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Слова на букву john-lowe (15990)

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long metre
▪ poetry also called  long measure,  abbreviation  L.M.        in poetry, a quatrain in iambic tetrameter (tetrameter) with the second and fourth lines rhyming and ...
long moss
☆ long moss n. SPANISH MOSS * * *
long moss.
See Spanish moss. [1735-45, Amer.] * * *
long one
1. Informal. See tall one. 2. Slang. a bottle of beer. * * *
Long Parliament
Eng. Hist. the Parliament that assembled November 3, 1640, was expelled by Cromwell in 1653, reconvened in 1659, and was dissolved in 1660. * * * Session of the English ...
long pig
(among the Maori and Polynesian peoples) human flesh as food for cannibals. [1850-55] * * *
long play
a long-playing phonograph record. [1950-55] * * *
Long Point
▪ peninsula, Ontario, Canada       peninsula in Lake Erie, Norfolk county, southern Ontario, Canada. It lies about 45 miles (70 km) southwest of Port Colborne, which is ...
long primer
Print. a 12-point type. [1590-1600] * * *
Long Range Mountains
▪ mountains, Newfoundland, Canada       highest range on the island of Newfoundland, Canada, extending about 250 miles (400 km) northward from Cape Ray along the western ...
long rifle.
See Kentucky rifle. [1820-30, Amer.] * * *
long s
/es/ a style of the letter s, suggesting a lowercase f in form, formerly common in handwriting and as a type character. Also, long ess. * * *
long shot
1. a horse, team, etc., that has little chance of winning and carries long odds. 2. an attempt or undertaking that offers much but in which there is little chance for success. 3. ...
long splice
a splice for forming a united rope narrow enough to pass through a block, made by unlaying the ends of two ropes for a considerable distance, overlapping the strands so as to ...
long suit
1. Cards. a. the suit in which the most cards are held in a hand. b. (in bridge) a suit in which four or more cards are held in a hand. 2. the quality, activity, endeavor, etc., ...
long sweetening
Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. liquid sweetening, as maple syrup, molasses, or sorghum. [1705-15, Amer.] * * *
long tom
(usually caps.) 1. a towed 155mm field cannon produced by the U.S. throughout World War II. 2. a long, heavy cannon formerly carried by small naval vessels. [1825-35] * * *
long ton
long ton n. TON1 (sense 2): abbrev. lt * * *
long ton.
See under ton1 (def. 1). Abbr.: L.T. [1820-30] * * *
long topgallant mast
Naut. a single spar fitted above a topmast to carry topgallants, a royal, and all sails above. * * *
long underwear
a close-fitting, usually knitted undergarment with legs reaching to the ankles, as a union suit, worn as protection against the cold. * * *
long vacation
Brit. the summer vacation customary in the law courts and universities. [1685-95] * * *
long wave
—long-wave, adj. 1. Elect. an electromagnetic wave over 60 meters in length. 2. See L wave. [1830-40] * * *
long weekend
➡ weekends * * *
Long Xuyen
▪ Vietnam       city, southern Vietnam. It is located on the west bank of the Hau Giang (Bassac) River, a channel of the Mekong. Fishing, the breeding of fish, and rice ...
Long, Crawford Williamson
▪ American physician born Nov. 1, 1815, Danielsville, Ga., U.S. died June 16, 1878, Athens, Ga.       American physician traditionally considered the first to have used ...
Long, Huey
▪ American politician born Aug. 30, 1893, near Winnfield, La., U.S. died Sept. 10, 1935, Baton Rouge, La.  flamboyant and demagogic governor of Louisiana and U.S. senator ...
Long, Huey (Pierce)
born Aug. 30, 1893, near Winnfield, La., U.S. died Sept. 10, 1935, Baton Rouge, La. U.S. politician. Despite an impoverished background, he managed to obtain enough formal ...
Long, Russell Billiu
▪ 2004       American politician (b. Nov. 3, 1918, Shreveport, La.—d. May 9, 2003, Washington, D.C.), had a major influence on U.S. tax laws while serving (1948–87) ...
Long,Huey Pierce
Long (lông, lŏng), Huey Pierce. Called “the Kingfish.” 1893-1935. American politician. As a populist but dictatorial governor of Louisiana (1928-1932), he instituted major ...
/lawng"ak"ting, long"-/, adj. Pharm. sustained-release. [1950-55] * * *
/lawng"euh goh', long"-/, adj. of or pertaining to the distant past or to remote events; ancient: long-ago exploits remembered only in folk tales. [1825-35] * * *
long-and-short work
/lawng"euhn shawrt", long"-/, Masonry. an arrangement of rectangular quoins or jambstones set alternately vertically and horizontally. [1860-65] * * *
long-case clock
/lawng"kays', long"-/. See tall-case clock. * * *
/lawng"chayn', long"-/, adj. Chem. pertaining to molecules composed of long chains of atoms, or polymers composed of long chains of monomers. [1925-30] * * *
/lawng"day", long"-/, adj. Bot. requiring a long photoperiod in order to flower. [1915-20] * * *
/lawng"dis"teuhns, long"-/, adj. 1. of, from, or between distant places: a long-distance phone call. 2. for, over, or covering long distances: a long-distance runner. adv. 3. by ...
long-distance footpaths
➡ long-distance paths and national trails * * *
long-distance paths and national trails
Walking, taking long walks in the countryside for pleasure, is a popular hobby in Britain, and many people go walking in national parks and other country areas at weekends. ...
long-distance routes
a network of paths for walkers and cyclists across Scotland, managed by Scottish Natural Heritage. There are five long-distance routes: the West Highland Way, the Southern Upland ...
long-distance running
In track and field, any foot race over 5,000 m in length. Marathons and cross-country running are also considered long-distance events. Women rarely ran in races beyond 3,000 m ...
