died Oct. 1, 1873, London British painter and sculptor. He studied with his father, an engraver and writer, and at the Royal Academy. He ...

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