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Слова на букву расс-скол (843)

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сильное уменьшение
см. резкое уменьшение
. исключительно сильный; мощный; острый • (very) potent insecticide ...
сильный ветер
• High winds are common here.
сильный катализатор
• The most potent catalysts are: ...
сильный нагрев
см. при сильном нагреве
сильный ожог
• Leuisite caused severe (or bad) burns on contact with the skin.
сильный окислитель
• Bi() is a powerful oxidizing agent.
сильный растворитель
• Molten cryolite is a powerful solvent.
сильный реагент
• A powerful reagent.
сильный ток
• A high (or large, or strong, or heavy) current.
см. выражать символом
симметричный относительно
• The hyperbola is symmetric about the and -axes.
см. нарушать симметрию
• Automation is sometimes used as a synonym for any technological advance that can be seen in ...
• A term synonymous with meteorology ...
• The current at a given point in an a-c circuit varies sinusoidally with time.
синусоидально изменяющийся
• Sinusoidally varying alternating currents increase ...
• Synchronous motors run at a fixed speed in synchronism with the frequency of the power supply. • This antenna is rotated in synchronism with the radar antenna. • The phage ...
• The motion of the disc is synchronous with that of the armature,
система координат
• A frame of reference (or A system of coordinates).
система с ЭВМ
• The computerized system is capable of diagnosing itself.
система уравнений
• A set (or system) of equations.
систематически повторяться
см. закономерно повторяться
см. в данной ситуации; положение
. например • The velocity near the axis was, say (or perhaps, or approximately), .2 times the average velocity. • If we use, say, a single-point tool, ... • ...
сказанное выше
см. вышесказанное
. накапливаться • Proper drainage should be provided wherever condensate can collect (or gather).
см. космонавт в скафандре
сквозной болт
• A through bolt.
скептически настроен в отношении
• Some engineers were skeptical of this new technology.
. сложить вместе • To add up the factors of particular integers, ...
складывать вдвое
• The plate should be folded in two.
складывать или вычитать
• Algebraic equations may be added or subtracted.
складывать уравнения
• We combine these equations.
• The waves add up (or together) to give a net resultant wave. • This velocity is added vectorially to the stream velocity. • The two resultants are then combined ...
• The pieces are bonded (or glued) together to build up the shape required.
• The machined faces are riveted together.
см. пологий склон
• We are often apt to overlook the difficulties that were encountered in ...
склонен к
• Those orbitals not involved in hybridization are favourably disposed towards π-bond formation. • Austenitic steel is not prone to embrittlement. • The crystals tend to ...
склонен считать, что
• Most scientists are inclined to believe that such is the case.
• An abnormal tendency to thrombosis ...
склонный к
• The features of the beta-tungsten structure that make it favourable to superconductivity are subtle. • Steps which the coronary-prone (люди, склонные к ...
склонный к математике
• A mathematically inclined person ...
см. брать в скобки; в скобках; заключать в скобки
сколь угодно малый и т.п.
• The range can be made as small as is wished (or as one likes).

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