/lawng"drawn"owt", long"-/, adj. 1. lasting a very long time; protracted: a long-drawn-out story. 2. of great length; long: a long-drawn-out line of soldiers. Also, drawn-out, ...
long-eared bat
▪ mammal also called  lump-nosed bat  or  big-eared bat   any of 19 species of small, usually colony-dwelling vesper bats (family Vespertilionidae). Long-eared bats are ...
long-eared owl
/lawng"eard', long"-/ a mottled-gray owl, Asio otus, of the Northern Hemisphere, having a long tuft on each side of the head. [1805-15] * * * ▪ bird       (Asio otus), ...
/lawng"fayst", long"-/, adj. 1. having an unhappy or gloomy expression; glum. 2. having a face longer than the usual. [1585-95] * * *
/lawng"hawl', long"-/, adj. 1. line-haul. 2. of or pertaining to a long haul. [1925-30] * * *
—long-headedly, adv. —long-headedness, n. /lawng"hed"id, long"-/, adj. 1. Anthropol. dolichocephalic. 2. of great discernment or foresight; farseeing or shrewd. Also, ...
long-horned beetle
/lawng"hawrnd', long"-/ any of numerous, often brightly colored beetles of the family Cerambycidae, usually with long antennae, the larva of which bores into the wood of living ...
long-horned grasshopper
any of numerous insects of the family Tettigoniidae, having long, threadlike antennae and well-developed stridulating organs on the forewings of the male. Also, longhorn ...
long-horned beetle (lôngʹhôrnd', lŏngʹ-) n. Any of numerous beetles of the family Cerambycidae, having long antennae. Also called longicorn. * * *
long-horned grasshopper n. Any of various large, usually greenish insects of the family Tettigoniidae, having very long, slender antennae. * * *
/lawng"jump', long"-/, v.i. Track and Field. to execute a long jump. Also, broad-jump. * * *
/lawng"las"ting, -lah"sting, long"-/, adj. 1. enduring or existing for a long period of time: a long-lasting friendship. 2. effective for a relatively long period of time: a ...
long-legged fly
▪ insect       any member of a family of insects in the fly order, Diptera, that are tiny and metallic blue, green, or copper in colour. These flies prey on smaller ...
long-lin·er (lôngʹlī'nər, lŏngʹ-) n. 1. A person who fishes using a longline. 2. A vessel used for long-lining. * * *
See longline. * * *
—long-livedness, n. /lawng"luyvd", -livd", long"-/, adj. 1. having a long life, existence, or duration: a long-lived man; long-lived fame. 2. (of an object) lasting or ...
See long-lived. * * *
long-neck clam
/lawng"nek', long"-/. See soft-shell clam. [1900-05, Amer.] * * *
long-period variable star
▪ astronomy       any intrinsically variable star whose light fluctuations are fairly regular and require many months or several years to complete one cycle. They are, ...
/lawng"play"ing, long"-/, adj. of or pertaining to microgroove records devised to be played at 331/3 revolutions per minute. [1945-50] * * *
/lawng"raynj", long"-/, adj. 1. considering or extending into the future: a long-range outlook; long-range plans. 2. designed to cover or operate over a long distance: long-range ...
/lawng"run", long"-/, adj. happening or presented over a long period of time or having a long course of performances: a long-run hit play. [1900-05] * * *
—long-sightedness, n. /lawng"suy"tid, long"-/, adj. 1. farsighted; hypermetropic. 2. having great foresight; foreseeing remote results. [1780-90] * * *
See long-sighted. * * *
See long-sightedly. * * *
long-standing [lôŋ′stan΄diŋ] adj. having continued for a long time: also longstanding * * * long-stand·ing (lôngʹstănʹdĭng, lŏngʹ-) adj. Of long duration or ...
/lawng"stemd", long"-/, adj. 1. having a long stem or stems: long-stemmed roses. 2. long-legged and slender: long-stemmed chorus girls. [1855-60] * * *
/lawng"suf"euhr euhns, -suf"reuhns, long"-/, n. Archaic. long-suffering. [1520-30] * * *
—long-sufferingly, adv. /lawng"suf"euhr ing, -suf"ring, long"-/, adj. 1. enduring injury, trouble, or provocation long and patiently. n. 2. long and patient endurance of ...
See long-suffering. * * *
long-tailed duck (lôngʹtāld', lŏngʹ-) n. See oldsquaw. * * *
/lawng"terrm', long"-/, adj. 1. covering a relatively long period of time: a long-term lease. 2. maturing over or after a relatively long period of time: a long-term loan; a ...
long-term memory
information stored in the brain and retrievable over a long period of time, often over the entire life span of the individual (contrasted with short-term memory). [1965-70] * * *
/lawng"tungd", long"-/, adj. talking too much or too openly, esp. of private or confidential matters; chattering; gossipy. [1545-55] * * *
/lawng"way"stid, long"-/, adj. of more than average length between the shoulders and waistline; having a low waistline. Cf. short-waisted. [1640-50] * * *
—long-windedly, adv. —long-windedness, n. /lawng"win"did, long"-/, adj. 1. talking or writing at tedious length: long-winded after-dinner speakers. 2. continued to a tedious ...
See long-winded. * * *
See long-windedly. * * *
longitude. * * *
/long"geuh, lawng"-/, n. Music. the second longest note in medieval mensural notation. Also, long. [1640-50; < L, fem. of longus LONG] * * *
Longaberger, David
▪ 2000       American businessman who created an empire as the visionary founder (1973) of the Longaberger Co., renowned primarily for the heirloom-quality craftsmanship ...
Longair, Malcolm Sim
▪ British astronomer born May 18, 1941, Dundee, Scot.       Scots astronomer, noted for his scholarship and teaching, who in 1980 was named astronomer royal for ...
/long"geuhn/, n. 1. the small, one-seeded, greenish-brown fruit of a large evergreen tree, Euphoria longana, of the soapberry family, native to China and allied to the litchi. 2. ...
—longanimous /long gan"euh meuhs, lawng-/, adj. /long'geuh nim"i tee, lawng'-/, n. patient endurance of hardship, injuries, or offense; forbearance. [1400-50; late ME ...
Long Beach 1. A city of southern California on an arm of the Pacific Ocean southeast of Los Angeles. It is a thriving port and year-round resort and convention center. The city's ...
/lawng"beard', long"-/, n. bellarmine. [1640-50; LONG1 + BEARD] * * *
/lawng"boht', long"-/, n. Naut. (formerly) the largest boat carried by a sailing ship. [1505-15; LONG1 + BOAT] * * *
Longboat Key
a narrow barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, SW of Florida, sheltering Sarasota Bay: sports fishing. * * *
long bone n. Any of several elongated bones of vertebrate limbs that have a roughly cylindrical shaft containing marrow. * * *
/lawng"boh', long"-/, n. 1. a large bow drawn by hand, as that used by English archers from the 12th to the 16th centuries. 2. draw the longbow, to exaggerate in telling stories; ...
/lawng"boh'meuhn, long"-/, n., pl. longbowmen. an archer who uses a longbow. [1670-80; LONGBOW + -MAN] Usage. See -man. * * *
Longchamp, William
▪ chancellor of England died Jan. 31, 1197, Poitiers, France       ecclesiastical statesman who governed England in 1190–91, while King Richard I (reigned 1189–99) ...
/lawng"klawth', long"kloth'/, n. a fine, white, cotton cloth, of plain weave; high-grade muslin. [1535-45; LONG1 + CLOTH] * * *
/lawng"deuhn, long"-/, n. John Eric (Johnny), born 1907, U.S. jockey and thoroughbred horse trainer. * * *
Longden, John Eric
▪ 2004 “Johnny”        British-born American jockey and horse trainer (b. Feb. 14, 1907, Wakefield, Yorkshire, Eng.—d. Feb. 14, 2003, Banning, Calif.), won the ...
Longden, Johnny
▪ American jockey byname of  John Eric Longden   born February 14, 1907, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England died February 14, 2003, Banning, California, ...
long distance n. 1. An operator or a system that places long-distance telephone calls. 2. A long-distance telephone call. * * *
long division n. A process of division in arithmetic, usually used when the divisor is a large number, in which each step of the division is written out. * * *
long dozen n. A baker's dozen; thirteen. * * *
/lunj, lonj/, n., v., longed, longeing. n. 1. a long rope used to guide a horse during training or exercise. v.t. 2. to train or exercise (a horse) by use of a longe. Also, ...
/lon"jeuhr euhn/, n. Aeron. a main longitudinal brace or support on an airplane. [1910-15; < F: side-piece, equiv. to long(er) to run alongside, skirt (deriv. of long LONG1) + ...
/lon jev"i tee, lawn-/, n. 1. a long individual life; great duration of individual life: Our family is known for its longevity. 2. the length or duration of life: research in ...
/lon jee"veuhs, lawn-/, adj. Archaic. long-lived; living to a great age. [1670-80; < L longaevus aged, equiv. to long(us) LONG1 + aev(um) time, age, lifetime + -us adj. suffix; ...
long face n. A discontented or sullen facial expression. * * *
/lawng"fel'oh, long"-/, n. Henry Wadsworth /wodz"weuhrth/, 1807-82, U.S. poet. * * *
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
born Feb. 27, 1807, Portland, Mass., U.S. died March 24, 1882, Cambridge, Mass. U.S. poet. Longfellow graduated from Bowdoin College and traveled in Europe before joining the ...
Longfellow,Henry Wadsworth
Long·fel·low (lôngʹfĕl'ō, lŏngʹ-), Henry Wadsworth. 1807-1882. American writer. Extremely popular in the United States in his lifetime, his works include The Song of ...
Longfellow-Evangeline State Commemorative Area
▪ historical site, Louisiana, United States       historic site just north of St. Martinville (Saint Martinville), southern Louisiana, U.S. The site lies on Bayou ...
Longfield, Mountifort
▪ Irish economist born 1802, Desert Serges, or Desert Magee, County Cork, Ireland died November 21, 1884, Dublin       Irish judge, economist, and the first professor ...
/lawng"feuhrd, long"-/, n. a county in Leinster, in the N Republic of Ireland. 31,138; 403 sq. mi. (1044 sq. km). Co. seat: Longford. * * * ▪ county, Ireland Irish  An ...
Longford, Edward Arthur Henry Pakenham, 6th earl of, Baron Silchester of Silchester
▪ British dramatist born Dec. 29, 1902, London died Feb. 4, 1961, Dublin       theatre patron and playwright who is best-remembered as the director of the Gate Theatre ...
Longford, Elizabeth Harman Pakenham, Countess of
▪ 2003       British historian and biographer (b. Aug. 30, 1906, London, Eng.—d. Oct. 23, 2002, Hurst Green, East Sussex, Eng.), was an acclaimed author and the ...
Longford, Francis Aungier Pakenham, 7th earl of
▪ 2002       British politician and social reformer (b. Dec. 5, 1905, London, Eng.—d. Aug. 3, 2001, London), was admired as an active, though sometimes eccentric, ...
long game n. The aspect of golf involving long shots with woods and low irons. * * *
long green n. Slang Paper money. * * *
/lawng"hair', long"-/, Informal. n. 1. Sometimes Disparaging. an intellectual. 2. a person, often gifted, who is very interested in or devoted to the arts, esp. a performer, ...
See longhair. * * *
/lawng"hand', long"-/, n. 1. writing of the ordinary kind, in which words are written out in full (distinguished from shorthand). adj. 2. using longhand: longhand writing. 3. ...
/lawng"han'dlz, long"-/, n. (used with a pl. v.) South Midland, Southern, and Western U.S. long underwear. [LONG1 + HANDLES] * * *
long haul n. 1. A long distance: It is a long haul from New York to Los Angeles. 2. A long period of time: Over the long haul the candidates performed well.   longʹ-haulʹ ...
/lawng"hed', long"-/, n. Anthropol. 1. a dolichocephalic person. 2. a head with a low cephalic index. [1635-45; LONG1 + HEAD] * * *
long·head·ed also long-head·ed (lôngʹhĕdʹĭd, lŏngʹ-) adj. 1. Anthropology. Dolichocephalic. 2. Foresighted; wise. * * *
Longhena, Baldassare
▪ Venetian architect born 1598, Venice [Italy] died 1682, Venice  major Venetian architect of the 17th century.       Longhena was a pupil of Vincenzo Scamozzi and ...
Longhi family
▪ Italian architectural family Longhi also spelled  Lunghi  or  Longo   a family of three generations of Italian architects who were originally from Viggiu, near Milan, ...
Longhi, Alessandro
▪ Venetian artist born June 12, 1733, Venice died 1813, Venice  painter, etcher, and biographer of Venetian artists, the most important Venetian portrait painter of his ...
Longhi, Pietro
orig. Pietro Falca born 1702, Venice died May 8, 1785, Venice Italian painter. Son of a Venetian goldsmith, he studied painting in Bologna and thereafter became known for his ...
/lawng"hawrn', long"-/, n. 1. (l.c.) See Texas longhorn. 2. Slang. a Texan. 3. (l.c.) See long-horned beetle. 4. one of a nearly extinct English breed of beef cattle having long ...
longhouse [lôŋ′hous΄] n. the long, communal dwelling common until the 19th cent. among the Iroquoian peoples of NE North America: also written long house * * * long·house ...
a combining form meaning "long," used in the formation of compound words: longicorn. [ < L, comb. form of longus LONG1; see -I-] * * *
/lon'ji kawd"l/, adj. having a long tail; macrutous. Also, longicaudate /lon'ji kaw"dayt/. [LONGI- + CAUDAL] * * *
/lon"ji kawrn'/, Entomol. adj. 1. having long antennae. 2. belonging or pertaining to the Cerambycidae, comprising the long-horned beetles. n. 3. See long-horned ...
/lawng"eez, long"-/, n. (used with a pl. v.) 1. long underwear, esp. for winter use. 2. long pants for boys. [1950-55, Amer.; LONG1 + -IE + -S3] * * *
—longingly, adv. —longingness, n. /lawng"ing, long"-/, n. 1. strong, persistent desire or craving, esp. for something unattainable or distant: filled with longing for ...
See longing. * * *
—Longinean /lon jin"ee euhn/, adj. /lon juy"neuhs/, n. Dionysius Cassius /kash"euhs/, A.D. 213?-273, Greek philosopher and rhetorician. * * * ▪ Greek literary critic also ...
Longinus,Dionysius Cassius
Lon·gi·nus (lŏn-jīʹnəs), Dionysius Cassius. A.D. 210?-273. Greek philosopher. The influential volume of literary criticism On The Sublime is traditionally attributed to ...
/lawng"ish, long"-/, adj. somewhat long. [1605-15; LONG1 + -ISH1] * * *
Long Island Abbr. L.I. A long, narrow island of southeast New York bordered on the south by the Atlantic Ocean. Long Island Sound, an arm of the Atlantic, separates it from ...
/lon"ji toohd', -tyoohd'/, n. 1. Geog. angular distance east or west on the earth's surface, measured by the angle contained between the meridian of a particular place and some ...
longitude by account
Navig. the longitude of the position of a vessel as estimated by dead reckoning. * * *
—longitudinally, adv. /lon'ji toohd"n l, -tyoohd"-/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to longitude or length: longitudinal measurement. 2. extending in the direction of the length of a ...
longitudinal coefficient
Naval Archit. the ratio of the immersed volume of a hull to the product obtained by multiplying its length on the water line by the immersed area of the midship transverse ...
longitudinal framing
Naval Archit. See Isherwood framing. * * *
longitudinal section
the representation of an object as it would appear if cut by the vertical plane passing through the longest axis of the object. * * *
longitudinal wave
Physics. a wave in which the direction of displacement is the same as the direction of propagation, as a sound wave. Cf. transverse wave. [1930-35] * * * ▪ ...
See longitudinal. * * *
long johns pl.n. Informal Long, warm underwear.   [From the name John.] * * *
long jump n. A jump in track and field that is made for distance rather than height, performed either from a stationary position or from a moving start. * * *
longleaf pine
/lawng"leef', long"-/ 1. an American pine, Pinus palustris, valued as a source of turpentine and for its timber. 2. the wood of this tree. Also called Georgia pine. [1790-1800, ...
long·leaf pine (lôngʹlēf', lŏngʹ-) n. An evergreen tree (Pinus palustris) of the southeast United States, having long needles and heavy, tough, resinous wood valued as a ...
Longleat House
a large Elizabethan house in Wiltshire, England, owned by the Marquess of Bath. It was built in the late 16th century. It is now open to the public and has a safari park (= a ...
long·line (lôngʹlīn', lŏngʹ-) n. A heavy fishing line usually several miles long and having a series of baited hooks.   longʹ-lin'ing n. * * *
/lawng"luy'neuhr, long"-/, n. a commercial fishing vessel that uses a long line with a large number of hooks attached to it. [1950-55; long line + -ER1] * * *
/lawng"med'oh, -med"oh, long"-/, n. a town in S Massachusetts. 16,301. * * *
long measure n. 1. See linear measure. 2. See long meter. * * *
Longmen caves
or Lung-men caves Series of Chinese cave temples carved into the rock of a high riverbank south of Luoyang, in Henan province. Construction began late in the Northern Wei ...
long meter n. A quatrain in iambic tetrameter, rhyming in the second and fourth lines and often in the first and third. Also called long measure. * * *
/lawng"mont, long"-/, n. a city in N central Colorado. 42,942. * * * ▪ Colorado, United States       city, Boulder and Weld counties, northern Colorado, U.S., on the ...
▪ geology       major division of Late Precambrian rocks and time in the southern Shropshire region of England (the Precambrian began about 3.8 billion years ago when ...
/lawng"nek', long"-/, n. Chiefly Texas. a bottle of beer. [1885-90, for an earlier sense; LONG1 + NECK] * * *
/long"goh bahrd', -geuh-/, n. Lombard (def. 2). * * *
Longomontanus, Christian
▪ Danish astronomer byname of  Christian Severin   born Oct. 4, 1562, Longberg, Den. died Oct. 8, 1647, Copenhagen       Danish astronomer and astrologer who is best ...
▪ emperor of Ming dynasty Wade-Giles romanization  Lung-ch'ing,  temple name (miaohao)  Muzong,  posthumous name (shi)  Zhuangdi,  original name  Zhu Zaihou   born ...
Longquan ware
▪ pottery Wade-Giles romanization  Lung-ch'üan        celadon stoneware produced in kilns in the town of Longquan (province of Zhejiang), China, from the Song to the ...
long run n. A rather lengthy period of time: We expect a substantial increase in sales of the book in the long run. The paint must not deteriorate in quality over the long run. * ...
Longs Peak
/lawngz, longz/ a peak in N Colorado, in the Rocky Mountain National Park. 14,255 ft. (4345 m). * * * ▪ Colorado, United States       mountain peak in the Front Range ...
Longshan culture
or Lung-shan culture (2500–1900 BC) Neolithic culture of China's Huang He (Yellow River) valley. Large sites with rammed-earth walls have been found. Characteristic Longshan ...
/lawng"ship', long"-/, n. a medieval ship used in northern Europe esp. by the Norse, having a long, narrow, open hull, a single square sail, and a large number of oars, which ...
/lawng"shawr', -shohr', long"-/, adj. existing, found, or employed along the shore, esp. at or near a seaport: longshore jobs; longshore current. [1815-25; aph. var. of ...
longshore drift.
See beach drift. [1950-55] * * *
/lawng"shawr"meuhn, -shohr"-, long"-/, n., pl. longshoremen. a person employed on the wharves of a port, as in loading and unloading vessels. [1805-15; LONGSHORE + -MAN] Usage. ...
/lawng"shawr"woom'euhn, -shohr"-, long"-/, n., pl. longshorewomen. a woman employed on the wharves of a port, as in loading and unloading vessels. [LONGSHORE(MAN) + ...
/lawng"shawr'ing, -shohr'-, long"-/, n. the work or occupation of a longshoreman. [1925-30; LONGSHORE(MAN) + -ING1] * * *
long shot n. 1. An entry, as in a horserace, with only a slight chance of winning. 2. a. A bet made at great odds. b. A venture that offers a great reward if successful but has ...
longsighted [lôŋ′sīt΄id] adj. FARSIGHTED longsightedly adv. longsightedness n. * * *
/lawng"slee"veuhr, long"-/, n. Australian. 1. about 3/4 pint (0.35 liter) of beer. 2. any tall glass. [1885-90; LONG1 + SLEEVE + -ER1] * * *
—longsomely, adv. —longsomeness, n. /lawng"seuhm, long"-/, adj. tiresomely long; so protracted as to weary or cause boredom. [bef. 900; ME, OE longsum, langsum. See LONG1, ...
Longs Peak (lôngz, lŏngz) A mountain, 4,347.8 m (14,255 ft) high, in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in north-central Colorado. It was discovered in 1820. * * *
/lawng"sperr', long"-/, n. any of several fringillid birds of the genus Calcarius of tundra or prairie regions of North America, characterized by a long, spurlike hind claw on ...
/lawng"stan"ding, long"-/, adj. existing or occurring for a long time: a longstanding feud. [1595-1605; LONG1 + STANDING] Syn. enduring, lasting, long-lasting. * * *
/lawng"street', long"-/, n. James, 1821-1904, Confederate general in the U.S. Civil War. * * *
Longstreet, James
born , Jan. 8, 1821, Edgefield District, S.C., U.S. died Jan. 2, 1904, Gainesville, Ga. U.S. army officer. He graduated from West Point but resigned from the U.S. Army when ...
Long·street (lôngʹstrēt', lŏngʹ-), James. 1821-1904. American Confederate general who distinguished himself at the second battle of Bull Run (1862), Antietam (1862), and ...
long suit n. 1. Games. The suit in which a player holds the most cards in a given hand. 2. The personal quality or talent that is one's strongest asset. * * *
/lawng"tuym', long"-/, adj. existing, occurring, or continuing for a long period of time; longstanding: longtime friends celebrating 50 years of association. [1575-85; LONG1 + ...
long ton n. See ton. * * *
Longton Hall porcelain
      a soft-paste English porcelain produced for only about 10 years (1749–60). It is both heavy and translucent but has many faults both in potting and glazing. Its ...
Lon·gueil (lông-gālʹ) A city of southern Quebec, Canada, on the St. Lawrence River opposite Montreal. It is an industrial center. Population: 129,874. * * *
/lawng gayl", long-/; Fr. /lawonn gue"yeu/, n. a city in S Quebec, in E Canada, across from Montreal, on the St. Lawrence. 124,320. * * * ▪ Quebec, Canada       city, ...
/lawng gerr", long-/; Fr. /lawonn guerdd"/, n., pl. longueurs /-gerrz"/; Fr. /-guerdd"/. a long and boring passage in a literary work, drama, musical composition, or the like: ...
Longueville, Anne-Geneviève de Bourbon-Condé, Duchess de
▪ French princess born Aug. 28, 1619, Vincennes, France died April 15, 1679, Paris       French princess remembered for her beauty and amours, her influence during the ...
Longueville, Henri II d'Orléans, Duke de, Duke De Coulommiers
▪ French rebel born , April 27, 1595 died May 11, 1663       noted rebel in the French civil wars of the Fronde (Fronde, the), whose second wife was the celebrated ...
▪ Greek writer flourished 2nd/3rd century AD       Greek writer, author of Daphnis and Chloe, the first pastoral prose romance (Hellenistic romance) (see pastoral ...
/lawng"vyooh', long"-/, n. 1. a city in NE Texas. 62,762. 2. a city in SW Washington, on the Columbia. 31,052. * * * ▪ Texas, United States       city, seat (1871) of ...
/lawng"wawl', long"-/, adj. Mining. 1. noting or pertaining to a means of extracting coal or other minerals in an underground mine from a continuous face, the roof before the ...
long wave n. A radio wave with a wavelength in excess of 1000 meters. * * *
/lawng"wayz', long"-/, adv. 1. longwise. 2. Dancing. in two long lines with the couples facing each other: to perform a country dance longways. adj. 3. longwise. [1580-90; LONG1 ...
/lawng"wuyz', long"-/, adj., adv. lengthwise. [1535-45; LONG1 + -WISE] * * *
/lawng"wood', long"-/, n. a city in central Florida. 10,029. * * *
Longwood Gardens
▪ garden, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, United States       botanical gardens in Kennett Square, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. The gardens are operated by ...
/lawng"werrth, long"-/, n. Nicholas, 1869-1931, U.S. politician: Speaker of the House 1925-31. * * *
Longworth, Alice Roosevelt
▪ American politician and socialite née  Alice Lee Roosevelt  born Feb. 12, 1884, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Feb. 20, 1980, Washington, D.C.   American socialite, the ...
Longworth,Alice Roosevelt
Long·worth (lôngʹwûrth', lŏngʹ-), Alice Roosevelt. 1884-1980. American socialite. The daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, she was a favorite subject of the press because of ...
▪ France       town, Meurthe-et-Moselle département, Lorraine région, northeastern France, on the Chiers River, near the borders of Belgium and Luxembourg. A part of ...
/lawng"shee"/, n. Pinyin. former name of Zhangzhou. Also, Lungch'i, Lungki. * * *
▪ China Wade-Giles romanization  Lung-yen        city, Fujian (Fukien) sheng (province), southeastern China. It is situated in the mountainous southwestern region of ...
/long"yee/, n. lungi. * * *
a character in three novels by the US writer James Farrell. They are Young Lonigan (1932), The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan (1934) and Judgement Day (1935). Lonigan is a good ...
/lon"i teuhn/, Pharm., Trademark. a brand name for minoxidil in its pill form, used in the control of high blood pressure. * * *
/lon"ee/, n. 1. a male given name, form of Alonzo. 2. Also, Loni. a female given name. Also, Lonny. * * *
/len"rot, -rooht/; Fin. /luen"rddawt/, n. Elias /e"lyahs/, 1802-84, Finnish scholar and editor. * * *
Lönnrot, Elias
born April 9, 1802, Sammatti, Swedish Finland died March 19, 1884, Sammatti, Russian Finland Finnish folklorist and philologist. While serving as a medical officer for 20 years ...
/lawonn leuh soh nyay"/, n. a city in and the capital of Jura, in E France. 23,292. * * * ▪ France       town, Jura département, Franche-Comté région, eastern ...
Lonsdale Belt
n a decorated belt given as a prize in British boxing to a boxer of any weight who wins a major professional competition. If a boxer wins such a competition three times in a row ...
Lonsdale, Dame Kathleen
orig. Kathleen Yardley born Jan. 28, 1903, Newbridge, County Kildare, Ire. died April 1, 1971, London, Eng. Irish-born British crystallographer. In 1929 her X-ray ...
Lonsdale, Frederick Leonard
▪ British playwright original name  Lionel Frederick Leonard   born Feb. 5, 1881, St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands, U.K. died April 4, 1954, London, ...
Lonsdale, Gordon Arnold
▪ Soviet spy original name  Konon Trofimovich Molody  born Aug. 27, 1924, Cobalt, Ont., Can. died October 1970?, near Moscow, Russian S.F.S.R.       spy for the ...
Lonsdale, William
▪ British geologist born Sept. 9, 1794, Bath, Somerset, Eng. died Nov. 11, 1871, Bristol, Gloucestershire       English geologist and paleontologist whose studies of ...
loo1 /looh/, n., pl. loos, v., looed, looing. n. 1. a card game in which forfeits are paid into a pool. 2. the forfeit or sum paid into the pool. 3. the fact of being ...
/looh"bee/, n., pl. loobies. an awkward person, esp. one who is lazy or stupid; lout; lubber. [1350-1400; ME loby. See LOB1, LUBBER] * * *
▪ England, United Kingdom       town (“parish”), Caradon district, administrative and historic county of Cornwall, England. It is divided into East and West Looe ...
loof1 /loohf/, n. Scot. and North Eng. the palm of the hand. [1300-50; ME lofe < ON lofi, c. Goth lofa] loof2 /loohf/, n. Naut. 1. the tapering of a hull toward the stern. 2. Now ...
loo·fa or loo·fah (lo͞oʹfə) also luf·fa (lo͞oʹfə, lŭfʹə) n. 1. Any of several Old World tropical vines of the genus Luffa, having cylindrical fruit with a fibrous, ...
/looh"feuh/, n. 1. Also called dishcloth gourd, rag gourd. a. any of several tropical vines of the genus Luffa, of the gourd family, bearing large, elongated fruit. b. the fruit ...
/looh"ee/, n. Slang. a lieutenant of the armed forces. Also, looey, louie. [1915-20; resp. of LIEU(TENANT) + -IE] * * *
/look/, v.i. 1. to turn one's eyes toward something or in some direction in order to see: He looked toward the western horizon and saw the returning planes. 2. to glance or gaze ...
Look Back in Anger
a play (1956) by John Osborne. Its main character, Jimmy Porter, is an ‘ angry young man’ who directs his anger about British society at his upper-class wife Alison. The play ...
Look Homeward, Angel
a novel (1929) by Thomas Wolfe. * * *
/look"euh luyk'/, n. 1. a person or thing that looks like or closely resembles another; double. 2. a compatible: The leading brand of computer was expensive so they bought cheap ...
/look"down'/, n. the appearance of paper when inspected under reflected light. Cf. look-through. * * *
/look"in'/, n. 1. a brief glance. 2. a short visit. 3. Football. a quick pass play in which the ball is thrown to a receiver running a short diagonal pattern across the center of ...
/look"oh'veuhr/, n. a brief or superficial examination or reading. [1905-10; n. use of v. phrase look over] * * *
look-say method
look-say method [look′ənd sā′look′sā′] n. a method of teaching beginners to read by memorizing and recognizing whole words, rather than by associating letters with ...
/look"see'/, n. Informal. a visual inspection or survey; look; examination: have a look-see. [1880-85] * * *
/look"throoh'/, n. the opacity and texture of paper when inspected by transmitted light. Also called see-through. Cf. look-down. [1935-40] * * *
/look"down'/, n. a silvery carangid fish of the genus Selene, of the Atlantic Ocean, having a compressed body and eyes placed high on the truncated forehead. [1880-85, Amer.; n. ...
/look"ee/, interj. Older Use. looky. * * *
/look"euhr/, n. 1. a person who looks. 2. Informal. a very attractive person. [1300-50; ME; 1900-05 for def. 2; see LOOK, -ER1] * * *
/look'euhr on", -awn"/, n., pl. lookers-on. a person who looks on; onlooker; witness; spectator. [1530-40; look on + -ER1] * * *
looking glass
1. a mirror made of glass with a metallic or amalgam backing. 2. the glass used in a mirror. 3. anything used as a mirror, as highly polished metal or a reflecting ...
looking-glass self
/look"ing glas', -glahs'/, Sociol. the self-image an individual forms by imagining what others think of his or her behavior and appearance. * * *
look·ing glass (lo͝okʹĭng) n. See mirror. * * *
/look"iz euhm/, n. discrimination or prejudice based on a person's physical appearance. [1985-1990] * * *
See lookism. * * *
/look"owt'/, n. 1. the act of looking out or keeping watch. 2. a watch kept, as for something that may happen. 3. a person or group keeping a watch. 4. a station or place from ...
Lookout Mountain
a mountain ridge in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama: a battle of the Civil War fought here, near Chattanooga, Tenn. 1863; highest point, 2126 ft. (648 m). * * * ▪ mountain, ...
Lookout Mountain, Battle of
▪ American Civil War also called  Battle Above The Clouds,    in the American Civil War, one of the battles that ended the Confederate siege of Union troops at Chattanooga, ...
Look·out (lo͝okʹout'), Cape A point on a sandy reef off eastern North Carolina southwest of Cape Hatteras. A lighthouse was built here in 1859. * * *
/look"up'/, n. an act or instance of looking something up, as information in a reference book or an on-line database. Also, look-up. [1945-50 for an earlier sense; n. use of v. ...
/look"ee/, interj. Older Use. look; look here. Also, lookee. [1875-80; alter. of impv. look ye!] * * *
loom1 /loohm/, n. 1. a hand-operated or power-driven apparatus for weaving fabrics, containing harnesses, lay, reed, shuttles, treadles, etc. 2. the art or the process of ...
/looh"ming/, n. a mirage in which objects below the horizon seem to be raised above their true positions. [1620-30; LOOM2 + -ING1] * * *
Loomis, Henry
▪ 2009       American public radio executive born April 19, 1919, Tuxedo Park, N.Y. died Nov. 2, 2008, Jacksonville, Fla. championed the independence of public radio ...
loon1 /loohn/, n. any of several large, short-tailed, web-footed, fish-eating diving birds of the genus Gavia, of the Northern Hemisphere. [1625-35; perh. alter. of ...
/looh"nee/, adj. loonier, looniest, n., pl. looneys, loonies. loony. * * *
Looney Tunes{™}
the general name for the US film cartoons produced by Warner Brothers from the 1930s into the 1960s. The film characters included Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Tweety Pie, ...
looney-tunes [lo͞o′nē to͞onz΄] adj. 〚after Looney Tunes, trademark for a series of animated cartoons〛 Slang crazy; demented: also loony-tunes * * *
/looh"nee/, n. Canadian Informal. a dollar coin. Also, loony. [from the image of a loon on the reverse] * * *
See loony. * * *
See loonily. * * *
loony1 —looniness, n. /looh"nee/, adj., loonier, looniest, n., pl. loonies. Informal. adj. 1. lunatic; insane. 2. extremely or senselessly foolish. n. 3. a lunatic. Also, ...
loony bin
Informal. an insane asylum or the psychiatric ward of a hospital. [1880-85] * * *
loony tunes
pl., loony tunes. Informal. loony. [1985-90; after Looney Tunes, name of a series of animated cartoons] * * *
loony bin n. Offensive Slang An institution for the mentally ill. * * *

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